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Make your sales about dreams coming true, with Paul Higgins

The Personal Brand Business Show. Personal Branding, Online Business and Personal Development

A lot of people in sales start with the solution and try to find a problem to make it fit. When you sell a hammer - everything looks like a nail.This week on the podcast I'm joined by sales veteran Paul Higgins about how we can really get to what the win win opportunity 'really' is and then, how to provide the right value. By focusing on diagnosis first and then prescription last we develop a sales process which is service led and provides value along they way whether people buy or not.Paul's Website : https://paulhigginsmentoring.com/----Get your copy of my Personal Brand Business Blueprint It's the FREE roadmap to starting, scaling or just fixing your expert business.www.amplifyme.agency/roadmap----Subscribe to my Youtube!! Follow on Instagram and Twitter @bobgentleJoin the Amplify Insiders Facebook Community : www.amplifyme.agency/insidersPlease take a second to rate this show in Apple Podcasts. ❤ It will mean a lot to me.


15 Aug 2022

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S1 Episode 080: Striking a Balance Between Work and Life featuring Paul Higgins

Building Better Businesses

Paul Higgins is a high-performance business mentor, podcaster, and author who helps service-based business owners struggling to strike a balance between life and work adopt a hands-off management approach and improve profits to fund their lifestyles.To aid other service-based business owners like himself who have come to the conclusion that having a business so reliant on them is just not going to work, Paul developed a mentoring program—Build Live Give—that helps such business owners take control and implement an end-to-end sales and operations system that can easily generate profits. Top of FormBottom of FormIn this episode, we discuss: Paul’s start in the hardcore sales world working for Coca-Cola and what he learned to bring to his own business. How he builds business on a smaller, more diverse scale. How to study the numbers of buying and selling a business so you know what you’re getting into. The importance of helping businesses give back to their communities and employees. Never being afraid to ask an expert for advice. I hope you will find this episode as exciting and informative as I have. Paul was so generous to share his better business practices regarding striking the best work/life balance to succeed. Please let me know your thoughts! Connect with Paul Higgins: Website: https://www.buildlivegive.com/  Connect with Steve Eschbach Websites:https://www.tworld.com/locations/naperville/https://eschbachassoc.com/ YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWqgICqaSI8xE2GRYY1HWJA LinkedIn:https://www.linkedin.com/in/speschbach/Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/steveeschbach/ Twitter:@ SteveEschbach Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


28 Jun 2022

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Paul Higgins

Putting it Together

Telly fans will know Paul from turns on The Thick of It and Line of Duty, but, as ever, we talked about theatre! (Amongst other things…) The post Paul Higgins appeared first on Putting it Together.

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14 Jun 2022

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Fat, Black & Femme (ft. Dr. Jon Paul Higgins)


Mentioned in the showJon Paul has a brand new podcast, Black, Fat & Femme (@BlkFatFemmePod), debuting next monthBHIHEJustine LindsayDIS/Honorable Mentions Jon Paulhm: Niecy Nash & Jessica Bettshm: The new ‘Safety Check’ feature on Apple’s iOS 16dm: The people spreading the rumor that queer people are the ones spreading Monkey poxdm: The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis for posting Juneteenth watermelon salad pictures on its websiteTre’vellhm: Heartstopper on Netflixhm: Aunjanue Ellis comes out as BiOur Sponsors This WeekLumi LabsOur show this week is sponsored by Microdose Gummies. Microdose Gummies deliver perfect, entry-level doses of THC that help you feel just the right amount of good. To learn more about microdosing THC, go to Microdose.com and use code: FANTI  to get free shipping & 30% off your first order.  BetterHelpBetterHelp is customized online therapy that offers video, phone and even live chat sessions with your therapist, so you don’t have to see anyone on camera if you don’t want to. FANTI listeners get 10% off their first month at BetterHelp.com/FANTIGo ahead and @ usEmail: FANTI@maximumfun.orgIG@FANTIpodcast@Jarrett Hill@rayzon (Tre’Vell)Twitter@FANTIpodcast@TreVellAnderson@JarrettHill@Swish (Senior Producer Laura Swisher)FANTI is produced and distributed by MaximumFun.orgLaura Swisher is senior producer Episode Contributors: Jarrett Hill, Laura Swisher, Tre’vell Anderson, Music: Cor.eceGraphics: Ashley Nguyen

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9 Jun 2022

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40: A roadmap to cloud consulting success with Paul Higgins of Paul Higgins Mentoring

In Systems We Trust

Listen in as Paul Higgins talks about his journey and helping Cloud Business owners scale to live life with NO LIMITS! At age 18, he was diagnosed with a condition called Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). He had an 18-year career at Coca-Cola before he decided to start his own business and focus on his health and family. He transferred his system thinking and experience to the Cloud Industry.   In 2019 he gained a new kidney from my best mate Brendan and sold his Cloud consulting business to a Google partner. Now he owns a virtual assistant agency, and he also helps Cloud partners to scale to either exit like he did or have someone run it for them. This podcast is sponsored by Ditto: www.thinkditto.com Ditto's vision is to put an end to team burnout. They are Asana Solutions partners and help businesses optimize business workflows.


10 May 2022

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B2B Masterclass with Paul Higgins

Leadership Torque: The Waymaker Podcast

In this episode, we chat with Paul Higgins, a highly respected business coach and entrepreneur who specializes in helping Cloud Consultants scale their businesses. After spending almost two decades leading billion-dollar business units and sales teams for Coca Cola, he knows a thing or two about B2B - and the keys needed to develop and grow businesses. It was a pleasure to chat with him and we know you'll get a lot out of this conversation.Topics discussed in this episode include:Scaling and selling businessesB2B and Marketing lessons from Coca Cola.The importance of partner relationshipsThe rise of Marketing Technology (MarTech)The benefits of being a smaller businessLeveraging partner relationshipsThe three biggest problems facing businesses todayWhich Social media platforms in 2022 you should be targeting your marketing efforts towardsHow to leverage LinkedIn for B2B.Building authority in your market segmentFind out in what area most businesses break down.You can find Paul Higgins at the following links:https://paulhigginsmentoring.comAccelerate Sales Podcast - Apple PodcastsAccelerate Sales Podcast - SpotifyLinkedIn - Paul Higgins Mentoring


4 May 2022

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Car Usership vs Ownership and other trends | Interview with Paul Higgins

Byte Size

In this episode, we chat with Paul Higgins, the Co-founder of HelloCars - an all-inclusive car subscription service providing flexible access to different makes and models to suit the needs of Australian drivers.  In this episode, you'll learn about: Trends in car subscription services Consumer demands for flexibility and access to shared vehicles Shift away from traditional car ownership and into usership  How this relates to sustainability Where the future of the industry is going


11 Apr 2022

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Episode 26: How to Scale Your Business While Managing Your Personal Health With Paul Higgins

The Conscious Business Podcast

Paul Higgins is passionate about helping Cloud Business owners to scale.  At age 18, he was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). Knowing what was to come, he changed how he approached his life.  He chose to live a life where he challenged himself, was a continual learner, and helped others make more impact. He had an 18-year career at Coca-Cola before taking control of his health.He transferred his system thinking to the Cloud Industry. In 2019 he gained a new kidney from his best mate Brendan and sold his Cloud consulting business to a Google partner. Now he helps Cloud partners to scale to either exit like he did or have someone run it for them.In this episode, Paul Higgins shares with us about…Managing between helping others start-up to build their business & operating for their own corporate (3:52)System in AI Business (6:08)Sales Machine (8:52)The reality of a business owner (21:14)Overcoming the limiting beliefs & unleashing the full potential (26:22)He is a man with great integrity, passion and drive! This episode will show you the other side of business success and motivate you to look at the bigger picture including you, your health and your personal goals.Follow Paul’s journey and connect with him online via the links below. ➡️Paul's Cloud Consulting Communityhttps://paulhigginsmentoring.com/ccc➡️ Websitehttps://paulhigginsmentoring.com➡️LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulhigginsmentoring/➡️Twitter -  https://twitter.com/PaulHiggins555➡️Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Paulhigginsmentoring/➡️Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/paulhigginsmentoring/


3 Apr 2022

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How to Scale Your Business Fast and Work Less with Paul Higgins

Small Business Talk Cathy Smith

Have you sat down and thought to yourself, 'there's got to be an easier way to do this' in regards to running your own business? Paul Higgins talks us through some easy ways to get the success you need out of your business - without wasting every spare moment of your time on scaling your business.  Listen to Episode 154 of Small Business Talk for the full details.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


27 Jan 2022

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Episode 02: Leaning Into The “Dave Chappelle/ Netflix” Controversy With Dr. John Paul Higgins

Momentum: A Race Forward Podcast

In the midst of the continued fallout from Dave Chapelle’s transphobic jokes from his Netflix comedy special, Hiba and our guest co-host Dennis are here to break it all down – and have the important conversation around narrative, free speech, and the link to potential hate speech/ actions.  Social justice leader and media critic Dr. John Paul Higgs (they/them) joins us to talk about their article “Why Netflix Deserves Some of the Heat for Dave Chapelle’s Transphobic Comments.” Throughout the conversation Dr. Higgins touches on important topics such as the erasure of Black trans people, the damaging narratives and tropes that are still being leveled against trans, queer, and non-binary folk, and “real” accountability versus “cancel culture.” Update: Chevon will return from her sabbatical and will be on the next episode of Momentum –– a big thank you to Dennis for filling in! Reminder: Race Forward’s 40th Anniversary Celebration is taking place November 18th! RSVP for our special virtual gala celebrating 40 years of catalyzing the racial justice movement, streaming on Facebook and YouTube Live. Make sure to tune in for an evening of memorable historic highlights, humor, and cultural performances!RSVP: https://bit.ly/RaceForward40 Resources (by order of mention) Netflix Staff Raised Concerns About Chappelle Special Before Its Release (via Bloomberg) https://bloom.bg/3EzlpHY Why Netflix Deserves Some of the Heat for Dave Chapelle’s Transphobic Comments (via Bitch Media) https://bit.ly/3EGKbpA Terra Fields’ Tweets on Netflix/ “The Closer”https://bit.ly/3nVUek9 Netflix Employee Walkout Grows Tense as Trans Rights Protesters Clash With Dave Chappelle Supporters (via Variety) https://bit.ly/3GEQT1n Dave Chappelle says he'll meet with transgender critics, but he's 'not bending to anybody's demands' (via CNN)https://cnn.it/3GNuIpw Dr. John Paul Higgins (They/Them) Official Website www.doctorjonpaul.com Twitterwww.twitter.com/doctorjonpaul Instagram www.instagram.com/doctorjonpaul About Race Forward:  Race Forward catalyzes movement building for racial justice. In partnership with communities, organizations, and sectors, we build strategies to advance racial justice in our policies, institutions, and culture. Race Forward imagines a just, multiracial, democratic society, free from oppression and exploitation, in which people of color thrive with power and purpose. Follow Race Forward on social media Follow us on Facebook:www.facebook.com/raceforward Follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/raceforward Follow us on Instagram: www.instagram.com/raceforward Building Racial Equity (BRE) Trainings  www.raceforward.org/trainings Subscribe to our newsletter:www.raceforward.org/subscribe Executive Producers: Hendel Leiva, Cheryl Cato Blakemore Associate Producer/ Editor: Kendy Solis 


5 Nov 2021