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Episode 42: Find Calm building a wellness community with Dr. Jody Stanislaw

Find Calm Here Podcast

In this episode of the Find Calm Here Podcast, Dr. Jody Stanislaw, host of The Type 1 Diabetes Crew, a Mighty Network, shares her community-building journey. She’s a Naturopathic doctor and a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist who has lived with type one diabetes since the age of seven. Through sharing her experience, she helps diabetics online through her consulting practice by teaching life-changing skills to manage type one and offers a premium program as well as online courses in her membership community. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Jody decided to make inspirational Facebook Live videos every day to share optimism and tips for how people with type 1 diabetes can stay healthy and positive in these challenging times. To date, she has done over 150 live videos since March 2020 which have reached thousands of people allowing them to learn of others who have type one. With the growth of her social media following and the success of her TEDx Talk, Sugar is Not a Treat, which has over 2 million views, she was moved to create a membership community to bring together those who are challenged with type one diabetes into a safe, online space. In this episode we discuss: 3:33 Jody shares her community-building journey after getting tons of feedback from her Facebook audience that they wanted more content 6:33 After the first 5 months Jody has 50 paid members and is considering discontinuing the free section of her Mighty Network which has 200 members who aren’t as active as she’d like.13:49 Looking at what is working in the community and asking members why they are showing up to learn what members love about the network and what keeps them coming back. 17:30 We have conversations about how much engagement to expect in the first year of launching a Mighty Network and working to build relationships with the members. 23:35 The benefits of hiring a community manager or recruiting a “super-fan” to help Mighty Network Hosts to improve member contribution. 26:56 Creating a safe space for members to feel that it is okay to share, connect, and ask questions to build the community culture. About Find Calm HereI’m Deb Schell, creator, and host of the Find Calm Here Community, a Mighty Network.Inside the Find Calm Here Community, I bring together Mighty Network Hosts who feel overwhelmed with launching a community, cultivating contribution, and creating an onboarding plan with the tools, resources, and support they need to find calm so that they can confidently create a community on the platform.The FCH Community is now exclusively for Mighty Network Hosts so that they can find calm building a Mighty Network. Learn the tools & resources that I use with my clients to help you have a successful launch, grow your membership, and tackle any challenge with the support of peers in a safe space that’s affordable and enjoyable!Join for FREE - Sign up with a 1-month Free Trial


11 Jul 2021

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E164 - Managing Type 1 Diabetes - Beyond The Norm - Interview with Dr. Jody Stanislaw

Exercise Is Health

This week on the Exercise Is Health podcast, Julie and Charlie sit down with Dr. Jody Stanislaw to discuss how nutrition, exercise, and other lifestyle factors influence the management of type 1 diabetes. As a type 1 diabetic herself, Dr. Jody specializes in helping other type 1 diabetics navigate the natural changes that come with diabetes through providing education, support, and guidance on how to change their lifestyle to manage this chronic illness. Check out all of the details in this week's episode! To connect with Dr. Jody and learn more about her work, be sure to check out her website here where you can see all of her offerings, schedule a call with her, join her virtual community, and follow her social profiles. And be sure to check out her TEDx talk, Sugar Is Not A Treat, which has over 2 million views!


17 Feb 2021

Similar People

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Podcast 71: From Diagnosis Day to a Naturopathic Medicine Career | Dr. Jody Stanislaw

Real Life Diabetes

This globetrotting T1D just embarked on a 12-month remote year journey with a focus to reach one million people living with diabetes. Her candid approach, charismatic attitude, and ability to touch on hot topics will transform lives and prevent diabetes burnout. With 39 1/2 years of experience and a handful of degrees, Dr. Jody is […] The post Podcast 71: From Diagnosis Day to a Naturopathic Medicine Career | Dr. Jody Stanislaw appeared first on Diabetes Daily Grind | Real Life Diabetes Podcast.


24 Oct 2019

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#80 Tracey & Ashlee Kimberley & Dr Jody Stanislaw

Keto Woman

Daisy's latest extraordinary women, Tracey, Ashlee & Jody, talk about Ashlee’s diagnosis and treatment of Type 1 Diabetes plus how Tracey and Ashlee, who live in Australia, came to work with  US-based Dr Jody Stanislaw. You can find more information about this episode in the show notes at ketowomanpodcast.com/ashlee-kimberley. If you have enjoyed listening to this episode, please leave me a review on iTunes and the Keto Woman Podcast Facebook page. It really helps new people hear about the podcast. If you want to get in touch because you have an idea for a show, a topic you would like to hear about, an extraordinary woman to nominate - or maybe volunteer yourself - please email me at daisy@ketowomanpodcast.com. Please consider helping me make more episodes by making a monthly pledge at my Patreon page. There are some cool rewards up for grabs too! patreon.com/ketowoman.


3 May 2019

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Managing Type 1 Diabetes With Dr. Jody Stanislaw


In this episode we speak with Dr. Jody Stanislaw, who received her naturopathic doctorate degree at Bastyr University, one of the top holistic medical schools in the United States, about healthy management of Type 1 Diabetes. In September 2017 Dr. Stanislaw gave a TEDx talk, Sugar is Not a Treat, which has had over 450,00 views.Learning Points in this episode include:How can holiday stress lead to weight gain?What is the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes?What is the role of insulin in balancing blood sugar?What is the healthy way to manage blood sugar?Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrJodyT1DLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-jody-stanislaw-108436aYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5CJYuD8flnpG9ikOzdRBfQ?Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrJodyNDInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/dr.jody.nd/


7 Dec 2018

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Sugar - Is it Meant for Human Consumption? An Interview with Dr. Jody Stanislaw

Curb the Binge: The Podcast

Dr. Jody Stanislaw is a licensed Naturopath (N.D.) with Type 1 Diabetes.  She has devoted much of her life and her medical practice to finding out - through research and experience - effective ways to heal the ravages of sugar, and how to return blood sugar to its healthy, balanced state.  Because the ravages of chronic high blood sugar include, and are not limited to:  - heart disease - kidney failure - strokes - gangrene  - blindness  - limb amputation  - violent behavior .... and more. But even before that, way before that, unstable blood sugar can cause many seemingly silent yet debilitating symptoms -such as chronic tiredness, lack of motivation, and mood issues.  In her TEDx talk - which has received over half a million views in 8 months - Dr. Jody explains how chronic sugar consumption affects the body over time - even if we don't feel its effects.  She explains the actual process as it occurs in the pancreas, and how sugar affects the finite store of beta cells that we come into this world with - and can't live without.  She shares some stunning facts and statistics - such as the fact that chronic sugar consumption creates as much damage to the brain as as abuse done in childhood. And the fact that, if we keep eating sugar at this rate, within a few decades, 1 in 3 people will have Type 2 diabetes.  And, perhaps most stunningly, that so many of the maladies affecting us today can be eliminated simply by eating less sugar.  We talk about these and other facts on our show today. But we also delve into Dr. Jody's own history with binge eating, and talk about the piece of advice her aunt Mary (a therapist) gave her when her struggles were at their worst.  Jody reminds us that, because of the highly addictive property of sugar, for many the proposition of cutting it out entirely in one go is impossible. She discusses how she works with clients in this position, and also shares an approach she uses for working with the emotions that tend to accompany binge eating, sugar addiction and food addiction.   This is a gentle, compassionate approach she introduces even before making any changes to the diet.  I love Dr. Jody's holistic approach to the large-looming dilemma of food addiction and sugar addiction worldwide, and hope you will too. 

1hr 2mins

25 Aug 2018

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Episode 41- Type 1 Diabetes Real Talk with Dr. Jody Stanislaw

Pain Free & Strong Radio Dr Tyna Moore

What you need to know about Type 1 Diabetes vs. Type 2 as well as what to do about it from a Naturopathic lifestyle management point of view


26 May 2018

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Episode 10 - Consultation w/ Dr Jody Stanislaw


In episode 10 of the Podabetic podcast Dr Jody Stanislaw comes on the show to talk about her journey with t1d, and how she's transformed from a young, irresponsible, and uneducated individual to someone who now flourishes with the condition, seeking to help others on their quest to effective BGL control. In the hour long show we range from mindset to nutrition, training to resources.


17 Apr 2016

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Living With Type 1 Diabetes With Dr. Jody Stanislaw

Dr. Lo Radio Show

Getting diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes doesn't have to mean your life is over. Dr. Jody Stanislaw is here to tell us about diabetes and insulin dosing. We'll cover HbA1c, blood sugar, and glucose control. Hosted by Dr. Lauren "Lo" Noel of Shine Natural Medicine.


13 Apr 2016

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Wayne Cobham and Dr Jody Stanislaw

The Bonnie Sher Show

Wayne Cobham and Dr Jody Stanislaw on The Bonnie Sher Show


11 Feb 2016