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Matt Sidhom (& Jenn) talk David Dallas, Billy Joel, Beyonce and Haim!

What Are You Listening To?

Matt Sidhom of the Super Awesome Mix podcast joins Jenn Tully to talk about offerings from David Dallas, Billy Joel, Beyonce and Haim.  And if you love the movie St Elmo's Fire, you're really in for a treat.https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2dguSSJy3tJoTPlc9bQ9t0?si=da69c2dc5050429c


27 Jun 2022

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#41 - Standing Fierce Interview (Street Fighter, E-Sports, David Dallas, Olympics, Xbox One, PS4, COVID-19 etc.)

Kiwi Talkz

David Niue is the founder of Standing Fierce NZ's Premiere Fighting Game Scene. SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook - Standing Fierce Instagram - @Standing_Fierce Twitter - @Standing_Fierce TIMESTAMPS 00:27 - Niue Is Not David’s Surname 01:15 - How Standing Fierce Was Founded 03:33 - Difficulty Organising An Event 05:17 - David Is A Control Freak/Delegating 05:52 - Its Difficult Trying To Get People To Attend Events 06:13 - Gamers Being To Socially Awkward 06:58 - NZ Population Size Limits Fighting Game Talent 07:54 - Marketing Standing Fierce 08:51 - David Dallas Plays Street Fighter Competitively 10:11 - Che Fu Sometimes Attends Events/Gamers Being Star Struck 11:02 - David & Reece’s Generation Were Brought Up On Street Fighter II 11:40 - David Loves MVC 2/Fighting Games Skills Are Transferrable Game To Game 12:38 - David Feels Pressure To Be Good At Every Fighting Game/David’s Ranking 13:10 - How David Manages His Time & Practicing 13:48 - Frame Data/Studying Frames 15:14 - Ghostchips 15:52 - Some People Aren’t Suitable For Podcasts/EB Games Staff Being Weirdos 17:09 - Covid-19’s Effect On Standing Fierce Events/Online Gaming Events 17:53 - Reece Entered Standing Fierce In 2013 And Got Destroyed 19:43 - 2013 Was David’s First Year Holding The Events 30:13 - David’s Visions Sometimes Exceeds Possibility/David Roping His Brother For Events 20:55 - Trying To Stay Up To Date With Technology/Smart Phones 21:51 - Hotels Charging Ridiculous Prices For Internet 22:37 - Its Cheap To Hold Events In Community Centres/Auckland Is Expensive 23:06 - How Many Events Standing Fierce Has A Year 23:57 - Cost Of Entering Into Tournaments 24:18 - Standing Fierce Was Operating At A Loss For A While 25:00 - Merchandise 26:04 - Covid-19’s Effect On NZ Happened So Fast 27:10 - A lot Of E-Sports Companies Are Close To Going Bankrupt Due To Coronavirus 28:19 - E-Sports Can Survive Because Of Online Aspects/Gamers Are Shy 29:18 - E-Sports In The Olympics/Cyberbullying/Beef With Standing Fierce Gamers 30:36 - Trolls 30:57 - People Spoiling Movies 32:14 - Olympics Is Declining In Viewership/Breakdancing In The Olympics 33:10 - Intel Working With The Olympics 34:47 - Girl Getting Angry At Her Team Mates In Overwatch 35:45 - How Much Gamers Practice 37:23 - Negative Stigma Against Gamers 38:30 - Online Safety Groups/Monitoring Breaks 39:31 - Planning In Advance Now To Play Games 40:50 - Reece And David Realise They Use To Study Together!!! 41:44 - Drawing A Naked Man’s Penis 42:51 - Reece Tells Story Of Blacking Out At Yifans 43:58 - Reece And David Reminisce On How Crap They Were At Animation 44:47 - Traditional Animation Is Almost Obsolete 45:32 - Yifans/Money Laundering 46:50 - Arcades Are Dead/David Bought An Xbox One Then Bought A PS4 Cause Of SFV 48:03 - David Talks About Xbox One 49:06 - David Has No Desire To Play Single Player Games Anymore 50:24 - Hanging Up The Controller To Only Host Events 51:43 - Beef Between Smash Bros Players And The Fighting Game Community 52:48 - The Top Fighting Games In NZ And Around The World 53:17 - Difference Between Street Fighter IV & V 55:55 - Smash Bros Wide Demographic 56:22 - How David Deals With Losing Online/Online Playing Style 58:23 - Reece And David’s Mains In Street Fighter/Zangief 1:00:11 - Tekken/Dragonball Fighter Z 1:01:41 - Super Smash Bros Melee Base Doesn’t Play Games Anymore 1:02:19 - Japan/Tokyo Game Show 1:03:08 - Covid-19 Outbreak Is A Pivotal Moment In History 1:03:54 - Right After David Left Dunedin Cases Were Reported There 1:04:21 - Countries Not Doing Enough Testing 1:05:04 - People Are Either Being To Relaxed Or To Hysteric/Toilet Paper/Panic Buying 1:06:10 - Checkout Operators At Supermarkets Are Being Overworked 1:07:21 - Standing Fierce Has A Good Camaraderie 1:08:01 - Reddit/Fake News 1:09:20 - Standing Fierce Biggest Event/Spectators Have Free Entry 1:10:19 - Setting Up At Armageddon 1:11:45 - Cosplay/Pokemon 1:12:52 - David Open To Expanding Standing Fierce To Other Forms Of Games/ 1:13:03 - Fighting Games Have A Limited Demographic 1:14:08 - David Runs A Community Group/Fortnite 1:16:05 - Constructive Criticism 1:17:28 - David Dallas Plays Fortnite 1:18:08 - UFC Fighters Playing Fighting Games/Mark Hunt 1:19:48 - David & Reece’s Generation Being The Last Generation Before Online Took Over 1:20:36 - Where To Follow Standing Fierce 1:21:10 - Designing The Standing Fierce Merchandise

1hr 21mins

21 Mar 2020

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S01/Episode 36: David Dallas

How Not To Be An Asshole

This weeks guest is rapper and lego enthusiast David Dallas. We talk about tennis, rap battles, Todd punching people and the downside of social initiatives. If you want to help support the podcast head to https://www.patreon.com/HNTBAA

1hr 10mins

5 Feb 2020

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Hip Hop Discovery: Falling In Place by David Dallas

Save the Semantics

We take a look at New Zealand rapper David Dallas' third studio release, and discuss some of the specifics he talks about, including growing up in poverty of New Zealand, and his influences, among other things. 


29 Oct 2018

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Episode 8: David Dallas

Snacks and Chats

David Dallas talks about his identity as a Samoan/Palagi afakasi growing up in South Auckland and how that shaped him and his music. He talks about being a rap and computer nerd, a music pirate, and how Sirvere and DLT's The True School on Max TV influenced and informed his knowledge of rap. He also goes deep about his latest album Hood Country Club, why long time collaborators Fire & Ice were tougher on him this album, and why the album was more difficult to write than others.


22 May 2017

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David Dallas Interview - Jamie Green - Radio One 91FM

Radio One 91FM Dunedin

David Dallas Interview by Jamie Green on Radio One 91fm Dunedin

9 Mar 2017