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Matthew Paul Turner

@ Sea with Justin McRoberts

When Rachel Held Evans died, on May 4 of 2019, she left a significant m emotional and cultural void; one that was felt by her followers and readers but also one that was felt differently by those she was working alongside. See, Rachel was part of a whole tribe of persons working to establish and celebrate a new language for a generation of people of faith. In the long shadow of her passing, other members of the tribe felt a kind of witty responsibility to continue the legacy she was forging. Among those people was (and is) Matthew Paul Turner. when I met Matthew recently, he was quite literally surrounded by hundreds of copies of his most recent children’s book. As a New York Times best-selling children’s author, Matthew had taken on the particular and beautiful responsibility of finishing a children’s book project Rachel had begun before she passed. Entitled, “What Is God Like?” the book is less an effort to answer the question precisely and more an imaginative exploration of the possibilities that question presents; possibilities that might mean that there is room in God for everyone. It is a poignant and appropriate continuation of Rachel Held Evans‘s legacy. It is also a beautiful and powerful addition to the body of work Matthew Paul Turner is releasing into the world.I truly enjoyed my conversation with Matthew and I think you will too. Check it out


19 Aug 2021

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Believe in Doubt with Matthew Paul Turner

Wild Precious Life

Matthew Paul Turner was raised in a religious family and has spent his career authoring books about faith. However, in this episode, Annmarie and Matthew talk about the importance of uncertainty, questions, and doubt. Matthew reminds us that doubt and belief can work together as both children and adults grow in love, faith, and understanding.


19 Aug 2021

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Matthew Paul Turner

Emotional Duct Tape

We are joined by New York Times Bestselling author Matthew Paul Turner. He tells about his experience coming out as a gay man and the grief that came from living his truth. He tells us about reconciling the hurt he knew it would bring his wife, the mental undoing of damage from his religious background, and how his new book (co-authored by the now deceased Rachel Held Evans) helped him heal long before it was released. This was such a special conversation for us and we hope you enjoy it! Follow Matthew Paul Turner:Buy his new book "What is God Like?" here: https://amzn.to/3B7KclyTwitter: https://twitter.com/heymptInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/MatthewPaulTurner/ https://matthewpaulturner.com/ Follow Emotional Duct Tape at:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EmotionalDTPod/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emotionalducttapepodcast/ Tikok: https://www.tiktok.com/@emotionalducttapepodcast Email us with questions or comments at emotionalducttape@gmail.com


16 Jul 2021

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Rachel Held Evans and Matthew Paul Turner, What Is God Like?

CBF Conversations

Sponsors: The Center for Congregational Health, Baptist Seminary of Kentucky, and McAfee School of Theology's Doctor of Ministry program. Music from HookSounds.com


20 Jun 2021

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6/16/21 Matthew Paul Turner

WGTD's The Morning Show with Greg Berg

We speak with writer Matthew Paul Turner about his career as a Christian writer- and his most recent picture book for children, "What is God Like?", in which he completed the work begun by best-selling author Rachel Held Evans before her untimely death at the age of 37.  We also talk about Turner's experience of coming out as a gay man last summer.


16 Jun 2021

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Curiosity, Whimsey, and God’s Delight with Matthew Paul Turner

Uncommon [cast]

How do you talk to your kids or loved ones about God when you feel like you don't have all the answers? When you have big questions of your own? How about when the story books and church lessons don't seem to fit with what you know about faith, and God, and Jesus? Author Matthew Paul Turner began writing children's books because he faced those same challenges in talking to his own kids about God and faith. Listen in as we hear his story, and talk about some great ways to engage discussions of faith for our kids, and even ourselves! What if we weren't afraid of questions? What if we embraced the idea that God delights in us? What if we were curious? What if we stepped into a bit of whimsey? On a personal note, our whole team and our kids have been blessed by Matthew's books. We highly recommend them! And... We say it every time, but this was such a good convo!  Don't miss it. :)And don't miss Matthew's latest book: What is God Like? , co-written by the late Rachel Held Evans.Check out Matthew's other books at matthewpaulturner.comFind Matthew on social media @matthewpaulturnerSupport the show (https://uncommongoodsd.com/give)

1hr 19mins

14 Jun 2021

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Matthew Paul Turner on His New Book with Rachel Held Evans + How to Find a Good Therapist for Kids | Selfie Podcast Episode 174


Matthew Paul Turner joins us to talk about the new book he completed with our late friend Rachel Held Evans, and we chat about our memories of her. BJ gives advice on finding a good therapist for kids.  In this episode we also talk about: * What Is God Like? by Rachel Held Evans and Matthew Paul Turner * Jordans Skinny Syrups Sugar Free Blueberry Lavender * Sencha Green Tea Powder Decaf 30 Single Serving Packets * Anastasia Brow Freeze * Amazon Essentials Tech Tee 2-Pack

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2 Jun 2021

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Episode 166: Matthew Paul Turner - Teaching God to Our Kids

The Bible For Normal People

How should we talk to our kids about God and the Bible? On this episode, Matthew Paul Turner discusses the importance of allowing children the space to explore spirituality and ask questions about God.Show Notes →Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/the-bible-for-normal-people/donationsAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands


10 May 2021

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Matthew Paul Turner

A Bigger Table

Matthew Paul turner is the beloved children’s author of When God Made You, When God Made Light, All The Colors of Christmas, and more.  His upcoming book, What Is God Like? was co-written posthumously with Rachel Held Evans.  Check it out!


28 Apr 2021

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Beardcast for 11.12.2020 with Matthew Paul Turner

Bearded Theologians

This week on the Beardcast we sat down with author Matthew Paul Turner to talk about his new book. All the Colors of ChristmasFind the book on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/0525654143/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_rswRFbMBZA7PZConnect with the Bearded Theologians here: www.linktr.ee/Beardedtheologians


12 Nov 2020