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Episode 1: Ashu Garg

Data, Operations, AI, and People [DOAP]

In the inaugural episode of Data, Operations, AI, and People [DOAP], Vinayak Ramesh, Ikigai Labs’ CEO and co-founder, chats with Ashu Garg—the GP at Foundation Capital as well as an Ikigai Lab investor and board member. Together, they discuss a brief history of AI applications, the current landscape of enterprise AI, and exactly how you can utilize Ikigai as a tool today to empower your existing employees to transform your business.Curious about data operators? Read more here: https://ikigailabs.medium.com/data-operators-a9718d44201eEpisode Transcription: https://medium.com/@ikigailabs/data-operations-ai-and-people-doap-podcast-97715bcd7854


17 Jan 2022

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Ashu Garg: How To Leverage AI To Recognize And Improve Diversity In Hiring

HumAIn Podcast - Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Developer Tools, and Technical Education

Ashutosh Garg: How To Leverage AI To Recognize And Improve Diversity In Hiring [Audio] Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Google Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | TuneIn | RSSAshutosh Garg works with startups across the enterprise stack. He is particularly excited about how machine learning and deep learning are reinventing existing software categories and creating new consumer experiences. Ashutosh has invested in AI-enabled business applications (such as marketing technology and HR technology), data platforms, data center infrastructure, security & privacy, as well as online video. Before joining Foundation Capital in 2008, Ashutosh was the general manager for Microsoft’s online-advertising business and led field marketing for the software businesses. Previously, Ashutosh worked at McKinsey & Company, helping technology companies scale their go-to-market efforts. Earlier in his career, Ashutosh founded TringTring.com, one of the first search engines in Asia, set up Unilever’s Nepal operations, and led the marketing and pre-sales teams at Cadence Design Systems.Ashutosh has a bachelor’s degree from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in New Delhi and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management at Bangalore, where he received the President’s Gold Medal.Episode Links:  Ashutosh Garg’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashugargvc/ Ashutosh Garg’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/ashugarg?s=20 Ashutosh Garg’s Website: https://foundationcapital.com/member/ashu-garg/ Podcast Details: Podcast website: https://www.humainpodcast.comApple Podcasts:  https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/humain-podcast-artificial-intelligence-data-science/id1452117009Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/show/6tXysq5TzHXvttWtJhmRpSRSS: https://feeds.redcircle.com/99113f24-2bd1-4332-8cd0-32e0556c8bc9YouTube Full Episodes: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxvclFvpPvFM9_RxcNg1ragYouTube Clips:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxvclFvpPvFM9_RxcNg1rag/videosSupport and Social Media:  – Check out the sponsors above, it’s the best way to support this podcast– Support on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/humain/creators– Twitter:  https://twitter.com/dyakobovitch– Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/humainpodcast/– LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidyakobovitch/– Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HumainPodcast/– HumAIn Website Articles: https://www.humainpodcast.com/blog/Outline: Here’s the timestamps for the episode: (00:00) – Introduction(01:31) –Eightfold.ai was created in 2016 as a talent intelligence platform that is being used by the leading enterprises across the globe to hire, engage, and retain a diverse workforce.(04:21) – Large enterprises’ number one challenge is people. They are not able to hire fast enough. Enterprises should think about diversity, about their own biases, to understand what talent exists. We added exits to bring the right people on board and that is where data and AI comes into play.(05:43) – We can't keep looking for people who have done the work. We have to look at the people who can do the work, and that is a fundamental shift in the mindset.(09:00) – We need to reach out to the people who may not have had all the privileges that we have and support them. We have to look at people beyond what we perceive for their face color, age.(10:14) – Machines have the ability to forget and ignore. We have our biases because of the lack of knowledge. Knowledge and moving out of biases can really help us solve this problem when hiring candidates.(11:59) – There has to be an audit process to ensure that your algorithms are not going crazy and that they are doing the right thing. Let's use them to help humans do a better job. (13:53) – It's all about humans. These systems are designed to come in and replace humans. In that case, not only are you taking the snitch system correctly, you're teasing that: I really don't need to worry about humans, and that has to be front and center.(16:00) – One of the things Eightfold believes is that it's not that people are good or bad, or one is better or worse, but who is the best fit for which flow in that company.(18:24) – You have to really assess the people at their full potential.(22:32) – What Eightfold.ai is trying to do through machines is help hiring managers understand that candidates past, be able to dig deeper with you, look at the peer group of the community to see what their peer group is doing today.(25:27) – Some of the success stories of the companies that we know today in the world come from combining experience with young talent. (27:26) – The talent market rate landscape is completely going to go through a massive shift in next 18 months. This is also a good time to hire great talent, because many people are looking up.Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy


30 Jun 2021

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Confessions of a Futurist - Ashu Garg

Confessions of a Futurist with Sanjiv Goyal

Foundation Capital In 2008, I joined Foundation Capital as a General Partner because I thought it would be a great opportunity to apply my lifelong learning of scaling organizations to help entrepreneurs succeed in achieving their vision. I get most excited about B2B, specifically focusing on companies that are applying machine learning/AI across the enterprise stack. Like most of the partners at Foundation Capital, my background is as an operator. I’ve spent 15 years in a variety of roles that have taught me some important lessons. I’ve applied these lessons to be the type of board member who truly acts as a partner to the entrepreneurs by being a friend and supporter, but also a challenger, and through that, hopefully helping the founder to achieve their highest aspirations. One of my high points as a VC was when one of my CEOs told me that he enjoys putting me in front of his entire team [in all-hands meetings] because he felt it has a positive impact on internal motivation and in turn, the bottom line. I was so grateful to receive this kind of feedback because helping my portfolio companies succeed is my main goal as a VC. One way I realize this is through my unconditional commitment to stand by a founder’s side as we work together to make their company a success throughout all of the highs and lows a startup naturally experiences. One thing that I’ve learned through my operational experience is being able to really zoom in and focus on important issues that will improve a product or the overall user experience. I’m not really a fade-into-the-background kind of guy. What I mean by that is I am committed to delivering constructive feedback in a respectful way if I feel it will propel growth forward, even if it can get uncomfortable at times. However, I also believe I am good at knowing when to step aside and let the entrepreneur execute. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/officialsanjivg/message


17 Mar 2021

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Ashu Garg, General Partner at Foundation Capital, discusses finding and investing in the future of AI

AI and the Future of Work

Ashu Garg is a General Partner at Foundation Capital, one of the most iconic venture firms in Silicon Valley. Ashu was first an entrepreneur before becoming an investor and discovering amazing companies like TubeMogul, Cohesity, Eightfold, and Databricks.Listen and learn...How Ashu translated his unique brand of hustle into finding and backing amazing entrepreneursWhy Ashu feels, as an entrepreneur, it’s worse to be too early than too lateThe challenges and opportunities of applying NLP to enterprise software What emerging technology will most impact work in 2031 How the ability to automate routine tasks creates an opportunity to change the world Companies mentioned on the show:Foundation CapitalEightfoldTuringArizeTubeMogulCohesityDatabricks


23 Jan 2021

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30: Ashu Garg, General Partner Foundation Capital on Enterprise Software Mega Trends, GTM Strategy & Pricing as an Evolving Process

Prime Venture Partners Podcast

Ashu Garg, (https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashugargvc/) General Partner Foundation Capital (https://foundationcapital.com/)   chats with Shripati Acharya (https://www.linkedin.com/in/shripatiacharya/) , Managing Partner Prime Venture Partners (https://primevp.in/) .Ashu was the General Manager for Microsoft's online advertising business and he led field marketing for the software business. Previously, Ashu was at McKinsey and Company helping technology companies scale their go to market efforts. Early in his career, Ashu founded one of the first search engines in Asia, set up Unilever's Nepal operations and led the marketing and pre-sales teams at Cadence. Ashu has a bachelor's degree from IIT New Delhi, an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore where he received the President's gold medal.Time Stamps:3:30 Moving from senior role at Microsoft to Venture Capital Industry6:17 Investing areas Ashu finds interesting today9:54 How to avoid hitting the wall as SaaS company after first million-dollar12:03 Go to market strategies for SaaS company17:50 Figuring out the pricing for SaaS product24:31 What Ashu looks for in founders he invests in29:47 Ashu's advice to entrepreneursCheck out Ashu's Podcast B2B a Founder (https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/b2b-a-ceo-with-ashu-garg/id1408145370) - the show about how to scale your enterprise startup and how to grow from founder to CEO.Read the complete transcript here (https://primevp.in/content/podcast/ashu-garg-general-partner-foundation-capital-enterprise-software-mega-trends-gtm-strategy-pricing-evolving-process/)Enjoyed the podcast? Please consider leaving a review on Apple Podcasts and subscribe wherever you are listening to this.Follow Prime Venture Partners:Twitter: https://twitter.com/Primevp_inLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/primevp/This podcast is for you. Do let us know what you like about the podcast, what you don't like, the guests you'd like to have on the podcast and the topics you'd like us to cover in future episodes. Please share your feedback here: http://primevp.in/podcastfeedback


23 Jul 2020

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How to Be a VC Jr. (Adi Garg & Ashu Garg)

B2B a CEO (with Ashu Garg)

This one is for you really, really early-stage founders. Fifth-grader Adi Garg interviews his dad about startups and venture capital and chocolate.


16 Dec 2019

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Ashu Garg, Foundation Capital

100x Entrepreneur

#100xEntrepreneur #Podcast with Ashu Garg, Partner, Foundation CapitalAfter graduating from IIT Delhi, and later completing his masters from IIM Bangalore, Ashu worked at various companies such as - Unilever India, McKinsey & Company, Microsoft and a few others.In 2008 he joined Foundation Capital and since then he’s been primarily investing in B2B & SaaS Companies for the past 11 years.Foundation Capital invested early in Netflix.His Portfolio Companies include - Localytics, QuanticMind, Opas.ai, ZeroStack and FundsIndia among others.In this podcast, Ashu shares his deep insights of the B2B & SaaS space in US & the opportunities coming ahead.Notes - 00:56 - His Professional Journey - A series of Serendipitous Events.05:03 - What caught his interest in the B2B & SaaS market space?07:23 - What are the key skills, he looks for in B2B founder?10:05 - How to sell B2B or SaaS products?12:01 - Why is having clarity on ICP (Initial Customer Profile) crucial for a business?14:40 - How long does it take for him from - “First email from a founder to Cutting a Cheque”?16:40 - Success & Struggles in Foundation Capital’s Portfolio Companies25:10 - What’s his advice for founders who struggle to scale up in the SaaS market?27:55 - When does he plans to invest more in Indian Companies?31:23 - Themes he’s been on a look out for - Task Automation, Tools to make Development easy, Cybersecurity27:15 - Will Startups in Credit Lending Space be able to make money?38:00 - How can B2B entrepreneurs crack the next big thing?Also, try out a 30-day free trial of Zoho Payroll, and simplify your Payroll journey as an entrepreneur! https://zoho.to/zoho-payroll


8 Dec 2019

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Requests For Startups: Marketing Tech with Ashu Garg

Village Global's Venture Stories

Ashu Garg (@ashugarg), partner at Foundation Capital, joins Erik for a primer on the marketing tech space. They talk about how Ashu got started in the space and Ashu discusses a blog post he wrote predicting that this decade will be the decade of the CMO. He says that marketing is key in the current business landscape, in the same way sales, finance and IT held that mantle in previous eras.He talks about some of the big trends in marketing tech over the last several years, which ones are in vogue right now and what waves he expects in the future. He also talks about his advice for founders in building a marketing tech company and which areas he would avoid.Thanks for listening — if you like what you hear, please review us on your favorite podcast platform. Check us out on the web at villageglobal.vc or get in touch with us on Twitter @villageglobal.Venture Stories is brought to you by Village Global, is hosted by co-founder and partner, Erik Torenberg and is produced by Brett Bolkowy.


7 Mar 2019

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How to B2B a VC (Ashu Garg, General Partner at Foundation Capital)

B2B a CEO (with Ashu Garg)

The man, the maniac.


19 Dec 2018

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298th 1Mby1M Roundtable Podcast With Ashu Garg, Foundation Capital - 1Mby1M Entrepreneurship Podcast

1Mby1M Entrepreneurship Podcast

Ashu Garg, General Partner at Foundation Capital, outlines the top trends driving startups and venture capital from his firm’s perspective.


4 Apr 2017