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119: Battery Systems and Business Models with Horace Dediu


This week Oliver interviews Horace about his recent thoughts on the impact of lithium ion batteries on power tools and how the market and products have developed. He also spawns a new framework: batteries we carry, batteries that carry us and batteries that carry themselves. It’s Horace at his best - riffing and letting his brain do what it does.In the meantime, make sure that you get your tickets for Micromobility America, the world’s largest summit devoted to small electric vehicles. It returns to the SF Bay Area on September 23, 2021 for an immersive, in-person gathering. The team are hellbent on breaking the old paradigm of car dependency and getting the world moving again, safely and sustainably. The event will be a jam-packed day of talks, demos, meetings, and test rides with micromobility’s top global founders, policymakers, investors, and influencers. Meet over 500 startups and established players, test the latest technology and vehicles for the first time in nearly two years. It’ll take advantage of the beautiful California weather, doing as much as possible outdoors and headliners include political upstart Andrew Yang, veteran tech reporter Lauren Goode, and e-scooter racing trailblazer Lucas Di Grassi, and dozens more. Check it out more at micromobility.io. The sponsor of the episode is Segway Commercial, the sharing business division of Segway-Ninebot. Their job is to help people and companies launch their own micro-mobility business. No matter the size or location of your scooter fleet, their mission is to make shared micro-mobility simpler and more accessible to all. They will be bringing a full line of electric vehicles to Micromobility America and encourage listeners to reserve their test ride. They’ll have their full range, such as Segway’s IoT-enabled e-Bike and e-Moped, and their full line of shared scooters featuring latest AI technologies, including T60 & T60 lite. To RSVP your test ride, please click on this link. 


3 Sep 2021

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Horace Dediu on micromobility

The Freewheeling Podcast

Horace Dediu doesn’t just “get” micromobility, he invented the very word “Micromobility”! Back in 2015, he saw the transformational potential of small, motorised vehicles and has been championing their adoption ever since.Who better to discuss this global revolution with than the man who first saw it coming?Horace is an analyst and founder of Asymco, the Critical Path and Micromobility Industries.In this week’s podcast, we talk about the potential of micromobility and the impact on traditional public transport. In the process, we also cover a lot of innovation theory. Horace is one of the global leaders of the Micromobility movement, so this is a fascinating episode.


22 Jun 2021

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114: Disrupting Telco Infrastructure with Amir Haleem, CEO of Helium and Horace Dediu


This week, Oliver and Horace interview Amir Haleem, CEO of Helium, about the rise of distributed telco infrastructure. This was originally recorded for the Critical Path, but given that Amir has been a guest on the podcast in the past and there’s a direct link between what they’re building and low cost connectivity for micromobility, we wanted to share here as well.If you’re interested in Helium and wondering how it sits within the telecommunication industry business model, this is a great episode. Specifically they dig into: - The Helium model for telco and what problem they were trying to solve.- Why Horace calls this the first 'useful crypto' he's found.- Horace talks about the traps of infrastructure financing, and ponders whether the Helium model invalidate these challenges.- Horace and Amir break down whether/how the model is disruptive to existing infrastructure.- They talk about the future challenges they can foresee, and how Helium will potentially react.Also, the next Micromobility America conference is now scheduled for the 23rd of September. It’ll be in Pier 70 in San Francisco and have more than 50 top speakers from the industry, more than 1000 global participants and 500ish startups and brands represented. If you love this space and want to find your tribe here, head to micromobility.io to find out more details.


6 Jun 2021

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105: Benedict Evans and Horace Dediu discuss Micromobility


This week, we release the first of the many incredible sessions from the 2021 Micromobility World conference, wherein Benedict Evans and Horace Dediu discussed the disruptive potential of micromobility. It was an incredible conversation between two people who clearly have a lot of time and are excited by each others ideas. We hope you enjoy it! Specifically they dig into:Why Benedicts background as a historian makes him a great analyst.The micromobiltiy disruption thesis - low end, the asymmetric nature of unbundling trips (market for vehicles vs. market for miles), the role of fun/enjoyment, speed of interactionWhy micromobility is more interesting that autonomyThe role of Marchetti’s constant in transport, and why that matters for micrombility’s unique capabilitiesWhat the rise of elevators can teach us about new urban transport technologiesWhat the platform game will look like in this space.What the impact of COVID has been on how we think about transportHow micromobility will enable Amazon logistics API to fulfil deliveriesTackling ‘Should the thing move, or the person move?’, and why that matters to micromobility.Why the low cost of micromobility platforms will allow real world marketing kickbacks similar to how ‘surfing’ on the internet works now - ’take me somewhere interesting’Why the rise of new forms of transport like automobiles enabled new crimes and the rise of Bonnie and ClydeWhy cities will likely eventually move towards dynamic road pricingIf you prefer video, check out the video of it on the Micromobility Industries Youtube page here.


6 Feb 2021

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#203: The Great AV Debate featuring Horace Dediu


Recently Ed had been noticing some negativity about AVs in tweets by friend of the show and brilliant technology analyst Horace Dediu. He challenged Horace to debate the prospects for autonomous drive technology, and what resulted was a fascinating conversation that proves there is more consensus about AVs than it sometimes seems. Though the resulting episode was less of a debate than originally imagined, it is still an in-depth exploration of the past and future of AVs as they struggle out of "the trough of disillusionment."


6 Oct 2020

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81: Markets for Trust - why blockchains matter with Horace Dediu and Anders Brownworth


Something a bit different this week. Horace and Oliver host Anders Brownworth, co-host of the Critical Path, to talk about crypto, blockchains and markets for trust. Anders’ background working in telecom, finance and then crypto (developing USDC and now working at the Federal Reserve) give him a unique perspective. As Horace, Oliver and he break down what programmable trust can mean for markets, government and society.This came out of a discussion following a Micromobility podcast recording talking about Apple was functioning as an arbiter of trust with all its new key and payment building blocks, and how ‘trust’ carries a market premium, which gave way to a wider conversation about how trust can be priced.For those of you who aren’t that familar with the workings of Bitcoin/blockchain, Anders Brownworth has done a 101 video here (with more than 1 million views!) -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_160oMzblY8Specifically, they dig into:- The history of money, and why trust-minimised stores of value are so valuable.- Markets for trust and how companies like Google or Uber are potentially threatened by distributed marketplaces/clearinghouses.- How the overall valuation of Bitcoin is the NPV of all future trust that will be accumulated to the protocol.- Why having immutable records is so important for the functioning of democracies.- What areas of blockchains both Anders and Oliver are most excited about.Finally, as mentioned in the news - here is the excellent NYT article on the reallocation of streetspace in New York, “I’ve seen a future without cars and it’s amazing” - https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/09/opinion/sunday/ban-cars-manhattan-cities.html

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16 Jul 2020

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47. Micromobility and The Future of Transportation: A Conversation with Horace Dediu

The Disruptive Voice

Here at Harvard Business School, we are mourning the recent passing of Professor Clayton Christensen. As many listeners will know, Clay died in late January following complications from leukemia. Our hearts go out to all who knew and were touched by him, and we feel that now, more than ever, we must press on, sharing his life’s work. Therefore, we are heartened to bring you this conversation with one of Clay’s brightest students: Horace Dediu. Horace is an analyst who studied disruption with Clay at The Christensen Institute. He's now leading a new revolution in how we transport ourselves: the micromobility revolution. He's the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at BOND Mobility, he co-founded a community-building and content-generating organization called Micromobility Industries, and he's an Analyst at Asymco. In his work, he draws on the theories of Disruption and Jobs To Be Done to target new and low-end markets. In fact, Horace contends that fully half of all driven miles in the United States will be substituted with micromobility-enabled options in the future! He is hosted in this fascinating and timely conversation by Katie Zandbergen, the Community Manager at The Forum for Growth & Innovation.


7 Feb 2020

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#158:Horace Dediu in Tel Aviv


Alex, Kirsten and Ed ran into Horace Dediu while moderating the 7th Annual Smart Mobility Summit in Tel Aviv, and of course they got to talking. What they managed to actually record includes a discussion of the "Galapagos" micromobility market in Israel, the still far-off potential of true mobility as a service, and the boundary between mobility as infrastructure and more premium markets.


7 Nov 2019

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#109: Horace Dediu on the unbundling of the car and the micromobility revolution


A few years back, when electric and autonomous cars were seen as the next (and possibly last) great mobility revolution, Horace Dediu was already thinking ahead. What he found is what the rest of the mobility technology world (and venture capital community) has been realizing for the last year or so: micromobility is the more classical (and immediate) disruption of the car. The Clayton Christensen acolyte and famed Apple analyst finally joins the Autonocast to explain what micromobility is, why everyone's talking about it, and how rapidly it's changing how we think about mobility. Plus, he and Ed preview the upcoming Magical Mystery Plant Tour that will take them and ten other analysts and investors to car factories around the world this November.


28 Sep 2018

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237: Horace Dediu – King of Apple Analysts on Asia’s Tech Future

Asia Tech Podcast

[00:05] Welcome Horace Dediu to Asia Tech Podcast Stories, hosted by Graham D Brown[01:16] Horace's journey from being a data analyst at Nokia to creating Asymco, his own data analysis website[06:15] How did Horace earn the moniker 'King of the Apple Analyst'? Horace's journey to success[10:40] Did Horace experience the 'imposter syndrome' when he achieved sudden success and fame in the business world?[13:39] Horace's strategy to produce site content worth sharing - he explores both emotional and analytical angles when analysing data[16:28] Horace shares how he was criticised for oversimplifying when he published an article explaining Apple's cash situation on his website[19:02] Graham shares experiences of his Mobile Youth business in 2000 and how big companies like Nokia reacted to the idea of focusing on the younger generation[21:42] The paradox of focusing on where the money is- the profits are there but the innovation is absent[23:51] How Youtube trumps Netflix as the big player in the online video industry as short videos are more appealing to children[28:45] Horace frames the story of Asia in the context of innovation and growth, with comparisons to the American and European Industrial Revolution in the mid 19th century[35:03] The Wild West atmosphere of the transportation industry in Asia, with micromobility vehicles, new energy vehicles and shared vehicles (bike sharing) in China[37:31] The role of media in influencing the way the West reacts to China and its innovations[42:11] Germany was lagging behind in the automotive industry before World War Two because it lacked a production system[45:15] Does history repeat? The parallels between Germany's autooative industry lapse in the past and Asia's struggles in the present[48:44] The connotations of the brand 'Made in China' and how it might one day suggest high quality products[52:20] The 20th century was the US Century but now, the 21st Century today is the Asian Century[53:25] Everything has a precedent, nothing comes out of nowhere and 'amateurs copy, but real artists steal'[54:28] Find out more about Horace by following him on Twitter, visit his website asymco.com, and listen to his podcasts The Critical Path on 5by5.tv/criticalpath


28 Apr 2018