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#020 - Crocodile Jackson, Johnny Ryan & Greg Mishka

The Secret Walls Podcast

On this NEW LOOK episode Jimi sits down with Crocodile Jackson, Johnny Ryan and Greg Mishka after the very first edition of Secret Walls Battle Drop! Battle Drop is SW's new collaboration with NTWRK, featuring your favorite artists battling LIVE exclusively on the NTWRK app while accompanying capsule collections at the same time. This first edition of Battle Drop saw SW join forces with Mishka to produce the capsule and the battle streamed live from SW HQ on Friday January 29th, 2021. On this episode of the podcast Croc and Johnny along with co-host Greg Mishka unwind over discussions of the battle, Greg's favorite conspiracies, Instagram haters and pimple popping videos. Crocodile Jackson's Instagram - @crocodile.jackson Johnny Ryan's Instagram - @outlawscumfudge Mishka's Instagram - @mishkagram Follow Secret Walls on Instagram - @secretwalls


3 Feb 2021

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Johnny Ryan Weaver Comes Back To Breakdown Esports Tournaments

The Gamerpreneur

We are blessed to have fantastic guests like Johnny Ryan Weaver (AKA Icychiller) who have so much advice to give to the gaming and Esports communities.    In fact, Johnny has so much to give that we actually had to bring him on a second time!   In this episode, Johnny breaks down pretty much everything you could think to ask about setting up and running an Esports Tournament.   This is definitely one to check out!    Find Johnny Ryan Weaver at:   Website: clickgaming.gg Email: contact@clickgaming.gg   If you enjoyed this interview, be sure to subscribe to The Gamerpreneur Youtube Channel, and check out our other podcasts at anchor.fm/thegamerpreneur Learn more about The Gamerpreneur at: www.thegamerpreneur.com #podcast #gamerpreneur #clickgaminggg


3 Feb 2021

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Johnny Ryan


On this episode, the comics artist and writer Johnny Ryan joins Apology-making-man Jesse Pearson to talk about things like Sigmund Freud, Ingmar Bergman, his favorite children's books, and the Night Stalker. It's two hours long and Johnny's mic keeps making this annoying crackling noise, but that's a small price to pay to listen to two nerds mumble about H.P. Lovecraft!

2hr 3mins

19 Oct 2020

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Ep. 54: Brave reaches 16.7M users, AMA w/ GuardianVPN, Johnny Ryan joins the ICCL

BAT Community Podcast

Brave surpasses 16.7M MAU & 5.7M DAU in July, Johnny Ryan takes a new role with the Irish Council for Civil Liberties, Partner AMA w/ Guardian (tech powering Brave Firewall + VPN for iOS). https://blog.batcommunity.org


11 Aug 2020

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10: #10 Johnny Ryan, Brave


Johnny Ryan is the industry's best known privacy advocate. As Chief Policy Officer of Brave, Johnny has spoken about privacy everywhere from the UN right through to the US Senate Judiciary Committee. In this episode, Ryan joins Vincent Flood, VideoWeek's Editor-in-Chief, to discuss the recent revelation that Brave was redirecting users to affiliate links from their search results without informing the user, where his passion for privacy comes from, and the state of privacy enforcement.

1hr 12mins

9 Jul 2020

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Johnny Ryan Weaver Brings His Incredible History In Esports To Bear In His Pursuit Of Helping Others

The Gamerpreneur

Johnny Ryan Weaver, of Click Gaming, has been in esports for over 18 years. In that time, he's learned a trick or two about how the industry works, and now it's his mission to use his knowledge to support the esports phenomenon. Check it out!    Find Johnny Ryan Weaver at:   Facebook: Johnny Ryan Weaver  Twitter: @Icychiller54  Instagram: @icychiller   If you enjoyed this interview, be sure to subscribe to The Gamerpreneur Youtube Channel, and check out our other podcasts at anchor.fm/thegamerpreneur Learn more about The Gamerpreneur at: www.thegamerpreneur.com


18 May 2020

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Last Thursday in Privacy - Johnny Ryan - The Data Protection Crisis of Online Advertising

PrivSec Podcasts

Last Thursday in Privacy - Johnny Ryan - The Data Protection Crisis of Online Advertising by PrivSec Podcasts


7 May 2020

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#123 Johnny Ryan — Chief Policy and Industry Relations Officer, Brave Software


Ad Tech Remorse In this episode, Johnny Ryan, Chief Policy & Industry Relations Officer at Brave Software, joins the podcast to talk data privacy. He speaks about Brave’s mission and explains its micropayment and cryptocurrency model. He discusses his experiences of working on both sides of the data privacy divide and the ad tech remorse that he and many of his colleagues feel. In describing the ad tech model, Johnny highlights just how much personal data is collected and why protections like GDPR should be strongly enforced. He explains, “You should protect yourself because, unfortunately, the referee has yet to walk on to the pitch.” Even amidst current fears that the world will have to sacrifice privacy to combat COVID-19, Johnny disagrees. For him, the answer lies in building privacy into design.0 02:35 — Ad tech remorse. 05:25 — Real-time bidding and how it works. 11:23 — GDPR needs to be enforced. 16:45 — We do not need to sacrifice data privacy in the fight against COVID-19. 22:57 — What are micropayments? 30:27 — Governments should not be using conventional web browsers. To hear more about data privacy listen to our recent podcasts with Kavya Pearlman and Laura Noren.


7 May 2020

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SPECIAL EDITION: Dr Johnny Ryan Joins Us to Celebrate International Privacy Day

First Watch

SPECIAL EDITION: Dr. Johnny Ryan, Chief Policy & Industry Relations Officer at Brave, joins us to celebrate International Privacy Day! Learn what RTB is, how a privacy-first browser works, and how GDPR can drive innovation.


28 Jan 2020

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The changing face of digital media with Dr. Johnny Ryan

Leadership Beyond Borders

We live in a digital world and businesses are taking advantage of the increasing marketing channels available, such as mobile, but at the same time we are seeing stricter controls with ad blockers and data privacy regulations. Marketing departments are also facing new challenges. Maybe what is happening today is a result of the media misuse in the past, or are we finally making digital marketing and advertising more ethical and possibly more effective. As consumers, we applaud new privacy regulations but as business people, we are in conflict. Our businesses must adapt to these changes, and every day we are faced with new challenges which also bring us new opportunities. Today we are going to look at the ever-changing digital media landscape. We will talk about some of the concrete issues businesses are facing today with advertising on the web. We will also take a brief look at how we got to where we are and what may be coming down the road.


1 May 2018