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Melanie Benjamin / Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe


Senate Committee on Indian AffairsField Hearing titled “Investing in Native Communities: Transformative Opportunities in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act”Tuesday, June 28 2022 - 12:00 PMLocation: Mystic Lake Center, of the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux CommunityRoom Number: Minnetonka Conference RoomNOTE: Adam Savariego of the Upper Sioux Community was an additional witness. A dropout in audio occurred toward the end of the hearing, during the question and answer period.WITNESS LIST (As originally scheduled)The Honorable Bryan Newland Assistant Secretary – Indian AffairsU.S. Department of the InteriorWashington, DC*Accompanied by Jason Freihage, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Management, U.S. Department of the Interior, Washington DCMs. Elizabeth Fowler Acting Director, Indian Health ServiceU.S. Department of Health and Human ServicesWashington, DCMr. Jeremiah Baumann Chief of Staff, Office of the Under Secretary for InfrastructureU.S. Department of EnergyWashington, DCThe Honorable Cathy Chavers ChairwomanBois Forte Band of ChippewaOrr, MinnesotaThe Honorable Melanie Benjamin Chief Executive OfficerMille Lacs Band of OjibweOnamia, MinnesotaThe Honorable Kevin Dupuis, Sr. ChairmanFond du Lac Band of Lake Superior ChippewaCloquet, MinnesotaThe Honorable Keith Anderson ChairmanShakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community Business CouncilPrior Lake, MinnesotaThe Honorable Robert Larsen PresidentLower Sioux Indian CommunityMorton, MinnesotaADDITIONAL WITNESSThe Honorable Adam SavariegoTribal SecretaryUpper Sioux CommunityGranite Falls, MinnesotaCommittee Notice:https://www.indian.senate.gov/hearing/field-hearing-titled-investing-native-communities-transformative-opportunities


28 Jun 2022

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Melanie Benjamin, bestselling author of THE AVIATOR'S WIFE and THE CHILDREN'S BLIZZARD | Ep74

Books Connect Us

Melanie Benjamin is the New York Times bestselling author of THE AVIATOR'S WIFE, AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MRS. TOM THUMB, and ALICE I HAVE BEEN. Her latest novel THE CHILDREN'S BLIZZARD is a story of courage on the prairie, inspired by the devastating storm that struck the Great Plains in 1888, threatening the lives of hundreds of immigrant homesteaders, especially schoolchildren. This is a story of courage, of children forced to grow up too soon, tied to the land because of their parents’ choices. Now let's join Abbe Wright in conversation with author Melanie Benjamin.


24 Mar 2021

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The Children's Blizzard: Book By Melanie Benjamin - Book Review Podcast

GoBookMart Book Reviews

The Children's Blizzard: Book By Melanie Benjamin “Benjamin draws you into the lives, hardships, and triumphs of a diverse cast of characters and compels you to care about them deeply. The Children’s Blizzard has a pulse-pounding pace, a giant heart, and a sweep as wide as the prairie itself.” Website : https://gobookmart.com--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/gobookmart-review/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/gobookmart-review/support


23 Feb 2021

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Melanie Benjamin (1/15/2021) Inside the Writer's Studio Episode #73

Inside the Writer's Studio

Back from the holidays, Charlie talks with historical novelist and NYT bestseller Melanie Benjamin about her new book The Children's Blizzard. They discuss historical research, cultural portrayal, connecting historical characters to contemporary issues, and just how cold it can get on the Great Plains.


15 Jan 2021

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Melanie Benjamin: The Children's Blizzard

Bookreporter Talks To

Melanie Benjamin, the New York Times bestselling author of Mistress of the Ritz and The Swans of Fifth Avenue, returns to our podcast and video series to discuss her new novel, The Children's Blizzard. This blizzard, so named in 1888, provides the backdrop for the book, and  gives readers insight into what happened in the Dakota Territory on that fateful day 133 years ago.  The book is framed around the story of two sisters who were young school teachers on the day of the storm. Students headed to class on a winter morning that was more mild than usual, but a blizzard then struck without warning. The schoolteachers, teen girls not much older than the children themselves, were forced to make survival decisions that could mean life or death for the children in their classes. Pulling from research into the historical stories of survivors, the novel plunges you into both the danger of the blizzard itself and its aftermath, which changes the lives of those who were in its path. Melanie also explores the migration west, which often brought immigrants to make this journey looking for a promised land and the struggles that they encountered  They explore Melanie’s research and the level of realism at play in the novel, referencing the deeply personal stories Melanie was able to explore, which are so often lost in history books. Melanie shares how the people in this book relate to her own life, and the sources of inspiration that led her to write this book. Books discussed in this episode: The Children's Blizzard by Melanie Benjamin Sign up for the weekly Bookreporter.com newsletter here FOLLOW US Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bookreporter Website: https://www.bookreporter.com Audio excerpted courtesy Penguin Random House Audio from The Children's Blizzard by Melanie Benjamin, narrated by Cassandra Campbell.

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12 Jan 2021

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Kicking off 2021 with Melanie Benjamin

Wine, Women and Words

Historical fiction author Melanie Benjamin returns to discuss her newest book "The Children's Blizzard," based on the 1888 Schoolhouse Blizzard in the Northwest Plains.  Be sure to check out our shop on Bookshop.org to be able to help support independent bookstores and this podcast. Check our 'Featured Books' shelf for "The Children's Blizzard" You can find our book of the month, "The Arctic Fury," in our 'Book of the Month' shop! 


11 Jan 2021

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EPISODE 8: A Conversation with Cedar Hill ISD Director of Athletics Melanie Benjamin

Horns Up Half Hour

Melanie Benjamin was promoted to Director of Athletics last spring, after serving as Interim Director of Athletics. She's faced challenges that none of her predecessors have in the past, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Benjamin discusses the measures that CHISD Athletics has taken with regards to COVID-19. We also discuss the various CHISD Fall Athletic Programs and the CHISD Alumni who are excelling at the collegiate level.


15 Oct 2020

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"Die Königin des Ritz" von Melanie Benjamin

WDR 4 Bücher

Das Ritz ist wie ein Paradies. "Denn im Ritz kann einem nichts Schlimmes passieren", schreibt Melanie Benjamin. "Kaum betritt man das Ritz, atmet man ein wenig freier. Autor: Keim Schmitz


6 Oct 2020

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Melanie Benjamin - Femei de Oscar, lansare de carte

Humanitas Podcast

Lansarea romanului „Femei de Oscar“ de Melanie Benjamin apărut la Humanitas Fiction alături de Irina Margareta Nistor, Simona Preda şi Denisa Comănescu.Autoarea bestsellerurilor internaționale Lebedele de pe Fifth Avenue și Soția aviatorului ne oferă un nou roman cuceritor care imaginează prietenia și parteneriatul creativ dintre două simboluri ale Hollywoodului. Legendele unei epoci – Mary Pickford, Frances Marion, Charlie Chaplin, Rudolph Valentino, Lillian Gish, Louis B. Mayer – prind viață altfel decât sub reclamele luminoase, devin mai umane, dar și mai seducătoare.Într-un univers dominat de bărbați, așa cum era Hollywoodul la începutul secolului XX, două femei visează nu doar la o carieră în cinema, ci și să schimbe gustul publicului, venind cu idei noi, îndrăznețe. Una joacă în filme de mare succes, cealaltă scrie scenarii și regizează. Lumea filmului le recunoaște talentul, le premiază cu Oscaruri și le consacră definitiv. Lumea reală se dovedește însă a fi mai puțin generoasă și le rezervă altfel de surprize.

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25 Jun 2020

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Melanie Benjamin – Best Selling Historicals

The Best in Mystery, Romance and Historicals

Melanie Benjamin’s historic fiction successfully combines romance with thriller plots and famous real life heroines, so its perhaps not surprising her books regularly grace the New York Times and USA Today best seller lists.Hi there, I’m your host Jenny Wheeler and today Melanie talks about her latest book Mistress of the Ritz, a World War II story based in the landmark Paris hotel taken over by the Nazis. It’s a love story and a suspense thriller all in one.Six things you’ll learn from this Joys of Binge Reading episode:Melanie's vital "second start" as a novelistOn being brutally honest about your workThe change from modern to historical fictionHollywood's "golden years" for womenHer podcast with fellow authorThe little know Brit she binge readsWhere to find Melanie Benjamin: Website:  https://melaniebenjamin.com/ Facebook:  Melaniebenjamin.author Twitter:  @MelanieBen Goodreads: Melanie BenjaminWhatfollows is a "near as" transcript of our conversation, not word forword but pretty close to it, with links to important mentions.Jenny Wheeler: But now here's Melanie. Hello there Melanie, and welcome to the show.It's great to have you with us. Melanie Benjamin: Well, thank you so much. I'm so happy to be here. Thanks forthinking of me, Jenny. Bestselling historical fiction author Melanie BenjaminJenny Wheeler: Melanie, you're a New York Times and USA Today best sellinghistorical fiction author. You've got foreign rights sold in a dozen countries.You sound as if you're really at the top of your game, but was there a OnceUpon a Time moment when you just knew you had to write fiction? How did it allstart? Never like 'in the movies'Melanie Benjamin: Yes. It's never quite like it is in a book or a movie.  Just one moment. No, it's never quite likethat.  You know, I came to this fairlylate in my life. I didn't even consider being a writer until I was nearing 40.It's a long time ago.  My first love wastheater and I really wanted to pursue an acting career, which was not supportedby my family. So that led to a lot of anxiety about dropping out of college andrunning out, wanting to go off and do my theater and pursue my acting.And it was just kind of a muddle. And thenI get married. And then I had children very young and I did a stay at home momthing and the - what we call the PTA up here - the Parent Teacher Associationpresident thing.  But I wasn't veryhappy. However, I was always a reader, although I had never considered writingas a career.It was just something that came verynaturally to me and helped me through all my years in college and highschool.  Writing was always an easy thingfor me. A dear friend of mine said. -  Iwas coming up on my 40th birthday - and she said,” you know, I always thoughtyou'd be a writer.” And to this day, she doesn't know why she said that.A light bulb momentBut when she did say it was like a littlelight bulb went off over my head. Certainly I was a very articulate, highlyverbal person. I lived in my head a lot. I pretended a lot. I was a hugereader. And so I set out to start to write, and I wrote a couple of littleessays that got me a column in a parenting magazine.And then I wrote a short story that went tocontest. That was just a dangerous enough amount of success to keep megoing.  I thought if I was going to be awriter, to me that meant writing novels, because I do love novels. That's mypreferred form of reading. Although I do read a lot of nonfiction as well.But to me, being an author meant writing anovel. And so that started me on the path of a lot of trial and error, oflittle successes and a lot of big failures. Until finally I was a novelist. Famous women, fascinating storiesJenny Wheeler: Fantastic. So now you've published six historical novels, and each one is focused on fascinating and sometimes very famous woman. You've done Babe Paley in The Swans of Fifth Avenue,


9 Mar 2020