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The photographs of Don Wright

Weekend AM

Don Wright: Gathering Tides is an exhibit of the late artist's photographs of life on the Avalon Peninsula's southern shore, curated by Wright's grandson, the photographer Eliot Wright.


23 Jul 2022

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Wake Up Memphis- Don Wright and Tracey Edwards

Wake Up Memphis Podcast

Don Wright and National Exchange Club’s CEO Tracey Edwards talk about the 9/11 healing memorial that will be in Downtown Memphis this week.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


7 Sep 2021

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Ep. 3 - Don Wright: Water Politics and WaterWrights.net

The Watering Hole Podcast

Don Wright joins the podcast to talk about water, the absurd politics of water, and how he came up with the idea to found www.waterwrights.net, a news and editorial website that covers California farmers and water policy.


18 Aug 2021

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Don Wright, Clarigent

The Voice Box

Don Wright joins us this week to talk about Clarigent, and their new product, Clarity. Clarity gives clinicians an important new tool, based on AI technology, to track suicide risk and mental health outcomes. Don has spent over 30 years in the healthcare and informatics space. Prior to Clarigent Health, he led Assurex Health, which grew to over 500 employees and was acquired in 2016 by Myriad Genetics for $225 million. When Don left Assurex after the transition period, he wanted to continue working in the mental health field, and to build another company that helped people. Lack of funding and other factors including stigma have caused mental health to lag behind other areas of medical practice when it comes to integrating technology and science. In 2018, he established Clarigent Health with the goal of bringing science to mental health. The core technology builds on foundational research conducted at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center led by Dr. John Pestian and Dr. Tracy Glauser. Don’s co-founder, Bill Haynes had previously worked with Don, John and Tracy during the Assurex days, including Assurex sponsoring some of the research that now constitutes the core technology at Clarigent. Although Don has worked in and advocated for mental healthcare for a long time, three years ago this purpose became more deeply personal. His son Justin died by suicide just as Clarigent was developing the commercial version of the suicide prevention technology. The memory of Justin’s life has made this suicide prevention work a more personal mission for Don and the entire team. Darin and Jeff are honored to have Don on The Voice Box, and Cobalt Speech is happy to support Clarigent with speech technology.


16 Jun 2021

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E204 Don Wright, Founder, President and CEO at Clarigent Health

The Alldus Podcast - AI in Action

Today's guest is Don Wright, Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer at Clarigent Health in Ohio. Founded in 2018, Clarigent Health's patented AI identifies vocal biomarkers that signal potential suicidal risk, supporting clinical decisions and workflow efficiency. Clairgent's software unites vocal biomarkers with self-assessment scales and clinical judgment to generate individual progress trends risk alerts and population insights to mental healthcare providers. Prior to Clarigent, Don spent the previous decade growing Assurex Health from technology invented at Mayo Clinic and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to a company of nearly 500 employees serving almost two million people with mental health conditions. Don is also President at The Suicide Prevention Initiative and Depression Research Foundation, which provides research funding and opportunities, educates, fights causes and changes minds about mental health and suicide prevention. In the episode, Don will tell you about: What motivated him to set up Clarigent Health, The impact they make in the Healthcare sector, Interesting projects the Data Science team are working on, Building a successful Data Science team and What’s in store for the future at Clarigent Health


3 May 2021

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29. Don Wright on Mental Health, Suicide and Artificial Intelligence

Built in Ohio

Don Wright is the Founder and CEO of Clarigent Health. Clarigent Health uses artificial intelligence to detect biomarkers in speech that can detect potential mental health risks.  In this episode we talk with Don about his work in tackling the important issue of mental health, what the future of this space holds, and how technology plays a role. Prior to Clarigent Health, Don led Assurex Health which provides genetic testing for almost one million people with mental health conditions. Assurex Health grew to over 500 employees and was acquired in 2016 by Myriad Genetics. Since then Don has used his 25 years of experience to advise hyper-growth companies and to build Clarigent Health. Clarigent Health is now launching a new product this month, called Clairity.For more information on Clarigent Health please visit: www.clarigenthealth.comConnect with Don on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/donwright/


30 Sep 2020

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A Visit with Don Wright of Water Wrights

The Water Zone AG Podcast

June 25, 2020 with: Don Wright, Water Wrights


8 Jul 2020

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"Acts 15" Dec 8, 2019, Don Wright

Little Red River Bible Church Podcast

Sunday Morning Message from LRRBC

1hr 1min

9 Dec 2019

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Climate Change Politics - Interview w/Dr. Don Wright - August 31st, 2019

Probably About Politics Podcast

The mission of this podcast continues to be to keep our listeners up to date on issues in a democracy,  and we haven’t been talking enough about how climate change fits firmly into this category!  To get started on talking climate change and democracy Alex and Kaleigh want to take a look at how to lead discussions and education around the super wicked problem of climate change. So this month we are sitting down to have a conversation with Dr. Don Wright,  the acting Chair of the Department of Political Science at the University of New Brunswick. Over the last few years, Dr. Wright has been running a first-year course called the Politics of Climate Change to meet the growing need and demand amongst students for the tools and the language to participate and discuss the politics of climate change. This interview is the perfect place to start the Probably About Politics discussion about the Politics of Climate Change . if you'd like to reach out to Dr. Wright to talk about his course or anything you hear on the podcast you can reach him at wrightd@unb.ca Please Rate & Review! Keep up with Probably About Politics: Twitter: @probpolitics Email: probablyaboutpolitics@gmail.com


30 Aug 2019

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"Acts 12" July 14, 2019, Don Wright

Little Red River Bible Church Podcast

Sunday morning message from LRRBC

1hr 7mins

14 Jul 2019