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Interview with ULA’s Tory Bruno

Aviation Week's Check 6 Podcast

The president and CEO of the United Launch Alliance (ULA) discusses the company’s upcoming first launch of the new Vulcan rocket, the impact of the Space Force and the future of space transportation. Tory Bruno touched on a number of topics in this wide-ranging interview with Aviation Week editors Jen DiMascio and Irene Klotz. Here is a guide to the discussion: 1:05 ULA Vulcan Centaur overview 2:05 Vulcan first launch 2:22 Blue Origin BE-4 engine is the Vulcan’s pacing item 2:52 Astrobotic Peregrine first commercial lunar lander 4:00 Peregrine mission will be delayed to 2022 5:18 BE-4 challenges 6:20 Vulcan tanking test and Pathfinder vehicle 7:24 Sierra Space mission 9:23 Atlas to continue National Security Space Phase 2 missions 12:05 Reaction to Government Accountability Office report 13:03 National Security Space Launch Phase 3 Technologies 17:13 Flying unpredictable orbits 19:28 How the Space Force has changed ULA operations 23:04 Advanced Cryogenic Evolved Stage reusability 25:42 Commercial applications for new upper stage capabilities 28:00 The logistics of getting and sustaining humans on the moon 29:16 How to get 20%-30% more payload to the moon 31:40 Will ULA remain a launch company? 32:36 Corporate responsibility in space 39:06 Launching into congested areas of space 41:58 Integrated air and space traffic management 43:35 Is there a limit to space traffic? 49:04 Where ULA puts its space junk 51:40 What are ULA’s new big problems?


24 Jun 2021

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Leadership in Space: Episode 1 - Tory Bruno, ULA

Deep Space Podcast

We are launching our Deep Space Podcast’s Leadership in Space series. This week, United Launch Alliance President and CEO Tory Bruno joins the Coalition for Deep Space Exploration’s Christen Kapavik and Jamil Castillo for a conversation about the qualities that he considers to be fundamental in a leader, especially when working in a challenging and visionary field such as space. Tory also touches on what he would like his and his company’s legacy to be, and highlights the importance of developing humanity’s potential in space as well as of using space to be better custodians of our own planet.


8 Mar 2021

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Tory Bruno, Friday, 10-23-20

The Space Show

We welcomed back to the show Tory Bruno, CEO of ULA. Our discussion included many listener email questions and phone calls on a variety of ULA related topics. Please read the full summary of this program for this date,Friday, Oct. 23, 2020.

24 Oct 2020

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BSW Summer Series feat. Tory Bruno, President and CEO of United Launch Alliance



20 Jul 2020

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79 – Preparing for a Martian Launch (feat. Tory Bruno)

WeMartians Podcast

NASA’s Mars2020 Rover is set to launch this summer on an Atlas V rocket from the United Launch Alliance. But it is no trivial payload, and a lot of work goes into preparing a rocket for this kind of journey. ULA’s CEO Tory Bruno joins Jake to talk about those preparations as they get close to this historic mission. We talk Atlas V and Perseverance Atlas V assembly begins The Mars2020 Website NASA Perseverance Rover Twitter Follow Tory Tory on Twitter (@ToryBruno) ULA’s Website ULA Twitter (@ULALaunch) Follow Jake & WeMartians Website (www.wemartians.com) Patreon (www.patreon.com/wemartians) WeMartians Shop (shop.wemartians.com) Twitter (@we_martians) Jake’s Twitter (@JakeOnOrbit) Off-Nominal Podcast Most Recent Episode: 30 – There’s Always Money in the VAB Support WeMartians on Patreon Now Available – Season 4 Mission Patches Our season 4 mission patches are finally here! Celebrate our 4th season of podcasts with this awesome patch by artist Beth Kerner. We talk all about the design and its elements in our announcement blog post. You can get the new patch for $17USD with free shipping. Plus, if you missed last year’s patch, you can get both together for just $25USD while supplies last. Both patches are limited print runs so pick it up today and support not only WeMartians but a great independent space artist, too! Get your Mission Patch now! WeMartians theme music is “RetroFuture” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) and arranged by Jake Robins with Public Domain NASA audio and WeMartians interview samples. Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/


2 Jun 2020

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124. TORY BRUNO, CEO of United Launch Alliance discusses Vulcan Centaur

Your Online Coffee Break

ULA President & CEO Tory Bruno discusses the new Vulcan Centaur In this episode we welcome Tory Bruno, the president & CEO of United Launch Alliance. Tory joins us by phone to discuss how his interest in model rockets at the age of nine years old let to him pursuing a career in aerospace engineering,... The post 124. TORY BRUNO, CEO of United Launch Alliance discusses Vulcan Centaur appeared first on Your Online Coffee Break podcast.


17 May 2020

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15. TORY BRUNO, CEO of United Launch Alliance discusses Vulcan Centaur

Your Space Journey

ULA CEO Tory Bruno describes the upcoming Vulcan Centaur rocket In this episode we welcome Tory Bruno, the president & CEO of United Launch Alliance. Tory joins us by phone to discuss how his interest in model rockets at the age of nine years old let to him pursuing a career in aerospace engineering, beginning...


17 May 2020

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Making Leaders with Tory Bruno, President & CEO of United Launch Alliance


In this Making Leaders podcast, Robert Bell speaks with Tory Bruno, President & CEO of United Launch Alliance and one of the three inductees to the Space & Satellite Hall of Fame in 2020. Tory Bruno came to United Launch Alliance (ULA) in 2014 after a long career managing programs for some of the most advanced and powerful weapons systems in the American arsenal. As general manager of Lockheed Martin Strategic and Missile Defense Systems, he led a team of men and women responsible for the Navy’s Trident II D5 Fleet Ballistic Missile, the Air Force’s ICBM Reentry Systems and the Terminal High Area Altitude Defense System (THAAD). He managed a joint venture responsible for producing and safely maintaining the UK’s nuclear weapons and has engineered control systems for rockets and hypersonic weapons, for which he holds numerous patents. No words describe him better than Tom Wolfe’s famous phrase, “a steely-eyed missile man.”


11 May 2020

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Tory Bruno: Is There Really Money in Space Tourism?

Is This Really a Thing?

United Launch Alliance CEO Tory Bruno chats with Dean Paul Jarley on the state of space exploration. 50 years after the Apollo 11 moon landing, rocket launch technology has drastically improved and the prospect of commercial space travel is almost top of mind. Can space tourism really become the multi-billion dollar market that some expect it to be? And are Cape Canaveral and the Space Coast ready for the demand? Is space ready to be the final commercial frontier?Featured Guests Tory Bruno - CEO, United Launch AllianceEpisode Highlights 3:18 - How Tory Bruno became CEO of United Launch Alliance 5:48 - How United Launch Alliance came to be 8:42 - What's it like being involved in the space industry during such a competitive time? 12:36 - How much cheaper can rocket launches get? 13:34 - What kinds of companies could be most successful in utilizing space travel? 16:33 - When will humans live and work in space? Engage in space tourism? Get to Mars? 21:27 - What's the most important thing to know about the commercialization of space? 23:20 - Questions from the audience: Do you anticipate building things in space to avoid loss during launch? How do you see real property rights being involved in space? What's it like working with Blue Origin on the Vulcan engine? Have there been any attempts to develop insurance for spacecrafts? Does ULA have any plans to develop a heavy lift rocket? Where did you see the space industry headed when you started your career? Can you elaborate on the difference between components vs. propulsion? Why does ULA exist?34:35 - Dean Paul Jarley's final thoughtsEpisode TranscriptionPaul Jarley:                         There are certain moments in time that stay with you. I remember where I was 50 years ago today. I was 10 years old. I was on the beach at a lake near my hometown, clutching a radio, and listening to mission control. It was 4:18 in the afternoon when Neil Armstrong said-Neil Armstrong:                Tranquility Base, here. The eagle has landed.Paul Jarley:                         The beach erupted in applause.Paul Jarley:                         This show is all about separating hype from fundamental change. I'm Paul Jarley, Dean of the College of Business here at UCF. I've got lots of questions. To get answers, I'm talking to people with interesting insights into the future of business. Have you ever wondered, "Is this really a thing?" Onto our show.Paul Jarley:                         The race to the moon was a race to glory that brought a much needed boost to democratic capitalism in its Cold War with totalitarian communism. But this was not the first time a group of explorers had set out for glory and to assert the political power of a government patron. Christopher Columbus comes to mind. There what started out as a search for glory, quickly turned to commercial interests complete with conquistadors searching for gold and pirates looking to steal it. Colonization and wars followed. Will history repeat itself? Is space ready to be the final commercial frontier? If so, can space pirates and colonization be far behind? Listen into my conversation with Tory Bruno. He's CEO of United Launch Alliance. In other words, a rocket man. He spoke to a group of business and engineering students earlier this year in The Exchange.Paul Jarley:                         So how cool is that? So, for my engineering students, this is The Exchange. And the idea behind The Exchange is that we have a speaker in here every day talking to business students about careers, about their career path. About how they might become part of an industry, if that's what they're interested in doing. And today we have kind of a double purpose. So, for those of you who don't know me, I'm Paul Jarley, I'm Dean of the College of Business here. And my job is largely to think about what the college should look like five yea...


20 Jul 2019

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The Moon, Mars & Cowboy Hats: A Conversation With ULA’s Tory Bruno

Are We There Yet?

Tory Bruno. His social media presence is almost as large as the rockets he launches. He’s the CEO of United Launch Alliance, the rocket giant responsible for Delta and Atlas rockets. Recently, ULA launched NASA’s Parker Solar Probe on a mission to touch the sun, thanks to its Delta IV Heavy rocket ULA has sent more than a dozen missions to Mars, and early next year it will lift Boeing’s Commercial Crew capsule, the Starliner, into orbit. We sat down to talk the Atlas’ legacy, the commercial crew missions, and ULA’s next rocket: The Vulcan.


12 Oct 2018