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Ep 83: @solohntr Tim Burnett

The FlipFlop Guy Podcast with Andy Moeckel

Tim and I dive into his career as a outdoors man and what the journey has been like for him

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27 Aug 2021

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EP 515: Solo HNTR Tim Burnett

The Rich Outdoors

Last week I bombed out to the Pope & Young 60th anniversary to check out some amazing bow hunting stuff. I happened to catch up with Tim who I haven’t seen in probably a couple of  years. In my Opinion Solo HNTR is one of my favorite content channels. I think Tim is doing well […] The post EP 515: Solo HNTR Tim Burnett appeared first on The Rich Outdoors.

29 Jul 2021

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Hunt Stories, Brand Names, Filming Tips with Tim Burnett of Solo HNTR - Episode 100

Battle Mountain Podcast

In this episode I have Tim Burnett of Solo HNTR on the show. We share our beginnings, discuss changing logos and names, when enough film is enough, self filming tips and tactics, upcoming hunts, and more. I hope you enjoy the show.  More From Tim: Instagram:@solohntr @solohntrbrand Website: https://solohntr.com/ For all of your tag application needs check out:  https://www.wearethedraw.com/battle-mountain-media More From US: www.battlemountainmedia.com YOUTUBE: ‘Battle Mountain Media’ Our YouTube channel consists of ‘Hunting’ videos, ‘Gear Reviews’, ‘How To’ videos, ‘Bloopers’, ‘Kill Shot Compilations’, and more. Check it out, we appreciate your support and hope you enjoy the content. We would really appreciate a REVIEW! Can’t get enough? Wicked, check out more from us here: Facebook Instagram Learn More About Us! Website Thank you for tuning in, and we hope you enjoyed the show. Zach Herold


29 Mar 2021

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Episode #10: Cultivating Acceptance in Relationships with Tim Burnett

Well Connected Relationships Podcast

I sat down with certified mindfulness and compassion teacher Tim Burnett who is the Executive Director and founder of Mindfulness Northwest and an ordained Zen priest. Together, we explored the important role of acceptance in relationships, what it is and isn’t — and how it relates to curiosity, vulnerability and intimacy. We also talked about our natural human tendency to want to fix things when relationships get tangled vs. the wisdom of accepting what is.


6 Mar 2021

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Ep. 148 | SOLO HNTR Tim Burnett

Vortex Nation Podcast

Combining solo hunting with solo filming takes a high level of talent, persistence, patience, creativity, and straight-up grit – Tim Burnett, Producer and Host of SOLO HNTR TV has these qualities in spades. He won’t tell you that about himself though, so we will. Jim and Mark sit down with Tim to chat solo hunting, solo filming, the Vortex Selects series he put together for the Vortex YouTube page, letting our kids figure out things on their own, getting over being alone on a multi-day hunt, paying attention to your surroundings, using all your senses, being ok with screwing up, and more. Listen in for a cool, real conversation with one of our favorite dudes! As always, we want to hear your feedback! Let us know if there are any topics you'd like covered on the Vortex Nation podcast by asking us on Instagram @vortexnationpodcast

1hr 15mins

28 Sep 2020

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Ep 146: Tim Burnett @solohntr

The FlipFlop Guy Podcast with Andy Moeckel

Tim and I sit down in the sierras and get to know eachother better. We go into a lot of background information on Tim and the solo hntr brand. We talk about industry, hunting and branding! I hope you guys enjoy this episode and getting to know Tim on a much more personal level! – … Continue reading Ep 146: Tim Burnett @solohntr →

1hr 52mins

29 Jun 2020

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Ep 036 SITKA BLACKTAIL – Kodiak Island on the Hunt with Tim Burnett & Austin Manelick


On this episode I am on Kodiak Island with my good friend Austin Manelick. We've just spent our first day hunting and are filling our bellies with a fresh load of Blacktail Deer meat. This is a mid hunt recap.Topics of discussion include: The first days success; what to expect for the next few days; going after caribou; staying safe; among other things.Download Episode 036


18 Nov 2019

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Ep. 27: Granite State (w/ Mary Beth Keefe & Tim Burnett)

The Ontario Craft Beer Guide The Podcast

Robin & Jordan are freezing on the patio of the fabulous Granite Brewpub & Tied House talking with Brewmaster Mary Beth Keefe and Assistant Brewer Tim Burnett to discuss the new projects they're brewing up with the brewery's first ever closed fermentor! 


12 Nov 2019

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Ep 035 KODIAK BOUND – Preparing for a hunt on Kodiak with Austin Manelick and Tim Burnett


On this episode I am in Kodiak Alaska at the Kodiak Inn with my good friend Austin Manelick, getting ready for our flight out to a remote part of the island. Austin and I will be hunting Blacktail Deer and Feral Reindeer otherwise classified as Caribou.Topics of discussion include: Preparing for bears; finding meat; filming the hunt; blacktail & caribou tactics; lots of other random stuff.Download Episode 035

1hr 1min

29 Oct 2019

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Shooting the Bull with Solo Hunter Tim Burnett 10.26

Days In The Wild - Big game Hunting podcast

Shooting the Bull with Solo Hunter Tim Burnett 10.26 In this episode Tim Burnet an I talk about : *podcasting, videoing and how the industry has changed. * How Tim likes to hunt and call elk Solo *solo hunting for deer *and the art of the stalk

1hr 15mins

17 Jun 2019