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RSR310 - Jessica Thompson - Audio Restoration and Mastering From Tape and Vinyl

Recording Studio Rockstars

My guest today is Jessica Thompson a GRAMMY-nominated mastering and restoration engineer, audio preservation specialist, and educator. She has digitized, restored, and revived historic recordings for artists ranging from jazz pianist Erroll Garner to blues and folk revolutionary Barbara Dane, from Ethiopian keyboardist Hailu Mergia to proto punk band Jack Ruby, from anarcho-punk band Crucifix to synthesizer legend Pauline Anna Strom.   She masters music both new and old and has worked on records for Michael Daves, Flipsyde, Matthew McNeal, International Dub Ambassadors, Teno Afrika, Occurrence, and many more.  She sometimes writes gear reviews for Tape Op Magazine and contributed a chapter on "Mastering the Sonics of Historic Recording Media" for the book Music Preservation and Archiving Today.   She currently serves as President of the San Francisco Chapter of the Recording Academy. In her spare time, she likes to ride steel bikes and walk her dog, Eddie. Thanks so much to Ian Brennan for making our introduction! Get access to FREE mixing mini-course: http://MixMasterBundle.com THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS! https://RecordingStudioRockstars.com/Academy Use code ROCKSTAR to get 10% https://JZmic.com Use coupon ROCKSTARS to get 20% off The Pop Filter https://www.Spectra1964.com http://MacSales.com/Rockstars http://iZotope.com/Rockstars use code ROCK10 for 10% off https://carltatzdesign.com/Mixroom-Mentor http://UltimateMixingMasterclass.com Hear guests discography on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6kbid1aHWyvUO1fnACzR7a?si=3f602b0abcd3468d If you love the podcast, then please leave a review: https://RSRockstars.com/Review CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE SHOW NOTES AT: http://RSRockstars.com/310

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13 Aug 2021

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#507 Jessica Thompson: Human Evolution, and Our Impact on the Environment

The Dissenter

------------------Support the channel------------ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/thedissenter PayPal: paypal.me/thedissenter PayPal Subscription 1 Dollar: https://tinyurl.com/yb3acuuy PayPal Subscription 3 Dollars: https://tinyurl.com/ybn6bg9l PayPal Subscription 5 Dollars: https://tinyurl.com/ycmr9gpz PayPal Subscription 10 Dollars: https://tinyurl.com/y9r3fc9m PayPal Subscription 20 Dollars: https://tinyurl.com/y95uvkao This show is sponsored by Enlites, Learning & Development done differently. Check the website here: http://enlites.com/ Dr. Jessica Thompson is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Yale University. Dr. Thompson specializes in human evolution, and especially those aspects that can be revealed through the analysis of ancient animal bones found at archaeological sites (zooarchaeology). She leads the Malawi Ancient Lifeways and Peoples Project in Malawi, central Africa, where she has maintained a field site since 2009. This multidisciplinary work combines archaeological science, evolutionary theory, and hunter-gatherer ethnography to develop and interpret the first cultural and paleoenvironmental chronologies in the region that span the transition from the last Ice Age.  In this episode, we talk about human evolution and hunter-gatherer societies. We first talk about the Malawi Ancient Lifeways and Peoples Project. We then discuss several aspects of our evolution, including: our origins; what a modern human is; the so-called “cognitive revolution”; how the last Ice Age impacted our evolution; “race”, and its implications for medicine; and if modern hunter-gatherers are good models of the societies we evolved in. Finally, we discuss a recent paper on the environmental impact of anthropogenic fires, and how humans impacted their environments during our evolutionary history more generally, including the extinction of megafauna. -- A HUGE THANK YOU TO MY PATRONS/SUPPORTERS: KARIN LIETZCKE, ANN BLANCHETTE, PER HELGE LARSEN, LAU GUERREIRO, JERRY MULLER, HANS FREDRIK SUNDE, BERNARDO SEIXAS, HERBERT GINTIS, RUTGER VOS, RICARDO VLADIMIRO, CRAIG HEALY, OLAF ALEX, PHILIP KURIAN, JONATHAN VISSER, JAKOB KLINKBY, ADAM KESSEL, MATTHEW WHITINGBIRD, ARNAUD WOLFF, TIM HOLLOSY, HENRIK AHLENIUS, JOHN CONNORS, PAULINA BARREN, FILIP FORS CONNOLLY, DAN DEMETRIOU, ROBERT WINDHAGER, RUI INACIO, ARTHUR KOH, ZOOP, MARCO NEVES, COLIN HOLBROOK, SUSAN PINKER, THOMAS TRUMBLE, PABLO SANTURBANO, SIMON COLUMBUS, PHIL KAVANAGH, JORGE ESPINHA, CORY CLARK, MARK BLYTH, ROBERTO INGUANZO, MIKKEL STORMYR, ERIC NEURMANN, SAMUEL ANDREEFF, FRANCIS FORDE, TIAGO NUNES, BERNARD HUGUENEY, ALEXANDER DANNBAUER, OMARI HICKSON, FERGAL CUSSEN, YEVHEN BODRENKO, HAL HERZOG, NUNO MACHADO, DON ROSS, JONATHAN LEIBRANT, JOÃO LINHARES, OZLEM BULUT, NATHAN NGUYEN, STANTON T, SAMUEL CORREA, ERIK HAINES, MARK SMITH, J.W., JOÃO EIRA, TOM HUMMEL, SARDUS FRANCE, DAVID SLOAN WILSON, YACILA DEZA-ARAUJO, IDAN SOLON, ROMAIN ROCH, DMITRY GRIGORYEV, TOM ROTH, DIEGO LONDOÑO CORREA, YANICK PUNTER, ADANER USMANI, CHARLOTTE BLEASE, NICOLE BARBARO, ADAM HUNT, PAWEL OSTASZEWSKI, AL ORTIZ, NELLEKE BAK, KATHRINE AND PATRICK TOBIN, GUY MADISON, GARY G HELLMANN, SAIMA AFZAL, ADRIAN JAEGGI, NICK GOLDEN, PAULO TOLENTINO, JOÃO BARBOSA, JULIAN PRICE, AND EDWARD HALL! A SPECIAL THANKS TO MY PRODUCERS, YZAR WEHBE, JIM FRANK, ŁUKASZ STAFINIAK, IAN GILLIGAN, LUIS CAYETANO, TOM VANEGDOM, CURTIS DIXON, BENEDIKT MUELLER, VEGA GIDEY, AND NIRUBAN BALACHANDRAN! AND TO MY EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS, MICHAL RUSIECKI, ROSEY, JAMES PRATT, MATTHEW LAVENDER, AND SERGIU CODREANU!!

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12 Aug 2021

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Jessica Thompson - Author and Speaker

The Craft

In this episode, Blake sits down with author and speaker, Jessica Thompson. They discuss how the encouragement of others, has helped her to keep writing, the ways in which individuals bring their many gifts together to serve the larger community, and how writing has shaped the way she thinks. The music in this episode is from Praise & Warships and Blake Flattley. SHOWNOTES: jessicathompson.co Support the 1517 podcast network. 1517.org REVIEW THE SHOW: bit.ly/The-Craft


4 Aug 2021

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BI 110 Catherine Stinson and Jessica Thompson: Neuro-AI Explanation

Brain Inspired

Catherine, Jess, and I use some of the ideas from their recent papers to discuss how different types of explanations in neuroscience and AI could be unified into explanations of intelligence, natural or artificial. Catherine has written about how models are related to the target system they are built to explain. She suggests both the model and the target system should be considered as instantiations of a specific kind of phenomenon, and explanation is a product of relating the model and the target system to that specific aspect they both share. Jess has suggested we shift our focus of explanation from objects - like a brain area or a deep learning model - to the shared class of phenomenon performed by those objects. Doing so may help bridge the gap between the different forms of explanation currently used in neuroscience and AI. We also discuss Henk de Regt's conception of scientific understanding and its relation to explanation (they're different!), and plenty more. Catherine's website.Jessica's blog.Twitter: Jess: @tsonj.Related papersFrom Implausible Artificial Neurons to Idealized Cognitive Models: Rebooting Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence - CatherineForms of explanation and understanding for neuroscience and artificial intelligence - JessJess is a postdoc in Chris Summerfield's lab, and Chris and San Gershman were on a recent episode.Understanding Scientific Understanding by Henk de Regt. Timestamps:0:00 - Intro11:11 - Background and approaches27:00 - Understanding distinct from explanation36:00 - Explanations as programs (early explanation)40:42 - Explaining classes of phenomena52:05 - Constitutive (neuro) vs. etiological (AI) explanations1:04:04 - Do nonphysical objects count for explanation?1:10:51 - Advice for early philosopher/scientists

1hr 25mins

6 Jul 2021

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WCA #338 with Jessica Thompson - Backup Strategies, File Management, Spending Money To Make Money, and Silver Linings

Working Class Audio

My guest today is GRAMMY-nominated mastering and restoration engineer, audio preservationist, and educator Jessica Thompson. Jessica originally appeared on WCA in episode #080, and I'm thrilled to have her back on the show to talk about backup strategies for audio, restoration, some gear talk, and changes in her new studio she is planning at her house. In this episode, we discuss: Admin Work Archiving Formats File Management Backup Strategies Working From Home Data Tape Restore DAT Tapes  Modular Digital Multitracks COVID Work Challenges Silver Linings Building A Home Studio The John Cuniberti ATR Spending Money To Make Money Gear Backup Buddies Zynaptic  Bettermaker EQ Weiss Mastering Turntables Audeze Headphones Future Formats Links and Show Notes Jessica's Site: https://www.jessicathompsonaudio.com/ Jessica on Instagram: @jathompso/ Jessica's Previous Episode: WCA #080 WCA on Instagram: @working_class_audio Connect with Matt on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mattboudreau/ Current sponsors & promos: https://bit.ly/2WmKbFw Credits Guest: Jessica Thompson Host: Matt Boudreau  Engineer: Matt Boudreau Producer: Matt Boudreau Editing: Anne-Marie Pleau & Matt Boudreau WCA Theme Music: Cliff Truesdell  Announcer: Chuck Smith Additional Music: The License Lab

1hr 4mins

7 Jun 2021

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Politics of Poetry - David Eggleton, Jessica Thompson Carr, Fiona Farrell - Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival 2021

Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival 2021

For centuries, poetry has played an important role in both recording cultural events and reflecting the mood of the people. David Eggleton, Jessica Thompson Carr, and Fiona Farrell will share perspectives on the politics inherent in poetry. Chaired by Emma Neale, they will examine the way poetry enables debate, and how it can subvert and challenge societal views to effect change.


27 May 2021

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The beauty of Ayurveda with Jessica Thompson

Wings Up Angels

Interested in learning more about Ayurveda???What a delight to chat with the beautiful Jessica Thompson who is so passionate and knowledgable about Ayurveda!!Jess also leads us through making her daily morning elixir drink!!Jess is an Ayurvedic consultant with a diploma in Ayurvedic lifestyle consultation. I have had one of her massage treatments before and it was HEAVENLY!! I have also had a consultation with Jess to find out my constitution and get some great tips to balance my body, mind and soul!You can contact Jess Insta: @theayurvedaguideWebsite: www.theayurvedaguide.com.auEmail jessica@theayurvedaguide.com.au Jess is currently offering private consultations in Ayurvedic lifestyle and diet as well as therapeutic body treatments. THIS IS OUR BIGGEST GIVEAWAY YET!!!PRIZE: 🔥WIN a blissful three hour ayurvedic massage and shirodhara treatment at my clinic in Albert Park  OR, if not in Melbourne an online Ayurvedic consultation (2 hours) to discuss your unique constitution, understand your imbalances and guide diet and lifestyle changes for optimal health and radiant wellbeing AND a package of goodies handmade with love the ayurvedic way including ghee, chai and copper tongue scraper. Both prizes valued at $230.🔥Head over to @wingsupangels on Instagram to enter the comp!!!


28 Mar 2021

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Jessica Thompson: The Difference Between Worry and Anxiety

Davidson Day Community Podcast

In this episode of the Davidson Day Community Podcast, Head of School Pete Moore interviews School Counselor Jessica Thompson. Jessica earned a Master of the Arts in professional counseling from Liberty University and is currently completing a Doctorate in Community Counseling. She’s worked with a wide range of families and young people as a counselor and therapist, and beyond her impressive career as a counselor, Jessica is a former competitive dancer and current dance instructor who works with children from two years old through 12th Grade. In this episode, Jessica discusses the difference between worry, stress, and anxiety, suggests how parents can help their children navigate normal social pain, and shares actionable tips that parents can take and put into practice this week to cultivate a nurturing, healthy family environment that allows children to foster resilience and navigate periods of high stress.

19 Jan 2021

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Psychology Posters – Jessica Thompson – Childhood Sexual Trauma and Repressed Memories: First Prospective Study of Its Kind

Fall 2020 Psychology Posters Author: Jessica Thompson Title: Childhood Sexual Trauma and Repressed Memories: First Prospective Study of Its Kind To access this video log in with your campus network login and password

18 Nov 2020

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Episode 38: Interview with Jessica Thompson

Worthy: Celebrating the Value of Women

Elyse and Eric interview author, speaker and daughter of Elyse, Jessica Thompson. She talks about growing up with Elyse as her mother and then we discuss her latest book How To Help Your Anxious Teen. 


19 Oct 2020