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34 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Brian James. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Brian James, often where they are interviewed.

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34 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Brian James. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Brian James, often where they are interviewed.

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Episode 260 - Brian James - When The Mystery Leads you to Mission

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This week on Episode of 260 of the RISE podcast, Inner Monologue, we have Brian James of the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. Brian is a Property Manager, Construction Coordinator, Event Producer and Artist. Brian and I talk about his path that lead him to both art and construction. We also talk about what brought him to the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors and his role in building the Entheon. To learn more about the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors go to... Entelechy Visions Theme Music provided by Cloudkicker.   To learn more go to Other Musical Contributions This Will Destroy You Subscribe to Inner Monologue today on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher or I Heart Radio!

Sep 14 2020 · 1hr 45mins
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#23 Brian James - Yoga & Plant Medicine

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What do medicinal plants and yoga have in common? Both are considered tools of self-exploration and transformation. We talk about their similarities and the process of integrating their teachings into our daily lives. Brian James @revealingthesoul is a transformational coach, yoga teacher, and author of the book "Yoga + Plant Medicine". Access his online course 'Art of Yoga' here: Subscribe to my newsletter here:

Jun 10 2020 · 56mins
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Welcome to the Dogg House | Featuring: "Road Dogg" Brian James

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In case you didn't know, we called somebody. Prior to NXT TakeOver: In Your House, we talk to the man that was on the original In Your House card and played a major role in its resurrection 25 years later.

See for privacy information.

Jun 04 2020 · 51mins
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Groovy Goolies with Brian James O'Connell

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We are BACK and have we got a guest this week!? Yes is the answer! It's director of Bloodsucking Basterds and member of the Comedy Group Dr. God...Brian James O'Connell! This week we are talking all about the 1970 monster comedy cartoon Groovy Goolies and there is division in the ranks about this one! Which side is right? That is up to you to decide! Enjoy! @GijoePodcast @PrezSerpentor

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May 02 2020 · 1hr 4mins
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WKPWP - WWE SD Post-Show w/Keller & Meyers: Triple H roasting with Shawn Michaels, Vince McMahon, Ric Flair, Brian James, Stephanie, mailbag

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PWTorch editor Wade Keller is joined by's Mike Meyers to discuss WWE Smackdown including the polarizing Triple H roasting with Shawn Michaels, Vince McMahon, Ric Flair, Brian James, and Stephanie. They also discuss Sasha Banks losing yet again and whether it's a criminal misuse of her potential, Lucha House Party getting an apparent push (finally), the Bray Wyatt-Braun Strowman gimmick, Money in the Bank men's and women's favorites, and what happens with the 24/7 Title now that Rob Gronkowski is back in the NFL.
Apr 25 2020 · 1hr 39mins
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Cops know the difference between real blood and GWAR blood w/ Brian James O'Connell

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Brian James O'Connell is a filmmaker, improviser, and all around great dude.  Ben & Jenn talk to BOC about sheltering in place in this weird time out in LA.  We also talk about how to find joy in Southern colloquialisms which means, especially for improvisers, that this was one heck of a rioting interview!
Apr 20 2020 · 39mins
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Nosferatu Conspiracy: A Discussion with Creator, Brian James Gage.

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All I can say is wow. This episode was packed with information. It fell right in line with our creator series. Brian James Gage, author of The Nosferatu Conspiracy joined us to discuss his book, what it is to be a creative and publishing Indie vs Tradition. His book is a fascinating bold new telling of a vampire story and takes you back through time. It is a definite must-read. You can find the book here on Amazon:

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Mar 05 2020 · 1hr 58mins
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Your product is wrong. Acceptance is the first step to success - Brian James and Jenny Hoang of Digital Clipboard

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Tech Startup, Digital Clipboard, talk about what it truly means to be product and customer focused, your sole responsibility as a founder and accepting the fact that your product is wrong.

Brian James -

Jenny Hoang -

Digital Clipboard -


‘Your role as a founder is to reduce the gap from imagination to reality’ - Brian James

‘It’s not a customer's responsibility to articulate their problem to you, it’s your responsibility to understand it’ - Brian James

‘Startups, accept your product is wrong. And the sooner you find out why, the better’ - Brian James

‘Before you start working for a startup, ask yourself what you want out of it’ - Jenny Hoang

6:38 - 7:36 | Why would you work for a startup, when the risk is so high?

10:20 - 12:13 | Which route is better? Formal education or dirty hands?

8:21 - 15:10 | The genesis of a founder - Digital Clipboard.

15:18 - 18:57 | How do you go from an idea to actually building something?

16:02 - 17:23 | How do you begin turning an idea into reality?

19:00 - 25:00 | Your focus should be on your customers, so your first hire should be tasked with making them win. But how do you do that?

21:31 - 21:54 | The importance of empathy when building product features

27:18 - 30:40 | You’re product is wrong

30:00 - 30:26 | Don’t be afraid to show people your product

35:17 - 36:21 | How do you take your first step as a founder?

Show Description

Wisdom from winners who took control of their own destiny and backed themselves

Mission - Inspire, Educate, Entertain.

One show a week - Startups, Documentary, How-To, Entrepreneurship, Life Stories, Tech, Venture Capital and Fundraising.








About the host;

Obsessively searching for best practice, annoyingly competitive, believes everyone has it in them to be a winner.


Age: 36

Home: London, UK

Background: FinTech, Data, Sales, Marketing

Company: Stakester


Passions: Family, Coffee, Rugby, Martial Arts, Guitar Solos, Historical Fiction, Startups

Chairwoman: Nancy the Magical Cockapoo, First of her name, Princess of Hampstead, Chaser of balls, and Swimmer of lakes.


Producer: James Bishop @itsjamesbishop

Camera: Sony A7S

Mic: Rode Procaster

Dec 15 2019 · 39mins
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ep#6 Yoga and Psychedelics for Healing and Transformation with Brian James

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In this episode, I visit with yoga teacher, author, transformational coach and psychedelic integration counselor, Brian James. Brian has worked with yoga and psychedelics for many years, and helps people in these realms. He has worked with ayahuasca in a variety of settings, and has worked for a period of time at the notable, Temple of the Way of Light, an ayahuasca healing center in Peru. Brian shares some of what he has learned from his journey, and we talk about important concepts such as, when should a person consider exploring psychedelics in their healing work, the importance of preparation and integration work, and how patience and discipline are critical in the healing journey. This conversation starts around the 9:00min. mark.

If you would like to know more about Brian, listen to his podcast, follow him on social media, and/or access any of his wonderful resources. You can find him via any of the links below:

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Disclaimer: This podcast is intended to aid you in making the best determinations for yourself when it comes to your mental-health and general well-being. However, it is important to note that while I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Addiction Counselor in the state of Colorado (USA), I am not recommending you follow any suggestion without the help of a qualified counselor or guide who knows your situation better than I do. Nothing discussed in these episodes constitutes “therapy,” and I am not acting as a “therapist” to anyone in this medium. These discussions are intended for an audience that has the outside therapeutic resources that may directly facilitate their own healing.

Nov 15 2019 · 1hr 28mins
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Brian James - JIU-JITSU COP

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Brian James AKA "JiuJitsu Cop" stopped in to say hello and fill us in on the origin and roots of jiujitsu in law enforcement! Brian has some awesome stories and is as passionate about training and working hard as anyone I have seen. I loved being able to have him share with us his journey. 

Thank you for running in:

Recorded in the studio


IG: @John_bartolo

Twitter: @JJBartolo

Video available on:

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Oct 17 2019 · 49mins