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190. Bernard Williams: Ako sa nedať zotročiť morálkou

Pravidelná dávka

Morálka sa často chápe ako systém hodnôt, pravidiel a princípov, ktoré, ak sú správne nastavené, nám má pomôcť viesť dobrý život. Samozrejme, morálok existujú rôzne druhy, ale predpoklad je ten, že----more---- ak si vyberieme ako celá spoločnosť tú správnu, potom sa nám bude žiť dobre. A v tomto bode prichádza na scénu britský filozof Bernard Williams a do týchto pokojných vôd nášho morálneho jazierka hádže dosť veľký kameň. O Williamsovi som už hovoril v 99. dávke a v závere ju pripomeniem, ako skvelé pokračovanie ten dnešnej, ktorá bude kritická práve voči morálke: voči morálke ako morálnemu systému. Čo nám Williams ponúka je návod, ako sa morálkou nenechať zotročiť a ako vysvetlím už o chvíľu, sám ju prirovnáva k systému otrokárstva. Prečítajte si túto dávku aj ako článok na SME. Súvisiace dávky: PD#176: Nietzsche o troch premenách, https://bit.ly/davka176 PD#163: Mrav, etika a morálka, https://bit.ly/davka163 PD#99: Williams o integrite, https://bit.ly/davka99 PD#18: Emotivizmus,https://bit.ly/davka18 Použitá a odporúčaná literatúra: Bernard Williams, Ethics and the Limits of Philosophy (1985), London: Fontana. Sophie-Grace Chappell a Nicholas Smyth, “Bernard Williams”, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (2018), https://stanford.io/2X9imSc Bernard Williams, Utilitarianism: For and Against(1973), with J.J.C. Smart, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Bryan Magee in conversation with Bernard Williams on Linguistic Philosophy (BBC, 1977), https://bit.ly/2N5I09G Bryan Magee in conversation with Bernard Williams on Descartes (BBC, 1987), https://bit.ly/3jtkobj Paul Russell, „Bernard Williams: Ethics from a human point of view“ (2018), TLC, https://bit.ly/2O8ss1A Margaret Shea discusses Bernard Williams' “A Critique of Utilitarianism”, https://bit.ly/2YX6moH *** Staň sa našim patrónom/kou 👉 patreon.com/pravidelnadavka alebo nás podpor jednorazovo 👉  www.pravidelnadavka.sk / ďakujeme ❤️


8 Feb 2021

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Love (Part 2): How to Love in Such a Way to Satisfy Both Your Wife and Kant and perhaps Bernard Williams Too

On The Very Idea - A Philosophy Podcast

In this final part of a two part series on love, I look at a thought experiment by Bernard Williams in which he explores how a Kantian might react when explaining his motivation of why he should save his wife over others in a hypothetical drowning situation. Williams says such an explanation would leave the wife feeling quite cold and unloved. J David Velleman offers a reinterpretation of Kant that allows him to give him a more sweeter, tender explanation to his wife for choosing to save her all the while still fitting tightly into the Kantian framework. Basically, Velleman provides a Kantian construal of love that fits within his rational framework. I think its quite nice.


18 Sep 2020

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Where are they now "Monaco 16/17" and Bernard Williams "The Man who won Ligue 1 and also fought in a world war"

The Back Four Podcast

In this weeks episode we had a look back on the Monaco team that won the Ligue 1 title in 2016/2017 In Part Two we then had a look at Bernard Williams an Irishman who won the french league title twice and the scored in a french cup final for Sochaux in a win over StrasbourgIntro: 00:00-06:05Part One: 06:06-54:05Part Two: 54:06-1:02:28Please give us feedback and feel free to give us recommendations of what you want us to talk about. Social Media Pages!!Facebook: The Back Four PodcastInstagram: The Back Four PodcastTwitter: @thebackfourpod2Host: FiachraFiachratz (Instagram)@fiachrat (Twitter)Lewislewis_barlow96 (Instagram)@thelewisbarlow (Twitter)Seanseanmooney3 (Instagram)Zaczacpoostchi (Instagram)

1hr 2mins

2 May 2020

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Episode 78, Moral Luck (Part I - Bernard Williams)

The Panpsycast Philosophy Podcast

Imagine two possible worlds. In the first world, Andrew is driving home from an intimate dinner party with Olly and Jack. He has been enjoying a range of delicious cheeses and wines, despite being the designated driver. With the exception of Andrew’s singing, the drive is uneventful, and the party arrives home, safe and sound. In the second world, the same initial conditions apply. Andrew has enjoyed a plethora of gastronomic delights, and finds himself behind the wheel, singing without reservation. Driving through the familiar country roads, where sadly it has been known for deer to meet the paths of oncoming traffic, Andrew sees an unknown shape ahead. Too slow to react, the car strikes the figure, and Andrew feels the crunch of the object beneath his wheels. The following morning, Andrew switches on Radio 4: ‘Police are requesting any information the public might have relating to a hit and run on Country Road yesterday evening, where a 6-year-old boy unfortunately lost his life. Anybody with information relating to the event, believed to have occurred in the hours in which one could be expected to be travelling home from an intimate dinner party, should contact their local police station immediately’. Andrew realises that it was not a deer he hit with his car, and turns himself in to the police station. For Bernard Williams and Thomas Nagel, this is a classic case of moral luck. In both possible worlds, Andrew’s actions and intentions were the same. In the first, Andrew wakes up and continues with his life. In the second, we expect him to face up to fourteen years in prison. Our question: should we judge Andrew’s moral character any more harshly in the second case than the first - do they not deserve the same punishment? Contents Part I. Bernard Williams Part II. Thomas Nagel Part III. Further Analysis and Discussion Links Thomas Nagel, Moral Luck Bernard Williams, Moral Luck Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Moral Luck Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Moral Luck

1hr 1min

26 Apr 2020

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Museum of Social Justice Day with Rev. Gary Bernard Williams

public words project

Guest host Dr. Marla Parker interviews Rev. Gary Bernard Williams In honor of Black History Month.  If you would like to contact Rev. Williams here is a short link to his Facebook page: https://bit.ly/2NHLRpR  If you would like to visit the Museum of Social Justice here is their link, too:  https://www.museumofsocialjustice.org


4 Mar 2019

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Bernard Williams - Your Awareness Can Save Lives

200 Proof Life

For this episode, we’re trying something new. We usually tell the story of a guest. But for this episode, our guest is an expert who is helping us tell a much needed story - a story of the growing concern of a mental health crisis. We are talking about suicide prevention. Bernard Williams is the Coordinator of Suicide Prevention for the Veteran’s Health Administration, and he joined us to help inform us and our listeners about the resources available to us, things we can watch out for with our friends and family, and things we should avoid if we find ourselves talking to someone who has had or is having thoughts of suicide. We need to all be better prepared and able to support those around us who are struggling with mental health issues, and Bernard really helped us with tangible actions we can take. We’ll also share some statistics that will blow your mind. It’s a serious topic, but so important. We hope you find something helpful as you listen.


12 Dec 2018

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Bernard Williams on the Spell of Linguistic Philosophy

The Great Philosophers by Bryan Magee


14 Jun 2018

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Bernard Williams on Descartes

The Great Philosophers by Bryan Magee


14 Jun 2018

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Adrian Moore on Bernard Williams on Ethics

Philosophy Bites

Bernard Williams was one of the most brilliant philosophers of his generation. In this episode of the Philosophy Bites podcast Adrian Moore discusses his ideas about Ethics.  


23 Nov 2013

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LCandjack Live Interview with Bernard Williams

LCandjack Radio Show

LC and Bread's guest this week is Bernard Williams. If you don't know who he is you need to check out the show. He is behind some of the most famous black movies of all time. He has also written music for some of biggest legendary singers of all time. You will know who he is after this interview.

1hr 47mins

17 May 2011