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SA106 | Taking Risks and Actions to Turn Your Real Estate Goals into Reality with Frank Patalano

How Did They Do It? Real Estate

Scaling the real estate business is definitely not easy, but it's also not that complicated if you will educate yourself in advance. Aiming for growth also means you have to prepare yourself for any challenges. If you think you can handle a larger scale, you also have to think of possible risks involved in it. Success is always possible in real estate if you have goals and a proper mindset in this business. In this episode, Aileen's guest Frank Patalano shares his investing career in single-family and multifamily real estate. You'll learn the things that you should be thinking from the start of your investing up to the point of scaling this business to the next level.What You'll Learn From This Episode:Frank's Background and His Real Estate CareerHis Transition from Being a Full Time School Teacher to Real Estate InvestorChallenges While Breaking into Real EstateDriving Factor to Grow in Real Estate InvestingEffective Ways to Educate Yourself About Real Estate InvestingPassive Investing vs Active Investing Debt-to-Income RatioFrank's Transition from Single-family to Multifamily InvestingPossible Market Outlook in the Next 6 Months or Few YearsMindset in Creating a Virtual Assistance CompanyAssigning the Right Virtual Assistant Based on Client's NeedsWillingness to Take Risks and Taking Actions to Scale Your Real Estate Investing FasterEfficiency of Networking in Finding Deals and Building ConnectionsGuest Bio:Frank Patalano has been investing in Real Estate for over a decade. Starting out as a school teacher, he used his income to buy more and more investments until he generated enough money to leave his full time job. Frank is passively or actively involved in over 1000 doors in 7 markets across the United States. Instead of sitting on the passive income, Frank has been expanding into opening other real estate related businesses. This includes a Real Estate Educational Podcast called “The CashFlow Kings”, and a virtual assistant business called RealAgentHelper.comHe mostly has experience in Single, Multi, and Commercial rentals. Frank also has some experience in hard money lending, new construction, and fix and flips. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thecashflowkings/Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-cashflow-kings/id1448325214Email:  frank@ribuy.com For Other Contact Info: https://linktr.ee/thecashflowkingsTo Connect With Us:Please visit our website: www.bonavestcapital.com and please click here, to leave a rating and review!Sponsor:Thinking About Creating and Growing Your Own Podcast But Not Sure Where To Start?Visit https://mypodcast.website/ and Schedule a call with Adam A. Adams


10 Feb 2021

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Bigger Cash Flow Podcast 088: From School Teach to Full-Time Investor w/ Frank Patalano

Bigger Cash Flow Podcast

Show notes:Starting out as a school teacher, Frank used his income to buy more and more investments until he generated enough money to leave his full time job. Frank is passively or actively involved in over 1000 doors in 7 markets across the United States. He also has a Real Estate Education Podcast called “The CashFlow Kings”, and a virtual assistant business called RealAgentHelper.comWith experience in Single Family, Multifamily, and Commercial real estate and tax sales. Frank also invests through hard money lending, new construction, and fix and flips. With that said lets welcome frank to the show!On this episode you'll learn:-Frank's background and how he got started-What Frank focused on in 2020-The benefits of syndication-The importance of due diligence on a property in this market-How Frank started Cashflow Kings-The key of building relationships-Words of wisdom from FrankContact Info:Website: https://www.cashflowkings.com/EMail: Frank@RIbuy@gmail.comFrank’s VA Company: https://www.RealAgentHelper.com


31 Jan 2021

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From Teacher to Full-Time Real Estate Syndicator with The Cashflow Kings' Frank Patalano

The Weekly Juice

Frank Patalano from The Cashflow Kings (@thecashflowkings) joins The Weekly Juice to discuss his journey through real estate. Frank talks about getting started, growing a portfolio, syndication deals, and being versatile to achieve your goals.

1hr 9mins

21 Oct 2020

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Finding creative investment opportunities through real estate | Frank Patalano VS Barri Griffiths - Podcast #011

The WWRE Podcast

#Real Estate Podcast | #Real Estate Education | #barriwwreGet in touch with Barri Griffiths at👉pgmultifamily@gmail.com👉www.wrestlingwithrealestate.comFollow Barri on Instagram👉@barriwwre👉@barriwwre👉@barriwwreThe WWRE Podcast is available on SPOTIFY, ITUNES and PODBEAN! Words from Frank:My passion is finding creative investment opportunities through real estate. I enjoy helping my friends safely create passive cash flow so that they can become financially free and leave work before a designated retirement age. Love building relationships with others in the industry. I am a full time real estate investor who has primarily focused on buy and hold residential investing. I also enjoy syndications, land development/construction, commercial leasing, and some private lending. I am a former school teacher who has built enough passive income through Real Estate and Stocks that I don't have to work again. I have grown a quality relationship-based system of networking and acquiring property. As a former Educator, educating others is a top priority. We currently do that as a member and leader in the Rhode Island Real Estate Investor's Group and as a co-host of theCashFlowKings, a real estate podcast. Looking towards the 21st century, we also help others through our VA business, RealAgentHelper.com Get in touch with Frank Patalano: @linkedin.com/in/frankpatalano @instagram.com/ribuy @CashFlowKings.com @RealAgentHelper.com


26 Sep 2020

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Episode 201: From School Teacher to Full-Time Investor, with Frank Patalano

The Smart Real Estate Coach Podcast|Real Estate Investing

Frank Patalano is a former school teacher who has built enough passive income to work on Real Estate full time. He is a full time real estate investor who has primarily focused on buy and hold residential investing. Before selling some units recently, Frank was a part owner in about 60 units in Rhode Island. He also enjoys syndications (in 5 other states), and has dabbled with development/construction, some commercial, and some private lending. As a former educator, educating others is a top priority. Frank currently does that as a member and leader in the Rhode Island Real Estate Investors Group and as a co-host of theCashFlowKings, a real estate podcast. Frank also help others through his VA business, RealAgentHelper.com. What you’ll learn about in this episode: How Frank’s career began as a full-time teacher before he began investing on the side without his family’s knowledge How Frank’s entry into real estate investing started as a place to park his money, and how he slowly transitioned to investing as his primary career Why education and networking have been the main drivers of Frank’s deals and the backbone of his portfolio How Frank intentionally keeps a variety of investments in many different markets but doesn’t just take every deal Why Frank is a big fan of creating partnerships to do deals, and how he has formed a virtual group to do deals during the pandemic What big mistakes and challenges Frank has made during his career, and what lessons he learned from them Frank shares the details of a big win he achieved, fixing up a property, renting it for a few years, and then selling it for a huge profit How Frank and his group have been adjusting to the realities of pandemic, including successfully pursuing an eviction through Zoom What key daily activities and habits Frank follows to help him stay in the right mindset and achieve his goals Why Frank finds great value in real estate, and how he has had many mentors over his career that have made a lasting difference to him Resources: Website: www.cashflowkings.com Website: www.realagenthelper.com LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/frankpatalano/ LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/thecashflowkings/ Instagram: www.instagram.com/thecashflowkings/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/patalano1 Twitter: @ribuy Additional resources: LIVE Event September 16-18, 2020: www.qlslive.com Website: SmartRealEstateCoach.com/traction Website: www.SmartRealEstateCoachPodcast.com/webinar Website: www.SmartRealEstateCoachPodcast.com/termsbook Website: www.SmartRealEstateCoachPodcast.com/ebook Website: www.SmartRealEstateCoach.com/QLS/ Smart Real Estate Coach Podcast Sponsor: Paul G. Dion CPA, CTC


16 Sep 2020

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459 How To Leave Your W2 Job And Become A Full Time Real Estate Investor - Frank Patalano

Creative Real Estate Podcast

EPISODE SUMMARY Frank Patalano joins us to share how he went from being a middle school teacher to a full time real estate investor. He tells us how he bought his first 3 family (triplex) in 2009 and went on to own 65 units plus another 700 in Syndications. He is a member and leader in the Rhode Island Real Estate Investor's Group and co-host of theCashFlowKings podcast. In this episode Frank shares his tips to leave your W2 job to become a full time real estate investor. In this episode you'll learn: Real estate does not promise instant cash flow. Benefits of leaving a W2 job and becoming a full time investor Everybody has a different route, do things your way. If you aren't making mistakes and learning from it, you aren't pushing yourself hard enough. There's never a perfect property. Resources from this episode: Book Recommendation: Rich Dad Poor Dad Contact Frank at: Frank@ribuy.com Connect With Us! To connect with Jason, please email or call him at: Phone: (303) 949-8662 Email: crep@ecospace.com Wesbite: Ecospace  We look forward to hearing from you! Please go to iTunes to leave us a rating and write a review. Each review helps us reach a larger audience with your episode


22 Jul 2020

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Frank Patalano: Success with Middle Market Apartment Joint Ventures

Multifamily Investor Situation Room

Many people get started with real estate investing for various reasons.  Perhaps you want to supplement your income so you can take your family on dream vacations, or maybe you want to leave your job and do something more fulfilling.  Frank Patalano was a middle school history teacher for 17 years that always had an interest in finance and real estate investing.  Over the past 15 years, Frank has found and developed his niche strategy in middle-market multifamily commercial properties.  In this episode, Frank discusses some of the early challenges he faced, as well as, some challenges he is currently facing while managing at a distance.


22 May 2020

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From schoolteacher to cash flow King with Frank Patalano

The Rent Roll Radio Show

Frank is a savvy investor and all-around great guy. Today he walks us through how he built up his real estate investing business and was able to walk away from his full-time job as a schoolteacher. He does all kinds of deals in his hometown in Rhode Island but has now branched out into apartments syndication. He is investing in other peoples syndication deals all over the country and has recently closed on his own deal in Idaho. Through their brand, The Cash Flow Kings, Frank and his partner have built up over 10,000 followers on Instagram by consistently adding value to others.


20 May 2020

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W2 to Financial Freedom, A Teacher's Journey with Frank Patalano

Passive Wealth Strategies for Busy Professionals

Frank Patalano has a fantastic success story of building financial independence by investing in real estate with a long term vision! Frank's background is in teaching, and years ago he realized that he needed to build extra streams of income. Today he shares his story of escaping the rat race, lessons he's learned, and you'll learn what sets apart a successful investor from a busy professional who never gets started. Good work Frank! Job well done.Get in touch:Frank on LinkedIN Cashflow Kings PodcastOther Similar Episodes:Time management and multifamily side hustling with Kyle Jones The 5 Things Holding You Back in Real Estate with Tyler ChesserGuest Bio:Frank is a successful real estate investor who had a successful career as a teacher, but realized he wanted to earn more and do more. After doing numerous deals throughout the last market cycle, Frank left the rat race in 2019 and became a full time real estate investor. He hosts the Cash Flow Kings podcast and is passionate about helping others build passive streams of income.


21 Apr 2020

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102|Cash Flow Real Estate ft. Frank Patalano with Srivatsan Prakash

Market Champions

Frank has been investing in real estate for ten years, and is a champion at it. Here he explains what it TRULY TAKES to be a MARKET CHAMPION in the real estate world!


30 Mar 2020