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95. The Value of Empathy, Risk-Taking, and Failure in Law Practice w/ Jordan Furlong

Five Star Counsel Podcast

How do you interact with your clients? Is it a clinical, business-only relationship? Could you be more empathetic with your clients? Should you? What is the true value of empathy with your client, both to the client and your business? Our guest this week is Jordan Furlong of Law Twenty One. Jordan is a legal sector analyst and advisor who’s deeply invested in a better future for the legal profession and the society it serves. Jordan joins me for a fantastic and lofty conversation about the ways that attorneys are trained to approach clients, care about them and their needs, and view their role in their clients' lives.  Lawyers are trained to be emotionally divorced practitioners of the law. We're trained not to display empathy for our clients, and to remain neutral and professionally distant. Empathy is often even seen as irrelevant or a waste of time.  But Jordan argues that we should let those empathetic conversations be our guide as counselors and build trust with the client. We are both a problem solver and anxiety reducer for our clients.  We discuss ideas on how we can teach the next wave of attorneys to re-think empathy and a general willingness to do things differently. We discuss the value of failure, and how it's hard to accept failure in the legal field, even when innovating. It takes courage to be willing to fail, and taking small risks is the only way forward.  This is a great chat, and we could all get a lot out of approaching our work this way. Find Jordan at https://www.law21.ca or on Twitter at https://twitter.com/jordan_law21. ----- FiveStarCounsel.com Get our FREE client service whitepaper! Join the Five Star Counsellors FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1575616019297055 Here's a link for you to get 20% off your first year of using TextExpander! - https://fivestarcounsel.com/textexpander


24 May 2022

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Jordan Furlong

Pioneers and Pathfinders

Today’s guest is Jordan Furlong, a legal industry analyst who has been writing, thinking, and speaking about the intersection of law and business for more than 20 years. As the mastermind behind Law21, he is on the constant lookout for critical new developments and emerging patterns in the legal services ecosystem. He uses these insights to advise legal organizations on how to plan their strategies and achieve their goals.Listen in as we discuss:• Jordan’s fascinating take on “lawyer formation”—the education and development of practicing lawyers.• What he sees as the gaps in training, and how those influenced his own path in the industry.• How Jordan is working toward a better future for the legal profession and the society it serves, and why it takes persistence, politeness, and understanding.


13 Apr 2022

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What you don't know about legal market ! - Jordan Furlong

Du Vent Sous La Robe

Welcome to "Du Vent Sous La Robe", the podcast that takes you to meet innovative actors who are building the future of law. I am Laetitia Jacquier, consultant in legal innovation and business development and today my guest is Jordan Furlong.   Jordan is a renowned international consultant and adviser on future of law topics. He is the author of "Law is a buyer's market - Building a client-first law firm" and also has a great blog: “Law 21”.  In this episode, Jordan gives us precious advices and insights on the following topics : - The evolution of the legal market and the new players in Canada, the United States and Europe;  - How he envisions the ideal law firm;  - How to change the business model of law firms to encourage innovation and provide a better experience to clients;  - The importance for law firms to define precisely their values, purpose and ideal markets and clients;  - How law firms can differentiate and compete in the market;  - How to build a client-centered law firm and provide a better customer experience and service;  - What we should change in legal education, recruitment and training of lawyers. Enjoy listening and une pétillante et innovante année à tous!!  To learn more:  - Suffolk University Law School’s Legal Innovation & Technology Certificate Program;  - Jordan Furlong;  - Law 21;  - "Law is a buyer's market - Building a client-first law firm": PDF or Kindle;  - Legal Zoom;  - The unpleasant truth about law firm culture – The American lawyer  - The question every legal regulator needs to answer – Jordan Furlong -Law 21 blog;  - What “Protecting the Public” Really Means – Jordan Furlong -Law 21 blog.   - Laetitia Jacquier (Linkedin) ;  - Du Vent Sous La Robe on Linkedin;  - Du Vent Sous La Robe on Twitter ;  - Du Vent Sous La Robe on Instagram ;  - Du Vent Sous La Robe on Facebook ;  - https://du-vent-sous-la-robe.com/.  

1hr 10mins

4 Jan 2022

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Jordan Furlong, on Future Law, Re-regulation, Access to Justice, and the Rule of Law

Future Law Podcast

Jordan Furlong brings an unusual sharp and critical eye to conversations about the future of law, as a consultant, author, and former lawyer.  He pulled no punches in this wide-ranging conversation with host Michael Madison, covering lawyer licensing, legal literacy, the rule of law, and the fundamental values that characterize the best of the legal profession, from ancient times to the present. Links Law21, Jordan Furlong's consultancy The Law21 blog Jordan Furlong on Twitter See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


15 Jul 2021

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Is ‘Faster, Better, Cheaper’ Really What Clients Want? A Conversation About Lawyer Formation and the Future of Law With Jordan Furlong (ep 71)

Doing Law Differently

If Jordan Furlong’s name sounds familiar, you might have seen it on the front cover of my book under his impressive review. Or, you might be aware of him through the speeches about the future of law that he delivers around the world, his book ‘Law is a Buyer’s Market’, his articles on his website Law21 or his term, ‘Lawyer formation’.   If you’re looking for the video recording of this interview, you can find it here. ‘Lawyer formation’ is the term Jordan’s uses to describe the process of becoming a lawyer – from the very first moment you think ‘I want to be a lawyer’ to the moment that you actually feel ready to practise. One of his points is that we credential lawyers too early and thus unknowingly give birth to a kind of imposter syndrome – all too familiar, anyone?  We talk a lot about that in the second half of the episode. But first, Jordan’s thoughts on Covid-19 and the well-known mantra ‘faster, better, cheaper’.   Very recently, Jordan saw a tweet from Doug Downey, the Attorney General of Ontario, discussing all the changes that have been brought about by Covid-19; a new court system, online appearances and the dying need for paper copies. The headline of the tweet, though, was that Doug used the word ‘permanent’. Jordan says:  “When the attorney general says it’s a permanent change… It’s a permanent change!”   That gives me hope. But the slow, patient work still has to be done and to do that, we’re going to need some better mantras. ‘Faster, better cheaper’, Jordan says, is only really important to a small group of clients, mostly in corporate environments, who are under constant pressure to cut costs. Jordan’s alternative is a question that works for all clients and needs:  “Are we doing the job as well as it can reasonably be done in all dimensions?”   Much better. We move on to ‘lawyer formation’ and chat about what’s missing from the current curriculum, Jordan’s concept of which extends far beyond degrees and qualifications into the world of apprenticeships, holistic educations and the actual ‘junior lawyer experience’.   How can we do more to help newbies transition from theory to practice? How can law firms mentor and supervise better? Should we really be expecting new associates to bill 1000-1500 hours of work in their first year? If these questions are or ever have been circling your head, please listen to what Jordan has to say.   His parting advice is solid:  “Before you start reading resources and materials, before you talk to innovators and leaders, before you investigate how law can be done differently, start in your head and your heart. What is your purpose? Why are you here? Because at the end of the day, the market is asking that question every day. The market is headwinds, the market wants you to fail, and to make sure that doesn’t happen you have to be anchored and the place you want to be anchored in is ‘Why am I here?’”  About our guest Jordan Furlong of Ottawa, Canada, is a legal market analyst who delivers strategic counsel to law firms and legal organisations regarding the massive changes now underway in the legal sector. He has given dozens of presentations about the future of law throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia over the past decade. He is the author of Law Is A Buyer’s Market: Building a Client-First Law Firm and writes regularly about the rapidly changing legal world at his website, law21.ca.  Jordan advises lawyers and legal organisations how to navigate the uncharted waters of the new legal marketplace, by explaining the causes of current trends and forecasting their likely evolution and impact. More recently, he has begun to advise legal regulators and law schools on reinventing the lawyer formation process.  This episode is brought to you by Nexus Law Group and LawCPD.  Jordan Furlong quotes “Before you start reading resources and materials, before you talk to innovators and leaders, before you investigate how law can be done differently, start in your head and your heart. What is your purpose? Why are you here? Because at the end of the day, the market is asking that question every day. The market is headwinds, the market wants you to fail, and to make sure that doesn’t happen you have to be anchored and the place you want to be anchored in is ‘Why am I here?’” “Now is the time to do it. Five years ago was also ‘the time’, but I’ll take it now!” “It’s more than law school. It’s about the whole process and saying, “How can we do that as well as we feasibly can?” No more of the redundancies, let’s rationalise it, make it smooth and unified and focused on the individual – human-centred lawyer formation.”  Find Jordan online Law21 website Follow Jordan on TwitterRead Jordan’s article about the perception of junior lawyers and how we could reinvent the job itself  My new book – It’s Time To Do Law Differently  My new book It’s Time to Do Law Differently: How to Reshape Your Firm and Regain Your Life is now available! You can get your signed copy here. In It’s Time to Do Law Differently, I share my six-step blueprint for transforming your law firm. Learn how to move from a traditional practice to a productised ecosystem and as a bonus, you might just get that quality lifestyle that you’ve been craving.  If you haven’t got your copy yet, you can get a signed copy here or find the paper back and ebook on Amazon, Booktopia or your favourite online bookstore.  Thank you to Nexus Law Group  This episode is brought to you by Nexus Law Group. For those seeking positive career change, Nexus Law Group offers senior lawyers the freedom of sole practice with all the support and infrastructure you need so you can focus on what you do best – practising law. Contact Nexus to find out how you can take the next step towards a more rewarding legal career. Find out more on the Join Us page at nexuslawyers.com.au.  Your $25 discount from LawCPD Are you a lawyer who needs CPD? I’ve teamed up with LawCPD to help make that task easier for you. LawCPD provide premium CPD for Australian lawyers and they offer much more than just another webinar. LawCPD‘s courses are online, on-demand interactive learning. LawCPD are offering Doing Law Differently listeners $25 off their first purchase using the code DLD25. There are over 100 courses across all competency areas. Visit lawcpd.com.au to find your next CPD course and make sure you use the DLD25 code for $25 off.  Like this show? Learn more about Doing Law Differently in my new book, It’s Time to Do Law DifferentlyPlease leave me a rating and review on Apple Podcasts – even one sentence helps other people to find out about the show! Never miss an episode – subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or SpotifyIf you’re doing law differently and want to share your insights on the podcast, get in touch here.Connect with me on LinkedIn The post Is ‘Faster, Better, Cheaper’ Really What Clients Want? A Conversation About Lawyer Formation and the Future of Law With Jordan Furlong (ep 71) appeared first on Lucy Dickens.


8 Feb 2021

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Episode 16: Business Essentials for Law Firm Success with Jordan Furlong

On Record PR

Jordan Furlong is an author, advisor, and legal market analyst who forecasts the impact of a rapidly changing world on lawyers and legal organizations. He is a Principal of Law21, a consultancy for legal leaders seeking strategic advice and a platform for Jordan to share his thoughts about the new legal economy with the legal community. In this episode… How do law firms plan for the future? What does innovation look like in law firms and how do you make a case to invest in innovation? Join us as host Gina Rubel goes on record with Jordan Furlong to discuss four business essentials for success, the process of innovating, and how law firms can address the value, experience, and satisfaction of clients.  


15 Jun 2020

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COVID-19 Series: Prof. Caitlin Moon (Vanderbilt Law School) & Jordan Furlong (Law21) on COVID's impact on legal education and law firms

Law 2030

On this second part of a two-part series, Professor Cat Moon and Jordan Furlong discuss COVID 19's impact on legal education and law firms. The conversation explores: * The "knock out effect" the crisis has on the various parts of the lawyer formation system * Who might take ownership of coordinating the new landscape of lawyer accreditation * The opportunities lifelong learning creates for law schools to be involved in the ongoing development of legal professionals * How human-centered design and project-based learning offer ways to integrate the three sides of the Delta model of lawyer competency * How small and solo law firms might be impacted by the crisis


14 Apr 2020

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19 Jordan Furlong - How to Get Through a Pandemic and Build Better Justice & Legal Services for the Future

Law Actually

1hr 32mins

11 Apr 2020

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Episode 4: Jordan Furlong, Principal at Law 21

Daily Matters: The changing face of the legal industry

In this episode of the Daily Matters podcast, legal analyst, consultant, and Law21 blog founder Jordan Furlong joins Clio CEO and Co-founder Jack Newton for a discussion about the ways that the COVID-19 crisis is affecting the legal industry.Jack asks Jordan to share his experience and perspective about this unique moment in legal history, to anticipate some of the short-term and long-term impacts the coronavirus will have on law firms and legal organizations, and to suggest what law firms need to focus on in the moment.


27 Mar 2020

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Ep. 7 - Forecasting and Analysing the Legal Market: with Jordan Furlong

More From Law

The provision of legal services is currently subject to new market pressures, technological advancements and cultural changes. In this episode, I spoke to Jordan Furlong, a leading legal market analyst, author, and consultant. We discuss where law has gone right, where it's gone wrong and where it might be going in future. Music provided by Audio Library: Jungle Juice - Wataboi.


24 Mar 2020