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014 Pip Jamieson: Celebrating diversity in the workplace with Pip Jamieson, founder of The Dots


‘Diversity is better for business, it’s better for profitability, it’s better for creativity’Pip Jamieson started off her career in the Civil Service but found herself wanting something faster paced and with more purpose. Identifying flaws with the usual ways of looking for work in the creative industry, Pip founded The Dots, a professional networking solution for a modern workforce that grew out of the creative industry. Pip shares her thoughts on work, hiring, and the job market including:How The Dots provides an alternative to traditional job hunting as a response to elitism and patriarchy in the job market. The impact of remote working on hiring, particularly at junior levels, and how to combat this. Pip’s dyslexia diagnosis, how she has navigated neurodiversity and the benefits it brings her at work.Why we need to build teams that reflect a diverse and different society, and not just hire Oxbridge graduates. https://the-dots.com/Find out more about REALWORK on Instagram @doreal.work or visit www.doreal.work The REALWORK Podcast with Fleur Emery is produced by Buckers at Decibelle Creative, find her on Instagram: @decibelle_creative and here: www.decibellecreative.com Our thanks go to Tom Seals for his wonderful piano playing at the end of this episode – find him here: @tomseals and www.tomseals.co.ukThis episode of the REALWORK Podcast is sponsored by Techniclarity, a company that develops female founder’s tech know-how, giving them the knowledge, language and confidence to lead their start-ups.https://techniclarity.co/ / hello@techniclarity.co / @the.techniclarity See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


28 Jun 2021

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Why The Future Of Work Is Kindness & What We Can Learn From The Woods with Pip Jamieson

Hyper Curious

Pip Jamieson is a disruptive, creative, dynamic entrepreneur who embodies curiosity and has not only put social purpose and values at the heart of her tech business, The Dots, the professional network of the future loved by creatives and dubbed by Forbes as the next LinkedIn, she’s also fascinated by what we can learn from trees. “There’s a web of fungi that exists in woodlands. It has been scientifically proven that trees transfer nutrients to trees that aren't doing so well. It’s an ecosystem balance that’s interlinked, and it’s everything I want the world to be.”Pip is an incredible human diversity advocate, who credits her neurodiversity as her superpower, and in this episode, we talk about how to create a platform that's optimised for kindness and happiness. Not vanity or likes. And yes, it is possible. “The big difference between us and LinkedIn is on LinkedIn you promote yourself via a CV and on The Dots you post projects, and then credit the full team around that project.”We also talk about the future of work when people embrace fluid careers and make money from their passions.“Our community, they are the slashie generation, they're the ones that are following their heart and purpose. And they're having to adapt to change, and to enjoy continuous learning, and sharing and skill swapping, and jumping from project to project and it just feels a much more fluid way.”On today’s podcast: Why LinkedIn is an individualistic experience The Dots algorithm is based on positivity and kindness Building a community that cares about each other The link between dyslexia and entrepreneurs What we can learn from nature Links:The Dots


3 Jun 2021

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Becoming Limitless with Pip Jamieson

Limitless Podcast

Welcome to the "Becoming Limitless" series, brought to you by Limitless. We are an entertainment and change platform that seeks to unlock the infinite potential of aspirational talent from disadvantaged backgrounds. This series is all about the role that equity plays in success, those moments where you got access to someone's black book, mentorship and sponsorship that have enabled people to reach their full potential.In this episode, we talk to the incredible Pip Jamieson, CEO and founder of The Dots. She describes success for her using the framework called Ikigai, finding the sweet spot between what you love, what the world needs, what you get paid for and what you are good at.


3 Mar 2021

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Taking compassion to the next level | Pip Jamieson

Conscious Leaders with Ruth Farenga

Pip Jamieson is the Founder and CEO of The Dots, a professional network for creatives dubbed “The next LinkedIn?” by Forbes. Pip brings a very compassionate leadership style and truly cares about her employees on a deep level. She demonstrates this, not only through her own behaviour, but in the rituals and practices the organisation undertakes each week to support each other and the business. She knows that happy staff equal productive staff and so works tirelessly to support their happiness. They recruit employees based on values as they want a collective, caring, positive approach from all team members. Pip also does not tolerate gossip and will stamp it out at the slightest sniff, believing it leads to tension. She’s learnt partly from her father as a leader and from the (good and not so good) practices she’s experienced throughout her career.


20 Nov 2020

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Pip Jamieson - Founder of The Dots, a platform for no collar workers

Jimmy's Jobs of the Future

Thanks for checking out the show notes, please leave a rating if listening on iTunes and share with your friends who you think might find it useful.  We already have 50 ratings, but it would be great to keep up the momentum. If you would like to share us, please do so on LinkedIn, as that is where we think most people who are looking for career inspiration will be spending their time.  just search for Jimmy's Jobs of the Future.We are also on Instagram and Twitter @JimmysJobs and would of course be delighted if you could share then. Summary of the episodeJimmy interviews the Founder and CEO of the Dots, Pip Jamieson. The Dots is a platform over over half a million 'no collar workers', these people can include those in the creative industries and the wider technology sector. There are 10,000 companies on the platform using it to hire people. Jimmy provides a briefing note to the Prime Minister which is summarised below. If I were summing that up to the PM, I would probably write something along the lines of the followingPrime Minister, this week, we met with a fascinating company which is creating the modern day rails for the creative economy and more broadly what they term no collar workers It has half a million members on the platform, 40% of whom are freelancers, they are predominantly coming together to work on creative side projects and they are seeing a surge of freelancers as people pursue side projects, partly as a result of the pandemic. There are also 10,000 companies on the platform using it to hire people. Unsurprisingly in the last few months, they have seen competition for applications increasing across the board. But equally there has been a rise of remote working applications and opportunities, which is leading to a democratisation for those not living in metropolitan hubs, we heard a similar theme from Hayden Wood at bulb last week. They are seeing an increase of the multi disciplinary individual, sometimes referred to as T shaped skill set or even coloquially as a ‘slashie’. Furthermore, they are seeing the rise of skill swappers, a trend where people are trading their time and skills in exchange for being taught skills in other areas, for example an accountant or lawyer may offer their time to a start up project in exchange for learning about more creative design and vicer versa. They are seeing this increase at round 50% month on month increase, therefore this is now 25x what it was last year. When building The Dots, Pip referred to four golden skills of product, which are management, engineering, design and data - they have upskilled interns in these areas who are now full team members. Technology firms are increasing their hiring on the platform, but not just in technical skills such as engineering, they are also seeing a significant rise number of copywriters and producers for example.Even in technical roles the importance of creativity is becoming more important, and this is a trend The Dots are likely to see increasing until Quantum technology comes in. I may provide a separate note on Quantum technology, that would be written by someone with lots of PhDs, although I am hoping that we will get a guest on at some point to talk about the impact of Quantum computing soon, because it is truly mind boggling. Please rate us and share us on social media @jimmysjobs thank you for your support


26 Oct 2020

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Pip Jamieson, Founder of The Dots | Industry Leaders with Nikky Lyle

Industry Leaders with Nikky Lyle

In this episode Nikky’s guest is Pip Jamieson, Founder of the creative professional network The Dots. Pip was named by The Sunday Times as one of the Top 100 Disruptive Entrepreneurs innovating in their respective fields & by Ad Week as one of the 41 trailblazing leaders having a positive impact on the world. In this chat she talks about setting up a business as a female entrepreneur, getting over the fear of failure, and how to build a successful—and happy!—team.


12 Oct 2020

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Building A Community For "No Collar Workers" & Taking On LinkedIn with Pip Jamieson (The Dots)

Journey Further Podcast

Pip Jamieson is Founder & CEO of The Dots, a global network of creators, entrepreneurs and freelancers. Pip is on a mission to help underrepresented groups find great opportunities, but there is a social media goliath standing in her way...LinkedIn. The network she says "perpetuates everything that is wrong with corporations". - Join the Journey Further Book Club: http://bit.ly/2r4fBWR Get in touch: podcast@journeyfurther.com


15 Sep 2020

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From MTV To Raising Money For A LinkedIn Killer! Pip Jamieson

The Startup Van Podcast - Founders Fuel - Inspiring and Educating Entrepreneurs

After exiting a business in Australia Pip Jamieson returned to London to launch a LinkedIn killer for creatives called The-Dots. We speak to Pip about rebelling against her creative family, her time at MTV and her thoughts on raising money.


19 May 2020

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How to start a marketplace and community | Pip Jamieson & Bejay Mulenga - Business Building Talks

No More Tea

Talk and chat with Pip Jamieson, founder of The Dots UK. We discuss how she started the company, her routines. You can follow me on socials Instagram www.instagram.com/bejaymulenga Twitter - www.twitter.com/bejaymulenga My Website - www.bejaymulenga.com


5 May 2020

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Building An Investor Network from Scratch - Pip Jamieson, The Dots

Fundraising Stories with Female Founders

Fundraising expert Julia Elliott Brown, the CEO of Enter The Arena talks with Pip Jamieson, the Founder and CEO of The Dots, a professional network for people in the creative industry. Pip has raised £5.5m in investment finance in the last few years, with two major funding rounds and the platform has over half a million members.In 2009, Pip co-founded her first business in Australia, called The Loop, a network to help people in the creative industries network and find jobs. After selling her share of the business, Pip returned to London and decided to start all over again - by building a UK creative industries network.Pip had no professional investors in her existing network in London, so started a serious round of networking, going for coffees with anyone who might be able to help. Whilst there were lots of ‘no’s, Pip secured a cornerstone investor which led to herding in the rest of them successfully and raising £1.5m in the first round.In this episode of Fundraising Stories with Women Entrepreneurs, you’ll discover…Why you should always have an ask at a meetingHow finding a higher purpose helps during the tough timesWhy setting clear boundaries with investors is key


1 May 2020