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Peter Williams hosts Taxpayer Talk: Economist Eric Crampton on Three Waters and the ETS + Retiring Councillor Chris Milne

Taxpayer Talk

On this week's episode of Taxpayer Talk, host Peter Williams is joined by Eric Crampton, Chief Economist at the New Zealand Initiative, to discuss the Government's Three Waters reforms and his alternative proposal for how local councils can finance long-term infrastructure investment more effectively. Peter and Eric also discuss the Emissions Trading Scheme and outline why additional emissions reduction measures beyond the ETS are costly regulations that will not reduce emissions any faster.Also this week, Peter sits down with fellow Taxpayers' Union board member and retiring Hutt City Councillor, Chris Milne, to discuss the state of local government in New Zealand.To get in touch with Peter, email peter@taxpayers.org.nzSupport the show

1hr 5mins

22 Sep 2022

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Podcast: Eric Crampton Talks With Len Cook About Changes To The Stats Act

The New Zealand Initiative

In this week's Initiative podcast, Chief Economist Dr Eric Crampton discusses with statistician Len Cook about changes to the Statistics Act.


21 Jun 2022

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Eric Crampton speaks to Graeme Jarvis about Covid-19 medicines

The New Zealand Initiative

Dr Eric Crampton speaks to Medicines New Zealand CEO Graeme Jarvis about therapeutic medicines that ca treat Covid-19, and when we might expect them to become available in New Zealand.


16 Sep 2021

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Eric Crampton and Graeme Jarvis discuss Covid-19 vaccine manufacturing and distribution

The New Zealand Initiative

Eric Crampton sits down with Graeme Jarvis, CEO of Medicines NZ to discuss IP issues around the Covid-19 vaccines and how bottlenecking supply is keeping us from getting the world vaccinated.


13 May 2021

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Eric Crampton & Leon Grice discuss Saliva - Based PCR Testing

The New Zealand Initiative

New, accurate, and rapid saliva-based PCR testing for Covid-19 has started to be used in New Zealand, after being validated by the University of Illinois in 2020.The New Zealand Initiative Chief Economist, Dr Eric Crampton, and Rako Science Executive Director, Leon Grice, discuss the benefits of this test and how it makes daily testing possible for those who work at the New Zealand border.


22 Feb 2021

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Podcast #31: Eric Crampton on the low-hanging policy fruit for Labour’s second term

The New Zealand Initiative

In this week’s New Zealand Initiative, the delayed election is finally decided. But the next term for a Labour majority government will be tough as it wrestles with the consequences of Covid-19. It needs some good ideas.Eric Crampton has a few of those good ideas. He says focusing on reopening the border, setting up better incentives for more housing and relying on the beautiful mechanism of the emissions trading scheme will all be key policies to help get New Zealand back on track.


22 Oct 2020

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Eric Crampton the problem with climate policy

The New Zealand Initiative

Eric Crampton talks to Bryan Crump on Radio NZ Nights about the problem with climate policy and how this can be utilised for an effective Covid recovery.


20 Oct 2020

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Taxpayer Talk: NZ Initiative on COVID-19 - Dr David Law and Dr Eric Crampton

Taxpayer Talk

In this episode, we talk to Dr David Law (Research Fellow) and Dr Eric Crampton (Chief Economist) at the New Zealand Initiative thinktank. Dr Law has just published a paper, Policy Point: Short-time work to maintain employment and Dr Crampton a Research Note: Effective Treatment: Public policy prescription for a pandemic. Both join us to discuss their papers, as well as why current calls from leftwing groups for a UBI are misguided.Support the show


27 Mar 2020

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Podcast #3: Eric Crampton on the joys of thinking like an economist

The New Zealand Initiative

In this week’s New Zealand Initiative podcast, chief editor Nathan Smith is joined by chief economist Eric Crampton who answers a handful of questions about why he chose to become an economist, what keeps him motivated and what titans of the field have inspired him over the years.


20 Feb 2020

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Ep46: The Economics of Debt, Home Ownership & Kiwibuild - Eric Crampton

The Andrew Curtis Show

If you don't dream of owning your own home some day, are you even a New Zealander? That's how deeply this rite of passage seems to be ingrained in our way of life.That dream seems increasingly out of reach for the average Kiwi, but how did we get here? Was it overseas buyers? The lack of a capital gains tax?To help make sense of it all, my guest this week is the Chief Economist of The New Zealand Initiative, Dr Eric Crampton.We start with a discussion on the impact of debt in society, which leads to a fascinating discussion on the economic principles behind our current housing crisis.The discussion around Kiwibuild in particular gives me a sense of optimism for where the program could be directed in future!


23 May 2019