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Ep 215 - Robbie Kroger: Back to Blood Origins

The Wild Initiative

Robbie Kroger with Blood Origins joins Sam on The Wild Initiative to discuss the loaded term “trophy hunting”, high fence hunting, and some problematic issues within the hunting community/industry. Robbie and Sam talk about what it means to be a trophy hunter and the hunting community being its own enemy when it comes to tearing each other down and judging each other's hunts/kills. Robbie elaborates on how Blood Origins isn’t afraid to go up against anti-hunters and educate them, explaining how they’re wrong in a respectful way. Sam and Robbie continue on to discuss the benefits and consequences of hunting. As a result of Blood Origins’ efforts, a number of accounts have blocked them due to Blood Origin’s advocacy affecting their business, following, engagement, etc. Robbie and Sam both agree that we as hunters can’t put ourselves on a pedestal and that we need to bring to light what is wrong and what is right in hunting. It’s important to be honest and own up to our mistakes. Robbie states he’s only interested in conveying the truth about hunting. Does what you post help or hurt hunting and is it honest?WIN A BLOOD ORIGINS T-SHIRT! Become a Blood Origins Supporter now through the end of November 2021, and if you leave "The Wild Initiative" in the comments when you sign up, you'll be entered to win a Blood Origins t-shirt.See more on the show notes page at thewildinitiative.com/215. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


27 Oct 2021

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Blood Origins; Robbie Kroger and Cody Heitschmidt

Ryan Furrer Podcast

This episode of the Ryan Furrer podcast I was joined by the Robbie Kroger and Cody Heitschmidt of Blood Origins. Also sitting in on the chat was a past guest on the Blood Origins podcast my good friend Rob Harrity You ask, what is Blood Origins? Well, If you are a listener who cherishes the freedom to hunt, fish, and enjoy all that mother nature has to offer Blood Origins and their platform is for you.Below is an excerpt from the Blood Origins website;   No matter your personality or background, an innate desire to learn more about why you are the way you are exists within most of us. It’s introspection, a desire to dig deep within yourself and your past to determine what makes you tick the way that you do. Stories about generations of outdoorsman have seated into your conscious, evoking thoughts of your own hunting adventures. Each story stirs a distinctive scent deep in your lungs. It pervades your being. It makes you smile. These questions of self and belonging are not unique to any one of us. These stories answer the question of where you belong, to whom you belong.           We took a deep dive into what drives Robbie and Cody. What is their why? With that,What is your why? What drives you to the outdoors? This was a great episode, with some great discussion, with some great people. I hope you enjoy it.  as always please leave us some comments. 

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6 Oct 2021

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Ep 50: Robbie Kroger- Knowing The Truth Around Hunting

True North Man

Is hunting a blood sport or a sport that’s in your blood? Unlike many, Robbie believes hunting is not merely killing animals. It’s something beyond that with a broader perspective. Men are natural hunters as he reminds saying, “If you go back in your lineage, someone had been a successful hunter for you to be here.” Whether you’re a non-hunter, new to the sport, or a seasoned pro, it’s hard to deny that “hunting is in our blood”. Robbie Kroger is a scientist. A native to South Africa is now a proud American and a member of the hunting family. He founded a movement called Blood Origins, to reach out to more people and spread the truth around hunting. They’ve got incredible films that document many inspiring stories. While most hunting shows focus on the sport and the ultimate kill of the quarry, Robbie likes to portray the hearts of the hunters to the people. His podcast shows are a sort of smorgasbord of everything related to this sport. In this episode of the True North Man podcast, Paul and Robbie talk about the importance of hunting, its positive aspects, what it does for wildlife and human life, and many interesting facts. Being a seeker after truth, your guest makes sure the non-hunters carry the right message from this conversation so as not to stick to any assumptions about hunters and their purpose of doing the sport. Tune in to know why there’s a need to humanize hunting. What You Will Learn: How hunting connects us to Nature. What “Blood Origins” is all about. Why there’s such a polarization around the topic of hunting. How hunting is a tool to achieve conservation success. And much more! Favorite Quote: “There’s a sense of pride, a sense of adventure, a sense of discipline, a sense of accomplishment that comes with hunting, just like someone would experience when they climb a peak.”         - Robbie Kroger How To Get Involved: Find Robbie on Facebook and Instagram and know everything about his Blood Origins through the Website. You can watch the Blood Origins short films by clicking here. Discover all that Paul Beam has to offer through his Website here. Enjoyed the episode? Hop over to Apple Podcasts for more! Like and share to help spread the word. We appreciate your support—and we hope to return the favor: Leave a review to let us know what you want to hear from Paul next.


27 Sep 2021

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EP12 : @BloodOrigins Robbie Kroger Gets Emotional

The FlipFlop Guy Podcast with Andy Moeckel

Here we visit with Robbie about Blood Origins and where he is at in life.

1hr 18mins

26 Aug 2021

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Robbie Kroger - Blood Origins

John Bartolo Show

If you haven't checked out Robbie Kroger and Blood Origins after you listen to this podcast you need to! Robbie is a genuine truth spreader and strong supporter of the activity and hunting lifestyle.  Thanks to our main sponsors: Go Check this months feature sponsor: http://advancewarriorsolutions.com https://inforce-mil.com​ https://www.watchwpsn.com​ code: “BARTOLO” https://www.pulsarnv.com/ https://www.gallowtech.com​​​​ https://rhinosafe.com​​​​​ https://www.galcogunleather.com/​​​​​ https://blackwaterammunition.com​​​​ ​ https://ritonoptics.com​​​ ​ www.JohnBartoloShow.com Visit our Friends: Kenzies Optics www.KenziesOptics.com Visit Microtech Knives https://microtechknives.com/​​​ ​​ #johnbartoloshow #johnbartolo

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8 Aug 2021

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74. When A.D.D. Talks To A PHD: Robbie Kroger with Blood Origins

The Western Huntsman Podcast

Robbie Kroger from Blood Origins joins me this week to discuss his background and what brought him to his mission with Blood Origins. We discuss growing up in South Africa and the influence his grandfather had on him. We talk about his journey into hunting and how it sparked deeper questions within him. He describes his motivation, his vision, and his pursuit to tell the truth about hunting and hunters to the large majority of non-hunters.  Robbie's mission with Blood Origins is an important one, and deserves the attention and support of hunters everywhere. Listen in to find out how you can help! Please consider becoming a supporter of Blood Origins! Blood Origins Website Blood Origins Instagram SHOW SPONSORS AND DISCOUNTS: SKRE Gear - High octane hunting attire without breaking the bank! https://www.skregear.com/  -Use Promo Code “thewesternhuntsman” for 15% off and free shipping! Phelps Game Calls - The game call company of The Western Huntsman! https://phelpsgamecalls.com/  -Use Promo Code “Huntsman10” for 10% off! Hoffman Boots: - Best hunting boots you’ll ever own. I guarantee it! Use promo code “HUNTSMAN10” for 10% off! https://hoffmanboots.com/hoffman-mountain-boots Tactacam -Filming your hunt has never been easier and more affordable! https://www.thewesternhuntsman.com/product-category/gear/ Bait Em 907 -Use promo code “Huntsman10” for 10% off of all bear attractants and other products.  https://www.baitem907.com Email jim@thewesternhuntsman Follow The Western Huntsman

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16 Jun 2021

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Ep. 105 | Hunting, Conservation & Blood Origins with Robbie Kroger

The Soulful Hunter Podcast

Hunting is one of the most powerful things you can ever do for yourself and for your community. It is the circle of life and it teaches us so much about the world and ourselves. I call it transformation through primal adventure, Robbie Kroger calls it “Blood Origins.” This is an incredible episode that provides a lot of perspective and talking points about how to defend, protect and advocate for what you love. You will not want to miss this. Knowledge is power and through this thought provoking episode you too can become your own #soulfulhunter.https://bloodorigins.org/Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/bloodorigins/The Soulful Hunter Podcast is proudly presented by T&K Hunting Gear. For more information on T&K gear go to TandKhunting.com or you can find them on Facebook & Instagram. #FreedomOnThe Soulful Hunter Podcast is also proudly sponsored by The Crazy Elk Company. Providing simple solutions you never knew you needed. Go snag a Tag Wallet today and let The Crazy Elk Company “tag” along on your next hunt. Use code Soulful today to save 20%. You can also follow along with them on Instagram.The Soulful Hunter Podcast can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, Podbean, and everywhere podcasts can be found. Thanks for listening. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a review!Join the SOUL SEEKERS Facebook group! – https://www.facebook.com/groups/891803238252831/soulfulhunter.comInstagram: @thesoulfulhunterpodcastFacebook: The Soulful Hunter Podcastwabackcountry.comInstagram: @washington_backcountryFacebook: Washington BackcountryYouTube: Washington Backcountry ChannelThe post Ep. 105 | Hunting, Conservation & Blood Origins with Robbie Kroger appeared first on Washington Backcountry.

31 May 2021

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Telling The Other 99% of Our Hunting Stories with Robbie Kroger of Blood Origins

The Airgun Podcast

Could it be that we as Hunters are one of the biggest threats to hunting existing in the future? Are we part of the reason the lifestyle is under attack? How can we change the tide? Many deep questions like this rise to the surface as Robbie Kroger and I tackle the subject of hunting. Robbie's pursuit of these questions gave rise to the Non-Profit "Blood Origins", who's primary goal is to convey the truth about hunting and how to align ourselves properly with that message. Like it or not, we are responsible in large for the picture in non hunters' minds about what it means to hunt and to be a hunter. Please be sure to stick around until the end to figure out how you can win awesome gear for day to day life and in the field use as well as once-in-a-lifetime hunting opportunities for you and 2 buddies when you support Blood Origins for the cost of a cup of coffee per month!--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/theairgunpodcast/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/theairgunpodcast/support


19 Feb 2021

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Ep. 43 "Blood Origins" Feat. Robbie Kroger

Living Fully Loaded

I'm honored to be joined by Robbie Kroger from Blood Origins in this episode. We talk about his life, coming from South Africa to the US, life as a professor, closeted celebrity hunters, starting blood origins, and much more. He even makes me question my own thoughts on certain issues. Please check out Blood Origins and support them! If you enjoyed this episode then please share it and rate it! 

1hr 21mins

11 Feb 2021

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#122 Robbie Kroger - Founder, Blood Origins

Be Legendary Podcast

Please Rate, 5 Stars, Leave a Comment, and Share! #belegendary 0:00- Intro 10:00- South African Culture/Perspective 20:00- Proving the "Blood Origins" Stance 30:00- Seeking Proof, Sharing Truth 40:00- Source: Local Perspective, Why Hunting Matters 50:00- The Diminishing Scale of Hunters, and How to Shift That 57:00- Sign Off


3 Feb 2021