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15 of The Best Podcast Episodes for David Ayer. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about David Ayer, often where they are interviewed.

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15 of The Best Podcast Episodes for David Ayer. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about David Ayer, often where they are interviewed.

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Episode 56 - Bright (David Ayer, 2017)

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The latest Listeners’ Choice episode sees Chris and Alex turn to Netflix and the much-maligned yet curiously provocative feature film Bright (David Ayer, 2017), whose narrative of racism, police corruption and latent magical forces is set against the backdrop of an alternate fantasy vision of contemporary Los Angeles. With a budget of $90 million, Ayer’s social discourse via fantasy (the script was written by Max Landis) was critically-derided despite being Netflix’s most downloaded feature within its first week of release. There is certainly much to say about Bright’s heavy use of metaphor that points a number of fingers at systemic violence and racial hegemony through themes of respect, tolerance and acceptance. Listen as the discussion in Episode 56 takes in Bright’s evocation of Hollywood buddy movie story structures and the popular police procedural; categories of the fantastic, the allegoric and the parodic, and how allegory functions as a deconstructive impulse against fantasy’s pursuit of reconstruction; the depiction of Elftown and the film’s portrayal of whiteness; Orc clan politics, Will Smith’s racial coding and the role of the Other; and how Bright offers a complicated - and, at times, highly uneven - possible world that presents its modern urban fantasy setting as a social class commentary.

Sep 14 2020 · 1hr 13mins
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Episode 81 - David Ayer

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Today we talk director David Ayer. On the not missing Episode 81.
Sep 04 2020 · 3hr 31mins

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Episode #115 | Social Media Is Using Virtue Signaling To Attack\Cancel David Ayer (Director) and Shia Labeouf (Actor) For #BrownFacing

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Social media tried it over the 4th of July weekend by accusing Director "David Ayer" and Actor "Shia Labeouf" for #BrownFacing. Deitrich Davis believes it is people using "Virtue Signaling" to push their personal agendas forward just to activate "Cancel Culture" to take down a white director.   

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Jul 06 2020 · 39mins
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David Ayer's Cut of Suicide Squad Should Be Released - Change Our Minds: Nerd Edition

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Jody and I tackle headlines of the day...  this week, we're debating: SHOULD AT&T RELEASE DAVID AYER'S CUT OF SUICIDE SQUAD and we're also asking SHOULD AFFLECK GET HIS BATMAN MOVIE?

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Jun 12 2020 · 2hr 11mins

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David Ayer's Suicide Squad - Wonder Woman 84 - DC Breaks Up With Diamond - Geoff Johns Internet Reputation

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Co-hosts Peter Verra and Eric Holzmann welcome BOF Alum, Let's Go podcast show host, and digital artist extraordinaire Justin Kowalski to the show to help them wade through a sea of DC topics, including David Ayer's Suicide Squad Cut, anticipation for Wonder Woman '84, DC Comics breakup with longtime Diamond Distributors, and the internet reputation of former DC Entertainment CCO and famed writer Geoff Johns!  The guys also give their opinions on the theater going experience in the era of the coronavirus, as well as go back in time and talk about Shaquille O'Neal's 1997 adaption of "Steel"!  

Jun 07 2020 · 1hr 3mins
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Snyder Cut leading to the David Ayer cut!!?? Yes!?

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We discuss how much the Snyder Cut could cost and whether Ayer might be actually getting his own cut of Suicide Squad and read a few of his tweets and give our view and what we think of this situation of cuts and of there's gonna be more cuts.
Jun 02 2020 · 43mins
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Zeke Said So Show- Henry Cavill in talks to play Superman again, David Ayer's Suicide Squad Cut?

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On this brand new episode of the Zeke Said So Show, Zeke The Geek talks about:

-Henry Cavill in talks to play Superman in the DCEU as a series of Cameos

-David Ayer talks about his cut of Suicide Squad

-James Mangold confirmed to direct the long awaited Indiana Jones 5


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May 30 2020 · 1hr 13mins
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Suicide Squad (2016. Dir. David Ayer)

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With Birds of Prey in cinemas now, we thought we’d go back and give the much-maligned Suicide Squad the once over.

Feb 08 2020 · 1hr 29mins
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Ep 30: Collateral Cinema Civil War: David Ayer's Suicide Squad (2016) – Season Premiere (SPOILERS)

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Title: Suicide Squad [Wikipedia] [IMDb]

Director: David Ayer

Producers: Charles RovenRichard Suckle

Writers: David Ayer, John Ostrander (comic)

Stars: Will SmithJared LetoMargot RobbieJoel KinnamanViola DavisJai Courtney, Jay Hernandez, Adewale Akinnuoye-AgbajeIke BarinholtzScott Eastwood, Cara Delevingne

Release date: August 5, 2016 (US)

PODCAST SHOUTOUT: Black Girls Do Stuff Too! (@BlkGirlsDoStuff)

SHOWNOTES: Welcome to Collateral Cinema Season Three! We wanted to start off with something a little more contentious: Beau, Robert, Ashley, and Dakota don't actually agree on how we feel about the 2016 DCEU superhero (or supervillain) movie Suicide Squad, directed and written by David Ayer! Which of us wholeheartedly agrees with the generally negative critical consensus? Which of us feels there's something of value here to be apologists for? Which of us just likes that custom-made Joker car? Listen to find out! This Season Premiere, Collateral Cinema discusses the questionable cinematography, well-chosen but not-so-well-implemented soundtrack, mixed-reception casting, and the problematic reshooting and editing process that happened in the production of Suicide Squad. We also make comparisons on the part of Jared Leto's Joker performance against the many others (including Joaquin Phoenix' recent portrayal in the standalone titular movie), as well as this movie as a whole to its obvious Marvel counterpart and cinematic adaptation inspiration Guardians of the Galaxy from James Gunn—and on that note, predictions of where Gunn will take the announced sequel/soft reboot The Suicide Squad set in the DC Extended Universe, in addition to what we expect from the upcoming sequel Birds of Prey! There's a lot to dig in here, and a lot to harp on in this film, but most importantly, did we have fun talking about it?

Collateral Cinema is on Apple Podcasts, Chill Lover Radio, and wherever else you get your podcasts. Also, find us on Patreon; we have exclusive full-length commentaries on our favorite movies and plan more to come!

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Oct 15 2019 · 1hr 24mins
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#14. BRIGHT, David Ayer, TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN, and Other Stuff (feat. Pavel Klein)

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#14. BRIGHT, David Ayer, TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN, and Other Stuff (feat. Pavel Klein) by Alexander Sorondo
Jan 12 2018 · 33mins