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48 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Billy Idol. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Billy Idol, often where they are interviewed.

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48 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Billy Idol. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Billy Idol, often where they are interviewed.

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Rebel Yell - The History of Generation X and Billy Idol

Banned Biographies
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In late 1976, William Broad, a 21 year old university drop-out, and his friend John Towe, a shop assistant and drummer, replied to an advert to form a new band. In this band (Chelsea) they began working with Tony James and Gene October. However, James and Broad - now known as Billy Idol - soon outgrew Chelsea and formed their own band, Generation X.

Just days later, the pair, along with Towe and young guitarist Bob (Derwood) Andrews, took to the stage as headliners at The Roxy club, Covent Garden. It wasn't all plain sailing though, and four years later Idol struck out on his own to seek fame and fortune in the US.

Forty years on, Billy Idol remains a giant star in the rock firmament... and the other members of Generation X didn't do too badly over the years either, as you'll find out in this episode.


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Jun 26 2020

2hr 3mins


Billy Idol - "Strange Alchemy" - Episode 9

The ABC's of Rock Podcast
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Billy Idol is a rock and roll icon and his rollercoaster career is more nuanced than you may think. I select songs from his heyday period of the 80's, his tumultuous and uneven years in the 90's and his underrated comeback this millennium. Tune in for a some good time party rock with one of the greatest showman of all time.

As always I encourage you to legally purchase or stream your music. Buying physical media will always deepen your appreciation for it. I don't monetize this podcast because I do not own the rights to these songs. Please support all the artists that appear on The ABC's of Rock by purchasing their music.

Featured songs:

Come On, Come On
Blue Highway
The Right Way
Then The Night Comes
Super Overdrive
Save Me Now
Nothing To Fear
Whisky and Pills

Lyrics to original demo version of Blue Highway -

May 16 2020

1hr 3mins


Episode 4 - Journey, Kenny Loggins, Billy Idol, Ozzy, White Snake, Warrant, Poison

Who Approved These Lyrics
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Please leave us a review and comment wherever you listen to podcasts so more than just you can grapple with their rapidly impending mortality and some terrifyingly open-ended existentialism!


We know that any thoughtful person looking at life would come to the same conclusion: nothing has any inherent meaning, so you need to assign meaning to everything on your own.

Part of assigning meaning to life is examining what you consume through a critical eye. If there’s no good or bad, it’s up to you to decide on whether or not that potato chip you’re eating, that shoe you’re buying, or that song you’re listening to is any good.

With that philosophy in mind, we were listening to hair metal and nodding along to the beat one day when we stopped to listen to the lyrics and realized they were stupid as all heck. And we asked ourselves: Why were we enjoying something we find so objectively dumb?

That conversation rambled on into the night, and at the end we decided what every pair of mediocre white dudes decide after every conversation: “we should start a podcast about this.” And thus, Who Approved These Lyrics was born.

So, sit back, pop open a cold one, and enjoy The Who Approved These Lyrics podcast, brought to you by your own rapidly impending mortality and terrifyingly open-ended existentialism.


You can send us hate mail (or regular mail too, I guess), buy merch, request songs, and support the podcast through the links below.



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May 02 2020

1hr 7mins


146 - Dancing with Myself feat. "Billy Idol"

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The one about "Dancing with Myself," originally performed by Billy Idol. Featuring "Billy Idol."

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Apr 24 2020

2hr 4mins


Marisa Meltzer’s Excellent Book This Is Big and, Somehow, Billy Idol

A Thing or Two with Claire and Erica
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Geez, does Marisa Meltzer know how to get the wheels turning. We talk to her about her shiny new book This Is Big, which digs deep into dieting, wellness, feminism, body positivity, and the intersection of those topics—and also about friendship and snacks. Much to discuss, you see. But first! A truly odd (if entertaining) NYC campaign we didn’t want you to miss.

The linkage:

If you somehow want more on the Billy Never Idles campaign, well, here you go.

Read Marisa’s book, This Is Big: How the Founder of Weight Watchers Changed the World (and Me)! Do it!

Jean Nidetch’s NYT obit from 2015—and the whole Overlooked No More obit project.

A wonderful article Marisa wrote a while back for Elle about diets + feminism.

We enthusiastically endorse Katie Sturino’s Boob Sweat podcast. Marisa shouts-out this interview with CeCe Olisa in particular.

Let’s talk about SNACKS real quick: Graham crackers (with cream cheese, covered in chocolate, or as part of an #indoorsmore situation), The Daily Crave smoked gouda lentil chips, and Tapatio Doritos.

Produced by Dear Media

Apr 13 2020




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He was the punk rockin’ blonde spikey sex god of the 80’s, with a snarl and lip curl that made girls faint and boys imitate. But along with the swagger, he gave us some of the most anthemic pop rock anthems of the decade. Ladies and Gentlemen it’s time to rebel yell! BPM = 88 – 195 TRACKS: EYES WITHOUT A FACE (full length version) FLESH FOR FANTASY (below the belt mix) HOT IN THE CITY (exterminator mix) MONY MONY (idol/stevens mix) DON’T NEED A GUN (beyond meltdown mix) CRADLE OF LOVE (full length version) WHITE WEDDING (shot gun mix parts 1 & 2) SWEET SIXTEEN (mech’s melted candle mix) DANCING WITH MYSELF (dj beats) REBEL YELL (remix) For all your mechamix needs go to: THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE: THE OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE: THE OFFICIAL TWITTER PAGE: THE OFFICIAL MIXCLOUD PAGE: THE OFFICIAL INSTAGRAM PAGE: SPOTIFY: TUNE IN: APPLE PODCASTS: YOUTUBE: TEESPRING MERCH STORE: REDBUBBLE MERCH STORE: Also available through Google Podcasts #mechamix

Apr 09 2020



In the Trenches with Ryan Roxie Podcast - Steve Stevens - Billy Idol, Deadland Ritual, Vince Neil

In The Trenches With Ryan Roxie Podcast
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In the Trenches with Ryan Roxie is a podcast hosted by Alice Cooper Guitarist Ryan Roxie. The show features in depth conversations with the worlds hardest working musicians...the ones that grind, the ones that commit, the ones who make their dreams come the trenches.

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Ryan Roxie - Host

Robby Miller - Research Editor

Victor Chalfant - Video Editing/Web design/Social Media

Dave Rattenbury - Euro Team

Gustav Kronfelt - Graphics

Tess Faber - Intro Voice

Mitch Lafon - Executive Producer

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Mar 22 2020



White Wedding (Billy Idol) w/ Phil Feit- Episode 506

The Great Song Podcast
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It's a nice day to start again! This week we talk about Billy Idol's hit "White Wedding," its roots and origin, and overall awesomeness. Plus a special guest interview with Billy's bassist Phil Feit! Also in this episode:

- What do British rednecks sound like?

- Former Billy Idol bassist Phil Feit tells us about the song, beating out 75 other players to join Billy's band, and about studio and road life with early-80’s Billy Idol.

- Our biggest “I should have said something to this famous person” regrets

- “Play for the song; don’t play for yourself” and more of Phil Feit’s sage advice for burgeoning players

- Rob’s favorite movie and how it connects to “White Wedding” 

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Mar 11 2020



Episode 15: With A "Rebel Yell" - It's A Billy Idol Special!

The 80’s Montage
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Welcome to The 80's Montage! ( music, mateys and cool shit from the 80s) Your Hosts Jay Jovi & Sammy HardOn, singers from Australia's 80's tribute band Rewind 80's. We take you back to living in the 80's: music, artists, TV commercials and video clips. Episode 15: With A "Rebel Yell" - It's A Billy Idol Special! It's a ripper! Please rate, review and enjoy! Music licensed by APRA/AMCOS Theme music ©2019 M. Skerman see Facebook for links to videos & songs mentioned in this episode! Email: Rewind 80's Band : Facebook : the80smontagepodcast twitter: 80_montage instagram : the80smontage Dancing With Myself: White Wedding: War Veterans doing the Rebel Yell: Billy Idol Rebel Yell: Avon Commercial: 'Mony Mony': Shaddup Your Face: Thanks for listening The 80's Montage Crew!

Feb 06 2020

1hr 14mins


Billy Idol / Nicki Minaj and 2Chainz with Big Pink Drummer DJ B Rad (Bradford Lee Conroy)

Heroin Buttsex and Lord of the Rings
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Big Pink Drummer / DJ B Rad (Bradford Lee Conroy) needs a drum set big enough for a cave troll.

!!! Weigh in on NEXT WEEK’S SONGS !!!

Sweating Bullets - Megadeth

Groove Is in the Heart - Deee-Lite

Are these songs about Heroin? Buttsex? Or Lord of the Rings?

Leave us your message / argument 424-209-2071
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1. Eyes Without a Face - written by Billy Idol, Steve Stevens, 1984
Music video:
French New Wave film:

2. Beez in the Trap - Written by Nicki Minaj (Onika Maraj), Maurice Jordan, Tauheed Epps - 2011
Music Video:


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Jan 31 2020