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The Secret Life Of Clutter with Helen Sanderson

Make It Happen with Will Polston

Episode 134 - The Secret Life Of Clutter with Helen Sanderson Make It Happen with Will Polston is a weekly podcast that consists of a combination of episodes with Mindset Strategist Will Polston and episodes with Will's guests from around the world providing you with insights on how you can transform your excuses into results to benefit yourself, your family, your friends, your community, society, humanity and the universe, what he calls - The Ripple Effect. Helen Sanderson is a psychotherapist, interior designer and one of the UK’s most well-respected clutter experts, appearing regularly on TV, radio and podcasts. Her book, The Secret Life of Clutter, has been described as ‘a love letter to clarity’. Helen helps people create beautifully organised, clutter-free homes and live more mindful and meaningful lives. She works with her clients holistically to uncover what their homes reveal about their psyches and what is blocking them from letting go and moving on. Her ethos is to work with compassion, and to empower people to take positive action to support change. This leads to life-changing shifts, which leave people with a new-found clarity, and homes they love, that love them back. In this episode, Will has Helen as his guest and they talk about: What is clutter? The reason why people keep clutter The difference between hoarding and keeping clutter Some practical tips to start decluttering Why some people struggle to organise a cluttered environment To find out more about Helen, click here. Join the free Make It Happen Community Facebook group by clicking here. Take the 5-Minute Quiz that Reveals What’s Preventing You from Living a Purposeful, Inspired and Energised Life You Love by clicking here.


27 Jul 2022

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The Secret Life of Clutter with Helen Sanderson

Beyond Busy

This week's guest is Helen Sanderson. Helen is a professional organizer, the creator of The Home Declutter Kit and the author of The Secret Life of Clutter.We talk about our relationship with our team, the parallels between decluttering and productivity, why it's important to get clarity in everything we do and much more.✔ Links:Buy The Secret Life of Clutter:https://www.amazon.com/Secret-Life-Clutter-Getting-letting-ebook/dp/B09JC47ZTMBuy The Home Declutter Kit:https://www.amazon.com/Home-Declutter-Kit-Mindful-Method/dp/1527206092Follow Helen on social media:https://www.helensanderson.comhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/helensandersonatministryofcalm/https://twitter.com/CalmFromClutterSubscribe to Graham's Newsletter:https://www.grahamallcott.com/sign-upOur Show Sponsors: Think Productive - Time Management Training:http://www.thinkproductive.com​​Useful links:https://www.grahamallcott.com/links Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit acast.com/privacy for more information.


9 Jun 2022

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Helen Sanderson – The Secret Life of Clutter: Getting clear, letting go and moving on… with TRE´s Hannah Murray

Talk Radio Europe

Helen Sanderson - The Secret Life of Clutter: Getting clear, letting go and moving on... with TRE´s Hannah Murray


6 Jun 2022

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#3 Annie Francis & Helen Sanderson - "Success is not final, failure is not fatal"

The Unfeasible Podcast

David speaks with two founders of Teal organisations in the UK: Annie was a co-founder of Neighbourhood Midwives and Helen of Wellbeing Teams.  As we continue to explore what it takes to build our Unfeasible world, it's striking that Annie and Helen appear on the podcast together as firm friends: two women working in related but separate fields supporting one another to do things differently. Empathic support once again proving foundational. We talk about how the very systems that are supposed to be there to care for us in the UK, can conspire to block us from the very best examples of that care. Not because it's more expensive (in fact considerably less expensive), not because it's unsafe (in fact considerably more safe), but simply because the old system doesn't have the capacity to recognise things working differently.  We discuss success and failure and again contemplate the true costs of being a pioneer.  Listener, this episode may make you angry. May make you want to smash the old system. May make you want to pull your hair out in despair at how wrong-headed the reality of our current world can be.  We hope you can turn that frustration to action, to find the courage and compassion to bring life to the new ways and take on the lessons Annie and Helen are able to share with us.  COMMENTS WELCOME Twitter @davidaula Instagram @unfeasigram LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-aula-750b68227/ Links  Teal - https://www.reinventingorganizations.com/ Neighbourhood Midwives no longer exists but still provide a directory of private midwives if you'd like to explore working with one of the former Teal midwives- https://www.neighbourhoodmidwives.org.uk/midwife-directory/ Wellbeing Teams https://wellbeingteams.org/the-model/ Yanis Varoufakis - Adults in the Room - https://www.yanisvaroufakis.eu/books/adults-in-the-room/ Annie's work to bring the Joy of Panto to your home, with her partner Peter Duncan - https://www.pantoonline.co.uk/ Helen's podcast - A Cup of teal - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/a-cup-of-teal-with-helen-sanderson/id1476437378 Unfeasible Website - www.unfeasible.world  Pronk Productions - https://pronkproductions.com/podcast-production/ If you're here looking for better care whilst pregnant... HypnoBirthing was invaluable to us in our journey towards a Positive Birth... we worked with 2 incredible HypnoBirthing Teachers; Jo Redmond - https://hypnobirthingwithjo.com/ Hollie Grantham - https://birthmycub.co.uk/

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19 Apr 2022

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Decluttering tips with Helen Sanderson.

The DnA of Home Interiors Podcast

The DnA of Home Interiors podcast has returned for season 6! In this first episode of the season, Deirdre and Audrey are joined by professional home organiser Helen Sanderson. Helen Sanderson helps people create beautifully organised, clutter-free homes. An expert on how our homes reflect our wellbeing and state of mind, Helen combines 10 years’ experience of transforming cluttered homes and designing wellbeing spaces with her training in psychotherapy and mindfulness. Dealing with her clients’ individual mindsets and situations, alongside their clutter brings unique insights into their relationship with their homes and how they can better enhance personal wellbeing. Helen has appeared on TV and BBC Radio and talks regularly at events such as Ideal Homes, MindBodySpirit and 100% Design. She has been featured in the FT, Telegraph, Mail, Readers’ Digest, Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, Red and many others. Visit her website here. Season 6 of The DnA of Home Interiors is proudly sponsored by Checkatrade. Need work doing around your home? Stop worrying about unreliable recommendations or having to do it all yourself. Easily choose from over 43,000 recommended, vetted and monitored tradespeople for free at www.checkatrade.com.  Audrey Whelan offers professional interior design services and workshops to educate people on their home interior design www.audreywhelan.com. Follow her on Instagram @audreywhelandesign. Deirdre McGettrick is founder of ufurnish.com, an online search and comparison website for furniture and home furnishings; browse over 100+ amazing retailers all in one place at www.ufurnish.com. For more content and home inspiration, follow on Instagram @ufurnishcom.


8 Sep 2021

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Helen Sanderson White & Junk Spirits

Making Your Music Matter

The podcast all about getting the most from your music, turning your hobby into your career and shouting about the music we think you should be listening to.In this episode we speak to Helen Sanderson White & Junk Spirits and play a track from each.


19 Apr 2021

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From Overwhelm and Chaos to Creating Order and Calm with Helen Sanderson

Speak From the Body

Have you noticed how clearing your physical environment helps you to have a calmer state of mind? In this episode we talk about how trauma and stressful life events can result in a build-up of clutter. You can keep your possessions and space in order by creating simple systems and then maintaining them For the full show notes: https://www.avni-touch.com/podcast/helen-sanderson


6 Jan 2021

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Helen Sanderson: Wellbeing Teams

CoProduce Care

Here we have a discussion with person centred care consultant and wellbeing teams champion Helen Sanderson. In this podcast we discuss: http://helensandersonassociates.co.uk Her Ted talk: https://www.ted.com/talks/helen_sanderson_self_managed_teams_an_insider_s_story/up-next TLAP: https://www.thinklocalactpersonal.org.uk and much more --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/coproducecare/message


20 Feb 2020

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Helen Sanderson - Is The Future Of Care Self-Managed Teams?

The Road To Outstanding

Today's interview is with Helen Sanderson, the founder of Wellbeing Teams. Her approach to home care may be radically different to anything you've ever heard, and that's why she's winning all kinds of awards and recently gained the Outstanding rating in her first CQC inspection. The ideas that Helen shares in her interview do not just apply to home care. No matter what type of service you are in, you will find something to take away from this episode.  We discuss her difficult registration process, what makes Wellbeing Teams different, the inspection itself and what the plans for the future are. Helen also shares a lot of book recommendations which are all linked below. I have a feeling you'll be listening to this episode twice! LINKS Follow Helen on Twitter here Connect with Helen on LinkedIn here Find out more about Wellbeing Teams here Helen references Buurtzorg, a Dutch model of care which you can read about here We talk about Slack, the collaboration hub for work which you can find here Here are the links for all of the books Helen mentions: Reinventing Organisations, Being Mortal, Dying For A Paycheck, Turn The Ship Around, How To Get Outstanding You can find all of the episodes on iTunes, Spotify or Podbean. Why not download the free Podbean app if you have an android or use the Podcasts app if you have an iPhone to listen on the go? Don’t forget to check out our sponsor Sekoia who provide digital care planning for care homes. Their technology is person centred and incredibly simple to use. You’ll make fewer mistakes and save so much time I really recommend heading over to their website and checking them out. Finally - follow and join in the conversation over on Twitter to keep up with all of the latest interviews and share your comments. It’s @CarePodcast. As always, thank you for listening! Sophie


17 May 2019

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Episode 40: How To Declutter Your Space To Uncover Joy - Helen Sanderson

The Joy Of Being

On today’s show, “Episode 40: How to Declutter Your Space to Uncover Joy” Helen Sanderson, founder and Creative Director of Ministry of Calm, joins us to give insight into decluttering our space and finding more joy. Helen calls herself a Space Therapist and uses her combined skills of psychotherapy and interior design to help create the perfect spaces for calm and wellbeing.Read Full Show Notes Here Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit acast.com/privacy for more information.


22 Jan 2019