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Gavin Strange - Strange By Name, Extraordinary By Nature


We talk to director, designer, animator, filmmaker, author and speaker Gavin Strange. We hear how his love of toys, his fascination with characters, and his belief in ‘side-projects’ are living proof that with true dedication, passion can become profession. We also hear how popping into Aardman Animations for a chat and a ‘cup of tea’ led to something much more permanent and the title sequence of A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon.


12 Oct 2020

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Gavin Strange on Aardman, following your creative passions and why you have to keep learning

Creative Boom

By day, Gavin Strange is a director and designer for Aardman Animations in Bristol, the people behind Wallace and Grommit, and Shaun the Sheep. By night, he's a "passion project pursuer" where he indulges in everything from filmmaking and toy design to illustration and photography. In this episode, we chat about his boundless energy, his love of giving back, why he avoids the "heavy stuff" and why you can only rely on yourself to improve your skills.

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19 Jul 2020

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Ep.1 // Inside the Box with Gavin Strange

The Glug Podcast

In this episode of Inside the Box, we speak to Gavin Strange, otherwise known as Jam Factory. Gavin is a Director & Designer for Aardman Animations, a self-confessed passion project indulger and author of ‘Do Fly’, find your way, make a living and be your best self.You can check out Gavin's work and latest escapades via his website: jam-factory.com/ To find out more about Glug you can visit our Website, or Instagram and make sure to register for our new digital series, 'At Home With', which takes you inside the homes of your favourite creatives. Thank you to our sponsors, G.F Smith & Created Academy for making this series possible. - You can also check out the Teenage Engineering products Gavin mentions in the episode here.


14 May 2020

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S3 Ep6 Gavin Strange on passion projects, creativity and inspiration

The Elastic Brand

In this episode Liz chats to modern day polymath and all round incredible person Gavin Strange. Gavin is a designer and director at Aardman Animations by day and prolific passion project creator by night.In the show Gavin and Liz talk about:- Gavin’s roots in the design industry- Gavin’s recent passion projects- Branding passion projects- Where he finds inspiration- His processes for different projects- Working on multiple passion projects at once- Connecting with subject matter- Finding fearlessness in your work- Films, music and art inspiration- The complexities of creativity

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28 Feb 2020

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28: Gavin Strange

Call To Action

This week we’ve packed our plasticine and carried out a search of The Avon to pick up Bristol’s finest maker of noise, Gavin Strange. By day, Gavin is Director and Designer at the beloved Aardman Animations, the Academy Award winning studio behind Wallace & Gromit, and by night he indulges in passion projects, drenching them in fizzy, fuzzy energy as he morphs into his alter-ego Jam Factory. A serial tinkerer whose capacity for fun bursts through his beanie, Gavin is also an author, toy inventor and speaker. He talks to us candidly on this, having car parts thrown at his head, pixels, plasticine and what Morph is really like, the unlikely crossover of Maya Angelou and Dragon Ball Z, why we need more wonky things, and a whole lot more.Embrace your fizz and fuzz. Listen and you won’t be disappointed./////Gavin/JamFactory Links:  Follow @JamFactory on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn And visit his website. (https://www.jam-factory.com/)Gavin’s directorial debut, The Amazing Maya Angelou And his brilliant talk at The DO LecturesAnimation Recommendations: Adobe Creative Cloud (with student discount)Stop Motion StudioBlenderBook Recommendations: Do Fly: Find Your Way. Make a Living. Be Your Best Self by GavinOr for more fizzy, fuzzy energy… listen to the audio version Feck Perfuction by James Victore Draplin Design Co: Pretty Much Everything by Aaron Draplin Why? How? What? The First Big Book of Art by BrosmindCabinet of Curiosities: My Notebooks, Collections, and Other Obsessions by Guillermo del Toro Anything and everything by Shepard Fairey /////

1hr 14mins

10 Jan 2020

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Gavin Strange | You Have The Same 24 Hours As Everyone

DO Lectures podcast with Gav Thompson

Gavin believes that creativity is not a following. We should look at other people’s paths but don't follow them down it. We all have the same 24 hours as everyone, even Beyonce. By day Gavin’s the senior designer for the brilliant Aardman Animations. By night, he goes under the alias of JamFactory, where he indulges his passion for side-projects, from filmmaking to toy design, illustration to photography. — Recorded live at the global event in Cardigan, west Wales in 2016. Watch Gavin's full talk here: www.thedolectures.com/talks/gavin-strange-you-have-the-same-24-hours-as-everyone--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/do-lectures/message


31 Dec 2019

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Episode 9: Gavin Strange | Director & Designer, Aardman Animations - "Keep Making Stuff"

Just a Chat With

In this episode we sit down to chat with Gavin Strange who is a Director & Designer at Aardman Animations who are the creators of Wallace and Gromit. Gavin also goes under the alias of JamFactory, working on side-projects from filmmaking to toy design and illustration to photography. Gavin's a keynote speaker, the 'annoying best mate' on CBBC's Art Ninja, and author of a book called 'Do-Fly' which we’ve just finished—it’s very good! Gavin has been working in design for 20 years and recently worked on “Shaun the Sheep: Farmageddon” which came out in theatres in October. See Gavin's work here: https://www.jam-factory.com/ Watch the full video version on YouTube: https://youtu.be/jIp2uCw0-aI Give us a follow on our social channels:  - https://www.facebook.com/JustaChatWith - https://www.instagram.com/JustAChatWith- - https://twitter.com/justachatwith - https://www.linkedin.com/company/35615125/ Hosted by: Andrew Dobbie | Founder, MadeBrave - http://www.madebrave.com Lewis Phillips | Founder, Campfire - http://www.campfire.agency


25 Nov 2019

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Episode 11: Gavin Strange - Director & Designer at Aardman Animations

Method in the Madness

Gregor sits down with Director and Designer Gavin Strange from Aardman Animations. Gavin also pursues many passion projects under the alias JamFactory that include everything from filmmaking and animation to toy design and illustration. Gavin and I chat about how he found his start in the design and creative industry at a time where he was unsure of what he wanted to pursue. Gavin gives us an insight into his creative process and his most recent work on the Shaun the Sheep: Farmageddon movie. We also speak about the importance of finding your own way to a fulfilling career and the value in developing creative side projects. Find out more about Gavin Strange and his book 'Do Fly' at: https://www.jam-factory.com This episode is brought to you by Dinghy - insurance for freelancers by freelancers. Get your quote in seconds at: https://getdinghy.com/mitm

1hr 9mins

14 Oct 2019

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Becoming Designer & Director at Aardman Animations - An interview with Gavin Strange

The Logo Geek Podcast

This week Ian Paget interviews Gavin Strange, Director & Designer for Aardman Animations by day, and by night he runs JamFactory, where he works on a number of passion side projects including film making, toy design, illustration, photography and more! We talk about the journey Gavin took to get his dream job with Aardman Animations, his side projects, design process, his thoughts on university and much more. View the show notes and transcription here: https://logogeek.uk/podcast/gavin-strange/Thank you to Freshbooks!I’m incredibly thankful to FreshBooks for sponsoring season 4 of the Logo Geek Podcast! FreshBooks is an online accounting tool that makes it really easy to create and send invoices, track time and manage your money. You can try it out for yourself with a free 30 day trial.

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24 Feb 2019

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Episode XVI — Gavin Strange aka JamFactory

Neon Moire Show

Episode 16 of the Neon Moiré Show with Gavin Strange aka JamFactory. Gavin is a senior designer at Aardman animations, speaker, author, star of CBBC show 'Art Ninja', and runs his creative studio JamFactory by night. Thomas Dahm talks with Gavin about the notion of time, the opening titles of FITC Amsterdam, opening titles in general, public speaking and more...This episode is recorded during FITC Amsterdam 2018---
Listen to more episodes on https://neonmoire.com/interviews

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15 Apr 2018