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3rd Party Reproduction Is Not A Viable Option For Anyone | Guest: Katy Faust


After the right to life is secured and protected for the unborn child, the very next natural right that child has is a right to be raised by the two individuals responsible for their existence. This means that, like abortion, third-party reproduction is also a violation of children's rights. Unfortunately, many Christians don't agree and they often rely on various third-party reproductive "solutions" to fulfill their desires. Katy Faust is the founder and director of Them Before Us, an organization that advances social policies that encourage adults to put the rights of children before adult desires. She joins me today to discuss how third-party reproduction is objectively wrong and respond to common objections to her position. Katy's Article: Don't Celebrate The Buttigieg Twins' Mother-Loss Them Before Us: https://thembeforeus.com Date: 09/23/21 To help UnAborted create more pro-life content and take our content to the streets, become a Patron of the show at https://www.patreon.com/unaborted To help Seth reach more high school and college students through pro-life presentations around the country, become a monthly supporter at https://prolifetraining.com/donate/


23 Sep 2021

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2504. Pete & Chasten Buttigieg’s Adoption of Children – Katy Faust, 9/7/21

Issues, Etc.

Katy Faust of Them Before Us Don’t Celebrate the Buttigieg Twins’ Mother-Loss Them Before Us Them Before Us: Why We Need a Global Children’s Rights Movement


7 Sep 2021

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Katy Faust and Stacy Manning, "Them Before Us: Why We Need a Global Children’s Rights Movement" (Post Hill Press, 2021)

New Books in Law

Children have the right to be raised by both their mother and father. That used to be a noncontroversial idea. But no longer.In their eye-opening 2021 book, Them Before Us: Why We Need a Global Children's Rights Movement (Post Hill Press, 2021), Katy Faust and Stacy Manning examine how children have been damaged by such developments as no-fault divorce, marriage equality, and the largely unregulated fields of surrogacy and in-vitro-fertilization.They argue that in the quest for the satisfaction of the desires of adults (the “Us” of the title), children (the “Them” of the title) have been treated as afterthoughts and made into tiny cheerleaders for lifestyles that have deprived the child of either a father or a mother by design.The authors quote extensively from a broad range of now adult children of same-sex couples, surrogacy and children of “donors” of sperm or eggs—which are not usually donated but bought and paid for. These personal testimonies are heartbreaking and expose the cost to the children of these arrangements and technologies.One example from a woman conceived via egg donation:It bothers me that I cost money, that the one woman I want most in this life is a stranger yet 50 percent of me. Sometimes I wish I weren’t born. I didn’t ask for this, and I never would have consented to it.The child of a male same-sex couple says:My five-year-old brain could not understand why I didn’t have the mom that I suddenly desperately wanted. I felt the loss. I felt the hole. As I grew, I tried to fill that hole with aunts, my dads’ lesbian friends, and teachers. I remember asking my first-grade teacher if I could call her Mom. I asked that question of any woman who showed me any amount of love and affection. It was instinctive. I craved a mother’s love even though I was well loved by my two gay dads.This is an invaluable, gripping record in their own words of the trauma inflicted on children of this brave new world. They are moving documents that show the dark side of social and scientific changes that are often lauded as utterly desirable and unproblematic.Faust and Manning detail the repercussions of three categories of intentional parental loss: children who experienced divorce and abandonment, children with LGBT parents, and children born of surrogacy and via sperm and/or egg donation. They point out, for example, the startling contrast between adoption (heavily regulated) and surrogacy (basically, shockingly unregulated).This is an expose of historic importance. It should be read by anyone interested in the fields of bioethics, sociology, psychology, child development, law, public policy, gender studies and concerned about the fate of children born of reproductive technologies or raised intentionally without a mother or a father. The ramifications of these vast and sudden changes have not been addressed sufficiently or candidly outside of conservative scholarly circles.A crucial readership for this book is that of would-be parents considering having children outside of a traditional marriage or producing children via sperm or egg donation. Read what the children of such arrangements say of their lifelong pain and feelings of loss before you rush into a parenthood that cannot take place without intentional biological parent deprivation.We’ll talk today with Katy Faust, the founder and director of Them Before Us and the co-author of this important book about the rights of children.Give a listen.Hope J. Leman is a grants researcher. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoicesSupport our show by becoming a premium member! https://newbooksnetwork.supportingcast.fm/law

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13 Aug 2021

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6 - 24 - 21 - Janet - Mefferd - Today - William Federer (American History) Katy Faust (Parenting)

Janet Mefferd Today

Many people over the years have referred to America as a miracle - a nation guided by Divine Providence. But what are some of the individual miracles that have helped shape our great nation along the way? Author and historian William J. Federer joins Janet to talk about it and his book, "Miracles in American History, Vol. 2: Amazing Faith that Shaped a Nation." Plus: Katy Faust, founder of the children's rights organization Them Before Us, explains why Washington state lawmakers care more about females in business than they do about females in the home. That and more on Thursday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY


24 Jun 2021

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026 - Them Before Us with Katy Faust

Apologetics 315 Podcast

In this episode, Brian Auten, Chad Gross and The Belfast Bigot interview Katy Faust about the global children’s rights movement (and book): Them Before Us.0:38 - Pre-show chat; The Belfast Bigot and the original Bigot.2:38 - Introduction to Katy Faust and how she got into running a global children’s rights movement6:43 - How Katy went from being anonymous to going public 7:49 - How Katy influenced the Belfast Bigot9:40 - The goal of the Them Before Us movement / organization13:36 - How does Katy hear from kids whose parents prioritize their own desire above children's rights 15:31 - What do we mean when we talk about “rights”?20:09 - Why children’s rights is something that all political parties should prioritize24:33 - Three staples of a child’s social/emotional diet25:27 - How dads are not always the idiots; men and women are different32:58 - “How are you not pushing a religious view?” and “you’re just shrouding religious views in secular arguments.”36:11 - Let the data do the talking; disagreeing with reality and biology38:21 - Can’t same-sex parents do just as good of a job at raising kids?41:44 - “You’re just hand-picking these stories!”44:20 - The data we do and don’t have; society is experimenting 47:34 - The psychological damage to children from losing a parent50:13 - The practical application of “Them Before Us”53:38 - How does one engage with these topics when people are so quick to label you a bigot or a -phobe?57:52 - Having reasonable conversations1:00:17 - Discussion of exceptions to the rules; dishonest argumentation; appeals to acceptance, etc.1:05:28 - Reproductive technologies and the buying and selling of humans1:07:51 - Where to find more resourceswww.thembeforeus.comIf you have a question for the podcast, record it and send it our way using www.speakpipe.com/Apologetics315 or you can email us at podcast@apologetics315.com

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14 Jun 2021

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Them Before Us (with Katy Faust)

Think Biblically: Conversations on Faith & Culture

From certain reproductive technologies to divorce and to same-sex marriages, our culture focuses far more on the desires of adults than the rights of children. In her book Them Before Us, Katy Faust argues that we need a movement that restores the rights of children to be raised by their mom and dad in a stable home. In this interview, she discusses how the rights of children is an issue that Democrats and Republicans can both agree on. Katy Faust is the founder and director of Them Before Us, an organization committed to advancing social policies that encourages adults to actively respect the rights of children rather than expecting children to sacrifice their fundamental rights for the sake of adult desires. She is the author of the book Them Before Us. Show notes, including a full transcript, are available at: biola.edu/thinkbiblically


10 Jun 2021

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Children before Us with Katy Faust

The Jason Jones Show

Them Before US: https://thembeforeus.com/Them Before Us: Why We Need a Global Children's Rights Movementby Amazon.com Services LLCLearn more: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08SCHJCTT/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_DW291X1N4R0JC4HF9PP0 Support our Spring Fundraising Drive!https://movietomovement.givingfuel.com/spring-campaign?fbclid=IwAR11gKlxPzTyoG1gAFKSKAmTZwH8NTgAOguTF0rKcHAiefxAK1gVFRbLIpcFollow Jason on Locals: https://jasonjones.locals.com/and on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/osu4491Visit Movie to Movement @ www.MovieToMovement.comAnd the Vulnerable People Project: www.TheGreatCampaign.org

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7 May 2021

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The Kids Aren't OK: Experimenting on Children Produces Devastating Stories - Katy Faust - Episode 32


Love just isn't enough to make a family. Congress stands poised to pass the Equality Act which brings on the final stages of a Mrs. Doubtfire view of marriage, family, and childrearing. Adult, and adult desires, are all that seem to matter to us.  Surrogacy, same-sex marriage, transgender parenting, divorce, donor conception, and intentional single parenting all illicit our self-centered view that is overlooking children. This highlights a lie; that children, not adults, need to accommodate our self-centered desires for meaning and satisfaction.  Katy Faust disagrees and is standing in the gap for children to share their stories. Katy Faust is the founder and director of the children’s rights organization, Them Before Us. She is the Washington State leader for CanaVox and currently appears in a video series called Dear Katy. She has written a new book titled "Them Before Us: Why We Need a Global Children's Rights Movement." Her book flips the script on adult-centric attitudes toward marriage, parenthood, and reproductive technologies by framing these issues around a child’s right to be raised by both their mother and father. Set against a backdrop of sound research, the compelling stories throughout each chapter confirm that a child’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being depends on being loved by the two people responsible for their existence. It’s a paradigm shift that will impact the personal and the political, and reframe every marriage and family conversation across the globe.

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2 Mar 2021

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85. No, Love Is NOT Enough to Make a Family: Katy Faust

The Suzanne Venker Show

You probably know the adult viewpoints on marriage, infertility, reproductive technologies, same-sex parenting, divorce, and adoption. But have you ever considered these matters from the kids’ perspective? In her new book, Them Before Us, Katy Faust flips the script on adult-centric attitudes toward marriage, parenthood, and reproductive technologies by framing these issues around a child’s right to be raised by both their mother and father. Set against a backdrop of sound research, the compelling stories throughout each chapter confirm that a child’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being depends on being loved by the two people responsible for their existence. It’s a paradigm shift that will impact the personal and the political, and reframe every marriage and family conversation across the globe. If you’re tired of a culture that views adults as victims in family matters, when it’s clear the kids are the ones who truly pay the price, this podcast episode is for you. IN THIS EPISODE: 2:30  The 3 staples of a child’s emotional diet 3:30  One out of every two children is growing up without one of their biological parents 4:00  The gay marriage debate 6:30  The cost associated with speaking the truth 7:10  Them Before Us is a movement of ordinary adults who possess what academia, celebrities politicians do not have: courage 8:00  The Stories 12:00  The difference between adoption and reproductive technology 13:00  The lie that kids need only love and safety and that moms and dads are optional 14:50  Kids living with biological parents are the safest and most well cared for 15:00  An unrelated cohabitating man is the most dangerous person to a child 17:00  The problems with reproductive technology 19:00  Thinking “love” is enough is flimsy and immature Biology matters, marriage matters and gender matters 20:40  A “me” centric world and the courts have wreaked havoc in children’s lives 24:40  The lie that children are resilient and will "get over" their parents' divorce 25:30  Divorce is terrible, but remarriage is often worse 31:00  We are raising generations of emotionally “starved” children 31:20  Katy talks about her own experience with same sex parenting


21 Feb 2021

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Surrogacy, Infertility, and Adoption: Abby Johnson and Katy Faust Dive Into the Toughest Questions

Politely Rude With Abby Johnson

"Motherhood is incredible." That's the message Katy Faust proclaims on episode 14 of "Politely Rude." Faust joins Abby Johnson in breaking down some of the tough issues surrounding adoption, surrogacy and infertility, and breaks down her belief that "it always costs children something they have a natural right to when we deny them a connection with their biological parents or their birth parent or their birth mother." Listen to this discussion and explore these complex and important life issues.


6 Nov 2020