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To Glorify God: Johannes Kepler

Unlocked: Daily Devotions for Teens

The science of astronomy studies the heavens—planets, moons, stars, and more. In 1571 a boy was born in Württemberg, Germany who became one of the most famous and influential scientists and astronomers of all time. His name was Johannes Kepler.Like many of us, Johannes was awed by the beauty and mystery of a clear starry night. As a young boy, he was fascinated with the sky and saw two things that made him want to know more: the great comet of 1577 and a lunar eclipse in 1580. He grew up in the church and soon believed that he was called by God to glorify Him as he studied His creation. Johannes studied many different disciplines, including mathematics, astronomy, and theology. He believed he could come to know God more fully by observing the things He had made. He felt he had a divine duty to explore and discover the nature of God’s creation and share it with others so they could give God the glory too.Johannes was the first scientist to correctly explain planetary motion. He also explained that ocean tides are caused by the moon. He was even the first to formulate eyeglasses specifically for nearsighted and farsighted people. But these are only a sample of his work; his list of accomplishments is long. Everything Johannes discovered, explained, or described in the world of science was for the glory of God. He said, “The wisdom of the Lord is infinite as are also His glory and His power.” We are still benefiting from Johannes Kepler’s faith and discoveries today. May we all stand in awe of the Lord like Johannes did. • Susan Sundwall• What mysteries in the heavens do you think still need to be explored?• How do new scientific discoveries about the universe make you feel about God?• How does learning about the universe help us stand in awe of Jesus? (Colossians 1:15-20)The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Psalm 19:1 (NIV)


28 Oct 2022

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HoP 395 - Music of the Spheres - Johannes Kepler

History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps

Johannes Kepler fuses Platonist philosophy with a modified version of Copernicus’ astronomy.


24 Apr 2022

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E43 | Johannes Kepler | உலகை மாற்றிய விஞ்ஞானிகள் | The Common Man Show by Abdul | Tamil

The Common Man

ஜோகன்னஸ் கெப்ளர் ஓர் கணிதவியலாளர். அறிவியல் புரட்சியில் முக்கியமான ஒருவர். இவர் ஒரு வானியலாளராக பெயர் பெற்றவர். இவர் எழுதிய Astronomia nova மற்றும் Harmonice Mundi ஆகிய நூல்களில் முன்வைக்கப்பட்ட கோள்களின் இயக்க விதிகளுக்காகப் பெரிதும் அறியப்பட்டவர். உலகை மாற்றிய விஞ்ஞானிகள் Presented by Abdul Credits, ஆசிரியர்: திரு. ஆயிஷா இரா. நடராசன் அவர்கள் வெளியீடு: பாரதி புத்தகாலயம்


12 Apr 2022

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Johannes Kepler - Die Harmonie der Welten


Er kommt aus einfachsten Verhältnissen und steigt auf zum profiliertesten theoretischen Astronomen seiner Zeit: Johannes Kepler. Sein Leben lang kämpft er für das kopernikanische Weltbild. Er hat zum Beispiel herausgefunden, dass sich die Planeten nicht auf Kreisen, sondern auf Ellipsen um die Sonne bewegen.Das Manuskript zur Folge gibt es HIER. Noch mehr Interesse an Geschichte? Dann empfehlen wir: ALLES GESCHICHTE - HISTORY VON RADIOWISSEN


17 Jan 2022

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Advancing Few Shot Learning with Johannes Kepler University // Anyline, Anytime

Anyline, Anytime.

In 2020, we partnered with Johannes Kepler University to pair a globally recognized research program with industry-leading data capture technology, all with the hope of taking big steps forward for the world of machine learning and mobile data capture.The areas in focus include Few Shot Learning and Transformer Engineering.   Both will have a large focus on machine learning, allowing for better mobile data capture solutions in industries around the world. We are joined by our research partner at JKU,  Hubert Ramsauer, a Ph.D. student who started his career as a Stone Mason! He will be joined by our very own Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Dmytro Kotsur. 


7 Mar 2021

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LWAG for Nov 15, 2020 - Johannes Kepler

Living with a Genius Daily

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15 Nov 2020

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What do I Need to Know About Johannes Kepler?

Astronomy Minute

A brief description of Johannes Kepler's main contributions to astronomy. 

28 Oct 2020

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Johannes Kepler: Trazando Elipses en el Cielo. A Ciencia Cierta 19/10/2020

A Ciencia Cierta

Johannes Kepler es sin duda uno de los grandes científicos de la Historia de la Ciencia. Vivió en plena Revolución Científica y sentó algunos de los pilares de la Ciencia Moderna.Sus famosas tres leyes acabaron por asentar la teoría heliocéntrica de Copérnico, dando el pistoletazo a la Astronomía moderna.A lo largo del programa desarrollamos en forma de tertulia sus aportaciones científicas y la complicada vida de este genio que cambió la forma que teníamos de ver el mundo.Todo ello de la mano de Ignacio Crespo, Luis Cortés Briñol y Carlos Pazos. Escucha el episodio completo en la app de iVoox, o descubre todo el catálogo de iVoox Originals

1hr 27mins

19 Oct 2020

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Third Anniversary Episode - Lessons for today from Johannes Kepler

Good Heavens! The Human Side of Astronomy

Johannes Kepler lived a remarkable life during equally remarkable times. On this special Third-Anniversary episode of Good Heavens, Wayne and Dan talk about Kepler‘s accomplishments and his character.  He lived during the Catholic Counter Reformation in a time when there was much superstition.  In spite of great hardship and personal loss Kepler influenced people away from superstition and made revolutionary discoveries about the planets.  Kepler's Mother was accused of witchcraft in a time when many women were being wrongly executed for witchcraft.  But Kepler did a legal defense of his Mother and eventually she was freed.  He demonstrated remarkable character and faith in difficult times.  Thank you to everyone for listening for 3 years! For more information on Kepler check out these links: Article by Wayne for this podcast https://creationanswers.net/biographies/SuperstitionToModernScience.htm Amazon link to Kitty Ferguson's book https://www.amazon.com/Tycho-Kepler-Kitty-Ferguson/dp/0802713904 Website about Daniel and Wayne's book, "The Story of the Cosmos" (2017):   https://thestoryofthecosmos.com/

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1 Oct 2020

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Astro History Ep.2 Johannes Kepler

The Terrible But Great Podcast hosted by Sarah Goldsmith

In this episode we discuss the life and discoveries of 16th Century Astronomer Johannes Kepler. The pre-discussion includes a 12-minute overview of the present astrology which is SUPER important so take a listen! Kepler had some key discoveries in the scientific revolution and is one of the most prominent historical figures in astrology. I speak about my understanding of his life and the importance of remembering his perspectives as we remember the past and relate it to modern-day astrology and spiritualism.  Books on Kepler: Kepler's Philosophy and the New Astronomy, Rhonda Martens  The Astronomer & the Witch: Johannes Kepler's Fight for his Mother, Ulinka Rublack  The Discovery of Kepler's Laws: The Interaction of Science, Philosophy and Religion, Job Kozhamthadam

1hr 1min

19 May 2020