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How To Live A Fantastic Life - Wally Carmichael & Jason Zuk

AMFM247 Broadcasting Network

Wally Carmichael Jason Zuk


27 Jun 2022

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NBC 756: Marc Mawhinney & Wally Carmichael: An Easier Path to Success for Business Coaches

Natural Born Coaches

Courses, marketing campaigns, and other content must be created to have a growing and profitable business, but when you do all that work, you’re working against yourself. In this episode, Wally Carmichael returns to discuss how you can eliminate the overwhelm of content and asset creation, so you can actually coach business owners and enjoy the freedom lifestyle you desire! If you’re looking for a done-for-you system for business coaches and consultants, you’re going to want to check out http://www.coachingbusinessboost.com/ ! * How would you like to build your dream coaching business, and would you like to work directly with me and get my help to do it? If so, I’m now accepting applications to my next Construct Your Dream Coaching Business Group Program, where I’ll work with you over 12 weeks to get your coaching business rocking and rolling! To apply, go to https://marc-mawhinney.lpages.co/construct/, and I’m looking forward to working with you soon! There are a million Facebook Groups out there (and you’re probably a member of a lot of them), but The Coaching Jungle Facebook Group is different! It’s where you’ll find tens of thousands of amazing coaches sharing advice and giving accountability to each other, along with a healthy dose of motivation to grow your coaching business, each and every day. Swing on in and join The Coaching Jungle Facebook Group! Make sure to check out Secret Coach Club, my monthly hard copy newsletter that’s delivered to your mailbox each month! In it, I share my best strategies and advice for getting new coaching clients – all for about $3 a day, with flexible subscription options. Learn more at https://www.secretcoachclub.com/, and don’t delay!


14 Mar 2022

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Raise Your Prices and get your clients to thank you, Wally Carmichael

Business Owner Growth

let's talk about how do you raise your price? Have you ever considered raising your prices? I have conversations this conversation with many business owners and they're like, Oh my goodness. If I raise my prices, well, then you're probably going to lose clients. And my answer is, yes, you probably will lose some clients. And the reason why is because quite frankly, there are clients out there, there are people out there you might even be one of them. And it depends on the product and the service. Some products and services. We, we are, you know, penny pinchers on we're more price checkers. We're looking just for the cheapest price of that product or service, but in many other things that we do throughout the day or throughout the year or throughout our life, we are not price shoppers. We are value shoppers and most people by and large. Our value shoppers. Most people shop on value rather than price. For instance, I recently took possession and purchased a new RV travel trailer, 2021 travel trailer, 30 foot travel trailer. We didn't go for the very, very best, but I'll tell you one, it's pretty close. It's very, very nice. And we definitely went bigger than what we should have. And since we want bigger, we're supposed to stick with a 26 foot. But we ended up doing a 30 foot since we did that. We had to upgrade my Toyota Tacoma that was paid off. And I went for a much bigger truck and then did a lot of shopping around. I did not shop on price. I shopped on features and value, and I got exactly what I wanted and I, and I was 2,500 now I see that because many people, most people, quite frankly, and even you. Probably shop on value on most things, not on price, on everything, but here's the thing. When you consider those clients and customers that may leave you and stop purchasing from you, most of them are price shoppers and they're not loyal. Anyway. If they were to go see something that was cheaper down the road or cheaper from other, some other vendor, then they would jump ship anyway, without you even having to raise your prices. Right. The other thing is, is those people, most of the time, the people that are price shoppers, most of the time of the ones that take up most of your time, they're the ones that are taking up the time of your call center or your front desk, or calling you and taking up all of your time. And they're the complainer's and they want everything for less and they want a discount. And look, I'm not really speaking ill about anybody in particular, but I'm just stating it as effect. Now the people that  there's some good beer that people that  are basically make up 80% of your revenue or just 20% of your clients. 20% of your clients make up 80% of your revenue. That's the 80 20 role. It's true in everything. It's always going to be that way. So figure out who the 20% is, you contact them and you let them know, and you can send this out to everybody. They'll filter out, send out your blast, email, send out your blast, text message, send out your blast.  Voice jobs. And if you don't know how to do any of that, let me know. ======================== Everything you know about your business and marketing is WRONG! www.APMasteryCoach.com/wrong ========================= Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/BusinessOwnerGrowth


1 May 2021

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Living Your Life of Abundance with Wally Carmichael

The Ruby Road Stage Tour Podcast

This week we discuss living life of abundance with Wally Carmichael. A leader in Living a Life of Abundance and Prosperity, His No BS, fun and exciting approach to life and business stem from his tough background and 25 years as a US Army Airborne Medic.  He’s the founder and host of the Men of Abundance Podcast - The Pay it Forward Community, which has been downloaded in over 100 countries, and counting..   Wally’s world travels, extensive connections, unique ability to read people, build strong teams and create strategic marketing and business strategies makes him a popular resource for business owners who are ready to finally live the life of Abundance and Prosperity they know they deserve.   He is extremely grateful to be living the amazing life of his dreams with his wife of 29 years, Trayce, and their three boys. Wally shares with us his personal experiences that have led him to building and living his own personal life of abundance.  In this episode you will discover: That what you chase is the main thing, the four F’s Wally’s personal gratitude practice that you can do too Building a legacy of abundance and so much more! Connect with Wally: Website: http://menofabundance.com/ruby/ Email:Wally@MenOfAbundance.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/menofabundancepodcast Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/menofabundance LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wallycarmichael/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/WallyCarmichael


22 Apr 2021

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50: A&P Business Mastery Strategist Wally Carmichael

All In with Daniel Giordano

There are many ways to measure business success that have little to do with chasing that tantalizing $1 million revenue dream. In this episode of All-In, Daniel focuses the  conversation on creating abundance of the kind that drives Wally Carmichael both personally and professionally. As host of both the Men of Abundance and Business Owner Growth podcasts, Wally focuses on the intersection between building success and living successfully. He has developed best practices and tools to help entrepreneurs evolve their businesses while also weaving in all kinds of life lessons gleaned in a long career as a U.S. Army Medic, father, husband and active community member. Together Daniel and Wally share their perspective as dads who value being actively involved in their children’s lives and their belief that there are things in life far more important than the single-minded goal of becoming one of the 4% of entrepreneurial ventures that break the million dollar mark for profitability. As the saying goes, “Some of the best things in life are free.” Wally suggests that income is great but of equal value are things like an abundance of time with family and freedom from debt. This episode also features useful advice for business owners about using mentors to spur growth and the importance of delegating tasks (such as marketing, sales and accounting) to ensure you’re focused appropriately on the core business you’re cultivating. Lots of great perspective from two men who have made living abundantly their mission and their quality of family life the key to meaningful success.


30 Mar 2021

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Army Veteran Wally Carmichael

Veterans Be Real

Army Veteran Wally Carmichael is a Profit Acceleration Strategist and International Business Strategist. He is the Owner and Founder of Business Owner Growth, the Business and Life Strategist at Abundance & Prosperity Mastery, and the Podcast Host of Men of Abundance. As a Business Strategist, Wally shows business owners how to uncover hidden profits without spending more money and time in their business so they can finally find relief of financial stress and live their life of abundance & prosperity. In this episode, Sgt. BeReal talks to Wally about his experiences in and out of the Military. Wally will also share how he pressured himself and be in a homeless situation to motivate himself to move out of Hawaii. Join us in this episode of the Veteran Be Real Podcast and get inspired on how Wally was able to transform and do the thing that he loves today. Key Points: Struggles with commuting to work Put some pressure on himself by giving up his keys to the house that he is renting and be in a homeless situation by sleeping in his truck to get his head straight Transition anxiety People have to make decisions on what's going to motivate and push them to take it to the next level Revenue feeds your ego, profits feed your family Connect with Wally: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WallyCarmichael LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wallycarmichael/ Website: https://menofabundance.com/ http://apmasterycoach.com/ Connect With Sgt. 1st Class (SFC) John Valentine: Website: https://veteransbereal.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/veteransbereal/ Apple Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/veterans-be-real/id1507792755 Please don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast and leave us a 5 star written review on iTunes.


24 Sep 2020

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Living in Gratitude with Wally Carmichael of Men of Abundance

Rock Your Money, Rock Your Life

You’ve probably heard it said that we, as humans, don’t know what we have until it’s gone. And that’s true, isn’t it? We overlook the good things we receive or grow bored of them quickly. But when we nurture a worldview and an internal sense of gratitude and real value, our lives become even fuller and more fulfilled.  After transitioning from military service to life as a civilian entrepreneur and businessman, Wally Carmichael found himself chasing success in a lot of misguided ways. One moment in paradise changed all of that, and Wally began to put his focus on gratitude, abundance, and re-organizing his priorities to focus on his family. He founded the Men of Abundance podcast to help guide others to a similar mindset and continues to teach through the show and through coaching.  On this episode of the Rock Your Money, Rock Your Life Podcast, Wally and Rock discuss actively practicing gratitude for what we have and all the good things that come when we do, the importance of recognizing your natural strengths while learning to understand (and even adopt) different ones, and creating a mindset of abundance in a world that emphasizes scarcity. Listen in to open your mind to the overflow of good things in your life.


25 Mar 2020

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083. Not Chasing More When Abundance is Right Here with Wally Carmichael

Do A Day with Bryan Falchuk

Wally Carmichael came from having little, but worked incredibly hard to create a good life for himself and his family. Along the way, he realized he found abundance all around him, and it had nothing to do with wealth or things. He's built an abundant life from that realization, and feels it regardless of how much he has or doesn't have.


7 Jan 2020

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MMP 164 : Launching a Knowledge Business to Live a Life of Abundance - Wally Carmichael

The Millennial Mastermind Podcast

Wally Carmichael is the host of the Men of Abundance Podcast, a show for men who strive to be abundant in everything they do in Family, Faith, Finances and Fitness.   A former Army Combat Medic, Wally spent 25 years on active duty. Now, he interviews men, women and couples who are truly living their life of abundance and have a powerful message to share.   Links MenOfAbundance.com/mmm


15 Oct 2019

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Episode 41: Finding your Life of Abundance with Wally Carmichael

The Solopreneur Grind Podcast

In this episode, I talk to Wally Carmichael about: - His journey through a career in the army and how he ended up as a solopreneur - After reaching financial "success" but struggling to appreciate what he'd accomplished, how Wally upgraded to an abundant mentality and appreciation - What others can do to find their best self and get started on their own path to abundance in business and life And much more. ----- Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast and if you enjoy it, join the SG email list to get more business insight and content right to your inbox every week: https://www.solopreneurgrind.com/join/ ----- Wally's website: https://menofabundance.com/ A special gift for the SG community: https://menofabundance.com/solo


9 Jul 2019