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11 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Roger Mitchell. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Roger Mitchell, often where they are interviewed.

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11 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Roger Mitchell. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Roger Mitchell, often where they are interviewed.

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Former SPL CEO Roger Mitchell with A Celtic State of Mind

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A Celtic State of Mind was named as the UK's Best Football Podcast at the prestigious Football Blogging Awards.

In this latest episode, Paul John Dykes chats to former SPL CEO Roger Mitchell, where they discuss:

* The brilliance of a young Charlie Nicholas;
* Stopping the ten in 1998;
* Becoming CEO of the SPL;
* Early advice from Fergus McCann;
* Getting off on the wrong foot with Allan MacDonald;
* The Atlantic League and why it didn't happen;
* Why Celtic must get out of Scottish football.

A Celtic State of Mind has gone from strength-to-strength over the last couple of years, and there are many more guests lined up in the weeks ahead from the world of sport, music, film, art, broadcasting, literature and politics.

Connect with A Celtic State of Mind @PaulJohnDykes and @ACSOMPOD and subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or through your podcast player.
Jul 17 202048mins
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Roger Mitchell - Physician & Chief Medical Examiner Washington, DC

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Roger Mitchell was born and raised in northern New Jersey, where he grew up as the youngest of two children and played football through high school. He completed his undergraduate degree at Howard, before enrolling at and receiving his medical degree from New Jersey Medical School. His triumphant career led him to become at one point the youngest chief medical examiner in the nation at age 36, and he presently serves as the Chief Medical Examiner for Washington, DC.

Jul 04 202059mins

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Running a league with Roger Mitchell

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馃毃 Today I speak to former SPL chief executive Roger Mitchell - @RPMComo about what goes on when tv deals are negotiated and just how close SPL TV was to fruition. We also discuss the future of Scottish football - both from a business standpoint and a footballing standpoint. 鈿斤笍馃彺鬆仹鬆仮鬆伋鬆仯鬆伌鬆伩
Jun 22 202038mins
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Today's guest is Emmy nominated American actor E. Roger Mitchel 聽We talk to the decorated actor about 聽the art of the craft of acting, some of his memorable performance past and present, AND how one role, in particular, was created for him after auditioning for the popular tv series "Walking Dead."


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Jun 10 202055mins

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Global football show - Adrian Bevington and Roger Mitchell

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Adrian and Roger discuss project restart, the analytics that are revolutionising the game and how the football landscape could alter in the years ahead.
Jun 07 20201hr 7mins
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Love Politics - Part 2 - Roger Mitchell

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Dr Roger Mitchell explores a manifesto for a politics of love! This is SO good! What would the priorities of a politics of love be? What is the power of this kind of politics? What is the difference between horizontal and vertical politics and how might we engage with them? Listen in and enjoy!

Oct 14 201942mins
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Roger Mitchell, Jr, MD 鈥 Chief Medical Examiner, Washington DC

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Roger Mitchell, Jr, MD on hope, and why becoming a minister is so important to him ~

"It's not enough for me just to speak to families. It's extremely important for me to be on sides where we can really promote hope in a way that frees people so that we can make the best choices in this city."

Roger Mitchell, Jr., MD, Chief Medical Examiner, Washington DC, with host Andy Ockershausen in-studio interview

Andy Ockershausen: This is Andy Ockershausen and this is Our Town. I say this from the bottom of my bottom heart, it's so delightful to have Roger Mitchell on Our Town. Do you realize Roger
that you are one of the most important persons in the city of Washington? You're the Chief Medical Examiner for the Capitol City of the United States if not the world. What a title.
Roger Mitchell, Jr, MD: Listen, I made it to Our Town and the word on the street is if you can make it to Our Town, then you might very well be an important person. I'm excited about being here, Andy.
Andy Ockershausen: This program's so important that we don't have any commercials, but we do have some, but these are people in Our Town but Roger, you have such a career. What you've done is amazing to me because you're a learned man and you paid the price to learn what you're doing. But that is a great title, Chief Medical Examiner.
Roger Mitchell, Jr, MD: Yeah, Chief Medical Examiner. I'm a young chief, too.
Andy Ockershausen: I bet you are.
Roger Mitchell, Jr, MD: There's not many young chiefs out here and it's just good. I've been here about five years now.
Andy Ockershausen: But you're not a native. You didn't grow up here of course, but you went to Howard University.
THE Howard University and New Jersey Medical School - Smart and Lucky
Roger Mitchell, Jr, MD: I did go to Howard, THE Howard University.
Andy Ockershausen: You went to New Jersey for medical, are you from Jersey?
Roger Mitchell, Jr, MD: I am from Jersey, born and raised. New Jersey Medical School is a state school. It's Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. It's fantastic.
Andy Ockershausen: Fabulous institution, Rutgers, too, right? Gotta be smart.
Roger Mitchell, Jr, MD: You gotta be smart or lucky.
Andy Ockershausen: It's a tough school. You're both!
Roger Mitchell, Jr, MD: I think on the bottom of my certificate, it might've said lucky but we won't look at the fine print.
Andy Ockershausen: Luck follows speed, Roger. That's something I learned many years ago. You gotta be fast in this world.
Roger Mitchell, Jr, MD: That's it.
Andy Ockershausen: But, you have a background in forensic medicine which, to me, is so impressive and you continue to do it today.
OJ Trial Takes Forensics to New Level - Mitchell Becomes Interested in Forensics as a High School Junior
Roger Mitchell, Jr, MD: I started forensics early. You remember the OJ trial, right?
Andy Ockershausen: Oh yeah.
Roger Mitchell, Jr, MD: The infamous OJ trial, right?
Andy Ockershausen: Oh my, yeah.
Roger Mitchell, Jr, MD: And so, forensics really, in this Country, was catapulted into the forefront.
Andy Ockershausen: I believe what you're saying.
Roger Mitchell, Jr, MD: This Country really wasn't thinking about blood stain pattern and proper evidence handling really until the OJ trial. And so, when I was, I think I was in my junior year-
Andy Ockershausen: In medical school?
Roger Mitchell, Jr, MD: No, it was in my junior year of undergrad at Howard University and I was doing-
Andy Ockershausen: Our Town.
Roger Mitchell, Jr, MD: Washington, D.C., yes, your town.
Andy Ockershausen: Great,
Feb 20 201937mins
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Episode 23- "The G.O.A.T. Episode" Ft. E. Roger Mitchell

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Episode 23 - 鈥淭he G.O.A.T. Episode鈥 Ft. E. Roger Mitchell
This episode we welcome actor and film producer E. Roger Mitchell. We discuss how he got into the world of acting, the importance os the black voice in the entertainment world, and his role in the hit BET show 鈥淭he Quad鈥.
- E. Roger Mitchell (4.35)
- R.I.P. Craig Mack (29.35)
- #YourHealthMatters (31:34)
- The G.O.A.T. Argument (38:55)
Check out the season of 鈥淭he Quad鈥 Tuesdays 10/9c on BET

Follow E. Roger Mitchell on instagram! @eroger4real

Join the conversation with your hosts Michael Blue, Donovan Boyd, and FcOnTheBeat.
Also, connect with us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PintSizePodcast/
Mar 15 201857mins
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Rev Roger Mitchell - Glorify The Lord

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Rev Roger Mitchell delivers a message titled - Glorify The Lord

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God Bless
Oct 22 201743mins
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Roger Mitchell

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Roger Mitchell, the former Chief Executive of the Scottish Premier League, is the feature interview on this week's SB Weekly.

An accountant by trade, Roger has held a number of senior roles in a number of sectors, but rose to prominence in the sports industry when he left his job as CFO of EMI Music in Italy to become the inaugural CEO of the SPL in 1998.

He spent four-and-a-half years there and was responsible for all administrative, organisational and football issues. He also became a Member of UEFA鈥檚 Professional Football Committee.

Today, Roger spends his time advising a variety of sport businesses, investing in tech and media start-ups, and is the Chairman of publisher GiveMeSport, a go-to destination for sports news, opinion and features.

On the podcast, Roger talks about why GiveMeSport's raison d'锚tre has changed over the years; how start-ups go bad; why the club football elite is only going to get stronger - and at the expense of numerous former club giants; his future ambitions; and how he sees the sports digital landscape evolving.

Nov 09 201635mins