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S3E052 Innovative educator DAVID PROSPER tells how an idea went global, even in a year of pandemic.

Afternoons With Mike PODCAST

The Colorado Springs calls David Prosper a rising star, and for sure, his ideas have made an impact. His childhood was marked by struggles in many directions, so severe that many would believe it to be impossible to come out on the other side as David has. The grace of God is apparent in his life - and so are his many giftings. You will hear some of these in this episode.


25 Mar 2021

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Break the Mold with David Prosper

High School & Beyond Podcast

Are you going with the flow or creating your own path?  I had a great conversation with David Prosper, which he highlights looking at the possibilities and not accepting the status quo. His passion to go against the norm has lead to the creation of a school that does things differently.  When individuals view you in a specific light, do you accept what they are seeing or push and show them a different perspective? Shout out to our sponsors, Jasper Axelrad with Tobala's Food for Thought, Rock City Cafe, and The Chicken Coop. Tobala, Rock City Cafe, and The Chicken Coop have a passion and heart for the community and who they are really separates them from many other businesses. You can find Tobala on Facebook, https://www.tobalacuisine.com/ or reach them at 719-301-7066. As for the Creative Collaborations group, the website can be found at creativecollaborationsco.com and FB group www.facebook.com/groups/840338926715355/ Rock City Cafe can be found on Facebook and can be reached at 719-424-7151. The Chicken Coop can be found on Facebook and reached at 719-495-3189. Collaboration is a beautiful thing, which allows everyone of us to get much further than if we went alone. If you would like to connect with David, he can be found on Facebook and LinkedIn under David Prosper. He can also be found on Instagram under the handle of iamdavidprosper.  You can reach me at hsbeyondpod@gmail.com, or even check out the company's website at mycollegeinfo.com. I look forward to continue to be of service.  Let's go!


13 Feb 2021

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Having a Mindset of a Student - With guest David Prosper

Let's Go Win Podcast

Episode #14:   David Prosper is an award winning speaker, creator of the Global Youth Leadership Summit, host of the Leadership Revolution and certified Leadership and Communication Trainer.  After hearing his mother's last words "I wish I did enough", David has dedicated his life to create a world where no one would ever share those same words.  He inspires people to rise to the occasion and embrace the philosophy of being a 'student' in all walks of life.  Do not miss this incredible conversation and journey to help make the world a better place!Bio:A warm smile, approachable, caring, and a nurturing heart are a few characteristics to describe David Prosper. He is a ‘student’ who believes that when leaders get better; families get better, communities get better, schools get better, the government gets better and the world gets better.Founder & Social Impact Entrepreneur - David was inspired by reading the Bible about how Jesus was a revolutionary leader and a revolutionary learner. After hearing his mother say her last words “I wish I did enough” right before she passed away motivated David to create a world where no one would ever share the same words as his late mother. Which fueled his vision to create a world where healthier families and communities are the new standard.David is an award-winning speaker, creator of the Global Youth Leadership Summit, host of the Leadership Revolution, TEDx Speaker, certified Leadership & Communication Trainer, and a follower of Yeshua. Contact David:WebsitePodcastFacebookInstagramLinkedIn


1 Oct 2020

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#201: David Prosper | Connected Leadership with Love

Energetic Radio

Empowering, dynamic, revolutionary, and effective are a few words to describe David Prosper.After growing up in an abusive home, David made the decision to stop the cycle of poor leadership and violence. Instead, he chose to relentlessly educate himself on how to lead effectively. David believes when leaders get better, relationships get better, families get better, communities get better, the government gets better, churches get better, schools get better, and the world gets better.David has educated a wide variety of audiences throughout the country on the topics of; Healthy Relationships, Effective Communication, Revolutionary Leadership, Connected Leadership, The Neurological Connection, and Human Behavior.David is the Founder & Chief Empowerment Officer of the faith-based, leadership-development company - Shepherd Revolution, where he engages, equips and empowers leaders to transform their organizations from the inside out.David is an award-winning speaker and leadership strategist on a mission to change the world, one organization at a time.Davids TEDx - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0x1pJB6PeCwShepherdRevolutionprosper@shepherdrevolution.com


26 Jul 2020

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Ep 69 Interview Sessions with David Prosper

Always Better than Yesterday with Ryan Hartley | A Podcast for Heart Centred Leaders

Ep 69 is with David Prosper founder of Shepherd Revolution, TEDx speaker, child of god and LOVE crusader (love that!). I was honoured to connect with David after watching his TEDX talk and loved having him on the show. Here's what you'll hear:00:45 David Prosper - the boy sent to live in Haiti and later becomes a love crusader02:30 Rekindling his relationship with his father at the age of 12, only for tragedy to strike03:00 realising that life has to get better 03:30 how his final words from his Mother help him continue to show up04:30 when leaders get better, the world gets better 05:30 when we let our light shine, we give permission for others to let their light shine too 06:00 sharing your story on the red circle with courage 07:45 honouring the leaders before him 09:00 stepping in to your calling12:30 the source of all great leadership is love 14:30 being authentic 16:00 love is a verb16:30 Jesus the servant leader17:00 practicing selflessness and what it really means 18:15 helping others become the best versions of themselves19:30 if you want to be the greatest of them all, you have to be the servant of all 20:00 loved people love people 21:15 Shepherd Revolution - to lead, guide, nurture and protect. 25:30 focus on the process and the progressI hope this episode helps and inspires you in some way. Please do pass it along to someone you know needs to hear Davi'd message right now. Much loveRyan Connect with David:Instagram @iamdavidprosper @shepherdrevolutionText (yeah, that's right!)414-552-9598Websitewww.shepherdrevolution.comTEDx Talkhttps://youtu.be/0x1pJB6PeCwPodcasthttps://www.shepherdrevolution.com/podcast-shows


25 Mar 2020

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Leadership Revolution: David Prosper

Stories From Planet Earth

On this week's episode, David Prosper talks about his healing journey and his mission to revolutionize leadership. He shares stories from his youth, an inside look at his TedX talk and a look at Shepard Revolution, a faith-based leadership academy he's launching in Colorado Springs.


16 Mar 2020

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Motivational Mantras Series (David Prosper)


On today's edition of The Moring Uplift, Liz welcomes David Prosper to share his story apart of the Motivational Mantras Series. Have a thought about today's show? Why not email Liz about it. Just email her at LizColburnBB@gmail.com.


18 Apr 2017