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Stoicism vs Objectivism: What Is (and Is Not) Under Our Control? by Aaron Smith

Ayn Rand Institute Live!

Objectivism holds that it’s vital to understand what things are under our control and what are not. To avoid passive resignation toward what we can change and futile rebellion against the unchangeable, we need to internalize the right perspective on this issue. This talk contrasts the Objectivist perspective on this question with that of Stoicism. Both philosophies regard the issue as of central practical importance to a good life, but they differ in fundamental ways that are instructive to explore.Recorded live as part of The Objectivist Conference on August 31, 2021.

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27 Jul 2022

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guest Aaron Smith

TWK Trucking with kingfish

Aaron's contact info https://www.escapingtheodds.com/ https:// www.stretch.money/box-truck-class


17 Jul 2022

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►Loving Your Neighbor || Aaron Smith


Our very own Aaron Smith is breaking down the parable from Luke 10:30 answering these questions practically: who is my neighbor and how do I love them?

3 Jul 2022

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Reason Versus Faith and Emotionalism by Aaron Smith

Ayn Rand Institute Live!

At the root of Ayn Rand’s philosophy is the idea that reason is man’s basic tool of survival and only means of knowledge. What is reason? And why is it incompatible with faith? What are emotions and how do they relate to reason?Recorded at AynRandCon - Europe in London on April 3, 2022.


22 Jun 2022

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LP806 Reforming Inmates Through Trucking With Aaron Smith

The Lead Pedal Podcast for Truck Drivers

Reforming Inmates Through Trucking With Aaron Smith In this episode Bruce sits down with Aaron Smith of Escaping the Odds who is giving inmates a second chance by introducing them to the trucking industry. Smith a former inmate himself has changed his life around through trucking and his goal is to help others out the way trucking has helped him. Make sure you listen to this inspirational episode. You can learn more about Aaron and his work at www.escapingtheodds.com raffix Transportation is looking for owner operators to join their team operating in specific lanes between Toronto and Chicago or Missouri and Atlanta. If you are looking for steady miles hauling dry and refrigerated freight then contact Chuck Snow at Traffix at 416-271-3946 or visit them online at www.Traffix.com This episode is sponsored by Rosedale Transport offering career opportunities for truck drivers with their large network. You can learn more at www.rosedalegroup.com About the Show LISTEN TO THE PODCAST- The show is available at www.theleadpedalpodcast.com  , ITunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Tunein, iHeartradio, SoundCloud, and other popular podcast platforms. Thanks for listening JOIN THE LEAD PEDAL PODCAST FAN CLUB www.TheLeadPedalPodcastFanClub.com LISTEN TO LEAD PEDAL RADIO at www.LeadPedalRadio.com The Lead Pedal Podcast for Truck Drivers talks all things trucking for people in the transportation industry helping them improve their business and careers. Interviews with industry professionals and truck drivers, trucking information, and other features on the industry are meant to be helpful for truck drivers and those in transportation. The Lead Pedal Podcast for Truck Drivers has main episodes released every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with bonus material on other days. You can learn more about the host and show on our website and make sure to SUBSCRIBE to the show on your favourite podcast platform. www.theleadpedalpodcast.com What does The Lead Pedal Podcast mean? The Lead (pronounced - Led) stands for acceleration or fast-track of your career or business. It is a play on words and we certainly are not here promoting speeding in the industry. We are hoping this information will help you become a professional driver faster than if you didn’t know about many of these topics. Are you enjoying the show? If so we would appreciate you leaving us a rating and review on iTunes or on your favourite podcast platform. www.theleadpedalpodcast.com Join The Lead Pedal Podcast Fan Club where are loyal fans get first chance at specials, discounts on merchandise and much more.The club is free to join and you can learn more at www.theleadpedalpodcastfanclub.com


20 Jun 2022

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► The Go of the Gospel || Aaron Smith


Jesus is calling His Bride to go and do what they’ve been called to do; make disciples of all nations. Aaron Smith gives us three things from Matthew 28 that will empower our body and set us up to have fear broken off of ours lives - recognizing the power of His voice, the passion of His desire, and the promise of the end. We hope you’re moved to ask for nations; our glorious inheritance as the church.

17 May 2022

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TheRunningIrishman: S.4 E.11: Aaron Smith: Why Is He Back From America?

The Running Irishman

In this episode of the podcast I begin by stating a few reasons why I have not being posting podcasts recently due to the Leaving Cert and work. This episode we are joined by Aaron Smith. Aaron and I talk about his start in running and how he got injured early on in his running career with a stress fracture. We also go in depth into why his short time over in America on an athletics scholarship unfortunatley didnt work out for him. I hope you all enjoy!!!  MINI ATHLETICS WEBSITE: https://www.miniathletics.com/mini-athletics-dundalk-drogheda-and-swords-summary/ MINI ATHLETICS INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/mini_athletics_dds/?hl=en  Listen Here: Anchor.fm/therunningirishman Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW6ZQzGh7LQvgLQxPPqPhaQ Twitch: Twitch.tv/therunningirishman Insta: https://www.instagram.com/therunningirishman.official/?hl=eny Patreon: Patreon.com/therunningirishman

1hr 9mins

10 May 2022

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The Evil of Self-Sacrifice by Aaron Smith

Ayn Rand Institute Live!

Everyone knows that altruism — selfless sacrifice for the sake of others — is the essence of virtue, right? But what if, like the concept “selfishness,” our understanding of the true meaning of “altruism” and “sacrifice” is completely mistaken? What if these ideas are actually destructive and harmful? From Ayn Rand’s perspective, our whole way of thinking about morality needs to be radically rethought.Recorded at AynRandCon - Europe in London on April 2, 2022.


4 May 2022

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Guest #1 Lucas Aaron Smith/ Dressing as Cupid

Set with a Bet

In this episode Bair and Zane bring on Lucas Aaron Smith for a Valentine's Day special. Bair and Lucas bet on their poetry writing abilities. The loser has to wear a diaper and dress as Cupid during their live set at Cregeen's Irish Pub

1hr 8mins

14 Feb 2022

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#675 How Aaron Smith Learned About Small Business by Dealing Drugs and Doing Time

The Small Business Radio Show

SEGMENT 1 with Aaron Smith, starting at 0:00: Dealing drugs, while not a legal business, is similar to running a legitimate small business in many ways. Aaron Smith discovered this after going to federal prison for the distribution of heroin and fentanyl. He shares how he has been able to “switch hustles” and use the entrepreneurial skills he learned dealing drugs to grow his own media company and make a positive impact. SEGMENT 2 with Steven Van Cohen, starting at 17:30: Being an entrepreneur has always been lonely, but it got a lot lonelier during the COVID-19 pandemic. Steven Van Cohen is here to share how leaders can use connection and purpose to combat the loneliness that is plaguing them and their workers.SEGMENT 3 with Elaine Pofeldt, starting at 35:00: There are about 22M solo entrepreneurs in the country. As a solopreneur, how do you expand your team once you realize can’t do it all yourself?Sponsored by NiceJob.


6 Feb 2022