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Monday October 5, Chief Revell, Ira Schoffel, and Mark Lotter are our guests

Preston Scott Show

1hr 34mins

5 Oct 2020

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Mark Lotter - 9.11.20 - Hour 2

The Howie Carr Radio Network

Howie is joined by Mark Lotter, Director of Strategic Communications for the Donald Trump 2020 Presidential Campaign. They discuss the Trump Base's worries about voter fraud, specifically mail-in ballots. he says that they will never agree to allow Biden to have a teleprompter during the debates.


11 Sep 2020

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Bloomdaddy 9-8-20 Hour 2 Pt 1 Director of Strategic Communications for the Trump Campaign, Mark Lotter

Bloomdaddy On Demand


8 Sep 2020

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Mark Lotter 082720

Alabama's Morning News with JT

Marc Lotter is an American political advisor serving as the director of strategic communications for the Donald Trump 2020 presidential campaign. He was previously a Special Assistant to the President and Press Secretary to Vice President Pence with RNC on conventions


27 Aug 2020

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Mark Lotter 071520

Alabama's Morning News with JT

Trump 2020 Strategic Communications Director.Today is tax day for your Federal income tax. This is a great time to talk about Biden’s Disastrous Economic Plan and how Biden will raise taxes on hardworking Americans. Joe Biden spent nearly half a century in Washington as a career politician. Now he’s trying to convince Americans that he’s the right choice to handle America’s economic recovery after the coronavirus. But there’s a big problem: as Vice President, Biden oversaw the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression and eight years of stagnant wage growth. Before he was VP, Biden spent decades voting for and defending terrible trade deals while he cozied up to China and insisted they were not an economic threat.Don’t take our word for it – take Biden’s! When he was in charge, he admitted that he failed American workers and middle-class families.


15 Jul 2020

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Best of 2019: The Origins of Impeachment with Guest Mark Lotter

The Joe Pags Show

From August: Joe talks with some memorable callers and Guest Mark Lotter about the Impending Impeachment of President Trump; Guest Andrew Pollock with the latest efforts to make schools safer

1hr 55mins

27 Dec 2019

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A Cold Crazy Train Tuesday; Guest David Limbaugh and Guest Mark Lotter

The Joe Pags Show

Joe is bringing it for the people or for the gingerbread gender neutral persons! Wait...what? Also Guest Political Commentator and Author David Limbaugh and Guest Director of Strategic Communications for the Trump Administration Mark Lotter talking the latest on the upcoming Public Impeachment Hearings.

1hr 45mins

13 Nov 2019

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Special Guests: Mark Lotter and Dan Gainor

The Joe Pags Show

It's Motown Monday. Special guests Mark Lotter from the Trump Campaign and Dan Gainor on tech regulations and restrictions in other countries. Are they coming here?

1hr 54mins

10 Apr 2019

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Hour 3: Mark Lotter, Wiki Edits, & Care Bears

Justice & Drew

Justice & Drew are joined by Mark Lotter, Mike Pence's former press secretary and a former special assistant to Trump, to discuss Trump's speech on tax reform and more. They also talk about wiki edits by members of Congress and the never ending regime of Care Bears.


13 Dec 2017