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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Reed Brice. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Reed Brice, often where they are interviewed.

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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Reed Brice. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Reed Brice, often where they are interviewed.

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Wed. 9/9 - The Kardashians are Over and World of Wonder Conspiracies w/guest Reed Brice

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Cait talks about the cancellatino of KUWTK and her conspiracy theories as to why the show is ending. In the second half she’s joined by comedian Reed Brice (@thatdangdingus) to talk about World of Wonder and all things Drag Race!!!! Episode originally aired live on Twitch on Friday 9/4/2020.  Watch Hot and Rich: a show about celebrities! We’re live on www.twitch.tv/hotandrich every Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 4pm PT! You can also catch us on youtube! Full episodes uploaded here M/W/F. Like and subscribe and find us on any and ALL podcasting platforms as well! 
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Sep 10 2020 · 51mins
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3 - The Kids In The Hall (w/ Reed Brice)

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This week Abby is joined by comedian, podcaster, and mental health writer Reed Brice to talk about Gen X comedy's Canadian bad boys, The Kids in the Hall. Join us for a brief dissertation on gender, queer identity, mental health, how jokes work and why they matter. Y'know: simple stuff. 

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Guest: Reed Brice

Twitter: @ThatDangDingus

Instagram: @thatdangdingus

Host/Producer: Abby Wilde

Twitter: @AbbyWilde

Instagram: @AbbyWilde

Aug 17 2020 · 1hr 2mins

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"Chosen Family" with Reed Brice

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We are so grateful for comedian & trans man Reed Brice for opening up and sharing his transition story with us. Reed aims to speak openly and publicly so that other trans people can live their lives and not need to constantly explain themselves. Reed chats with Leah and Rachel about the spiritual journey of going through a second puberty, top surgery, coming out after the 2016 election, experiencing both male AND female orgasms, and finding his chosen family - and he does it all with honesty and humor. Listen in as Reed tells us how he was *found* in trans-lation. In closing, Leah and Rach give Reed (@thatdangdingus) a Goddess Oracle Card reading.

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Jul 31 2019 · 1hr 9mins
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Oscar Might Be Dead (w/ Reed Brice and Mike Spence)

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Oscar isn't here this week thanks to a scheduling mix caused by our intern Craigory (Mike Spence). So, Craigory sits in with us as we talk with the very straight and very human heir to The Irvine Corporation, Fertrand Irvine III (Reed Brice), about his foray into dark-money politics.



Jan 09 2019 · 53mins

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MGBB 11 - Reed Brice

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Reed Brice is a comedian and editor and all around cool person who has adhd and some other stuff and is also gay and trans. They came in off a rough day (who doesn't love being threatened with hate crime) and proceeded to have an incredibly open conversation with me about all kinds of stuff. I hope you enjoy this ep, it was one of my favorites to do!

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Jun 25 2018 · 2hr 4mins
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Gender Studies with Reed Brice! Transgender Science, LGBTQ Science, Hormonal Therapies, Confirmation Surgeries, Penis Transplants and Much More: Part 1 of 2!

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We talk to Reed Brice (@thatdangdingus), a very funny comedian and actor, who also happens to be a transgender man in the midst of their gender expression journey. We talk about gender confirmation and expression, and the complex spectrum of gender that is well documented in both science and religious history. We talk about exciting new breakthroughs in hormonal treatments, including a trans woman who was able to breastfeed her child; The first ever successful penis and scrotum transplant onto a cis-gender U.S. soldier; New studies about the complex relationship of nature vs nurture leading to one's sexual preferences. We get into some bathroom politics, and even onto dog head transplants and werewolves! This is part 1 of 2 of one of the most interesting episodes we've ever done. We hope you'll enjoy the discussion as much as we did!

Jun 19 2018 · 1hr 15mins