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The Wealth Alchemist with Keri Norley

Evolved Holistic Health


9 Jun 2022

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366: Feng Shui for Health & Wealth: Magnetize Abundance with The Wealth Alchemist, Keri Norley

Food Heals

What is Wealth Consciousness and why is it important for us to cultivate it? What does your home, your possessions and even your clutter have to do with your wealth attraction factor? I explore these questions and more with my guest, host of The Wealth Alchemist Podcast, Keri Norley. Keri believes the more money you have, the more ability you have to make a bigger impact on this planet.  After running away from everything she knew to live in Australia and experience a whole different way of living while concurrently spending years studying everything she could get her hands on around wealth, success, money, magic, mindset, human psychology, transformation, feng shui, and  alchemy, Keri discovered that there was vast amount of people with limiting money beliefs holding them back from their greatness, and she set out to change that.  Keri’s mission is to raise your wealth consciousness. She aims to help you clear your energetic, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks around money, wealth and abundance to help you live the life you dream of. In today's episode of Food Heals we discuss health, wealth, consciousness, and the power of feng shui. And, stay tuned to the end of our interview with Keri for bonus content! In the spirit of feng shui, Allison dug back through the archives to dig up a bonus clip with Feng Shui Master Dana Claudat and Celebrity Vegan Chef Leslie Durso for a conversation about decluttering for weight-loss, feng shui for wealth, and how to be intuitive and intentional with your feng shui. 🎤 Available on @iHeartRadio, @Spotify, @ApplePodcasts, or wherever you listen to your #podcasts! Win a Swag Bag Full of Our favorite Vegan, Organic Products, Supplements, Books & More: “Nutrition Matters.” “Juice Heals.” Words like these have gotten The Food Heals Podcast censored. Help fight censorship and support Allison Melody’s right to talk about nutrition, and reach a wider audience with her mission to help people get healthy. For every $10 you donate, you get an entry to win a swag bag full of products from our favorite sponsors! fundrazr.com/foodheals Can't get enough Food Heals? Join the revamped Food Heals VIP Club! ​​In the brand new, revamped Food Heals VIP Club, you will have access to never-before-heard episodes of Food Heals! Some conversations are too spicy, controversial, or personal for The Food Heals Podcast to air! The Food Heals VIP Club gives you exclusive access to go behind-the-scenes of Food Heals and listen to podcast conversations that are too hot for the main feed. Insider Content Includes: Alli’s personal life juicy stories and candid conversations that she has never shared – until now! Guided meditations for manifesting the life of your dreams with Affirmations & Mantras for health, wealth and more! Conversations about censored topics that we can’t have on the main show (without fear of getting canceled!) Tips, tricks, strategies, and stories from your favorite wellness brands How Authors, Podcasters, Bloggers, Speakers, & Influencers make a living helping others get healthy – and how you can too! And more! Join for $5/month at  Glow.fm/foodheals   Thank You to Our Sponsors! Thrive Causemetics Thrive Causemetics was born out of a friendship. Makeup artist and product developer, Karissa Bodnar, lost her dear friend Kristy to cancer at just 24 years old. Kristy’s compassionate and vivacious spirit inspired Karissa to establish Thrive Causemetics, a beauty brand and philosophy that goes beyond skin deep by empowering women. No parabens, sulfates, or phthalates [THA-layts]. Certified 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Right now, you can get 15% off your first order when you visit ThriveCausemetics.com/FOODHEALS The Women’s Meditation Network Ready to feel more calm, connected and happier?  Learn how you can easily start your own regular meditation practice with Katie Krimitsos! Listen now by going to WomensMeditationNetwork.com and make sure to follow and subscribe to the latest episodes on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio or your favorite podcast player! Organifi Organifi, is a line of organic superfood blends that offers plant based nutrition made with high quality ingredients. Organifi takes pride in offering the best tasting superfood products on the market at a price that works out to less than $3 a day. You can experience Organifi’s high quality superfoods without breaking the bank. Go to www.organifi.com/foodheals and use code foodheals for 20% off your order.

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13 Apr 2022

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Keri Norley – The Wealth Alchemist – Episode 245

Extraordinary Women Radio

Today, I am happy to introduce you to Keri Norley, the Wealth Alchemist, whose mission is to shift the wealth consciousness of the planet! It was amazing to jam with her about wealth mindset and so much more on today's episode.In this episode:Keri shares how she broke through her limiting money stories as someone who comes from generational wealthTips for you to keep the wealth you manifestHow you can create wealth that is aligned with your soulThe differences between a wealth mindset and an abundance mindsetThe ways wealth can help you hold on to your manifestations and give you space to make choicesKeri teaches us the basics about crypto and decentralized finance (DeFi) and how they can create regenerative wealth for the majority while transforming how we do businessKeri Norley is ‘The Wealth Alchemist’. She is an international wealth and soul-alignment activator, mentor, speaker, and author. She is the author of two books, including the international bestseller, ‘The New Wealth: Magnetise Abundance, Hold Your Wealth and Leave a Legacy’. She also has an international top-charting podcast, ‘The Wealth Alchemist’ where she dives into all things Wealth and Money.She has a program called New Wealth from Crypto where she teaches you how to break free from the banking systems and create returns of 6-20% daily compounding interest in a safe and stable way. Your nervous system will love the way it feels to know your money is not going up and down and is still making you money every single day.Her mission and passion is to help shift the wealth consciousness of the planet. She is an American-Aussie living in Colorado and loves dancing and good-quality chocolate."You can say, 'I want this,' but it's not until you decide that nothing else is possible that it will 100% happen." — Keri NorleyTo learn more about Keri and her work, check out her website, including the free 4-part Wealth Mindset mini-series. You can also listen to her podcast, The Wealth Alchemist, and connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.Let's meet Keri Norley.Keri Norley Show Notes


7 Apr 2022

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New Wealth for the New Earth with Keri Norley

The Architects of Destiny Podcast

Keri Norley is a Wealth Consciousness leader whose life purpose is to help people clear energetic, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blockages around wealth and abundance. Known as “The Wealth Alchemist,” Keri has spent most of her adult life studying mindset programs that prevent individuals from holding on to their wealth and leaving a legacy of infinite abundance in the world.Combining practical and high-vibrational ways to manifest and maintain wealth – whether it’s learning about investment, cryptocurrency, etc. – with the spiritual aspect of money, Keri is here to help and equip people for the inevitable changes that comes with the unfolding of the New Earth.In this episode of the Architects of Destiny Podcast, Keri discusses how we can all play a part in the Quantum Financial System where power shifts from the richest 1% to the rest of humanity. The Architects of Destiny Podcast hosted by Aeron Lazar and Riya Loveguard features conscious leaders, spiritual teachers, entrepreneurs and visionaries who have committed their lives to pave the way for the New Earth. Our mission is to encourage you to step into your unique purpose as an Architect of Destiny, to live the life of your dreams, and to work together to create a world that we can all be proud of. Each episode blends Riya and Aeron’s spiritual insights with their guests' expert knowledge, as well as practical strategies to help you expand your awareness of the Quantum Universe and accelerate your spiritual growth.Download the transcript from: https://thearchitectsofdestiny.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/AOD-Podcast-Transcription-Ep-13-Keri-Norley-PDF.pdfFor more episodes and free resources visit http://www.thearchitectsofdestiny.com/Listen on🎧 iTunes 👉 https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-architects-of-destiny-podcast/id1588194374?uo=4&at=1l3vwYf🎧 Spotify 👉 https://open.spotify.com/show/6EAxqxbMWkCaIUDByxtXTU🎧 Google Podcasts 👉 https://www.google.com/podcasts?feed=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuc3ByZWFrZXIuY29tL3Nob3cvNTA3NDc0NC9lcGlzb2Rlcy9mZWVk🎧 Podchaser 👉 https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/the-architects-of-destiny-podc-1977503🎧 Podcast Addict 👉 https://podcastaddict.com/podcast/3634246FOLLOW AERON AND RIYA ONFACEBOOKThe Architects of Destiny Podcast 👉 https://www.facebook.com/thearchitectsofdestinyAeron Lazar 👉 https://www.facebook.com/aeron.lazarRiya Loveguard 👉 https://www.facebook.com/supstarseedINSTAGRAMThe Architects of Destiny Podcast 👉 https://www.instagram.com/thearchitectsofdestiny/Aeron Lazar 👉 https://www.instagram.com/aeron.lazar/Riya Loveguard 👉 https://www.instagram.com/superstarseed/TIKTOKThe Architects of Destiny Podcast 👉 https://www.tiktok.com/@architectsofdestiny?Aeron Lazar 👉 https://www.tiktok.com/@aeronlazarRiya Loveguard 👉 https://www.instagram.com/superstarseed/LINKEDINAeron Lazar 👉 https://www.linkedin.com/in/aeron-lazar-akashicrecords-arcturian-psychic/Riya Loveguard 👉 https://www.linkedin.com/in/riya-marta-loveguard-lightlanguage


24 Mar 2022

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Making Your Money Work For You With Keri Norley

Goddess Of Crypto

Everyone talks about making your money work for you, but what is the best way to do that? Today’s guest, The Wealth Alchemist Keri Norley, is here to shed light on how you can access financial sovereignty and DeFi. Infinite abundance is right at your fingertips. All you need to do is learn! Join Keri and your host Halle Eavelyn as they break down decentralized finance, blockchain, and how to grow your money against inflation. Get ahead and get started on your journey to abundance in this new wave of finance by tuning in!


10 Mar 2022

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New wealth and a new world with Keri Norley

LIVE FREE With Rebecca Packard

Join us in this episode where we talk with Keri Norley and about New Wealth. We are talking about wealth, money, and all the things. In this episode we talk about the tools, tips, and tricks that Keri has used to support herself, family, and clients during the pandemic and struggle with bi-polar. Note at no point in time are we making claims for healing, success or anything of the sort. We are sharing the tools, tips, and tricks of what has helped and supported us during difficult times. We are not medical, financial, or spiritual advocates, we are humans being human and sharing human stories. Take what works for you, leave what doesn't, read our policies and disclaimer.   Live Free With Rebecca Packard would like to say thank-you to our Sponsors! → Release emotional baggage without having to relive it with Emotion Code release. Save 75% on your introductory session Book Today! → In a time where everything is over the top, learn tools to create emotional balance in everyday life easily with Tools For Life. → Boost your wellness, memory, and focus with a groundbreaking supplement that offers to: Enhance memory and cognitive functions in adults while also metabolizing carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Get 20% off by becoming a preferred customer with this link EHT Brain health supplement. → Get the “need to know” and all your Podcasting “How-to’s” (Thank you for our amazing intro and outro) from Adam Schaeuble and his PodPals.   LINKS + CONNECT Connect with Keri on Facebook Connect with Keri on Instagram Join Keri's group Connect with Rebecca on Facebook Connect with Rebecca on Instagram Connect with Rebecca on Twitter Join Rebecca's community    Help Us Spread The Word! Share the love and help others bring balance to everyday life! By sharing Live Free with your following on social! If this episode helped you create calm and connect today SUBSCRIBE wherever you get your podcasts! ONE CLICK! Feedback + Promotion for Living Free You can ask your questions by leaving it in the comments or emailing rebecca.livefree@rebeccapackard.com. We love your feedback and supporting you! We also love connecting with you! You can continue supporting yourself and connecting with us by joining Live Free: The Gathering our private Facebook community. NOTE: This description contains affiliate links that allow you to find the items mentioned in this video and support the channel at no cost to you. While this channel may earn minimal sums when the viewer uses the links, the viewer is in NO WAY obligated to use these links. Thank you for your support! Copyright © 2016-2021 Rebecca Packard, All Rights Reserved


27 Oct 2021

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"The New Wealth" with Keri Norley

The Lighten Your Launch Podcast

What is "The New Wealth" and how do you get a piece of it? Today's episode shares some deep insights and warnings about our world, our money, and our sovereignty. 

1hr 24mins

13 Sep 2021

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The connection between Health and Wealth with Keri Norley

Leap of Health

One of the most amazing things one can realized is to know the connection of wealth and the connection with our mental and physical health. The perceptions and relationships that we have towards money will dictated how we develop in our journey. Keri Norley is ‘The Wealth Alchemist’. She is an international wealth and soul-alignment acitvator, mentor, speaker, and author. She is the author of two books, including the internationally bestseller, ‘The New Wealth: Magnetise Abundance, Hold Your Wealth and Leave a Legacy’. She also has an international top-charting podcast, ‘The Wealth Alchemist’ where she dives into all things Wealth and Money.Her mission and passion is to help shift the wealth consciousness of the planet.if you would like to get in touch with Keri follow her on :Facebook and Instagram Keri Kaplan Norleyamazon books best seller The Wealth Alchemisthttp://www.kerinorley.comIf you want to connect and know more about me and my podcast: Leap of Healthyou can find me at :www.alexbalgood.comFacebook @AlxBalgood and @leapofhealthwithalexbalgoodInstagram @AlexbalgoodYoutube @AlexBalgood

1hr 19mins

24 Aug 2021

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Podcasting and Working Through Resistance with Keri Norley

Powers Hour

Keri Norley is the Wealth Alchemist and creator of the New Wealth Movement, a space of love, joy, peace and abundance for all. She also created The Wealth Alchemist podcast. Find more about Keri and her products at http://www.kerinorley.com/ and find the podcast at https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-wealth-alchemist/id1539555831Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Basics for IntuitivesIf you haven’t learned about and invested in cryptocurrency and blockchain, then you may be missing out on this new money system which is going to have growing importance in the future. To give perspective on what’s possible, if you bought $1000 of Dogecoin a year ago, it would be worth over $250,000 today. If you bought $100 of Bitcoin in the fall of October 2010, it would be worth about $48 million today. For comparison a standard stock market return is considered to be 6% a year.The training will include the audio and video recordings, participation in the live training, and lifetime access to the course materials via email and on our course platform, Kajabi. The training will be live on August 3rd at 5 PM Pacific time or 6 PM Mountain time. Learn more and sign up at https://www.healingpowers.net/servicesPodcast Launch and Growth Course (Start date: TBA)The course is a 16-week online and interactive course that includes detailed online modules and templates, 16 live group coaching calls, an interactive Facebook group, and a built-in support team and mastermind group for your podcast! In addition to tons of valuable content created by Laura, there will be many guest experts and teachers sharing their knowledge and experience on getting sponsors, growing your audience, creating engaged and supportive fans, monetization strategies, and more! Includes 16-week course, plus a podcasting mic and headset, bonus goodies, and a class celebration party (in person if possible).The Super Early bird rate is $5555 now through September 2, so sign up soon! Visit https://www.powershour.biz/podcast-launch-and-growth-course or email us at bookings@laurapowers.net.For more information about Laura and her work you can go to her website www.healingpowers.net or find her on Twitter @thatlaurapowers, on Facebook at @realhealingpowers and @mllelaura, and on Instagram and TikTok @laurapowers44.


4 Aug 2021

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Ep 3 - Conversation with Keri Norley: The Wealth Alchemist

The Positive Spirit Podcast with Shelley

*Disclaimer* There is cursing in this episode when we talk about owning your sh*t.  Please join me in welcoming Keri Norley to the show!!! Keri Norley is ‘The Wealth Alchemist’.  She is an international wealth and soul-alignment coach, mentor, speaker, and author.  Her new book, ‘The New Wealth: Magnetise Abundance, Hold Your Wealth and Leave a Legacy’ is soon to be released.  She also has a podcast, ‘The Wealth Alchemist’. Her mission and passion on this planet is to shift the wealth consciousness of the planet.  She is an American-Aussie living in Colorado and loves dancing and good quality chocolate. The best place to connect with her is on Facebook at www.facebook.com/kerinorley1Keri and I take a deep dive into what it means to be a spiritually sovereign being and the responsibility that comes along with ascending into higher consciousness.  So many people are feeling the shift to a greater life’s purpose and hearing the call of their higher self. As we being this journey and ‘tune in’ to our gifts it’s important to stay grounded and as Keri and I discuss, to always own your sh*t.  Join us as we talk about what spiritual bypassing is, how it can manifest itself and most importantly how to lean into this part of your journey with love and compassion, not judgment.  We also bring up the importance of shadow work and how beneficial this work really is for us to grow spiritually and emotionally.   You won’t want to miss a moment of this amazing conversation!!! Again, you can find Keri at www.Facebook.com/kerinorley1 and Her AMAZING book, The New Wealth: Magnetise Abundance, Hold Your Wealth and Leave a Legacy is available on Amazon! Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/ShelleyW)


7 Apr 2021