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12. Waging Peace with Diana Oestreich

Sharon Says So

In this episode, Sharon is joined by bestselling author, former combat medic and fellow-Minnesotan Diana Oestreich. After being deployed to Iraq immediately following the 9/11 attacks, Diana faced the horrors of war and some of the most difficult moral decisions anyone could possibly imagine. However, after she was shown a heartwarming act of kindness and trust by an Iraqi woman, Diana’s life was changed forever. Her new mission: to bring humanity to an inhumane war. Upon returning home, Diana continued her mission of unconditional love and self-sacrifice in her own community. Diana and Sharon discuss the importance of loving and showing up for all people in-need regardless of their lifestyle, religion, political standing or race. In this moving and heartfelt episode, Sharon and Diana uncover exactly how we can grow into fiercely kind and unshakably good humans. For more information on this episode including all resources and links discussed go to https://www.sharonmcmahon.com/podcast


9 Aug 2021

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BTL 10 | Diana Oestreich | Beyond The Lines Ep. 10

Beyond The Lines

What does it mean to be a peacemaker? On this week's episode of the Beyond The Lines podcast we are joined by Author, Activist, and Peacemaker Diana Oestreich. Join us as she shows us what it looks like to wage peace and how the us versus them dynamic is a false choice.More from Diana: https://www.dianaoestreich.comSupport the show (https://www.centralaz.com/Give)


30 Jun 2021

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Episode 128: Waging Peace – with Diana Oestreich

Beyond 6 Seconds

TW/CW: War, violent imagery, PTSD Diana Oestreich is an activist, veteran, nurse, and relentless practitioner of peace. She is the founder of the Waging Peace Project, a movement activating everyday peacemakers to commit acts of courage for the sake of justice, rooted in relentless love. In her first book, “Waging Peace,” she shares her experience serving in Iraq as a combat medic and her choice to wage peace during wartime and after returning home. During this episode, Diana shares: What it was like being deployed at age 23 to the “War on Terror,” as part of the Army National Guard What her daily life was like in Iraq as a combat medic The critical moment of conflict between her faith in God and her duty as a soldier that changed her forever -- and compelled her to wage peace in a place of war How her friendship with a local Iraqi woman changed how she thought about the “enemy” The challenges she faced after returning home, and why she was silent for many years about her experiences in Iraq How she learned to wage peace at home in the face of racism, violence and fear -- and how we can all wage peace in our communities to make a more beautiful world possible You can learn more about Diana on her official website www.dianaoestreich.com, where you can buy an autographed copy of her book, “Waging Peace,” read her Waging Peace Manifesto and learn more about hosting a book club with Diana. Watch the video of this interview on YouTube! Subscribe to the FREE Beyond 6 Seconds newsletter for all the latest news and updates about my podcast! Click here for the episode transcript.


10 May 2021

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2020 Heroes Build Bridges Over Walls: Combat Vet Diana Oestreich

For The Love With Jen Hatmaker Podcast

2020 has shaken up so many of our beliefs. What’s normal? What’s safe? What does it look like for our families and our communities to thrive? These are life-changing questions, and today’s guest is someone who has been searching for the answers to these very questions for nearly two decades. Diana Oestreich was an American soldier in Iraq who received orders to keep her convoy rolling at all costs, even if children crossed her path. And in that gut-wrenching moment, Diana decided she couldn’t follow those orders, and she would fight for peace with sacrifice instead of bullets. Today Diana “wages peace” with love and justice alongside the organization Preemptive Love, and she and Jen talk about who the true heroes are, and how everything changes in our world when we choose to build bridges instead of walls. * Thank you to our sponsors! FabFitFun | Order your Winter box today! Use coupon code FTL for $10 off your first box at www.fabfitfun.com #fabfitfunpartner BetterHelp | Take care of your mental health this holiday season—get 10% off your first month at http://betterhelp.com/forthelove Stamps.com | Need to send out those Christmas cards? Get a 4-week trial, plus FREE postage and a digital scale at https://stamps.com with code FORTHELOVE Ancestry | So don’t miss special holiday pricing on truly meaningful gifts during the Holiday Sale! Head to ancestry.com/forthelove GIFT GUIDE ALERT Making your holiday gift list and checking it twice? Need more ideas for unique, useful, or doing-good gifts? Check out all the goodies on the 4th Annual Edition of Jen’s Favorite Things Holiday Gift Guide! ➤ https://bit.ly/JensFavoriteThings2020


24 Nov 2020

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S2E7: The 4:00 AM Combat Convoy Briefing: Diana Oestreich

Tokens with Lee C. Camp

Diana Oestreich, a combat veteran of the Iraq war, had a “desert experience” precipitated by her sergeant’s orders in a 4.00 a.m. combat convoy safety briefing. We discuss that story and the unfolding of her remarkable experiences deployed to a combat  zone, the exercise of a new kind of courage, and her new book entitled Waging Peace: One Soldier's Story of Putting Love FirstSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


5 Nov 2020

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Episode #19: Diana Oestreich - Fighting for Peace In A World Of Conflict

The Generation Distinct Podcast

In Episode #19, Author, Veteran & Peace Maker Diana Oestreich joins us to share how she chose to wage peace in a place of war. Torn between God's call to love her enemy and her country's command to be willing to kill, Diana sought to be a peacemaker--leading to an unlikely and beautiful friendship with an Iraqi family. Diana will expose the false divide between loving our country and living out our faith's call to love our enemies--whether we perceive our enemy as the neighbor with an opposing political viewpoint, the clerk wearing a head-covering, or the refugee from a war-torn country.


4 Nov 2020

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Diana Oestreich: Waging Peace

Amplify Peace: Creating a Better Story Together

DIANA OESTREICH IS A SOLDIER TURNED PEACEMAKER AND AUTHOR OF WAGING PEACE.She heard God’s call to love her enemies in the most unlikely place: on the battlefield of Iraq. Diana is an activist, veteran, sexual assault nurse, and the Key Relationships officer at Preemptive Love, a global relief organization working to end war. Speaking across the country she empowers us to identify our own rural, urban, political or religious divides to cross our own “enemy lines” in order to remake the world and heal all that’s tearing us apart.  She’s appeared on multiple podcasts and blogs discussing Justice, faith, peacemaking, refugees, anti-racism, activism with kids and how her posture of love shapes  how she parents and shows up for her neighbors.Diana, her partner Jake and their two sons, Bridger and Zelalem live along the shores of Lake Superior on  Ojibwe land. They are an Ethiopian-American family woven together through adoption and a shared love for bad jokes and competitive card games.Interviewed by Lisa Jernigan, hosted by Julie Bean.dianaoestreich.comamplifypeace.com/podcast@amplifypeace


17 Sep 2020

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Episode #11: Diana Oestreich - What Love Looks Like In Public

The Generation Distinct Podcast

Writer, Speaker and Key Relationships Officer at the Preemptive Love Coalition, Diana Oestreich joins us for a conversation on what love actually looks like in public. In this Episode, we'll dive deep into how to respond to the big issues we see invading our twitter feeds and news channels every day.


15 Apr 2019

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Diana Oestreich

Let's Give A Damn

This past weekend, my family and I attended a vigil in Nashville to mourn the loss of the 50 men, women, and children who died in their place of worship in New Zealand. Muslims, Jews, and Christians gathered together to comfort our Muslim brothers and sisters and also to re-commit to pursuing a peace-filled world together. It was beautiful.  There was a local muslim leader that led parts of the vigil. Towards the end, she shared some ideas for how non-muslims can help dispel the widespread fears surrounding Muslims and Islam—otherwise known as Islamophobia. I found her ideas helpful and I was glad to know that I was already doing some of them. And I look forward to finding ways to implement the others. Here are two of her ideas: Meet a Muslim. It’s important to get to know about Islam from a Muslim. If you don’t know any Muslims living around you (I guarantee most of you do), google your local mosque. I’ve been to a few mosques and I’ve always been welcomed with open arms. And I know they’d be happy to meet you and to help you learn more about Islam.  Partake in local activities led by Muslims. Muslims are very active in the community so I’m sure there will be many ways for you to get involved.  Let me know if you end up taking this advice seriously. I’d really love to know about budding relationships and partnerships happening amongst the Let’s Give A Damn family as a result fo this tragedy. My guest today is Diana Oestreich. My goodness, Diana, is amazing! She is a war veteran, a sexual assault nurse examiner, a justice advocate, a recovering racist, AND the Key Relationships Officer at Preemptive Love Coalition. Preemptive Love’s work stretches across Iraq, Syria, the United States, and beyond. They work together to unmake violence and create the more beautiful world their hearts know is possible. They literally go where no one else will go. They’re amazing.  Follow Diana on Instagram. Also, make sure you're following Preemptive Love on Instagram. You’re going to love the work they’re doing.  Follow Let’s Give A Damn on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter to keep up with all that is going on. We have so much planned for the coming months and we don’t want you to miss a thing! And if you want to follow our host Nick Laparra—Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter. Support Let’s Give A Damn by sharing $5/month with us on Patreon. 100% of the money you contribute will go to making more podcasts. Not a dime goes into our pockets! Or you can leave us a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts! Every little bit helps. Thanks for all your help. Have an amazing week, friends! Love y’all!


19 Mar 2019

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Episode 17- Diana Oestreich

Chicks Who Give a Hoot

In this episode, Diana Oestreich is sharing her powerful story of war and how it lead her to choose to fight for peace, inspiring us to show up for the things that matter. She's also sharing some of her experiences as a sexual assault nurse and how we can all be advocates for those who have been affected.


28 Apr 2017