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The Douglas Coleman Show w_ Dave Shelton and Dr. Mark Mincolla

The Douglas Coleman Show

Dave Shelton is a multi-award winning film and television writer, cartoonist, musician and author from shows including Everybody Loves Raymond and is former senior writer and cartoonist at National Lampoon and author of the best selling humor book, Brain Explosion, being adapted into a TV show. His late night FM music horror comedy radio show, Cemetery GoGo, airs nationally out of West Virginia on WJEG and his new award winning children's book, Bag Boy and Sweet Slob, is now available on Amazon. His shows, Professor Creepy's Scream Party and Against Type, air on Amazon Prime TV. He'll be doing his comedy show, "A funny thing happened on his way to the country," on September 4th at the Monroe Theatre in Woodsfield, Ohio and he is running for West Virginia state delegate in 2022.http://www.snuggybear.comMark Mincolla Ph.D. is a Nutritional Therapist and Quantum Energy Healer who has transformed the lives of more than 60,000 patients over the last 35 years. Through his innovative genius, he has integrated ancient Chinese energy healing techniques with cutting edge nutritional science in what he calls Electromagnetic Muscle Testing, a one-of-a-kind approach that zeros in on each individual’s unique nutritional needs. Dr. Mincolla was awarded the Divine Contribution to Humanity Award at the 202, and his movie was awarded the Best Health Awareness Film of 2021. He has authored 7 international best-selling books to date, and Dr. Mincolla has appeared on Dr Oz, Better TV, WFXT FOX25 Boston, KCBS in Los Angeles, along with numerous national TV & radio show, and in regional and national magazines.https://www.markmincolla.com https://www.thewayofmiracles.comThe Douglas Coleman Show now offers audio and video promotional packages for music artists as well as video promotional packages for authors. Please see our website for complete details. http://douglascolemanshow.comIf you have a comment about this episode or any other, please click the link below.https://ratethispodcast.com/douglascolemanshow


30 Jul 2021

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S:2 Ep:8 Dave Shelton


UnFollowVic PodcastSeason: 2 Episode: 8Special Guest: Dave Shelton , Cartoonist & WriterClick The Link Below & Show Us Some Lovehttps://linktr.ee/UnFollowVicYouTube Link: https://youtu.be/KeY83_SiWfgDave Shelton's Info:Website: https://www.snuggybear.comSupport the show (https://linktr.ee/UnFollowVic)

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19 Jun 2021

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Former National Lampoon Magazine Writer, Cartoonist, Voice Actor, Musician, & West Virginia State Legislature Candidate Dave Shelton

The Deep Dive w/ Nick Babel

Nick Interviews Award Winning Film, & Telivision Writer, Cartoonist, Author, Musician, Voice Actor, & West Virginia State Legislature Candidate Dave Shelton. They talk about Sheltons long and varied career. Shelton discuses some of the projects he has worked on in the past. They talk about his time at National Lampoon Magazine. They discuss Dave's run for West Virginia State Legislature and his platform. 

1hr 16mins

10 May 2021

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Episode 29: Brain Explosion with Dave Shelton

Dream a Little Dream

Welcome back to Dream a Little Dream podcast! Our space to talk about art, life, and everything in between. I recently was able to catch up with Dave Shelton. He is the writer and producer of Professor Creepy’s Scream Party which is a kind of silly horror show that can be found on Roku Around the world in 80 Screens. Here is the link to the pilot: https://vimeo.com/84752536He also has a book of comics that he wrote and drew called Brain Explosion. You can keep abreast of all the things that Dave Shelton is up to by visiting his website: https://www.snuggybear.com/I wanted to catch up with Dave because he is tenacious and always trying to make something from his failures or even obstacles such as someone stealing his ideas, etc. He is a voice of inspiration that you have to keep trying irrespective of how many times you might face rejection. One of the main pieces of advice that Dave Shelton leaves for us is ‘Find something, a thought, or a win that helps you keep going in the dark spots. There was something else very valuable about this conversation that I have been mulling over how to present. I can start by saying that Dave is not aligned with my particular political views and we don’t share the same opinions on all topics. Irrespective of how he lands on the political spectrum I wanted to speak with him nonetheless. I think that it is important to be able to still have a conversation with someone who has opposing political opinions. Like we say on the podcast – ‘Everyone is entitled to their own opinion’ I think that we have forgotten this to a degree and have instead created an atmosphere that breeds divisive animosity. There has been a number of situations that Dave has faced animosity from people about some of his opinions and some of his comics. Even though I might not agree with him 100% I can still be ok with our opposing opinions and continue our conversation about the premise of the podcast – celebrating people’s successes and also empowering them to continue to pursue their passions. My hope is that anyone listening is not offended but rather this conversation to kickstart another conversation about how we all want to come to together and have a laugh and stop guarding our political posts with such clenched jaws. I hope you enjoy this conversation and I welcome any and all comments irrespective if they are aligned with my particular sentiments. Ima_gargoyle – not political IMBD – Dave Shelton


10 Mar 2019

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Episode 12 - Deputy Fire Chief Dave Shelton Talks About Safety

Ugly Pike Podcast

Deputy Fire Chief Dave Shelton comes into studio to talk about what to do when fishing should unfortunate health incidents occur.  In this episode we talk about what muskie fishermen should do in situations ranging from embedded fish hooks, to cardiac incidents on the boat.


24 Aug 2017

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Dave Shelton & Rob Witworth: Road2Ruins

Earth Ancients

Who are the Punk Archeaologists and what is Road2Ruins?Our MissionEvery civilization prior to ours has failed and we are living the same way, following the same road to ruins. Why can’t we learn from our mistakes?For some reason our society has chosen to value profit more than people. The fact that we have allowed ourselves to treat the planet like garbage to appease corporate interests is somewhat alarming, and curiously coincides with several ancient end-times prophecies including those of the Bible. Our society seems to be waddling mindlessly into oblivion like many failed civilizations of the past that have one thing in common: Serving the excessive desires of few at the expense of all.Why Do We Still Teach Columbus?If we knew the truth of our past we might understand how we got to this point. Unfortunately our history books are riddled with omissions, fallacies and purposeful efforts to serve special interests. Our lackluster K-12 educational system spits out unprepared young adults who struggle to enter a higher education system that is intrinsically handcuffed and increasingly geared more toward dollars than diplomas. We’re just two smart-ass “punk archaeologists” with a camera who are going DIY to find the truth on our own. We’re exploring the world’s indigenous cultures and ancient ruins to put the pieces together experientially. We’re reaching out to academics, independent researchers, indigenous elders, religious leaders, authors and more to gather and share research from all points of view and all disciplines, as they are all worthy of exploration. www.road2ruins.com

1hr 30mins

9 Apr 2016

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Award Winning Writer Dave Shelton Visits EOTM Radio

EOTM / Universal Wave Radio

Award winning writer, cartoonist and voice actor Dave Shelton visits Carla B.'sE! Buzz to discuss his new book,"Brain Explosion: A Collection of Thoughts, Verbiage, Assorted Quotables and Profundities." Subscribe to receive alerts to EOTM Radio’s new series, “Interview with a Entrepreneur" and the "E! Buzz - Celebrity Interviews," which airs Fridays at 10 pm PDT on EOTM Radio.Follow Carla B. on Twitter @eotmpr and Facebook @EOTM.Media.

1hr 4mins

21 Sep 2013