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11. Motherhood Support in Postpartum & Beyond with Alexa Martinez

Worthy Mother Podcast

There seems to be a gap in care when it comes to motherhood. We go to so many prenatal doctor's appointments and classes pre-baby, and after the baby is born, there are all kinds of services to ensure that the little one is healthy and cared for. But what about care for the new mom? In this episode of The Worthy Mother Podcast, I talk with postpartum doula Alexa Martinez about the need for motherhood support in the postpartum period, and she shares what she is doing about it. In this episode, Alexa and I talk about:The gap in care in the postpartum periodSupport systems for momsPostpartum mental healthThe importance of sleep How modeling self care impacts our children A little about our guest: Alexa lives in Frisco, Texas with her husband and 3 year old son. She has her Master’s degree in nutrition and believes in a holistic approach, with plenty of room for balance and real life. After becoming a mom, Alexa suffered from severe postpartum depression and anxiety. She and her husband ended up sleep training their son around 6 months old, and the extra sleep and schedules helped a lot with her depression. She ended up getting her sleep training certification with a goal to help new moms with their sleep, but quickly realized sleep is only a part of what can help! She then got her postpartum doula certification and began her business a few months ago with the goal of supporting new moms in all aspects!To connect with Alexa, follow her on Instagram @mamamatterstoo_ .Follow along with The Worthy Mother Podcast on Instagram, and don’t forget to subscribe wherever you listen!  


20 Sep 2022

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112: LIVED EXPERIENCE is the key to quality content and connection | Alexa Martinez

The Content Queen Podcast

Your lived experiences are your expertise! So START sharing them online. People connect because of your energy, your experiences and your personality. It is time to think about how your experiences and stories can level up the way you create content!  So, that is what Alexa Martinez is on the podcast this week to talk about! She SHARES her amazing experiences online and it has changed the way she connects, builds authority, builds trust and genuine connections in her online business!  We came together to share the tips and advice you need to do the same!  If you LOVED the episode, make sure you share this on your Instagram stories and tag us @contentqueenmariah and @alexacoaches. KEY EPISODE TAKEAWAYS 👇 How your lived experiences are your expertise  How to use those experiences to connect  How to create content from your experiences  Tips and tricks to get started with sharing online SHOW RESOURCES 👇 CHECK OUT Alexa's Website - https://www.alexamartinezcoaching.com FOLLOW Alexa on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/alexacoaches/  WANT to tell YOUR unique story? You NEED this:  https://sales.contentqueenmariah.com/storytelling FREE content template for your strategy and goals - https://sales.contentqueenmariah.com/content-template CHECK out our templates and resources based membership - https://sales.contentqueenmariah.com/the-content-queen-membership CHECK out the blog for this episode (uploaded every Thursday) - www.contentqueenmariah.com/blog Join the FREE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY - https://www.facebook.com/groups/contentqueensandkings Find out more about how to WORK WITH US - www.contentqueenmariah.com Connect with us on INSTAGRAM - https://www.instagram.com/contentqueenmariah ABOUT THE GUEST Alexa Martinez is a Mindset Mentor and Business Coach living in Melbourne AUS. After launching her business from scratch in early 2020 in the midst of the pandemic, Alexa has now scaled that business and has coached over 100+ leaders and entrepreneurs to create a Mindset for MORE! Alexa works with INDUSTRY LEADERS AND FUTURE INDUSTRY LEADERS, RULE BREAKERS, THE ODD ONE OUT, THE ONES WHO DON’T LOOK THE PART, THE ONES WHO WANT TOO MUCH AND OUTSIDERS WHO KNOW THEY ARE MEANT FOR MORE… Alexa is a proud Woman of Color and Latina. She is passionate about leadership, mindset and money and works to create more inclusion within entrepreneurial spaces for POC to thrive and create wealth and abundance. If you like this episode, don't forget to share it to your Instagram stories and tag me @contentqueenmariah! Other than that, enjoy - chat next week 💕


14 Feb 2022

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Conscious Relationships w/ Alexa Martinez & Jordan Bowditch

ALT-love's podcast

On this episode I am joined with Alexa Martinez (aka thatsexchick) and her partner/fiance Jordan Maurice Bowditch (aka conscious.bro). This is a powerhouse couple when it comes to overcoming social conditioning and #RelationshipGoals. They are spiritual, realistic, and relatable. We talk about consciousness within oneself (ie who you are), your day to day life, sexually, and in relationships. They explain how they are able to make their relationship flourish from understanding that the other person is not their "everything" so they seek help and sounding boards with friends as well as their own coach, to having weekly relationship board meetings, to scheduling sex. Sometimes you just have to "fuck this out real quick to return the relationship back to neutral."


10 Jun 2021

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080 The Guest Show | Better Sex Will Improve Your Life, with Alexa Martinez

The Active Life Podcast

Welcome back to Episode  of The Active Life Podcast. Today on The Guest Show we have my friend and coach Lex Martinez. Lex is one of the most sought after sex coaches in the industry. Known as “That sex chick”, she makes sex education cool. Lex is a relationship coach and mentor, who helps expand and promote sexual exploration The world could be a much better place if everyone just improved their sex life. In this episode we discuss; Scheduling sex Avoiding awkward conversations with your partner Having kids and low energy Taboos  Different levels of intimacy  How to improve your relationship Connect with Lex Martinez Website: thatsexchick.com Instagram: @thatsexchick Are you ready to Turn Pro? Connect with us! Dr. Sean @DrSeanPastuch Active Life Professional @activelifeprofessional

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18 Mar 2021

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Alexa Martinez: Let’s Talk About SEX (FOF-15)

The Ashley Hann Show

This might easily be one of the most value-packed episodes I’ve had on the show yet. Alexa Martinez is a sex and relationship coach. Her mission is to show women what is possible in life: to have the love, sex, and relationships that don't just work, but that light you the f*%k up. She is here to create a safe space for women to explore a more fulfilled life, with deeper connections and a hell of a lot more fun in the process. In this juicy episode, you will learn: How she got into this work of being a sex coach and empowering women to shine light on their sexual shadows What "sex magic" is and how to use it to manifest your deepest desires (I LOVED this!) Tools that will support you in getting more out of your sexual experiences The 101 on sex toys and what her favorite starter toys are The lowdown on porn and the best ways to use it How to keep your relationship spicy, exciting and interesting How to tap into and talk about what really turns you on ...And so much more! "Fill your life with sex, literally. Have it tangible and accessible at all times and I promise you're creative energy and your imagination are going to vibe with it and new cool experiences will start to come up.”  -Alexa Martinez Screenshot your favorite part and post to your IG story tag me @ashley.hann and @thatsexchick so we can see and repost to our stories as well. Check-out Alexa’s website at www.thatsexchick.com/resources to download all the resources that she mentions during the episode. Learn your Erotic Blueprint by taking the quiz at https://s.surveyanyplace.com/eroticblueprint?rid=UID_cHboXhhzI&cookieUUID=2b56d143-6b84-4eab-aba5-6884494b875d Take the BDSM Test at https://bdsmtest.org/select-mode to discover what kind of sexual deviant are you Listen to her podcast if you want to dive more into this type of conversation at https://www.thatsexchick.com/podcast Are you ready to level up and become a fully-expressed, fully-activated Female On Fire? Go to www.femaleonfire.net now! If you find this episode valuable, please please be sure to leave a rating and review! My Website: www.ashleyhann.com Instagram: @ashley.hann Twitter: @itsashleyhann YouTube: @ashleyhann

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24 Feb 2021

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The (R)Evolution Podcast with Kevin Orosz

IT’S NOT A LACK OF LIBIDO DESIRE, SHE'S JUST BORED Connect with Alexa Martinez with the link BELOW! https://linktr.ee/thatsexchick Alexa Martinez Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alexa.nicole88 Connect with Kevin FB Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/kevinjorosz/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2HF4b1Vnnpf4No0gOIX3gg IG: https://www.instagram.com/kev_oroszlan/?hl=en Twitter: https://twitter.com/KevinOroszYoga?lang=en Join The Mailing List: https://kevinorosz.com/ Links To Other Platforms to tune in from: Listen to (R)Evolution on TuneIn http://tun.in/pjf16 Check out (R)Evolution with Kevin Orosz https://www.stitcher.com/s?fid=336579 Check out (R)Evolution on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/0z782QxD5erSHRPft5L2i0?si=jFYLfceSRy2b_dLZb0Ysnw Google Play Music https://play.google.com/music/m/Idwzqqs7ovw6np7hql7kpqrmgoa?t=REvolution_with_Kevin_Orosz

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17 Feb 2021

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Ep123 Sex For Self Work, Clubhouse And That Sex Chick Alexa Martinez

The Psychedelic Coach Podcast

Part Of 21 Days Of Transformation on Clubhouse https://www.thatsexchick.com/


14 Jan 2021

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46. How to Successfully Have a Relationship Board Meeting with Sex Coach, Alexa Martinez

Owning Your Sexual Self

The Relationship Board Meeting is something I stumbled across when I met Alexa Martinez last summer. This is a document she created to help individuals and couples map out what their week looks like in a way that leaves them feeling fulfilled by the end of it. As a sex coach herself, Alexa and her partner put their time and effort in to this in a way that is easy to digest and understand. If you don't already follow Alexa, she can be found on IG @thatsexchick. This episode we dive deep in to how to utilize a tool like this in your relationship- either with yourself of with a partner. From experience, I can say that at first this may feel awkward but I promise if you stick with it, it can be life changing. This covers everything from the weather, your cycle and next level pleasure rituals! You're in for a real treat here! A few resources mentioned in this- Grab your FREE Relationship Board Meeting Handout here- https://www.thatsexchick.com/resourcesWild Power (Book)- https://www.amazon.com/Wild-Power-Discover-Menstrual-Feminine/dp/1781807582/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3DW5I0WSP8J8Z&dchild=1&keywords=wild+power+alexandra+pope&qid=1610059645&s=books&sprefix=wild+power+%2Caps%2C158&sr=1-1Sex Magik Simplified- https://www.thatsexchick.com/podcast-episodes/that-sex-chick-x-ep-5Let's Connect!Instagram: @The_Rachel_MaineWebsite: https://linktr.ee/WellnessSexpertiseFacebook: @RachelMaineFacebook Group: Owning Your Sexual Self Email: therachelmaine@gmail.comSupport the showConnect with Rachel!Instagram: @The_Rachel_MaineWebsite: https://linktr.ee/WellnessSexpertiseFacebook: Rachel MaineEmail: therachelmaine@gmail.com


11 Jan 2021

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How You Can Transform Your Mindset and Life - With Alexa Martinez

Heart First

Have you ever wanted MORE from your life? You seem to have ticked a lot of boxes, yet you can’t shake the feeling that there must be more out there for you? If that’s the case, then this is the episode for you. Today we are chatting with Alexa, Career & Confidence Coach, and Mindset Expert. Alexa partners with womxn to clarify what they really want, transform their mindset and create lives they f*cking love! In this episode we go through Alexa’s journey from working a corporate job, to upping and leaving before even starting her business in an attempt to create MORE. In this juicy episode Alexa and I go through what to do when you feel like something is off in your life, how you can turn your fear into faith, why money is not the key to your fulfilment, expecting the good for yourself, and how your mindset IS KEY in creating a life you love. If you would like to reach out to Alexa head on over to her Instagram, or check out her website and her Mindset Course, Mindset For MORE. Come & say hi over on my Instagram at @Iamalexandreajay


12 Nov 2020

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BDSM: Orgasmic Consciousness with Alexa Martinez

The Kelli Show

Let’s talk about sex and BDSM with sex and relationship coach, Alexa Martinez! This conversation will expand your mind on where you can take pleasure and break any preconceived notions you may have about submission and dominance. Kelli and Alexa also talk about the shattering of identity and conditioning to reach more pleasure, how to begin working through sex shame, and what creates an orgasmic state of consciousness.Today on The Kelli Show:From cruise ships to sex coach - Alexa’s wild Saturn returnHow to create an orgasmic state of consciousnessSubmissive vs. dominant & where to begin with BDSMWhat comes after the shattering of your identity and beliefsHow to take responsibility for your pleasureNavigating sex shame & giving your body a beautiful experience This show is supported by:Organifi | Go to organifi.com/kellit and use the code KELLIT at checkout for 15% off.BetterHelp | This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp. If you are struggling, please go to (trybetterhelp.com/kelli) and receive 10% off your first month.Connect with Alexa:thatsexchick.com IG: @thatsexchickPodcast: That Sex ChickThis show is produced by Soulfire Productions

1hr 7mins

12 Nov 2020