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Ceschi Ramos, hip-hop MC & Fake Four Inc. founder, in discussion with ArtByTai on DOD45 (Drawing Over Discussions Episode 3)

DOD45 - ArtByTai's Drawing Over Discussions 45 Minutes With a Special Guest

In this episode Tai draws a grotesque #GarbagePailKids drawing while in discussion with hip-hop musician, lyricist & founder of #FakeFourInc, #CeschiRamos AKA #Ceschi.   Join Ceschi & Tai for what is supposed to be a 45 minute discussion (the conversation was going so well, the drawing hadn't yet been done by the buzzer-time & they both agreed to add 15 more minutes to the timer) and watch Tai draw "Francesco Four Fingers" a Garbage Pail Kid type character in honor of one of Ceschi best friends & illustrator of Ceschi's album #FakeFlowers, #JonnyNagel, who unfortunately passed away in 2019.    Their discussion spans over a wide spectrum of topics including how Ceschi has been weathering the pandemic; how Ceschi suffered a spiral fracture of the humerus, arm wrestling while on tour in Hawaii;  some of his strange collections; his feelings on growing up multi-cultural; differences in rapping in Spanish or in English; getting peed on at a #StoneTemplePilots concert & how #TheBlackKeys are potentially responsible for the break up of a band that Fake Four had signed.   Ceschi also discusses the Live shows he has seen at Toad's Place in New Haven including #MrBungle, #HR, #BadBrains, #EarthCrises, #WuTangClan, #Jurassic5 and #MarsVolta.   All of that, a handful of amusing Sophie's Choices and some brief mentions of the following: #HandyRandy, #AdamBomb, #Bjork, #ThomYorke, #BlackCrowes, #SydBarrett, #SidVicious, #MC5, #Jurassic5, #Ozomatli, #FrankOcean, #DevendraBanhart, #MyPetMonster, #Madballs, #JoseConsecoTradingCards, #2Mex, #Xolanxinco, #JoannaNewsom, #Fishbone, #Gwar, #BoneThugsNHarmony, #AliceInChains, #AliceCooper, #BadBrains, #BadReligion, #MinorThreat, #VelvetUnderground, #DigitalUnderground, #ShockG, #Chali2na, #ToadsPlace #TheSmiths, #Radiohead #FactorChandelier, #FreakFolk, #Omid, #MFDoom, #GinBlossoms, #Lilys, #TheSmiths, #Sublime, #AliceColtrane, #TalkingHeads, #JoyDivision, #Outkast, #Aquemini, #Akil and many, many more. It's a lot to jam into a 45 minute discussion, so we added 15.    Prints of the Francesco Four Fingers drawing available here: https://artbytai.com/products/ceschidod45 (all proceeds will go to purchases from Fake Four & Ceschi ♻️)  Pertinent links from the episode:  Support Ceschi at https://ceschi.bandcamp.com/ Fake Four Inc: https://fakefourinc.com/ The Village Voice article on Ceschi's 2010 case: https://www.villagevoice.com/2014/01/02/the-prison-saga-of-ceschi/ Ceschi on A Fistful of Vinyl interview & performances: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWwswVeuaR6SMl2iqui2bfCWbDZ0GGW8V Broken Bone Ballads download: https://fakefour.bandcamp.com/album/broken-bone-ballads Sad Fat Luck download: https://fakefour.bandcamp.com/album/sad-fat-luck-3 Become an ArtByTai collector at https://artbytai.com/ Theme music by Nalei from her debut album "13" - https://open.spotify.com/album/0BUFr5... --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/artbytai/support

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21 May 2021

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Ceschi Ramos and Mental Health

Can I Just Say Jazz?

Good Vibes only! Interview with Folk Rapper ASMR Lover Ceschi Ramos and we talk about a few Mental health Challenges. Instagram: @ceschiramos--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/canijustsayjazz/message

1hr 7mins

20 Oct 2020

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Back in the Swing with Ceschi Ramos

The Haute Garbage Podcast

We are finally back with a whole slew of pre-recorded episodes, and it feels sooooo good! Yes, Drew has let you down for five weeks, but the gang comes roaring back from his laziness in hall-of-fame form with Ceschi Ramos, a rapper, producer, and singer-songwriter out of New Haven, CT. He's also the co-founder of Fake Four, Inc., a record label supporting many of the artists you've loved from this very show and by far one of the finest independent labels going.  Ceschi reflects on the need for honesty in his music, plays a couple of live tracks, and discusses farts...but NOT from the place you'd expect!Music this week:"Baby Stroller" by Dead Rapper Club (9:26)"It's About Time" by Sankofa (25:45)"Bite Through Stone" by Ceschi (47:10)"Consider it a Win" by Ceschi (68:09)"Check Kenny" by Serengeti (87:38)

1hr 30mins

6 Jun 2020

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What's Good W/ Ceschi Ramos

Comic's Book Club

Musician Ceschi Ramos joins Rebecca to discuss On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous, a letter from a Vietnamese American poet to his illiterate mother set in Connecticut, where both of them are also from. Working class Connecticut, the sacrifices we make for beauty, is destruction necessary for art, G.I. Johns, deathbeds, living in a state where the best minds are sucked up by NYC or Boston, 2 pm gunshots, and, opiate addiction, and flowers off the side of the highway @ceschi @ComicsBookClub

1hr 4mins

28 May 2020

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Episode 64: Ceschi Ramos

Breaking Bread with Benn Grim

Ceschi (Pronounced Chess-Key) Ramos is a New Haven resident and has been one of Connecticut's Hip Hop beacons to the rest of the world for over ten years now. Ceschi and I discuss rap, the music business, politics and the growing climate of racial tension in the hip hop community today. Ceschi also draws some connections between certain hip hop personalities and the Alt-Right. Ceschi dropped his latest album "Sad Fat Luck" last week on Fake Four Inc, you can purchase the album and other merch at fakefourinc.com Ceschi has also begun the sad Fat Luck tour so check his website for tour info. Intro/Outro track is titled "Take it all Back."

1hr 55mins

10 Apr 2019

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Say No More - A Discussion with Ceschi Ramos

The Imaginary Friends Podcast

On this episode of the podcast, we interview our good friend and Fake Four Inc. label head Ceschi Ramos about his most recent single Say No More, his upcoming tour with a 7 piece band, and his triple album release beginning with "Sad, Fat Luck" on 4/4. Song features: Ceschi Ramos - "Say No More" Codycody Jones - "Indie Rap Starter Pack" (feat. ialive & kidDEAD) Abiyah - "Championship Plaque" (feat. Ceschi Ramos) - OneWerd Remix Virgil Wolfe - "Temporary Residence"


12 Mar 2019

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Episode 3- Ceschi Ramos on touring with Insane Clown Posse and more

Rust Belt Hammer

Episode 3- Ceschi Ramos on touring with Insane Clown Posse and more by Matt Greenfield


6 Aug 2016

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Episode 83 - Ceschi Ramos

Height Zone World

My guest this week is Ceschi Ramos. He’s a rapper/singer-songwriter, as well as one of the founders of the Fake Four label. He’s made a big impact in the underground music world, and we’ve shared many bills together over the years. We talk about the early incarnations of his Anonymous Inc band, and his first taste of the music business big leagues with his Toca project. He tells me about his first solo albums, and how a tour with Germany’s DJ Scientist influenced him to change his approach to the music game. I ask him about starting Fake Four at a time when indie labels were dropping like flies, and he talks about the slow-but-steady growth they’ve experienced since 2008.Mike Riley’s art this week is an homage to The Pharcyde’s Labcabincalifornia. This episode is hosted by Splice Today.


21 Mar 2016

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Moodhouse Podcast Episode 3 - Ceschi Ramos (Guest), Surviving as a Musican, WTF is Noiserap?


Ceschi joins the podcast and details how to survive in the music industry today, the state of indie rap and music, and prison food.Also WTF is noiserap, and DOING YOU. NEW CESCHI SONG - SPORKS EXCLUSIVE TO THE NEW VINYL WITH PAT THE BUNNY AND THIS PODCAST!!!

1hr 23mins

20 Jul 2015

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104- Ceschi Ramos


104- Ceschi Ramos. After Yoni's show in Hamden, Connecticut, Ceschi makes his way over to Yoni's hotel. The two old acquaintances, new friends, discuss Ceschi's rap career, his label Fake Four, doing prison time for a major drug charge, relationships over distance and time, and mental illness.

1hr 20mins

30 Jun 2015