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BHS e359-Richard Hamilton Memorial Day Speech at BUHS

The Brattleboro Historical Society Podcast

BAMS Local History students read Richard Hamilton's Memorial Day speech he delivered on May 27, 2022. More than 400 students, staff and community members were in attendance.


2 Jun 2022

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BHS e357- Richard Hamilton and BHS Memorial Day Remembrance

The Brattleboro Historical Society Podcast

Richard Hamilton, World War II veteran, is scheduled to speak during this week's Memorial Day Remembrance at Brattleboro Union High School. BHS Alumni who died while serving during World War I will be honored.


20 May 2022

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FearClub and Dragon Training with Richard Hamilton

Word Balloon Comics Podcast

Richard talks about his latest Aftrershock book FearClub, his days at CNN, , and being a big part of the How To Train Your Dragon Franchise in film, tv and comics

1hr 16mins

9 Jan 2022

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【NBA球星】Richard Hamilton|BBall4Life|EP24


他的肺裡擁有一座森林,供應整場球賽所需的氧氣,是所有鑽研防守的專家最害怕對上的耐力型選手。比賽中當所有目光集中在持球者,旁邊有個戴面具的短長跑選手,喜歡和對手玩著鬼抓人,全場跑透透,而他總是贏的那一方。 跑一跑然後把球扔進籃筐是他輕鬆寫意的招牌絕技,一位場上穿梭自如,把馬拉松MIX籃球的鐵肺球員:Richard Hamilton。►Video視頻:https://youtu.be/LT1S7OGD35M►Instagram:www.instagram.com/luislin05


6 Sep 2021

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Richard Hamilton - Build it Better

Sheep Stuff Ewe Should Know

Richard Hamilton and Ryan sit down and discuss Hamilton Bros ranch and how they developed their ideal sheep and cattle for their environment over the course of 60 years. If you are interested in genetics at all, give this unique interview a listen from a man who’s family has done it for generations!


28 Jul 2021

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SE EU FOSSE VOCÊ - Richard Hamilton- traduzido por Heloísa Jahn

Vovó, conta uma história?

Um papai e uma filha de papéis trocados. Já imaginaram um papai de roupa de bailarina …


20 May 2021

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1: Richard Hamilton: One of Britain's greatest artists, the founding father of Pop Art

Making a Mark

The first episode of Making a Mark explores the work of Richard Hamilton (1922 - 2011), the founding father of Pop Art in Britain and one of the most influential artists of his generation. Michael Bracewell, cultural critic and writer and the author of Modern World: The Art of Richard Hamilton, and gallerist and art dealer Alan Cristea, who worked with Hamilton for 35 years, discuss the art and ideas of an artist whose achievements and legacy remain unparalleled today. Contributors include the Guardian’s art critic Jonathan Jones, writer and curator Gill Hedley, and art director and graphic designer Peter Saville. Artworks discussed in the episode can be viewed online via https://cristearoberts.com/podcast/ (Image: Richard Hamilton in his Highgate studio, c. 1970. Photo by Chris Morphet/Redferns via Getty Images) #richardhamilton #britishart #britishdesign #britishartists #modernbritishart #popart #swingingsixties #conceptualart #duchamp #thebeatles #petersaville


21 Jan 2021

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#23 - ATBS - Epigenetics Toxicity - With Richard Hamilton

All Things Big And Small - With Jeff Volmrich

Thank you for listening to ATBS The Podcast. If you like what we do please consider supporting us on Patreon. Our Patrons gain early access to episodes, our patron only podcast Some Things Big And Small, and more down the line.https://www.patreon.com/atbsthepodcastRichard Hamilton joins us once again to discuss the role that toxins play in our body and how they can be helpful more than harmful in some cases.If there is one thing you should take away from this episode that would be "The poison is in the dosage."Program Notes:Simple Definitions of Toxins and Toxicants, sins of comission versus sins ofomission.Toxicology 101:- The Poison is in the Dosage- The Route of Exposure matters (Dermal, Inhalation…)- Endogenous production of Toxins (Lactic Acid)- Carcinogens = DNA damagingHow does the body deal with Toxins?- Skin- Inhalation- Ingestion- Filtration (Liver & Kidneys) Drink More Water…- Molecular Level RepairChronic High Level Exposure (Not good)Intermittent Low Level Exposure (Possibly good?)REFERENCES:Prosper - https://liveprosperstrong.com/Use Promo Code: ATBSBruce Ames Biochemist - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_AmesThe Ames Assay - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ames_testSirtuins - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SirtuinReady Set Row - Holly Austin - https://www.readysetrow.com/


28 Sep 2020

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The Wizards from the 2000s to now: MJ, Richard Hamilton, Gilbert Arenas, and more

Locked On Wizards - Daily Podcast On The Washington Wizards

A trip down memory lane with broadcaster Scott Jackson, former Wizards host discussing the Wizards from the early 2000s to now, especially the legends like Michael Jordan, Gilbert Arenas, Richard Hamilton, and others that have come through the franchise. Listen to all the details on the Locked on Wizards Podcast with host Renee Washington. Part of the Locked on Podcast Network.--Follow us on all social media @LockedOnWizardsHost Renee Washington:Twitter- @ReneePwash | IG/Facebook: @ReneePwashingtonEmail US: LockedOnWizardsPod@Gmail.com{Music: 406 Loop Fresh Hip Hop Wave} Support Us By Supporting Our Sponsors! Rad Power BikesRight now as a limited time offer, get a free accessory with the purchase of a bike. That’s right. And FREE shipping to the lower 48 states. To get this special offer, text the word LOCKED to 64-000.FreshlyJoin almost ONE AND A HALF MILLION Satisfied Customers and skip the shopping, prepping, cooking, and clean up. Freshly is offering our listeners FORTY DOLLARS OFF FOR THEIR FIRST TWO ORDERS at freshly.com/lockedonnbaRock AutoAmazing selection. Reliably low prices. All the parts your car will ever need. Visit RockAuto.com and tell them Locked On sent you.ManscapedGo to Manscaped.com and use code Locked On to get 20% Off and Free Shipping. Manscaped is #1 in men’s below the belt grooming and offers precision-engineered tools for your family jewels. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


19 Aug 2020

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#12 - Epigenetics - Movement And Exercise - With Richard Hamilton

All Things Big And Small - With Jeff Volmrich

Pleas consider supporting us on Patreon. Our patrons have early access to our episodes in addition to the Patron only podcast, Some Things Big And Small.https://www.patreon.com/atbsthepodcastIn today's episode we sit down yet again with Richard Hamilton as we discuss the impact that exercise & long term fitness has on our health, wellness, and epigenome.Check out www.liveprosperstrong.com and use promo code ATBS for a discount on your first testing kit.Show Notes:Benefits of exercise at a molecular level:- People who exercise regularly are aging more slowly at an epigenetic level.Don’t judge exercise by how it feel in the first 10 minutes, or the first two weeks.Epigenetics is a reflection of our habits at the genetic level.How is exercise impacting my aging? A deeper dive.Life in my years, not years in my life.Yoga, mindfulness, a good combinationTiffany Wood - www.tiffanywoodyoga.comLeraine Horstmanshoff - https://open.spotify.com/artist/0m3evWdI7rLpNZV1GesJ3bIntegration of mind, body and spirit


9 Jul 2020