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115. Real Talk: Why Nonprofits Must Dream Bigger - Dan Pallotta

We Are For Good Podcast - The Podcast for Nonprofits

Meet Dan. His TED Talk "The Way We Think About Charity is Dead Wrong," went viral less than a decade ago and was viewed by millions of starry-eyed dreamers who were intent on using their creativity and innovation to do good. [insert image of us frantically waving as some of these believers👋] We're talking nonprofit disruption, marketing, involving your kids in philanthropy and also working hard not to fangirl over him too much (or fanboy, if you're Jon). Join us for the convo we've been waiting to have since the first time we hit play.Episode HighlightsDan’s story and journey to where he is today - 2:47The difference between the non-profit and for-profit sector - 6:47Combating the overhead crisis - 13:11What is holding people back? - 17:24If you aren’t being laughed at, you aren’t dreaming big enough - 17:30Leaning into disruption - 23:46Dan’s advice for young professionals - 24:00Explore the full potential of your humanity and inspire your donors to join you - 27:00Background of the Charity Defense Council - 32:32A powerful moment of philanthropy in Dan’s life - 35:36Infusing philanthropy into raising kids - 38:37Dan’s One Good Thing: Life is happening right now. - 40:29For more information and episode details visit: www.weareforgood.com/episode/115The We Are For Good Podcast is co-hosted by Jonathan McCoy, CFRE and Becky Endicott, CFRE and welcomes the most dynamic nonprofit leaders, advocates and philanthropists to share innovative ideas and lessons learned 3x a week!Want to hear insider details and to get our best roundup of tips, freebies, resources and show notes from each episode? Join the Good Community - it's free! Visit www.weareforgood.com/helloAbout Our Sponsor VirtuousYou know we believe Everyone Matters - and we’ve witnessed the greatest philanthropic movements happen when you SEE and activate donors at every level. Here’s the thing, Virtuous created a fundraising platform to help you do just that. It’s much more than a nonprofit CRM. Virtuous is committed to helping charities reimagine generosity through responsive fundraising. We love it because this approach builds trust and loyalty through personalized engagement.Learn more about Virtuous at www.virtuous.org/Hey friends, Giving Tuesday is coming up November 30th and we want to give you the playbook to build a high impact year end campaign. And so we’ve partnered up with one of our favorite giving platforms, Pledge, to help you power generosity. Through Pledge, you can fundraise through Zoom, livestream, text, e-commerce & the web. Join us Tuesday November 16th  at 1:00 Central Time for a free live workshop with our friend and CEO, James Citron. We’re walking you through campaign steps st We Are For Good PRO is reimagining nonprofit professional development - for good. ✨ Join us and get started at weareforgoodpro.com.


10 May 2021

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34 Dreaming Audaciously & Rethinking Charity with Dan Pallotta

Raising Your Inner Voice with Jay Foss

Activist, humanitarian, author and builder of movements, Dan Pallotta joins Raising Your Inner Voice to dispell what you think you know about non-profits. This inspiring conversation will open you up to more possibilities in how you think about giving to charities. For more info on Dan, check out https://www.danpallotta.com/


1 Mar 2021

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S1 Ep5: Dan Pallotta

Broadway Gives Back

At the center of charitable giving and human transformation is Dan Pallotta. A controversial activist and fundraiser, Dan is the founder of Pallotta TeamWorks, which invented the multi-day AIDS Rides and Breast Cancer 3-Days; the president of Advertising for Humanity; and the author of three best-selling books. His 2013 Ted Talk, “The Way We Think About Charity Is Dead Wrong,” has been viewed more than 5 million times and has been ranked one of the 100 most-persuasive TED Talks of all time. Join us for an eye-opening discussion on charitable giving that just might transform the way you think about changing the world.Learn more about Dan’s philosophy on charitable giving: The Everyday Philanthropist Uncharitable Connect with Dan Pallotta: Website: DanPallotta.com Facebook: @DanPallotta Twitter: @DanPallotta YouTube: @DanPallottaChannel TED Talk: “The Way We Think About Charity Is Dead Wrong” TED Talk Connect with The Broadway Gives Back Podcast: Facebook: @broadwaygivesbackpodcast Instagram: @broadwaygivesbackpodcast Twitter: @broadwaygives Hosted & Executive Produced by Jan Svendsen and co-produced & edited by Jim Lochner.A proud member of the Broadway Podcast Network.Special thanks to Dori Berinstein, Alan Seales, Brittany Bigelow, Katie Rosin, and Yo Nikolova from BPN; Julian Hills from The Bulldog Agency; Eric Becker and Broderick Street Music; the Charity Network; and Glenn Weiss! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


6 Jan 2021

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Overhead: Dan Pallotta on How Great Nonprofits Actually Work

Out of Patients with Matthew Zachary

On today's show, we welcome one of the most influential human beings of my career: Dan Pallotta, champion of charity and the entire nonprofit business sector. Dan's take on how we as a culture think about charity the wrong way planted a bedrock philosophy in my head for how I was going to grow and lead Stupid Cancer to scalable success without the pitfalls of donors complaining about "Overhead." "I'll give you money but don't spend it on electricity. Only programs." Dan's much-ballyhooed book "Uncharitable: How Restraints on Nonprofits Undermine Their Potential" has a new, more digestible School House Rock version called "The Everyday Philanthropist" that I encourage every single nonprofit Board member, staff member, and donor to read immediately. My favorite quote from Dan is this: "Human. Kind. Be Both." Dan's Latest Book: The Everyday Philanthropist. Dan's TED Talk: The Way We Talk About Charity is Dead WrongSee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


7 Jul 2020

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Dan Pallotta: The Everyday Philanthropist

The Extra Mile - The Official Charity Miles Podcast

Dan Pallotta is one of my heroes. His book, Uncharitable, dared to challenge the conventions that constrained the way we thought about charity. His 2013 iconic TED talk has been viewed nearly 5 million times. My first interview with him a couple of years ago is one of my favorite interviews ever. And now he's further distilled his insights into The Everyday Philanthropist, a simple, easy-to-understand guide to help us all understand that there’s a better way to do giving. In this interview, you'll get a small taste of what Dan is about. It's too good to sum up here. You'll have to listen. And then go buy the book. Seriously, go buy this book.  We're not getting a cut or anything.  But we need everyone to read this. Here's the link to find it on Amazon. Big thanks to Dan for helping us all dream bigger. #EveryMileMatters


5 Jun 2020

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SISD #28 - The Everyday Philanthropist with Dan Pallotta

Self Improvement Daily

Dan Pallotta has disrupted the non-profit sector because of one simple premise - He dared to dream big. Not only that, but he encouraged non-profits to dream big as well and get the support they deserve. It is very difficult to understand the non-profit world at first glance, but Dan has done an excellent job helping people know how to evaluate and support different charities. He recently released a book called "The Everyday Philanthropist" that details everything you need to know about your own charitable habits, and how they interact with non-profits. Dan is probably best known for his record setting Ted Talk "The way we think about charity is dead wrong". If you're interested in learning more about helping others through philanthropy, I highly suggest you check out Dan's work.


24 May 2020

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Dream Big with Dan Pallotta

Self Improvement Daily

"I think what's really silly is for grown men and women to squander this tiny, tiny little bit of time we have here on Earth to make a difference on anything less than the most daring breathtaking dream we're able to dream." - Dan Pallotta


20 May 2020

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Overcoming Negative Self-Talk and Thinking Much Bigger: Dan Pallotta

Crazy Good Turns

First, Pallotta raised millions to fight cancer and AIDS by inventing multi-day fundraisers. Now he’s out to change everything you think about charity -- and yourself.


8 Jul 2019

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Ep 67: Busting the Overhead Myth (with Dan Pallotta)

Nonprofits Are Messy: Lessons in Leadership | Fundraising | Board Development | Communications

Donors won’t give to charities with “high overhead.” Right? But what structural problems does this cause? My guest, Dan Pallotta, busts the nonprofit overhead myth. The post Ep 67: Busting the Overhead Myth (with Dan Pallotta) appeared first on Joan Garry Nonprofit Leadership.

8 Sep 2018

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Dream Big, Be Bolder with Dan Pallotta, Entrepreneur, Author and Game Changer

The Extra Mile - The Official Charity Miles Podcast

In this episode, I walk with Dan Pallotta in Toppsfield, Massachussetts. Dan is an entrepreneur, author and thought leader who will change the way you think about charity. Dan founded the AIDS Rides and the first three-day cancer walks, raising over $500M for charity. His experiences led him to write three great books, including Uncharitable, How Restraints on Nonprofits Undermine Their Potential, which is a must-read for anyone interested in making an impact. Dan has also given two of my favorite TED talks which I highly recommend that you watch and share widely: The way we think about charity is dead wrong. The dream we haven't dared to dream. Dan is now the founder of the Charity Defense Council, Advertising for Humanity and the Bolder Board training initiative.  Big thanks to Dan for walking with us and encouraging us all to dream big and be bolder. #EveryMileMatters! Subscribe on iTunes / Subscribe on Stitcher / Subscribe on Google Play The post Dream Big, Be Bolder with Dan Pallotta, Entrepreneur, Author and Game Changer appeared first on Charity Miles.


13 Aug 2017