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Human Betterment by Design with Shashi Caan

The Color Authority™

Shashi Caan talks about the cultural color differences among the three continents that she has lived on, the application of color in architecture and her life mission to increase human betterment through color and design in the world.  From generation gaps to the main design principles to futurist thinking, Shashi Caan her passion for her profession sparks through the entire conversation. Shashi is all about collaboration and understanding what is going on in the world to find solutions to today's problems. Shashi Caan is a distinguished thought leader for architectural design internationally. As a practitioner, design educator and author, her dedication to furthering human betterment through and by design is reflected in her 30- year design career. Co-founder and leader of THE SC COLLECTIVE (2002), the inventively structured firm, Shashi is also the Co- founder and President of Globally We Design – GloWD (2015), an independent design futures think thank, through which her ReDesignEd Educators Forum facilitated the Universal Design Education Charter in 2018 and The Johannesburg Declaration in 2019. Shashi was formerly Associate Partner and Design Director with Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM), in New York and Chair of the Interior Design Department at Parsons, the New School for Design. In her service to industry capacity, Shashi also serves as Chief Executive Officer on the Executive Committee of International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) Executive Board. She is a former two-term President for the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) and has been recognized as a Fellow of the IFI and Fellow of Royal Society of the Arts, UK. She holds honorary fellowships from the Australian Institute of Designers, the British Institute of Interior Design, as well as the American Society of Interior Design. Amongst others, her past volunteer and executive board level service includes the US International Interior Design Association (IIDA) , NY’s Interiors Committee of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), and the United Nations Association (UNA). She was Contract Magazine’s US Designer of the Year (2004), granted the Golden Seat Architectural Master Award of China (2012), and appointed JDP Design Ambassador to Japan (2013), this amongst her many awards and accolades for design projects and design leadership across the world. With countless published writings, her seminal book, Rethinking Design and Interiors: Human Beings in the Built Environment (2011), has been translated into multiple languages. Thank you for listening! Follow us through our website or social media!https://www.thecolorauthority.com/podcasthttps://www.instagram.com/the_color_authority_/https://www.linkedin.com/company/78120219/admin/


6 Sep 2022

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Episode 189: Integrating and Optimizing Neurotechnology for the Betterment of Mankind

Heroes of Reality

- Patrick HilsbosPassionate about music, harmony and beauty… Patrick Hilsbos has deep experience in applying advanced neuroscience technology for transformative experiences with a proven successful track record serving Fortune 500 companies, leading universities and high-growth startups. He is the CEO and Founder of neuromore which empowers leading companies to integrate and optimize neurotechnology and AI – resulting in smarter experiences, applications and ecosystems. He is also a Neuroscience Advisor to BrainMind, a private community of top brain scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, philanthropists, and academic institutions collaborating to accelerate impactful innovation in brain science.

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26 Aug 2022

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Ep. 168 - The Best Robo-Advisor Investment - M1 Finance vs Betterment

The Good Financial Cents Show w/ Jeff Rose, CFP®

It is time for a Robo-Advisor Throwdown! We are looking at two heavyweights: M1 Finance v Betterment. I think these platforms are the two best options for beginners.  Anyone that is ready to start investing but isn’t sure how - one of these tools are best for you. 01:27 Why am I comparing these two platforms? 02:30 Platform information and stats 07:08 Account types offered by each platform 15:14 The fees involved 16:20 Additional features for each platform 18:59 Which platform do I declare the winner? Resources: https://wealthhackerlabs.com/ask/ Check out my YouTube channel here. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram. 


3 Jun 2022

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Episode 19 - Jon Stein, Betterment

From Start-Up to Grown-Up

Jon Stein is the Founder and Chairman of the Board at Betterment.Jon was the first person I interviewed for my book, From Start-Up to Grown-Up! We start at the beginning of his journey that led him to founding Betterment, then discuss how important culture is to the success of the company. Later on, we got into why he stepped down as CEO, and how he would end up finding his successor.To stay up to date on future episodes and learn more from Alisa, sign up for her newsletter!If you like what you hear, please subscribe to the podcast!Learn more about Jon's company, Betterment, at betterment.comFor more stories and advice on founders and CEOs, head to alisacohn.com

1hr 6mins

9 May 2022

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Betterment CMO Kim Rosenblum on Crafting Brand Love via a Common Enemy

The Future of Fandom

Today on The Future of Fandom, we craft brand love, find a common enemy and talk a little bit about SpongeBob. Together we'll explore how Betterment is setting up the next generation with a long-term investing focus, and building a fandom regardless, with our guest, their Chief Marketing Officer, Kim Rosenblum. Most folks in their 20s and 30s will deeply appreciate Kim's contributions as a leader at Viacom where she led creative for properties like Nickelodeon. That's what makes her journey into FinTech all the more fascinating. The perspective of a media style approach to building a community of investors is one not often seen, but I think you'll agree that many of its principles work incredibly well when it comes to influencing your financial choices. As someone who's had the pulse of the next generation since the '90s, Kim is in incredibly well-positioned to peer into the crystal ball and chat about what the leaders of this industry will need to do to stick. So let's do that now as we predict the future with Betterment and Kim Rosenblum. Check out The Future of Fandom, a podcast by LiveLike, wherever you get your podcasts. We hope that you become a fan! Join the podcast! https://livelike.com/podcast/ Learn more about LiveLike: https://livelike.com/ Follow on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/livelike/ Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/LiveLikeInc Hosted by Adam Conner. The Future of Fandom is powered by Authentic Avenue.


2 May 2022

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Learning to build up the things you love for the betterment of all

Rick Kogan

Founder and Executive Director at Interfaith Youth Core, Eboo Patel, joined Rick Kogan to discuss his new book, ‘We Need to Build: Field Notes for Diverse Democracy.’ The book addresses the idea of getting to know and gathering people from various backgrounds to come together and act upon a common goal. He discussed the lives of people like Jane Addams and John Lewis and their respective struggles. Patel then emphasized trying not to focus on the things you don’t love, but building on the things you do love. https://serve.castfire.com/audio/3949347/3949347_2022-05-02-002547.64kmono.mp3

2 May 2022

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Empowering Employees to Take Control of Their Finances with Betterment at Work

Better Benefits

In this episode, we chat with Kristen Carlisle, General Manager of Betterment at Work, on why they’re looking beyond the 401(k) to make it easier for small and mid-sized employers to offer more meaningful financial wellness benefits.To learn more about the show and Brella, visit https://www.joinbrella.com/podcast


21 Mar 2022

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Rapid Response: Invest in first principles, w/Sarah Levy, Betterment CEO

Masters of Scale

It may appear off-brand for Betterment, a digital investment adviser, to acquire a cryptocurrency investing platform. But CEO Sarah Levy explains that Betterment, positioned around its long-term diversification philosophy, has approached this volatile space with their tried-and-true principles top of mind. “Once we believe that an asset class is here to stay,” she says, “the question is: how do we responsibly incorporate that alongside a traditional investment strategy?” Levy, who became CEO in the midst of the pandemic, offers an intriguing perspective on how new, fast-moving digital finance platforms are shifting the norms of the industry. “We are not saddled with legacy businesses here that prevent us from chasing new dreams.”Read a transcript of this episode: https://mastersofscale.comSubscribe to the Masters of Scale weekly newsletter: http://eepurl.com/dlirtXSee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


24 Feb 2022

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Ep 18 w/ Akshay Bharadwaj - Structuring Gaming for Cognitive Betterment

Attitude Makeover

It gives me great pleasure to introduce Akshay Bharadwaj, my latest guest on The Attitude Makeover Show to talk about Structuring Gaming for Cognitive Betterment. Akshay is a good friend of mine, a great poker buddy and a wonderful photographer. The core of his work is in the gaming industry, currently serving as a GM at Zynga.In this conversation Akshay gears us up for the future of gaming or what he called the ‘Hyper Casual Gaming Space’. He gives us insight into the different types of user motivation, their various aspects and how they are taken into account by game designers to maximise user experience as measured by specific metrics. Akshay also delves into the role that gaming might play in academic learning in a manner that can solve deep-rooted learning problems in the education system.Through his eyes we see the full gamut of what evolution and revolution truly mean, not just in the gaming world but also in the way we pursue that which is meaningful to us!Do join us for the full episode!Check out Hubhopper Studio: https://studio.hubhopper.com-- Connect with Me --Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/attitudemakeover/?hl=enTwitter: https://twitter.com/sowjanyashettyVideo version of the podcast: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoH6BT-8HDiUsjeeVJQ0KTw

1hr 38mins

28 Jan 2022

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040. Karen Hewitt – For the Betterment of Those Around You

Grand Canyon Echoes

Grand Canyon Echoes welcomes Karen Hewitt, DTM, the 2021-2022 District 3 Program Quality Director. In this episode, Karen explains her current role in the district, her involvement with the District Speakers Bureau, and the reasons she joined Walkie Talkies and S.L.E.E.K Toastmasters. Karen is passionate about mentoring and leverages her Toastmasters skills to reach audiences with her compelling story of adversity and triumph. [Recorded August 17, 2021]


24 Oct 2021