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What the Spirit is Saying to the Church Ep 8 | Patricia King "Prophetic Considerations" for the New Era – Part 1

Shiloh Global with Wesley and Stacey Campbell

We are in a season that is pregnant with revelation. The previous 70 years (1950-2020) was marked by themes of grace and glory. But in this new season (which is already here), we have entered a time of war. One lives very differently in a time of war than in a time of peace. It is time to be vigilant and attentive, as well as much more disciplined and flexible.  Recently, Patricia had a vision of 2 Tim. 3, where there was a magnifying glass over this chapter Scripture, with the sun shining light on this text. The whole chapter is entitled: “Difficult times will come.”  Even though this is what is coming, we must not be afraid of challenging times. Patricia explains that almost everything in the Bible all occurred in challenging times – Moses, Elijah, David, Daniel – all these stories were all written in challenging times. So in order to prepare for what is coming, we will see things such as: A new level of “tarrying” – waiting of God for instructions The Person of Jesus becoming the focus again Both the “kindness and severity” of God The beginning of this new era is seeing the Scripture of Luke 12:2-3 come alive.  Everything hidden is being exposed. Nothing will be kept secret. There is going to be exposure of both evil and of giftings in our lives that we haven’t even be aware of. Patricia shares how things came alive in her 50s that she had never engaged in prior to that time. So be ready for God to expose giftings and callings that you have never walked in before!  


25 Feb 2021