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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Kelly Bulkeley. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Kelly Bulkeley, often where they are interviewed.

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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Kelly Bulkeley. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Kelly Bulkeley, often where they are interviewed.

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Conversation with Dr. Kelly Bulkeley: On Dreaming during Quarantine  

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In episode sixty-six of the Higher Conversations Podcast, Kellee talks to Dr. Kelly Bulkeley, author of numerous books on Dreaming, who has a monthly blog on Psychology Today, and is the Director of the Sleep and Dream Database (SDDb), which promotes scientific dream research. 

Dr. Kelly has been studying dreams for over 25 years, and in this episode we discuss: Dreams during Quarantine & in relation to Coronavirus, his current Dream Study (in which Kellee is participating), and he generously offers some insight on Practices to Promote Dreaming.         

Topics Discussed in this Episode: 

-Current Project: Dream Study 2020 with Dr. Jennifer Lane

-Hyper-Dreamers & Spiritual Practices

-Dream Interpretation 

-Dreams & Coronavirus

-Dreaming during Quarantine

-Quarantine Nightmares 

-Patterns in Dreams

-Dreams as Messages from your Subconscious

-The Inner Work as a Resource for Wisdom 

-Dream Rebels 

-Dream Databases & Resources for Dreamers

-5 Practices to Promote Dreaming 

-How Dr. Kelly Inspires Higher Conversations by Asking Questions about Your Dreams

-Final Thoughts & So Much More! 

Connect with Dr. Kelly Bulkeley:

-Website:  https://kellybulkeley.org

-Twitter: @kellybulkeley

-Books on AMAZON - Too Many to List! 

-Blog on Psychology Today: Dreaming in the Digital Age 

Intro + Interlude + Outro Music: “Tabla Rasa” by Jesse Blake -  jesseblakemusic.com

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May 09 2020 · 1hr 11mins
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Psychology of Dreaming Kelly Bulkeley Cosmic Echo Podcast

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The Psychology of Dreams with Kelly Bulkeley

In this episode, we speak with a dream and sleep reacher Kelly Bulkeley. Kelly has a Ph.D. in psychology of religion and has been researching and focusing on dreams for most of his life.

He recently published the book “Lucrecia the Dreamer: Prophecy, Cognitive Science, and the Spanish Inquisition” which explores the life of Lucrecia de Leon, a poor, uneducated young woman from 16th century Madrid whose uncanny prophetic dreams brought down the violent wrath of King Philip and the Spanish Inquisition. Kelly also discusses with us one of our favorite books “An Introduction to the Psychology of Dreaming” which introduces us to the ideas and theories about dreams and how they operate.

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Feb 18 2019 · 1hr 8mins

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Episode 5: Kelly Bulkeley

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This episode features Kelly Bulkeley, Ph.D., a psychologist of religion specializing in dream research. We discuss his dream research and his soon to be released book, Lucrecia the Dreamer.

Jan 19 2018 · 56mins
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Episode 25 – Dream Researcher Kelly Bulkeley

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In this episode I interview Kelly Bulkeley, a dream researcher, author, and creator of  the Sleep and Dream Database (SDDb). We discuss dream journals, dream analysis, dreams in cultures, the experience realism of in dreams and more.

Show Notes:

The post Episode 25 – Dream Researcher Kelly Bulkeley appeared first on Lucid Dreaming.

Jan 29 2016 · 1hr 6mins

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Analyzing Your Children’s Dreams with Dr. Kelly Bulkeley

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Ever wondered what your children’s dreams really means? Current scientific research shows that children's brains are hard-wired to generate intensely creative dreams. Dr. Kelly Bulkeley’s latest book, Children’s Dreams, shows parents, teachers, and therapists how to analyze and interpret these kinds of dreams in a way that reveals their deep roots in the spiritual wisdom of a child's developing imagination.
Join Dr. Bulkeley and me on Tuesday, June 11, 10-11 A.M. US., to learn the simple and easily applied method of analyzing your children’s dreams.
Jun 11 2013 · 1hr
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Children's Dreams with Guest Kelly Bulkeley

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Why is it so hard to remember dreams? Scientific evidence dating back to the 1950's has shown the brain is active in various ways throughout the sleep cycle. Yet when we wake up we often can't remember more than a few fleeting images that disappear from our minds almost immediately. Why can't we recall more of what we experienced while asleep? Our guest, this week, will help us understand why we dream and how dreams can help us unlock our creativity and make sense of our lives.

As a child, Dr. Kelly Bulkeley was not particularly interested in dreams, but as a teenager he experienced a series of recurrent nightmares in which he was chased and attacked by frightening antagonists, including the uber-villain Darth Vadar of the "Star Wars" movies. These nightmares literally forced their way into his waking awareness and prompted what has become a lifelong fascination. So much so, he earned a doctorate in Religion and Psychological Studies from the University of Chicago Divinity School and has written and edited several books on dream research.
May 28 2013 · 57mins
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Leland Shanle, Project Seven Alpha and Kelly Bulkeley, dreams and nightmares

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Leland Shanle, author of Project Seven Alpha, World War 2 flights by American Airline pilots.
kelly bulkeley talks about children's dreams and nightmares
Apr 22 2013 · 57mins