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Historic Apples with Mark Richardson -A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach September 19, 2022


A collection of historic apples that was threatened by disease is having a second act at the New England Botanic Garden at Tower Hill in Boylston, Mass., where a three-year-long restoration of their orchard of 119 antique varieties has just... Read More ›


14 Sep 2022

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Mark Richardson

Off The Record

Listen to Off The Record Tues-Thurs 7pm-8pm on Today FM.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


27 May 2022

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34. Zen and the Art: Motorcycles, Maintenance, Pirsig, and Road Trips with Mark Richardson

On the Dogwatch

As we get into the warmer weather of spring, many of us On the Dogwatch will start to think of road trips. One of the many great things about these trips is that they can afford us time to think about our lives. There is no more iconic North American road trip than Robert Pirsig’s travels inZen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. On this Dogwatch, we have the pleasure to be joined by Mark Richardson, a longtime motorcycle and automotive writer, now writing for the Globe and Mail in Canada, who retraced Pirsig’s footsteps in Zen and Now: On the Trail of Robert Pirsig and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. In our conversation with Mark, we discuss how he decided to write his book on Pirsig, what he learned along the way, and how he thinks about Pirsig and the book now.Our feature today is the pump at the Wayside Rest Area where Pirsig stopped on the first leg of his journey on Highway 55 out of Minneapolis. Mark stopped at what seems certain to be the same stop around 2004 and pumped the pump himself. Just several days ago, I made my own trip to this small rest stop. Although the pavilion is still there, the pump has disappeared. So where is Pirsig’s pump? If you have any information about this let us know, as we are on the trail of this important historical object.


18 May 2022

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Mark Richardson: The man behind the act

Between Two Beers Podcast

Mark Richardson was a test batsman, who has gone on to become one of New Zealand’s most sought-after broadcasters.  He’s one of New Zealand’s best cricket commentators who's also been a host of the Crowd Goes Wild, Radio Sport breakfast, the Block, the AM Show and The Project.  In this episode we talk about dealing with fame, arguing with Jacinda Ardern on live TV, his grumpy man persona on the Crowd Goes Wild, the full story of *that* viral video where Stephen Fleming 'abuses' him, his slowest-loser running races after tests, his over-the-top celebration after taking his first, and only, test wicket, the realities of working on Breakfast TV, if he believes everything he says and much, much more.    This was a lot of fun and we had a ton of laughs across this one. Mark is such a complex, interesting, entertaining character and I hope we were able to showcase some of the ‘real’ Mark Richardson here.  Show notes | Episode 81 | Mark Richardson 1.28 Is Mark Richardson a podcast guy? 2.30 The time he and Grant Elliott nearly got beaten up on a golf course in Queenstown 8.20 The slowest man races 13.19 The Crowd Goes Wild 23.37 THAT interview with Stephen Fleming 31.02 Charting the broadcast journey: From CGW to The Block 39.11 The AM Show 49.51 Breakfast broadcasting and the work / life balance 53.56 “The best seat in the house”: watching Duncan Garner at work 55.51 Dealing with fame 58.32 What happened to the bowling? 1.02.22 The transformation into an opening test bat with help from Lance Cairns 1.11.28 Taking the wicket of Yousuf Youhana at 552/7 1.16.04 The cramp in India 1.21.28 Catching Shane Warne for 99 at the MCG 1.28.48 The mental strain of being Mark Richardson the international cricketer 1.31.57 Mark Richardson the cricket commentator 1.39.55 Facing express pace 1.46.22 Scoring a hundred at Lords 1.50.24 Emotion 1.52.06 Last words from Steven, Seamus and MarkSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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8 May 2022

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Mark Richardson: Find the good

Black Oxygen

Mark Richardson is the Founder and President of Unfinished Business. Unfinished Business, based in Madison, Wi, focuses on career coaching, DEI consulting, and talent recruitment. In this episode of Black Oxygen we discuss Mark’s journey to Wisconsin, the great resignation, and his journey through grief. He reminds us to, “find the good stuff during hard times.” #BlackOxygen #GrievingWhileBlack #BlackGrief #BlackInWisconsin #UnfinishedBusiness


25 Apr 2022

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Mark Richardson

What You Don't Know About...

From international cricketer to national broadcaster, Mark Richardson has lived quite a life! Carly sits down with one of Today FM's brand new hosts.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


11 Apr 2022

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Mark Richardson a volunteer at HousingNowTO

On The Way Home

Here is the write up for this week’s guest, Mark Richardson from HousingNowTO. Data plays a pivotal role in creating affordable housing. This week on the On The Way Home podcast, we are joined by Mark Richardson a volunteer at HousingNowTO, a pro-bono group of volunteers in Toronto who are leveraging data to improve Toronto’s delivery of new affordable housing. 


31 Mar 2022

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Ish Sodhi + Mark Richardson + Mulls Multi

The Sporting Rumble

Today on the show - another cricket special with Ish Sodhi from the Blackcaps and Mark Richardson who brings a new segment Riggers Triggers. John's got some more hot knives, Mulls has a multi and Nick has does a live client feedback survey. Heck of a show. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


17 Mar 2022

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Mission: DeFi EP 44 - Forgotten Bancor plans to become unforgettable? Nate Hindman & Mark Richardson detail the powerful Bancor 3 & much more.

Mission: DeFi

Bancor for most of DeFi is the forgotten pioneer that built the foundations of everything we have in DeFi. The first AMM sprung forth from an attempt at building localized niche currencies and after being passed over by some for other AMMs like Uniswap, the project continued to build and develop a better way. Now years later, they are set to reveal a new version of Bancor that could dramatically change the DeFi landscape again and they are determined to never be forgotten again.  Nate Hindman and Mark Richardson not only detail the massive sea change that Bancor is bringing to market in V3, but our discussion takes us to the core components of DeFi and how to do things better. Project Name: Bancor Project URL: https://bancor.network Project Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bancor Guest Names: Nate Hindman & Mark Richardson Guest Twitter: Nate -  https://twitter.com/NateHindman Mark - https://twitter.com/MBRichardson87 This is not financial advice. Nothing said on the show should be considered financial advice. This is just the opinions of Brad Nickel and his guests. None of us are financial advisors. Trading, participating, yield farming, liquidity pools, and all of DeFi and crypto is high risk and dangerous. If you decide to participate, do your own research. Never count on the research of others. We don't know what we are talking about and you can lose all your money. Never invest more than you can afford to lose, because you probably will lose it all. How Bancor began as a local currency company Morphed into AMM, because they had to have a way for the currencies to be able to be exchanged and to have liquidity How impermanent loss led to them developing single-sided liquidity providing with verion 2.1 Users are able to get out the same number of tokens they put inplus the LP fees Then they describe how it works.  Each pool has a common reserve asset in the pool which is Bancor's token BNT BNT is also an elastic supply token. Protocol owned liquidity 2.1 reduced the amount of liquidity allowed or capped it to make sure it was safe.  How the DAO decides the capped amount for each token The more mature the token, the more depth in the pool Their insurance policy is vested over 100 day so to protect yourself from impermanent loss, then you have to keep your funds in the entire time.  How their new version becomes composability Why the price of the token BNT is fairly stable and how much is trade-able Whether the volume of the exchange impacts the price Does the gambling addiction in Crypto impact the prices of tokens? Composability and smart tokens How Bancor pool tokens are immune to the type of price manipulation attacks experienced by Cream Finance.  Up only tokens as part of the system Can only go up or sideways  How volatility data has reduced the insurance/lockup period to just a 7 day cool down for withdrawal. Omni pool for earnings from the entire network No limits on deposit amounts Staking rewards from partner projects Auto-compounding rewards Being deployed in 3 phases Phase 2 not yet public Superfluid liquidity - can generate fees from liquidity and strategies - can be internal and external to the protocol $400 million in ChainLink liquidity $LINK No having to decide between fees from trading or staking Chip on their shoulder from having been the first and forgotten Partners can also insure their own tokens to compensate for IL protection--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/missiondefi/support

1hr 51mins

4 Mar 2022

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ft. Mark Richardson - The Evolution of Digital Media & Marketing Strategy

The Data-Driven Marketer

Our guest this week is Mark Richardson, Special Program Manager at NetWise. He dropped by to talk about his background, how he landed at NetWise, and the evolution digital media, data-driven growth and marketing that we've all lived through. Show Notes & Transcript: https://www.netwisedata.com/blog/podcast-ft.-mark-richardson-the-evolution-of-digital-media-marketing-strategy Join the Data-Driven Marketer Discord: https://discord.gg/XtueptFubh More NetWise: Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin | Web I Blog+Newsletter--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/datadriven/message


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