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America’s Favorite Food Scientist: Dr. Taylor Wallace

Practically Healthy by Dr. Melina

This week on Practically Healthy, Dr. Melina is joined by her good friend and colleague and a man the Huffington Post called the "nation’s premier food and nutrition guru"...Dr. Taylor Wallace! Dr. Wallace is an actual food scientist and is an expert on food safety, supplements, and nutrition. Dr. Melina and Dr. Wallace explore how so many of us are often deficient in certain nutrients, such as magnesium and choline, and the unexpected negative health consequences. Dr. Wallace also share tips on choosing the right supplements (spoiler alert: you don't have to spend a fortune!) Did you know that 70% of Americans are deficient in magnesium? Listen in and find out what you can do to be as healthy as possible...from a practical standpoint! To learn more about Dr. Wallace and his work, visit: DrTaylorWallace.com


9 Mar 2022

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Paws 'n' Rec with Taylor Wallace

That Entrepreneur Show

Run, bike, swim, bark, grow. I'm a technologist turned small business owner and advocate. I support marketing and platform at Florida Funders, and I'm the owner of Paws 'n' Rec, Tampa's premier dog daycare and boarding company. Welcome, Taylor Wallace. Welcome to Day 8 of the Gasparilla Overload - Episode #182 on "That Entrepreneur ShowEach week since 2019, the founder of a company or brand shares what worked for them, what they needed to improve on, and all of their learning lessons along the way. Host Vincent A. Lanci got his first taste of entrepreneurship working for Wallace in Graduate School. I have over 10 years of experience building and managing creative teams on projects ranging from marketing and communications initiatives to production, mobile app development, blockchain dApp and protocol development, and investor relations. Nothing makes me happier than both building teams and getting my hands dirty as a writer, designer, and technologist. Wesbite: taywall.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/taylor-wallace-4087363b/About Paws 'n' Rec: Minimal or no yard space? Long work hours? Busy schedules? Many urban-living humans find it hard to provide their dogs with the level of physical, mental, and social stimulation that’s generally available to those in the suburbs.From compulsive barking and property destruction, to complaining neighbors and angry landlords, scenarios like these are far too common amongst city-dwelling dog owners.If this sounds familiar, then you need a pet care provider that not only keeps your dog happy, healthy, entertained, and out of trouble, but also matches your lifestyle. Introducing Paws ‘n’ Rec — the first membership-based doggy daycare adventure and overnight boarding solution developed specifically for urban-living humans and their furry family members.Wesbite: taywall.com Paws n Rec:  https://www.pawsnrec.com/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/taylor-wallace-4087363b/Listen to all episodes here: https://ThatEntrepreneurShow.Buzzsprout.comWebsite: https://www.VincentALanci.com/.For Digital Editing Inquiries and Potential Podcast Guests: Email: PodcastsByLanci@Gmail.comHost Name: Vincent A. LanciYouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCy0dil34Q5ILEuHgLVmfhXQInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/vincentalanciInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/thatentrepreneurshowFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThatEntrepreneurShowTwitter: twitter.com/PodcastsByLanciLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/thatentrepreneurshowAdventure by MusicbyAden | https://soundcloud.com/musicbyadenHappy | https://soundcloud.com/morning-kulishow/happy-background-music-no-copyright-fun-royalty-free-music-free-download


28 Jan 2022

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10: Talking to a Potential Mentor: Tips with Dr. Taylor Wallace


Jimmy and Julie have a blast talking with America’s Favorite Scientist, Dr. Taylor Wallace. Taylor shares practical tips and great advice for young professionals starting out on how to put yourself out there and grow your professional network - one lunch at a time.


2 Sep 2021

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The Truth Behind Industry-Funded Nutrition Research With Dr. Taylor Wallace

The CardioCast CoolDown

Before reading a nutrition study, it's important to check who is funding the research, and today's guest is going to explain why. Dr. Taylor Wallace is a food and nutrition scientist, CEO at the Think Healthy Group, and a Professor in the Department of Nutrition and Food Studies at George Mason University. His academic research interests are in the area of nutritional interventions to promote health, prevent health problems, and the onset of chronic disease. Dr. Wallace is editor of six academic textbooks, author of over 70 peer-reviewed manuscripts and book chapters, and author of the cookbook, Sizzling Science. The Huffington post calls him “the nation’s premier food and nutrition guru."Highlights Can we trust industry-funded research?The problem is not the diet but the way it’s done. Dr. Taylor Wallace’s opinion on vegan and vegetarian diets; more prone to osteoporosis because they do not consume dairy products, very low in protein, lack of B12 and iron.Why organic food is a great marketing scheme. According to studies, there is no real benefit from a nutritional perspective to consuming organic food.Are Genetically Modified Organisms in food good or bad?The interesting California Proposition 65 that requires companies to indicate whether the chemicals contained in their product are above the limits established in the Proposition 65’s list.Where we must inform ourselves so as not to receive contradictory and confusing nutritional information.Dr. Wallace says dietary supplements have beneficial effects, particularly on immune function and the prevention of infectious diseases.To learn more about Dr. Taylor Wallace, you can visit his website or follow him on Instagram.Check out the CardioCast App on the App Store or Play Store for the best beat-driven audio fitness classes featuring hit music from your favorite artists and expert coaches from America’s top fitness studios!Follow:Instagram: @cardiocastappFacebook: @cardiocastTwitter: @cardiocastWebsite: https://www.cardiocast.app/


8 Jul 2021

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Ep 03: Taylor Wallace

Just Women Talking Sh!t

In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing my beautiful friend, Taylor Wallace out of Texas, whom I originally met through a past MLM life.This self-made 7-figure powerhouse made her first 6 figures at 19 and hasn’t looked back since. We got to catch up on her journey as a single mom of three children, love life, business, health scare with cancer, and more. You don’t want to miss this exclusive interview with the one and only Taylor Sno Wallace. Want to start your own podcast but not sure where to start? Here’s what I use: https://www.buzzsprout.com/?referrer_id=1774013Follow Taylorwww.instagram.com/tswallace_www.facebook.com/dreamedtoreality Follow Jacquelynnwww.instagram.com/jacquelynncottenwww.facebook.com/jacquelynnrpilcher/ Enroll Now for 7-Week Group Coaching w/Jacquelynn Here: https://bit.ly/3dyHNX9Support the show (https://cash.app/app/ZWTBBZS)


2 Jul 2021

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Roaming the Earth with Drea Castro

In this episode, I interview Digital Nomad Taylor Wallace. She shares some of the struggles she had living this lifestyle and how she found balance. Show Notes:00:00Taylor reads an excerpt from her travels2:30 Taylor talks about the excerpt from her travels4:13Taylor defines what a digital nomad means4:43 Taylor shares with us what a regular day living her nomad life looks like8:37 Taylor shares how she defines traveling and the difference between being a digital nomad and traveling13:03Taylor shares the decision when she decided to become a digital nomadThe importance of finding a community so you can thrive20:53Taylor shares one of her fears when she had - The feeling of falling behind and how she dealt with that challenge24:51Taylor shares how she moved into the mindfulness space and her journey to moving into the importance of mindfulness as a digital nomad33:26Taylor’s most valuable thing she learned was that nothing is importantTaylor explains what this means to her37:19 Taylor shares her most dangerous moment she’s ever experienced while being a digital nomad - She shares a story in Mexico where her group of friends and their acquaintances almost got arrested.  44:13Taylor shares her most fulfilling moment on a Greek Island getting invited on a massive luxury yacht50:15 Taylor’s favorite place in the world is Japan and she shares some of her favorite locations and experiences53:19Taylor shares one piece of advice that she would give to her younger self.55:00Find Taylorwww.instagram.com/taylorwallacewww.thefitfounder.com


30 Mar 2021

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Taylor Wallace & Go Fast Campers - Episode 39

Off The Road Again

Ross & Chris welcome Taylor Wallace to the show. Taylor works for Go Fast Campers and talks to every customer! Taylor and his wife also own an AMC Eagle, a sweet Ford Bronco, and a new-to-them 2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty with the 7.3 Powerstroke. Taylor and his family relocated to Bozeman, Montana from Austin, Texas. He has since been exploring all the adventures that Montana has to offer.  Go Fast Campers makes over campers and tents that help you punch the escape button every chance you can. Their landmark product is an RTT that attaches to pickup beds. They also make a pickup deck system, Roof Top Tents, and now a Superlite version that weighs less than 80 lbs. 

1hr 3mins

14 Oct 2020

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Episode 6-Taylor Wallace


Photographers and Lighting Designers have a very interesting relationship.  Often times the two worlds clash, but not in this case! Taylor Wallace, of Alive Coverage is my guest this week.  He is a world class photographer in the concert industry, one who I call anytime I can, and helped build one of the most successful collectives of photographers/videographers in the business. We discuss how he got started, and how he and his team were able to set themselves apart in an ultra competitive aspect of live entertainment.  Support the show (https://venmo.com/Greg-Ellis)


21 Jul 2020

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Taylor Wallace - Cropster, Music and Life

Zack Lyman Podcast

Comedian Zack Lyman sits down with Taylor Wallace Music Producer and Musician and talks about Coffeefest, specialty coffee and music. Zack and Taylor have known each other for years from the coffee world. It was great hearing them catch up. Taylor Music IGInstagram.com/misterwonkamusicZack's IG Instagram.com/zacklymanpodcastALSO CHECK OUT THE ALL NEWZACKLYMANPODCAST.COM


1 Jul 2020

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How to be Tuned Into Yourself as a Digital Nomad with Taylor Wallace

Year Disrupted

How do you think about your goals? How do you feel confident about who you are and what you're working towards? In episode 22, we take a deep dive into mindset with Taylor Wallace.As we all know, living as a Digital Nomad is so much more than going on a sabbatical or extended vacation. While we've spent a lot of time discussing how to budget, how to work effectively, etc..., it's also super important to be aligned with who you are and what you want. In this episode, we talk to Taylor Wallace of The Fit Founder as she discusses how to be in tune with yourself. This not only helps you get the most out of your journey, but it also helps you get through the obstacles and the bad days. Check out Taylor here:https://www.thefitfounder.com/https://www.instagram.com/taylorwallace/

1hr 5mins

19 Jun 2020