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467: Best of Ready.Aim.Empire: Rick Mayo and the Case for Reduced Studio Spaces

Ready. Aim. Empire.

In this episode you’ll learn: • About Rick’s journey of innovation and how he came full circle to the model he does best • A birds-eye view of his team and how they operate • His thoughts on using employees or independent contractors • What he feels is key to getting people on the right track for their goals • The way that Rick was able to identify a demographic that needs to be served well in the fitness industry LINKS: https://www.rickmayo.com/ https://www.facebook.com/RickMayo101/ https://twitter.com/CoachRMayo https://www.instagram.com/alloyptfranchise/ https://www.instagram.com/studiogrowco 


10 Jun 2021

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Rick Mayo - Finding Your Place In The New Wellness Ecosystem

Future of Fitness

Rick Mayo is an accomplished fitness business entrepreneur and founder and CEO of the Alloy Personal Training Franchise system. Rick’s business journey began with his original personal training studio which opened in 1992 and is still going strong, having delivered exceptional fitness experiences to tens of thousands of clients in the Roswell, Georgia area. In 2010, as a result of his success, Rick started Alloy, a personal training business platform. As a result of Alloy’s combination of customized client programs, business systems, and technology tools, some of the leading health club and gym brands adopted the Alloy model and it rapidly grew to serve over 1,000 licensed fitness facilities worldwide. With years of experience deploying the Alloy systems under their belt Mayo and his team took the next logical step by launching the Alloy Personal Training franchise in 2019 to deliver a turnkey franchise opportunity encompassing the entire personal training business model from build-out design, through equipment, business systems, technology platforms. marketing, and more. By providing with the right tools and knowledge, Rick Mayo and the Alloy Team have helped countless people unleash their potential, paving the way towards both personal and professional success.   www.futureofftitness.com


25 May 2021

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CEO Of Alloy Personal Training Rick Mayo: How To Build A Status Brand

Alloy Personal Training Business

As a pioneer of Personal Training and an expert in systems and scaling, having built a global franchise, Rick has a lot of insights to share on the evolution of the fitness industry and what the future looks like.Rick and Matt talk about the different gym models and how they differ from the perspective of member experience and price points. Rick shares his thought on how the different fitness models need to do to succeed.In addition to this, Rick shares his remarkable journey from how he started personal training in people’s homes to pay his way through college. He then opened one of the first facilities dedicated to one on one training. Due to a lack of systems, some staff left to set up their own studios taking some of his clients with them. This was the birth of a systemized process to training, programming, and gym experience.Tune in to hear Rick and Matthew discuss fitness business models, fitness marketing and client experience, and what it takes to succeed in the fitness industry.Key TakeawaysThe studio within a larger club concept, and this was key to maintain revenues (01:58)How experience differs between large gyms and studio models and what you need do (05:04)How to upsell from base memberships to coaching in a large group model (09:39)Success is like weight loss; you have to change your expectations or change your habits (13:38)Creating a franchise business through a systemized approach to training, programming, and experience (16:46)The formula to profitability and why you need to outspend your competition (22:53)How gym owners can market to an older demographic like the automotive does (30:35)The massive opportunity that lies in marketing to an aging demographic (38:30)How to have a viable virtual product for a personal training brand (55:00)Where the fitness industry is headed in the next two years (59:07)Additional Resources:www.AlloyPersonalTraining.comLearn About The Alloy Franchise Opportunity---------You can find the podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to podcasts.If you haven’t already, please rate and review the podcast on Apple Podcasts!

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10 Mar 2021

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Not Dead Yet Ep. 23: The Taco Training Trifecta — John Barba, Dave Holdorf, Rick Mayo

Not Dead Yet

Talk about alliteration! The boys have a menage a trois with arguably the best trainers in the business. John Barba, Dave Holdorf and Rick Mayo talk about their journey—how they crossed paths and worked together at Wirsbo—eventually Uponor—and how training has evolved in the last 25 years, especially during the last year through COVID-19. They also talk about Taco After Dark and the new winter season starting February 10 at 7:00 pm EST.  And they turn the tables on the Not Dead Yet hosts and interview them. And, what the heck is a ganglion cyst? No, it's not a character from Star Trek.#notdeadyetpodcast #tacocomfort #tacotraining #mechanicalhub #industrytraining #trainemandtheyllstay #HVAC #plumbing #watercirculation #waterrecirc #ECMmotors #pumps #pumpingaway #hydronics #radiantheating #radiantcooling


3 Feb 2021

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What's Coming in 2021 for Fitness over 50: Returning to the Gym, Premium Service, and Providing Community -- with Rick Mayo of Alloy Personal Training

The Optimal Aging Podcast

Rick Mayo is a veteran fitness professional and entrepreneur who’s helping to change how the industry approaches the underserved over-50 market. Rick has two locations of his Alloy Personal Training studio in the Atlanta area, including one that focuses on mature women. Alloy has been licensing its systems to gyms everywhere for more than a decade. And, just before the pandemic, Rick launched a franchise system to create gyms everywhere that grow with the mostly untapped potential of this demographic.He’s also a speaker and podcast host, and sits on the advisory board of the Association of Fitness Studios.On this episode, we talk about the challenges of the past year for his businesses and the industry; why the over-50 market retains all its potential for business owners; and why businesses need to focus on their avatars more than ever.Resources and LinksAlloy Personal TrainingRickMayo.comFunctional Aging InstituteRV Life article10 Podcasts to Help You Sleep


26 Jan 2021

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Ep 158 - CEO of Alloy Personal Training Rick Mayo: How to build a status brand.

Escape Your Limits

Understand the science and specificity to outspend the competition and win. On this week's Escape Your Limits podcast, CEO of Alloy Personal Training Rick Mayo talks about what it takes to build a global franchise and target a demographic that holds 70% of the nation's disposable income. A pioneer of personal training and former trainer for Madonna, he's internationally recognised as an expert in systems and scaling, helping millions of members around the world through a mantra of assessment, accountability and actualisation. For more information visit https://escapefitness.com/podcast Video Version - https://youtu.be/1d3YbuCIjhc Rick Mayo started out training people in their homes to pay his way through college, doing something he loved to do. He opened one of the first facilities dedicated to training, all one-on-one, and soon growing the business to a million dollars of PT a year. Through circumstances such as staff leaving to set up their own studios, Rick's income went from $83k a month down to $12k a month. That became the birth of a systemised process to training, from welcome, through memberships, to programming and across the whole experience. With more rapid growth, Rick began using his model in other gyms, and soon it was in 2000 clubs worldwide. Alloy Personal Training's mission statement is: Real people + alloy programs = real results. No one person is the same, nor is the journey toward a healthier, active lifestyle. So why should workouts be the same? Trainers tailor the Alloy programmes for all clients who walk through the doors — no matter their fitness level. From the first session with us, Alloy works to help clients reach their goals and become their best version of possible. On the franchise side... Alloy offers a combination of personal service, effective technology, 30 years of experience and a formula for incredible results for both members and fitness franchise owners. The numbers prove it. Alloy's revenue per member and retention rates are among the highest in the fitness industry today. For more visit alloypersonaltraining.com Episode highlights - How the studio within a larger gym model, or box within a box, started out. Also why creating a space and environment is key to member experience or maintaining revenue, but what's changed in recent years. What the differences are between price points and member experiences for large gyms and studio models, and what you need to focus on as an owner or operator. How operational commitment from general managers can support personal trainers to upsell members into coaching, even on a large scale. Why success is like weight loss in that you have to change your expectations or change your habits. It takes hard work to get better, and some people don't want to do that if they're happy where they're at. How a systemised approach to training, programming, service and experience gave Rick's business the rapid growth it needed to start interesting other gyms in using his model. And how this has created the opportunity to build his own franchise business off the back of it. What the formula to profitability is, and how you can use it to outspend your competition even in a saturated market. How you can look to the automotive market when it comes to marketing to an ageing demographic, as not many young people walk into a Porsche dealership. Why the ageing demographic offers greater lifetime value and will give your business much higher retention rates compared to the stereotypical clientele of a gym. How it's good advice if you have the assets to go digital, but it doesn't mean that it's a great idea for classes alone. The audience on the other end are going to hold you accountable. What you should be scaling to as a personal trainer or bootcamp operator to make more money off fewer people while they pay less. Join Matthew Januszek in conversation with Rick Mayo…

1hr 8mins

26 Oct 2020

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Episode 077 - Rick Mayo: Gym Reopenings and Sound Business Decisions

D&D Fitness Radio Podcast

In Episode 077 of the D&D Fitness Radio Podcast, we sit down with Rick Mayo, CEO and Founder of Alloy Personal Training Centers, to discuss his approach to the re-opening and operation of his facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. While many gyms stay closed due to individual state regulations, Rick’s facilities have been open recently with appropriate measures taken to enhance safety wherever possible. Rick outlines the measures he has taken, as well as the various actions he has taken to keep his businesses operational and his customers happy. While many gyms are perceived to be high risk environments for people, Rick identifies the key reasons why gyms can be some of the lowest risk options for getting back to activity to improve general health.Since 1992, Rick has been operating a personal training business, Alloy Personal Training Center. In the past decade, he and his team began helping major brands and independent gyms, health clubs, and fitness businesses around the world deploy personal training systems through a licensing model under the Alloy brand, since then the Alloy personal training solutions, systems, platforms, and know-how have been used to serve millions of members in thousands of fitness facilities. The name 'Alloy' was created under the notion of strength and motion meeting; those two things coming together to create something bigger, stronger, and longer-lasting. In 2018, Team Alloy decided to transition into a franchise model. The Alloy Franchise Model encompasses all they have learned about running a successful business, from Personal Training, Marketing, Staff Management, and everything in between.You can find out more information on Rick Mayo and Alloy via the following links:Website: https://www.rickmayo.com/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alloyptfranchise/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RickMayo101/YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj2LnSyAUT8F9GPoXrCB8PgThe D&D Fitness Radio podcast is available at the following locations for downloadable audio, including: iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/d-d-fitness-radio-podcast/id1331724217iHeart Radio – https://www.iheart.com/podcast/dd-fitness-radio-28797988/Spreaker.com – https://www.spreaker.com/show/d-and-d-fitness-radios-showYou can reach both Don and Derek at the following locations: Don Saladino: http://www.DonSaladino.com Twitter and Instagram - @DonSaladino YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/donsaladino Derek M. Hansen: http://www.SprintCoach.com Twitter and Instagram - @DerekMHansen YouTube - http://youtube.com/derekmhansen


3 Jul 2020

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Bishop Rick Mayo "A generation of quitters" Sunday Service

Cornerstone North

Bishop Rick Mayo "A generation of quitters" Sunday Service by Cornerstone North

1hr 14mins

7 Jun 2020

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135: Rick Mayo: His Gym Reopened 3 Weeks Ago. How’s It Doing? | The GSD Show with Mike Arce

The GSD Show

Rick Mayo’s gym has been open for 3 WEEKS and he says: Be patient with your reopening - Members won’t flood back in like you think Keep operating your virtual option - There’s no reason to cut out a money-maker Rick Mayo said it was a bit slow after his reopening but, they were able to get back up to about 50% member capacity. Keep in mind, Rick has a MASSIVE facility. However, he normally operates at 80% capacity. “It’s not quite where it was… yet. The numbers are trending in the right direction, you just have to be patient with these things,” Rick says. Rick ALSO says he’s signed a brand-new member per day since reopening and so far, no one they know of has gotten sick at his studio.


16 May 2020

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82-People Craving Normalcy-Rick Mayo

Masters in Fitness Business Podcast

Are you and your clients sick of hearing about COVID. Wouldn’t you just like to workout, sweat, talk to people , have fun and forget about COVID for a little bit? According to Rick Mayo, who has been open for two weeks in Atlanta, that’s exactly what they want. And that’s just one of the paradigm shifts he’s made since reopening. We discuss them all on this episode. Key Takeaways from the episode Key leadership points to lead your team into reopening Recommended guidelines for reopening How to address your two client bases Gym owners are in a time sensitive situation right now What should your marketing look during reopening Should you listen to people who say they have a COVID playbook? Will clients come back in phases?

1hr 7mins

12 May 2020