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2321. Current Events in Worldwide Lutheranism – Pr. Matt Harrison, 8/20/21

Issues, Etc.

Pr. Matthew Harrison, President of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod Why Am I Joyfully Lutheran?


20 Aug 2021

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159: Python, pandas, and Twitter Analytics - Matt Harrison

Test & Code in Python

When learning data science and machine learning techniques, you need to work on a data set. Matt Harrison had a great idea: Why not use your own Twitter analytics data? So, he did that with his own data, and shares what he learned in this episode, including some of his secrets to gaining followers. In this episode we talk about: Looking at your own Twitter analytics data. Using Python, pandas, Jupyter for data cleaning and exploratory analysis Data visualization Machine learning, principal component analysis, clustering Model drift and re-running analysis What kind of tweets perform well And much more Special Guest: Matt Harrison. Sponsored By: PyCharm Professional: Try PyCharm Pro for 4 months and learn how PyCharm will save you time. Promo Code: TESTANDCODE22 Support Test & Code in Python Links: Applied Pandas: Twitter Analytics — the coursematt harrison (@__mharrison__) / Twitter — follow for Python, Data Science, & Career AdviceBrian Okken (@brianokken) / Twitter — follow for Python, pytest, Packaging, & Software Engineering Advice


2 Jul 2021

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Episode 177: How the Pandemic, ESG & Asset Integrity Are Impacting Technology with Matt Harrison

Pipeliners Podcast

This week’s Pipeliners Podcast episode features first-time guest Matt Harrison of WellAware discussing how the COVID-19 pandemic, environmental social governance (ESG), and asset integrity have been impacted by the use of technology. In this episode, you will learn about how the pandemic accelerated the rate of technology adoption to support remote connectivity in pipeline operations, the dramatic shift to cloud management of data, the role of pipeline control rooms in data optimization, the tremendous opportunity for operators to improve their asset integrity programs, how to use technology to support mission-critical ESG initiative, and more topics. - Access the episode show notes and full episode transcript at PipelinersPodcast.com.


27 Apr 2021

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199 - Interview with Matt Harrison of Wellaware

Digital Oil and Gas

Today's podcast is with Matt Harrison, the co-founder and CEO if Wellaware. Wellaware helps companies by providing monitoring and operations data directly to workers on the site. Today we discuss the value of better well data for upstream companies, and where this better data can lead in terms of future innovations.  Duration: 35m 56s


14 Apr 2021

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Episode 5: The Boy, his Dad and Entrepreneur Matt Harrison

Jumping The Shark

Matt graduated from Texas A&M with an Electrical Engineering degree. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of WellAware.us.  In this episode Matt will talk about his college and professional careers and his thoughts on the career development.


23 Mar 2021

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Matt Harrison

Tales Of A Groundhopper

Absolute Geezars!Here is the latest episode of #TalesOfAGroundhopper with the Fantastic Matt Harrison!There are some quite simply put "Brilliant" Stories in this weeks episode including:- Being mistaken by Slovakian Skinheads for undercover police- Having an afternoon in Spain with Gazza- Hosting the GuiricastAnd so much more!Matt is a smashing bloke who has plenty more stories to tell!You guys will love this episode and quite rightly so!As always...Be Thinkers, Not Stinkers!Sayonara, Au Revoir

1hr 3mins

15 Mar 2021

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Effective Authoring with Nate Murray and Matt Harrison


In this special episode of the newline podcast, Nate is interviewed by Matt Harrison, founder of Metasnake, and author of his own course Effective Book Authoring. Over the hour, Matt interviews me asking about programming book authoring - how to plan it, how to write it, how market it when you're done.I share my best advice for organizing the process, building your audience, and how to enjoy it along the way. If you're interested in writing a programming book or course, then this episode is for you. Writing a programming course isn't easy. But I've done it enough times now, that hopefully the tips inside will be helpful to you. In this episode we cover:What was your process like to make a course?How does promotion work when creating a programming course?What tools did you use to write your book?What promotions did you do for your book?What advice would you give to yourself before writing your book?How much money have you made? <$1,000? $1K-10K? $10-30K?, $30K+? (Answer is much, much higher)The promise you make when creating a programming courseWhat advice do you have for someone who wants to make money with a course?What is The Bump and what does it mean for marketing your course?Practical tips - and a process - for writing a programming courseLet's dive in.

1hr 1min

2 Mar 2021

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Stephen And Alex's Podcast Adventure: Episode 1 - A Talk About The 90s, Star Wars, and Anime? ft. Matt Harrison


we talk about Star Wars and stuff yeah... (this technically is the first episode but is the first we uploaded in chronological order)


21 Feb 2021

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3294. Caring for Your Pastor During the Pandemic – Pr. Matt Harrison, 11/24/20

Issues, Etc.

Pr. Matthew Harrison, President of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod Why Am I Joyfully Lutheran?


24 Nov 2020

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137: Become an Author - Matt Harrison interviews Brian Okken

Test & Code in Python

Matt Harrison, author of many Python books, is putting together a course, Effective Book Authoring, to help other people write and publish books. As part of this course, he's including interviews with people who have already written books, including me. This is that interview. We discuss: Why I wrote "Python Testing with pytest" Self publishing vs working with a publisher The writing, editing, and publishing process Writing format Book promotion Advice to other writers Special Guest: Matt Harrison.Support Test & Code in PythonLinks:Effective Book Authoring — Matt's coursePython Testing with pytest - Simple, Rapid, Effective, and Scalable


5 Nov 2020