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2/2: What if Your Crazy is Calling You to Your Genius? Susan Clarke

Leadership and Loyalty™

What if Your Crazy is Calling You to Your Genius? Could it be that despite your fear, embracing the crazy or cracked parts of yourself might be immensely beneficial to your leadership? Let's face it; we've all been through our battles. Some are more severe than others. Consider this; the pain you are experiencing is not designed to break you but rather to break you open. What if you opened up and allowed yourself to fully experience that cracking, knowing that it is through those cracks the light could penetrate and illuminate what you may have hidden from yourself?Our guest for the next two episodes certainly understands that. Susan Clarke and her partner CrisMarie Campbell are the co-founders of Thrive Inc. They've spent 20 years helping men, women, couples, and teams to resolve difficult conflicts and create solid and thriving relationships. Susan Clarke and her partner co-host a podcast, The Beauty of Conflict, and have given presentations on conflict resolution, communication, teamwork, and creative problem-solving at Fortune 100 companies like Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, AT&T, and Nationwide, and at the Gates Foundation, University of Washington Medical Center, San Francisco Giants, and many others. Yet, at 24, Susan's entrepreneurial path became a quest to find a solution to a terminal cancer diagnosis. What Susan discovered was Crazy, Cracked, Warm, and Deep, which is the name of her latest book; her memoir. This is a stirring history; however, it's also a primer on how to locate and remember the broken and separated parts in each of us, clearing the pain so the dark spots get the needed light to live forward. Websitehttp://www.thriveinc.comSocial Mediahttps://www.facebook.com/thriveincmthttps://twitter.com/IncThrivehttps://www.linkedin.com/in/susan-clarke-5618004http://instagram.com/thriveincPart 2) Crazy Calling to Genius Getting Rid of Corporate Swear Words Like Passion and Intimacy What is Healthy, Appropriate Intimacy in The Work Place  Why You Get to be Relational or Right! What if Your Brand of Crazy is Your Path to Genius? Choosing To Crack Yourself Open What's Your Body Telling You, That Your Mind Won't Hear? When Empathy is Not Enough. Curious to discover how tapping into the Anatomy of Meaning can #actualize your #business, #culture, #Leadership and #tribe DovBaron.com "Those Who Control Meaning for The Tribe, Also Control The Movement of That Tribe" Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


21 Sep 2022

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677 Feminine Power: Entrepreneurs CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke on Women’s Advantages as Business Leaders

Wings of Inspired Business

CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke are authors of The Beauty of Conflict and co-founders of Thrive Inc., where they’ve spent 20 years helping entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 CEOs and couples resolve difficult conflicts and create strong, thriving relationships. They share today where women in their authentic feminine power emerge as the best collaborative leaders and succeed in business. Join the conversation by following Wings of Inspired Business on the free and socially interactive Podopolo app, where Rene and will answer questions. Download Podopolo here and invite your friends to connect around podcasts recommended to you by what interests and inspires you.


8 Feb 2022

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67: The Beauty of Conflict with CrisMarie Campbell & Susan Clarke

DocWorking: The Whole Physician Podcast

“We think the conflict is actually potential energy for innovative and creative  solutions.” -CrisMarie Campbell  In today’s episode, Jill talks with conflict experts CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke. They are also experts at leadership and teamwork development with their company, Thrive! Inc.  They are the go-to experts when it comes to conflict resolution, with clients such as the San Francisco Giants and the Gates Foundation. Here Jill speaks with CrisMarie and Susan about how to view conflict in a different light, to see it as an opportunity rather than a barrier. Susan and CrisMarie break down the three styles of dealing with conflict. Which one are you? CrisMarie and Susan also show us that getting comfortable in the discomfort of conflict can lead to better relationships in our personal and professional lives. Who doesn’t want that? We certainly do!  Check out these books by CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke The Beauty of Conflict: Harnessing Your Team’s Competitive Advantage The Beauty of Conflict for Couples: Igniting Passion, Intimacy, and Connection in Your Relationship To learn more about Susan Clarke and CrisMarie Campbell visit their website, Thrive! Inc. And visit their Beauty of Conflict Team Kit. Connect with them on LinkedIn: Susan Clarke, CrisMarie Campbell, Thrive! Inc Click Here Prepare For Your Board Exams & Get Your CME Quickly & Easily With Board Vitals! Save 10% on Question Banks with the promo code: DOCWORKING10 Find the full transcript of this episode on the DocWorking Blog Our New DocWorking THRIVE Membership is coming at the end of July!! You’ll get ongoing Small Group Coaching with our Experienced Team, Ongoing Coaching Support in a Private Community that Fosters Peer Support and Mentorship, and superb virtual courses to include ‘STAT: Quick Wins to Get Your Life Back’ with Gabriella Dennery MD and Master Certified Coach Jill Farmer, and ‘A New Era of Leadership,’ with Lisa Kuzman, and so much more!  Join our community by clicking here. At DocWorking, our specialty is Coaching Physicians. We bring an exceptional experienced team to Coach Physicians to achieve the Best in Life and Medicine.  Doctors devote their lives to caring for others. But does that mean they must sacrifice their own health and wellbeing? Absolutely not! At DocWorking, we have developed a unique way to embrace it all. The caring for others that you do so selflessly AND the caring for YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY that you crave in order to bring it all into the perfect balance specific to YOU. What if we told you that you CAN have it all? The career you dreamed of when you decided to become a doctor AND the life outside of medicine that you desire? DocWorking empowers physicians to get back on the path to achieving their dreams. At DocWorking, we understand the tug between life and medicine–a desire to make an impact through your specialized skills but a longing for more time to prioritize your own dreams and ambitions. We understand because we are a team of physicians and experienced coaches who have been successfully coaching physicians for more than 10 years. Professional coaching is transformational. Elite athletes, award-winning actors and top-performing executives all know this, which is why they embrace coaching to achieve such extraordinary success.  Smart leaders leverage the power of coaching to achieve outcomes that are meaningful, measurable, and attainable. Physicians definitively benefit from coaching, and we are here to provide the best of the best. It’s Time to Prioritize the Health and Wellness of Physicians! DocWorking is here for you.  Our Coaches Will Show You How! To learn more about DocWorking, visit us here! Are you a physician who would like to tell your story? Please email Amanda, our producer, at Amanda@docworking.com to be considered. And if you like our podcast and would like to subscribe and leave us a 5 star review, we would be extremely grateful! We’re everywhere you like to get your podcasts! Apple iTunes, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Google, Pandora, PlayerFM, ListenNotes, Amazon, YouTube, Podbean You can also find us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Some links in our blogs and show notes are affiliate links, and purchases made via those links may result in small payments to DW. These help toward our production costs. Thank you for supporting DocWorking: The Whole Physician Podcast! Occasionally, we discuss financial and legal topics. We are not financial or legal professionals. Please consult a licensed professional for financial or legal advice regarding your specific situation. Podcast produced by: Amanda Taran


16 Jul 2021

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22. The Beauty of Conflict for Couples with CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke

Your Secret Is Safe With Me

Most people don’t like conflict. In fact, many of us try to avoid it at all costs. When it comes to relationships, conflict is usually thought of as bad. But, what if conflict was actually a sign of a healthy relationship? CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke don’t shy away from conflict—in their relationship or in business. At their coaching and consulting company, Thrive! Inc., they encourage other couples, teams, and individuals to face their fears and break down the barriers to addressing healthy conflict. In their opinion, happy relationships are not always easy—and that’s okay. Join Dr. Marie Murphy in this episode of Your Secret is Safe With Me as she sits down with CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke, relationship experts and the Co-founders of the coaching and consulting firm, Thrive! Inc. Listen in as CrisMarie and Susan help dispel common myths about conflict, share a 15-minute exercise that may just save your relationship, and explain how to do relationship math. The results might surprise you! Stay tuned.


4 Feb 2021

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Ep. 135: “The Future of Workplace Experience” with Susan Clarke of Verdantix

Workplace Innovator Podcast | Enhancing Your Employee Experience | Facility Management | CRE | Digital Workplace Technology

Susan Clarke is Research Director for Smart Buildings at Verdantix where she leads a research agenda focused on software solutions for real estate management including integrated workplace management systems and IoT platforms for buildings. In October 2020, Mike Petrusky hosted a live webinar broadcast called “The Future of Workplace Experience” as Susan discussed findings from a recent Verdantix survey designed to help real estate and facility management leaders as they explore smart building technology strategies, investment plans and priorities over the next 12 months. The survey highlights that COVID-19 is driving firms to reprioritize their facilities management strategies with talent retention and employee safety as new focal areas. In the near-term, firms are planning targeted new investments in remote collaboration, employee health monitoring technology and IoT-enabled space monitoring. Mike and Susan offer practical advice and inspiration for workplace leaders during these challenging times! Connect with Susan on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/susan-clarke-79b3a225/ Watch the full webinar video with Susan and Mike: https://www.iofficecorp.com/webinar-download-the-future-of-employee-experience Download the full Verdantix research report: https://research.verdantix.com/report/global-corporate-survey-2020-smart-building-technology-budgets-priorities-preferences Register for future “Workplace Innovator Interactive” livestreams: https://www.iofficecorp.com/live-webinar-2020-weekly-livestream Discover free resources and explore past interviews at: https://www.workplaceinnovator.com/ Connect with Mike on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikepetrusky/ Share your thoughts with Mike via email: podcast@iOFFICECORP.com


17 Nov 2020

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125: Dealing with Conflict with CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke

The Modern Manager

Inevitably you will experience moments of conflict among a team. Although most people are conflict avoidant, productive conflict enables a team to find new solutions and build stronger relationships. Learning to navigate conflict is a critical skill for every manager. In this episode, I speak with Susan Clarke, co-founder with her partner CrisMarie Campbell of thrive! Inc. and authors of The Beauty of Conflict: Harnessing Your Team’s Competitive Advantage and The Beauty of Conflict for Couples. Together they host The Beauty of Conflict podcast for dealing with conflict at work and at home. CrisMarie is an Olympic rower and Susan is a former marriage therapist and Equus coach. As partners in work and life for over two decades, they’ve adapted their proven step-by-step process honed working with Fortune 100 Companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, AT&T and San Francisco Giants to help long-term couples use conflict as a catalyst to greater intimacy, passion, and fulfillment. Chrismarie wasn’t able to join us, so I talked with Susan about being conflict avoidant, the difference between conflict and a fight, the role of emotion and vulnerability when dealing with conflict, how to confront conflict in a productive way and more. Warning: there are a few spots where Susan uses a curse word, so if you’ve got sensitive ears around, you may want to wait to listen to this another time.  Members of The Modern Manager community get Susan and CrisMarie’s How to Have Tough Conversations Workbook. To learn more about membership and to join, go to www.themodernmanager.com/join Subscribe to the Modern Manager newsletter to get episodes, articles and free mini-guides delivered to your inbox. Read the related blog article: Embrace Constructive Conflict In The Workplace Key Takeaways: A fight is different from a conflict. A fight is a one-sided attempt to win an argument. A conflict is a collaborative discussion that looks at all points of view in order to come up with a collective solution. In order to engage in conflict, both parties need to let go of being right and open up to the possibility of new ways of seeing.  Conflicts force us to be in a place of ambiguity and uncertainty which often feels scary and stressful.  It’s normal to experience an “Oh, Sh*t!” moments when you’re not sure if the group is actually going to come to a resolution. When you’re feeling emotionally charged, reground yourself by focusing on calm breathing and feeling your feet on the floor.  Recognize the cues when your body and mind are starting to go into stress-mode.  The faster you can recognize your signals, the quicker you can work to bring yourself down from a place of stress. Managers can change the power dynamics in group discussions by admitting to mistakes, and opening up to new solutions.  Don’t dismiss conflict between colleagues as something they have to figure out on their own. Arrange for a group discussion (for the three of you or with the whole team) to allow for others to help facilitate and add additional perspectives.  Avoid meeting one-on-one to discuss employees’ grievances separately. One-on-one meetings are inefficient, burn managers out, and don’t give employees the opportunity to come together to resolve their issues.  KEEP UP WITH SUSAN + CRISMARIE Website: www.thriveinc.com Instagram:  Twitter:  Instagram: @thriveinc Facebook LinkedIn (CrisMarie Campbell) LinkedIn (Susan Clarke) Amazon Link - The Beauty of Conflict for Couples Amazon Link - The Beauty of Conflict Apple Podcasts mamie@mamieks.com


20 Oct 2020

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Susan Clarke & CrisMarie Campbell: The Beauty of Conflict

Leadership and Loyalty™

Susan Clarke & CrisMarie Campbell: The Beauty of ConflictUnlearning Fear of Conflict to Build Healthy TeamsOur guests on this episode are CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke. They are the authors of “The Beauty of Conflict” and The Beauty of Conflict for Couples. CrisMarie Campbell, and Susan Clarke are the co-founders of Thrive Inc. They’ve spent 20 years helping men, women, couples, and teams to resolve difficult conflicts and create strong, thriving relationships. They also co-host a podcast, The Beauty of Conflict, and have given presentations on conflict resolution, communication, teamwork, and creative problem-solving at Fortune 100 companies like Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, AT&T, and Nationwide, as well as, at organizations like the Gates Foundation, University of Washington Medical Center, and San Francisco Giants and many others. Their work and expertise have been featured on: The Today Show, NBC, and Shape Magazine, and Thrive Global and many others. More on Susan Clarke & CrisMarie Campbell: http://www.thriveinc.com Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thriveinc/Because Unified meaning is the one single monolithic difference between mediocrity and greatness for all individuals and companies, today more than ever, it is time to upgrade your leadership. Find out how you can hire Dov Baron, "The Dragonist", as a speaker or strategist for yourself or your organization: DovBaron.comGet bonus content on Patreon Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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11 Jul 2020

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The Beauty (not Pain) of Conflict with CrisMarie Campbell & Susan Clarke of Thrive

Outcomes Rocket

Most people avoid conflict. Some do it to avoid hurting or being hurt, others do it because of fear, and some just don't like the anxiety that comes with the conflict. What if I tell you that conflict can be beautiful, and it can produce innovative results? Today's episode features two special guests —CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke, co-founders of Thrive Inc. They are also the authors of The Beauty of Conflict: Harnessing Your Team's Competitive Advantage and the Beauty of Conflict for Couples. Crismarie and Susan talk about handling conflicts, having structures and model that bridge gaps, aiming for resolution and purpose, working together, getting results for your business, and more. There are plenty of nuggets in this conversation, so don't miss it!  https://outcomesrocket.health/thrive/2020/06/


16 Jun 2020

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The Beauty of Conflict | CrisMarie Campbell & Susan Clarke

Positive University Podcast

On this episode of the Positive University Podcast, bestselling author Jon Gordon is joined by CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke. CrisMarie and Susan are the authors of the new book, "The Beauty of Conflict: Harnessing Your Team's Competitive Advantage." And that's exactly what they are sharing with us today. How to work through the tension of opinions and personalities clashing so that something new and amazing emerges from it. Connect with CrisMarie and Susan here. As always, if you enjoy this episode please share it with others. We’d love to hear your feedback too. You can leave a review on iTunes or tag @jongordon11 on social. This episodes featured resource is our free Power of a Positive You action. It's a 7 step action plan to help you make positive changes in your life. Download it for free at jongordon.com/plan


14 Jun 2020

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Resolving Conflict in the High-Stakes Corporate World - CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke - 291

The Relationship School Podcast

In episode 291 of The Relationship School podcast I spoke with CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke, co-founders of Thrive! Inc. coaching and consulting which specializes in resolving conflict in the workplace and using it to fuel greater teamwork and collective creativity. They’ve worked with everyone from tech startups to Fortune 100 companies and have written books on the subject and even started their own podcast.   The two women, also life partners, have pretty incredible life stories and are just as passionate about conflict as I am, albeit in a corporate setting.  We talked about some of their own defining moments with conflict, speaking up to power, the importance of having real conversations, and how embracing conflict, as awful as it can be, can truly be life changing.  Have a listen! Shownotes: 3:45 Introduccion CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke 12:35 Most common problems for people and teams inside different organizations 16:00 How to start tackling conflict and communication issues inside work teams 25:05 Tools for work teams to improve communication 29:40: How to give and receive feedback from others 38:40 Action step Useful links: https://www.thriveinc.com/ 4063507691: Send a text with your name and Email address, and reply with the word BEAUTY. http://relationshipschool.com/community/ http://relationshipschool.com/connected


20 May 2020