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Electric Uncle Sam w/ Louis Ortega

Primus Tracks

We begin our Antipop excursion with the lead single that received a bit of radio play, but had no video or much of a promotional push behind it. Further, it's co-written and produced by Tom Morello, so is it truly a Primus tune? We discuss, debate, deride, deny, and finally, desist. Thanks to Louis Ortega of Rapscallion (@laprimustribute) for helping us with this track!


25 Oct 2021

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Puddin' Taine w/ Louis Ortega

Primus Tracks

Louis Ortega and his fretted six drop in to discuss this crusher of a track, aptly named Puddin' Taine, the greatest hype man this side of PT Barnum. Is that what Les Claypool was going for in the lyrics? We break it all down, Josh finds a cover version, and Frankie asks the deep questions about the darker side of the track. Plus, Soya drops some nuggets from the Brown Album tour. @primustracks on Instagram and Twitterprimustrackspod@gmail.com

1hr 1min

28 Jun 2021

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Professor Nutbutter's House Of Treats w/ Louis Ortega

Primus Tracks

Ahoy! Senior bass analyst Louis Ortega helps us kick off Tales From The Punchbowl in style with a breakdown of the complex, mysterious Professor Nutbutter, which eventually turns into some fanboy fawning (damn you, Primus!). We get into the music, the lyrics, and the expansion of the Nutbutter story that was exclusive to the Punchbowl Enhanced CD from 1996. Creeeepy!

1hr 2mins

18 Jan 2021

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Nature Boy w/ Louis Ortega

Primus Tracks

Nature Boy, an enigmatic track that delights and confounds when it rears its hydra heads in concert. Senior bass analyst Louis Ortega drops in to demonstrate its many memorable bass licks, and we all hail Tim Alexander for his transcendent drumming.


23 Oct 2020

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Tommy The Cat Part 2 w/ Louis Ortega

Primus Tracks

We bring it home for this monster Primus track with an examination of latter-day performances, lyrics, and a run through Frankie's favorite live Tommy moments. Plus, the Primus Mystery of the week!


9 Aug 2020

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Tommy The Cat Part 1 w/ Louis Ortega

Primus Tracks

PART ONE of TWO in which Josh, Frankie, and Senior Bass Analyst Louis Ortega discuss and deconstruct Tommy The Cat, perhaps the pinnacle of all Primus tracks. Louis demonstrates the many different interpretations of that legendary bass riff, and we take a trip through the history of the track up to 1997. Much more to come in Part Two. SAY BABY!


4 Aug 2020

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Frizzle Fry (w/ Louis Ortega!)

Primus Tracks

Louis Ortega joins Josh & Frankie to break down the musical elements of Frizzle Fry's title track, and helps us appreciate its complexities - he even bangs out some riffs on the bass guitar! Settle in and take some notes, because you'll learn a lot about this pinnacle Primus performance. @primustracks on Instagram and Twitter. Submit a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts and we'll read it on the show!


29 Apr 2020