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EP 63: The Secret Tool to Take Your Power Back with Lindsey Mango

Relentless Growth

If you feel like life is happening to you instead of for you, it might be that you are not taking personal responsibility. When we continually blame our external circumstances for how we feel internally, we become disempowered. So, how do you get back in the driver’s seat of our lives? By taking personal responsibility! Today’s guest, Lindsey Mango, is the poster child for personal responsibility, and in this episode, we hear about taking charge of your life. Of course, there are so many things that are out of your control, and personal responsibility is not about trying to control everything. Instead, it is about understanding how you respond to things, the stories you create in your head, and the role you play in shaping your life. Lindsey offers insights into the different things that have to be in place in order to take responsibility for things, the importance of wanting to be proven wrong, and what the payoff is when you no longer play the victim. We end off the conversation by asking Lindsey some listener questions. Tune in to hear it all!Key Points From This Episode:The story of how Lindsey got into coaching.A look into the scale of the business Lindsey has managed to build.How Lindsey came to have such a high level of personal responsibility.An example of how Lindsey’s father taught her about personal responsibility.Defining what personal responsibility is.Some of the signs that you are not taking personal responsibility in your life.Challenges that Lindsey has seen her clients face when it comes to taking personal responsibility.The phases Lindsey believes people go through before they take full responsibility in their lives.The importance of feeling what you feel when something difficult happens.You have to want to be wrong if you are going to take personal responsibility.A story of how Lindsey has overcome a recent limiting belief.Responsibility is not an end destination; it’s a continuous journey.A sign that shows you that you are taking a lot of personal responsibility.The payoff that comes with taking personal responsibility.How to get back to a place of passion and connection with your partner.What Lindsey does to continually raise the bar despite achieving so much.Evaluating why you want your partner to change.Who Lindsey would choose to coach if she could choose any clients in the world.What’s next for Lindsey.Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:Work with ChrisGoodman CoachingChris GoodmanLindsey MangoAnything but Average Lindsey Mango on Instagram


31 Aug 2021

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Playing Ball with Lindsey Mango

Coaches Unfiltered: Real Talk with Simone & Vikki

Special Guest Lindsey Mango comes on and shares her unique journey into coaching, her best lessons having created 7 figures in her coaching business, and what it's like to be married to a coach.  Connect with Lindsey on IG > https://www.instagram.com/lindseymango_/ Find out about her program > http://lindseymangocoaching.com/anythingbutaverage We'll be back with more surprise guests...


28 Jul 2021

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Ep #125: Abdicating Responsibility to Coaching Processes with Lindsey Mango

Make Money as a Life Coach™

If taking responsibility for your results and the results of your clients feels scary to you, or if you find yourself obsessing over following a process or protocol to a T, you need to listen in to this week's episode. Lindsey is showing us the power of taking control over your outcomes, why living in abundance is all about taking 100% responsibility, and how doing this actually gives you more security and predictability in your life and business. Get full show notes and more information here: https://staceyboehman.com/125

1hr 11mins

19 May 2021

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EP 44: Dating Don'ts with Lindsey Mango

Relentless Growth

There is no perfect way to date. There is no formula other than showing up as yourself, being authentic, and having faith that it will all work out. Despite how simple this is, we have all overcomplicated the process of finding a partner, and this can cause so much unnecessary suffering. In today’s episode, Chris is joined by his incredible wife, Lindsey Mango, where they discuss some of the common problems they see with dating. From the belief that you can’t find the right person, to not being clear with your standards, to outsourcing your happiness, there are numerous self-imposed obstacles in the dating world. It is important to approach the process from a curious, abundant mindset rather than a close-minded, fearful one. How you approach dating is how you approach anything in life, and if you want to change anything, it all starts with you. You have to put in the work and relentlessly grow to find your perfect partner. Tune in to hear it all!Key Points From This Episode:The number one issue around dating that Chris and Lindsey have seen as coaches. Get clear on your dating standards before you put yourself out there. What happens when you do not have clarity around what you do and don’t want in a partner. Similarities between the missing piece of a puzzle and finding a partner. Why you should think about how you want someone to make you feel rather than having a checklist. The second most common issue when it comes to dating. You cannot impose your standards and expectations on others if it’s not how they’ve chosen to live. Why Lindsey believes it is helpful to differentiate between standards and expectations. The value of speaking your expectations aloud and what can happen when you clarify. Chris’s two most important rules: you get what you tolerate, and you are training people how to treat you. You can give people an opportunity for people to rise to your standards. Half-in dating or not having fun dating: hear about what this means. Marriage or a long-term committed relationship isn’t for everyone, and that’s ok! You cannot look outside yourself to create your happiness. How you know when you are looking for happiness externally. Pressure over process: the fifth mistake people make when it comes to dating. Why a lack of confidence is such a problem in the dating world. How Chris maintained his confidence despite people telling him otherwise. Building confidence is like building physical strength; it takes practice. Abundance versus scarcity and how this ties into dating. You have to set the foundation for having difficult conversations early on. Sometimes the hardest thing can be the best thing to tell someone. Advice for changing your dating life: look inward and see what work you need to do.Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:Anything But AverageFierce ConversationsLindsey MangoLindsey Mango Coaching on InstagramWork with ChrisGoodman CoachingChris Goodman


4 May 2021

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EP 39: Love Your Reasons and Make Big Decisions with Lindsey Mango

Relentless Growth

Making big decisions can feel overwhelming because of all the doubt and uncertainty that arises as soon as we try to step out of our comfort zones. Our brains are designed to keep us safe, so this reaction is totally normal. In order to overcome it, you need to dig deeper and understand whether you are making decisions from a place of fear or abundance. In today's episode, Lindsey Mango, Chris's wife, joins once again, this time to talk about how to love your reasons when you are thinking about taking a major step forward in your life. They share the story of how they chose to move to California and the exercise they used to clear their minds and follow through. Putting pen to paper and writing all the reasons in favor of or against a decision goes a long way, and it is a practice Chris and Lindsey still use in all their big decisions. They walk us through the steps of making this list, how to identify the fear and abundance-based ones, and what comes next. Even as coaches, Chris and Lindsey both experience discomfort, but they have learned to lean into it and use it to guide them going forward. Start using this exercise in your life in small ways today, and you will see big payoffs in no time!Key Points From This Episode:Updates since Lindsey's last appearance on the show. The process Chris and Lindsey used to help guide them to move to California. The value of writing down all of the reasons in favor of or against a decision. Why moving to California was such a big decision for Chris and Lindsey. Some of the big reasons against moving to California. How identifying reasons that are rooted in fear can help you gain clarity. Why following through with an abundant decision is actually the hard part. Circumstances aren't hard; it is about the feeling you attach to these experiences. Discomfort is going to be there; use it to push you to make the decision. Chris and Lindsey's decision to leave California and go back to Kentucky. If you are not clear on your decision, complications can deter you from your choice. How Lindsey uses this framework in all of her decision-making processes. Tapping into an understanding of abundance and fear-based reactions. Words can show us whether something is fear or abundance-based. Tips on how to use this advice in your life now. How loving her decisions has helped Lindsey live the life of her dreams.Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:Lindsey MangoLindsey Mango Coaching on InstagramAnything But AverageWork with ChrisGoodman CoachingChris GoodmanFor The Love Of Money - Chris HarderFear-SettingThe Life Coach School


30 Mar 2021

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Create Your Dream Life Through Your Coaching Business With Lindsey Mango

Sampling Life Spiritually

I have invited an incredible guest on the show today, the powerhouse Lindsey Mango. She is an anything but average women. Lindsey is a life coach who shows other women how live a life of their dreams by helping them build the coaching business of their dreams. We are going to talk about how Lindsey started her coaching journey and how it has led her directly to her DREAM life and I will be getting extremely vulnerable with the bitter truth before the divine intervention of meeting Lindsey. This episode is a reminder to follow the things that you feel have been placed on your heart. The reminder that you are also anything but average and designed for an anything but average life! To learn more about what a lolipop moment is and how you can create one in someone's life, check out the link here: https://youtu.be/hVCBrkrFrBE


1 Mar 2021

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Getting Over Your Fears (with Life Coach Lindsey Mango): Episode 198

She's Making an Impact | Online Marketing | Pinterest Marketing | Entrepreneur Tips

Lindsay Mango works with women in two ways...women and coaches who want to change the world with their work. Or And women who are ready to change their lives. Now in her  second full year in biz Lindsey has hit 500k and am scaling her business to 1 million dollars.  She has helped hundreds of thousands of women take back control over their lives and create the lives, relationships, and businesses that align with their soul, that make allow them to make lots of money while affording them the freedom and flexibility they desire.


17 Aug 2020

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Lindsey Mango + Anything But Average

Let's Hustle

This week were blessed with the presence of the one and only, Lindsey Mango. Lindsey is a former athlete turned life coach. Her business has sky-rocketed over the past few years and we couldn't have been more excited to hear how she did it! Lindsey tells us about her hurdles, successes, and what keeps her motivated and growing every day. You can follow Lindsey on instagram @lindseymango_


6 Aug 2020

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Living An Anything But Average Life - Lindsey Mango

Inspiration Rising

Create beautiful, engaging social media in 5 minutes a day - www.RiseUpCreatives.comLindsey Mango is a life and business coach who is passionate about helping women who are ready to change their lives and want to change the world through their work. After graduating with an accounting degree and completing her college volleyball career as the captain of the team at the University of Louisville...unfortunately, Lindsey struggled to find her way. After 6 corporate jobs, feeling stagnant in her long term relationships, and trying network marketing twice...she knew something had to change. She actually hired a life coach, and it quickly became apparent that Lindsey was made to be a coach herself. She now coaches women to create a life and business that’s anything but average, and she’s the host of the Anything But Average podcast.Connect with Lindsey:LindseyMango.comAnything But Average PodcastInstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedInDon’t Miss A Single Episode:Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher.Leave a quick review on any of the podcast apps to tell people what you think about the show.Take a screenshot of the podcast and post it on Instagram or Instagram Stories. Tag us @insporising. We’ll repost and give you a shoutout!Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/inspiration-rising/donations


20 May 2020

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78: Couples Creating an Abundant Business and Life with Lindsey Mango and Chris Goodman


Have you ever dreamt of having a partner you could have it all with? You're going to love this episode featuring Lindsey Mango & Chris Goodman. Lindsey Mango, is a Life and Business Coach passionate about helping women create the lives and businesses of their dreams. A former college athlete at the University of Louisville, Lindsey first became passionate about Life Coaching when she embarked on her own personal development journey. 5 years after graduating college Lindsey found herself feeling stuck, facing a disappointing truth that she was settling for the life she was “supposed” to live, instead of the life she knew she was meant to live. After hiring her own coach to help her fulfill her potential, she knew coaching was what she was meant to do all along. Lindsey just started her 3rd year in business and has been named as one of Southern Indiana’s 30 Under 30 entrepreneurs and business owners has a podcast with over 80k downloads in its first year and is scaling her virtual business to 1 million dollars of impact and income. It is her life’s mission to be an example of what’s possible and break the mold on what ANY woman is capable of doing in life, business and everything in between.   Chris Goodman is a life & business coach and consultant. His mission is to teach business owners how to create their own version of freedom, fulfillment, and impact on a global scale. Through one-on-one coaching, live training, and consulting, Chris shows clients how to unleash their mind, their potential, and unlock results they crave. In just a few years, Chris went from law school dropout to rookie of the year, to successful real estate agent, to sales director, to coach with $21,000,000 in sales and counting. Leaning on this experience and his own personal coaching, Chris has become an expert in human behavior, team dynamics, and leadership. Today he partners with leaders in dozens of industries to discover their new path using proven life & business coaching techniques.   In this episode we talk about: -Feeling empowered to create the life and business you always wanted with your partner -Creating a rock solid foundation together -Turning inward when you are stuck and taking radical responsibility for your own actions -Managing up and downs while holding a neutral space for your partner Stay Connected with Lindsey and Chris: Lindsey IG: @lindseymango_ Chris IG: @goodmancoaching Lindsey's FB: https://www.facebook.com/lindsey.mango.7 Chris FB: https://www.facebook.com/chris.goodman.144 Lindsey's Website: https://lindseymangocoaching.com Chris's Website: https://goodmancoachinginc.com   Check out Lindsey's Anything But Average Program


6 May 2020