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Rea Kolbl

Nočni obisk

V noči s torka na sredo bomo pred mikrofonom gostili astrofizičarko in vzdržljivostno športnico Reo Kolbl. Otroška leta je preživljala na treningih gimnastike, telovadnico pa je nato zamenjala z laboratorijem, ko se je odločila za študij astrofizike v ZDA. In čeprav se je že zdelo, da je šport dokončno izgubil talent in je na ta račun pridobila akademska sfera, se je v njenem življenju spet zgodil velik preobrat: mlada teoretična fizičarka je med doktorskim študijem ugotovila, da pokojnine ne bi rada dočakala v pisarnah in laboratorijih ob odkrivanju osnovnih zakonitosti vesolja, ampak da jo pravo življenje čaka v naravi, raziskovanju sveta in premagovanju lastnih meja. »Med ukvarjanjem s športom sem bila zelo srečna, v laboratoriju pa malo manj, in ko sem ugotovila, da lahko enako zaslužim s športom, sem zgrabila priložnost,« pravi zvezdnica gorskega teka z ovirami Rea Kolbl, ki bo sogovornica voditeljice Tadeja Bizilj.

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24 Aug 2021

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Chatting to Rea Kolbl, Martina Valmassoi and Grace Staberg

Chatting to a Friend

Rea Kolbl is a professional athlete, competing in obstacle course racing, adventure racing, trail running, mountain biking, and ski mountaineering. She is the current Spartan Ultra World Champion, 2x World’s Toughest Mudder champion, and undefeated at endurance OCR for race distances 30 miles or longer. She loves outdoor adventure, multisport projects in the mountains, and exploring the world self-propelled. Her biggest adventure yet was the World’s Toughest Race: eco-challenge Fiji, a 670km+ expedition adventure race where her team Canada Adventure finished in 2nd place. When she’s not outside training and exploring, she’s coaching other athletes, cooking, and working on her adventure van.Instagram:        https://www.instagram.com/reakolbl/Facebook:         https://www.facebook.com/rkolblWebsite:           https://kolblrea.wordpress.com/Rea’s record:    13th March 2021, 55,045ft/16,777.72m, beating previous world record of 50,656ft/15,440m Martina Valmassoi is a mountain lover. She grew up in an active family starting sports early.She grew up as Nordic skier and then moved to ski mountaineering when she was 17 and became part of the Italian National team for 10 years, until 2016. After that as she was traveling a lot in summer with her job as a photographer so decided to leave the skimo World Cup but didn’t quite give up racing. She is also a trail runner. Best results:Multiple times top 10 in Skimo WC2 x 3rd place Skimo World Championship, Alpago Tambre 2017 . Team Race and Relay.7th in the individual 5 times podium at the Sellaronda Skimarathon.2 golds and the actual course Record with Laetitia Roux.2 Silver ( one in mixed team with Anton Krupicka)1 bronze at my first Sellaronda back in 20133 podiums at Pierramenta Summer3th The Rut 50k in 2015 (first long race)3th Tromso Skyrace 20165th Trofeo Kima 20182nd 90 km of Marathon du Montblanc in 2019 Instagram:        https://www.instagram.com/martiskka/ Facebook:        https://www.facebook.com/martina.valmassoi Martina’s record:  22nd March 2021, 57,890.42ft/17,645m, taking the world record after only week Grace Staberg  is a mountain athlete, competing in skimo racing and trail running. She has multiple World Cup podiums in skimo, 2 World Cup Vertical wins and a silver medal in the Vertical race from World Championships. She loves exploring the mountains and human-powered adventures. When she’s not training or racing she attends the London School of Economics, studying Finance.  Instagram:        https://www.instagram.com/grace.staberg/ Website:           https://www.gracestaberg.com/ Grace’s record: 26th April 2021, 56,153ft/17,115.43m, taking the North American Women’s Record from Rea

2 Jun 2021

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Amy Pajcic - Rea Kolbl - Kris Rugloski

Obstacle Racing Media Podcast

Kris Rugloski finished 3rd at Austin Spartan Super on Saturday. She finished 1st at the Sprint on Sunday. Rea Kolbl just finished 2nd team at America’s Toughest Race in Oregon. Amy Pajcic won Savage Race Ohio. Intro  Music – Paul B. Outro Music – Brian Revels ORM YouTube Channel  Support Us On Patreon Listen to Obstacle Racing Media Podcast on any player here.


16 May 2021

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Episode 64: Rea Kolbl

The Running Public

Slovenian National Gymnastics Team Member for 10 years Spartan Ultra World Champion 2x World's Toughest Mudder Champion 2nd Place at ECO Challenge: Fiji Undefeated at OCR Races 8 Hours or longer Bachelor’s Degrees in Physics and Astrophysics from Cal-Berkeley Master’s Degree in Science and Engineering from Stanford. This woman is one of the top endurance athletes on the planet but has taken the long, broken road to get here. Her story is incredible, as are the life obstacles she has overcome.

1hr 55mins

17 Apr 2021

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Episode 13 - Rea Kolbl: Slovenian/Coloradoan OCR & Multisport Athlete Shares the Mindset for 55k’ of Uphill Skiing in 24 hours


Rea Kolbl is one of the top multisport athletes of our era. She crushes it in obstacle course racing, adventure racing, mountain biking, trail running, and ski mountaineering (skimo). Travis and Rea discuss her recent world record for uphill skiing: 55,000 feet in 24 hours in Aspen, Colorado. They talk about the mindset for going big; Rea’s participation in World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji (2nd place); ditching a Stanford Ph.D. for life as a pro athlete; and more.


5 Apr 2021

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#13 FEMALE WORLD RECORD. Most vert in 24hrs with Rea Kolbl

The Andrew Fast Podcast

Rea Kolbl just set the female world record for the most vertical ascent on skis within 24 hours. As a Stanford graduate, Spartan Ultra World Champion, and runner-up with her team at The Worlds Toughest Race: Eco-challenge Fiji--it’s safe to say Rea demands a lot out of this one life we have to live. And with that comes some honest lessons, which we talk about in this episode. Rea and I met after a ski race in Aspen, Colorado. From the moment we met I could sense that she had a story to tell. It’s always refreshing to meet a legend in the making who doesn’t wear it on their shoulder. I apologize for the terrible audio connection.  If you are listening to this podcast and have some topic ideas, guest ideas, or just some good old fashion feedback--for the love of vert let me know. The best way to do that is via email: fastafast@gmail.com. Yours in sport, Andrew Keep up with Rea: On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/reakolbl/ Learn more about Rea here: https://kolblrea.wordpress.com Or on her coaching site here: https://kolblathleticpe.com/--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/andrew-fast/support


22 Mar 2021

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Rea Kolbl, Professional OCR Athlete, Spartan Ultra World Champion & Eco-Challenge Fiji on Pushing The Limits in OCR & Competing in the Toughest Race

In Our Network

Rea Kolbl is a former gymnast and Stanford alum turned Professional OCR athlete, Spartan Ultra World Champion, and competitor on Amazon Prime's Original Series, World's Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji, where her team, Team Canada Adventure, placed second. Rea grew up in Slovenia where she spent most of her childhood in the gym, competing for 10 years on the Slovenian National Gymnastics Team. In 2010 she moved to United States for college where she picked up trail running. Between 2012 and 2016 she competed in several trail ultramarathons, winning 6 races, setting 5 course records, and winning her age group at a 50 mile trail race. Most recently, Rea participated in an expedition adventure race hosted by Bear Grylls in Fiji, a 700-kilometre-plus journey that taught her so much about herself, life and what a true adventure can be like. In today's episode, Rea shares how her passion for sports evolved throughout the years, her experience competing in the Eco-Challenge in Fiji, and advice she has for someone hoping to follow a similar path.  I hope you enjoy our conversation xx Links: Rea Kolbl: https://www.instagram.com/reakolbl/ KAPE - Kolbl Athletic Performance & Endurance Rea Kolbl Spartan Race Feature In Our Network Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/inournetwork/


22 Feb 2021

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216. Overcome All Obstacles Foundation with Max Fennell, Rea Kolbl, and Ian Hosek!

Obstacle Running Adventures

Diversity in sports!  Basketball, football, and soccer all have it but why doesn't OCR, triathlon, or other endurance sports?  This is what the Overcome All Obstacles Foundation aims to change! Elite start lines at obstacle course races are objectively monochromatic which is a massive challenge when it comes to drawing a more diverse group of athletes to it!  Max Fennell, Rea Kolbl, and Ian Hosek all call in for a much needed conversation on this topic. Regardless of your personal beliefs please take the time to listen to this with an open mind.  Changing your opinion due to new information isn't weakness, it is growth!  If you agree that change is needed then be sure to follow and support this cause! 0:00 - 2:14 - Intro 2:14 - 6:36 - Quick News 6:36 - 7:23 - Content Preface 7:23 - 59:40 - Overcome All Obstacles Foundation Interview (watch it here) 59:40 - End - Outro _ News Stories: Evan Perperis American Ninja Warrior New Deka Strong Record 2021 Blue Hills Trail Races Cancelled Washington DC Bonefrog Happening Battle of the Lions Series Sean Corvelle's "No Excuses" Sean Corvelle on World's Toughest Podcast Spartan Ultra World Championship in Colorado Amelia Boone Wanting to Get Back in OCR (Story No Longer Available) Newbsanity's Frozen Four Miler Secret Link _ Related Episodes: We haven't really done an episode like this before but please check out some educational content from the Stuff You Should Know podcast! How Housing Discrimination Works The NAACP The KKK: Loathsome Cosplay Rednecks Rosa Parks: Agent of Change ____  The OCR Report Sponsored Athletes: Javier Escobar and Kelly Sullivan! Support us on Patreon for exclusive content and access to our Facebook group For a podcast shirt, send $20 to Katelyn-Ritter-8 on Venmo with your size and address Check out our Threadless Shop Use coupon code "adventure" for 10% off MudGear products Use coupon code "ocrreport20" for 20% off Caterpy products Like us on Facebook: Obstacle Running Adventures Follow our podcast on Instagram: @ObstacleRunningAdventures Write us an email: obstaclerunningadventures@gmail.com Subscribe on Youtube: MStefano Running Intro music - "Streaker" by: Straight Up Outro music - "Iron Paw" by: Dubbest

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21 Feb 2021

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Rea Kolbl - How to never quit.

Reinforced Running Podcast

Rea Kolbl is a professional ultra-endurance athlete, spartan pro, and endurance. She joins us fresh off the Spartan Games to talk about how to sustain a long term We talk about the mindset of an ultra-athlete and how to harness your mentality to push yourself. We touch on nutrition and defeating habits that do not serve you. Then we talk about how to use cross-training to improve your longevity as an athlete. Follow Rea @reakolblFollow along Reinforced Running Apply for One-on-one Coaching hereYouTube - Reinforced RunningIG Rich -  @reinforced_running_rich & Josh @Ja_shua_riedTwitter @ReinforcedRunJoin our private training group on facebook here.Get your free Guide to faster running @ reinforcedrunning.com/runfaster

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20 Oct 2020

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Great Big Adventure with Rea Kolbl (S13E26)

IronWomen podcast

This week Alyssa and Haley speak with professional obstacle course and adventure racer Rea Kolbl. She is a self-proclaimed “mountain adventure addict,” and her long list of accomplishments includes the 2017 & 2018 World’s Toughest Mudder Champion, overall winner of the 2020 Grand Traverse, and a second place finish with her team at the Eco Challenge Fiji. After retiring from gymnastics at the age of 17, Rea moved from her home in Slovenia to California to study at UC Berkeley and was quickly introduced to the world of trail running. From there, she discovered obstacle course racing and found that her background as a gymnast and trail runner made her a perfect fit for the sport. Rea shares how she has seen the sport evolve over her career, and she breaks down all of the different kinds of obstacle course racing. She also gives us an inside look of what made her team successful at Eco Challenge Fiji, and their plans for redemption in 2021.Alyssa tells us about her experience this week as a poll observer, and we are sending out a great big THANK YOU to our listeners for 500k listens.Follow Rea on Instagram @reakolbl Sign up here for the special FREE Cook LIke a Pro: Pineapple Edition with chef Hannah Grant and professional triathlete Sarah True.

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8 Oct 2020