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Communion | Pastor Barry Burns | 7-6-2022

Cornerstone Church of Johnson City, TN

Recorded at Cornerstone Church with Pastor Barry Burns on 7-6-2022


7 Jul 2022

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The Abiding Word | Pastor Barry Burns | 5-18-2022

Cornerstone Church of Johnson City, TN

Recorded at Cornerstone Church with Pastor Barry Burns on 5-18-2022


19 May 2022

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Communion | Pastor Barry Burns | 2022-1-5

Cornerstone Church of Johnson City, TN

Recorded at Cornerstone Church with Pastor Barry Burns on 2022-1-5


6 Jan 2022

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Confidence in Prayer | Pastor Barry Burns | 2021-10-27

Cornerstone Church of Johnson City, TN

Recorded at Cornerstone Church with Pastor Barry Burns on 2021-10-27


2 Nov 2021

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The Big Picture | Part 1 | Pastor Barry Burns | 2021-10-3

Cornerstone Church of Johnson City, TN

Recorded at Cornerstone Church with Pastor Barry Burns on 2021-10-3


4 Oct 2021

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Episode 265: Stuart Braithwaite & Barry Burns On Mogwai's Work In Film & TV

Soundtracking with Edith Bowman

Our latest guests on Soundtracking are members of a band I hugely admire, who have done plenty sterling work on film and television in addition to their studio albums. Stuart Braithwaite and Barry Burns are half of Mogwai, whose screen work includes The Returned, Atomic, Zidane, The Fountain, Before The Flood and ZeroZeroZero. Their latest album, meanwhile, is As The Love Continues, which reached number one in the UK charts and was also nominated for a Mercury Prize.


27 Sep 2021

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Communion | Pastor Barry Burns | 2021-9-1

Cornerstone Church of Johnson City, TN

Recorded with Pastor Barry Burns at Cornerstone Church on 2021-9-1


2 Sep 2021

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Episode 170: Self Awareness Self Care and Triggers that Trip Leaders Up A Conversation with Barry Burns

Transforming Mission LeaderCast with Tim Bias & Sara Thomas

In our conversation today, we’re talking with Barry Burns about leadership and self-awareness. As a pastor, District Superintendent, and Dean of the Cabinet, Barry offers us wide-angle and close-up views of how self-awareness comes into play in leadership. We explore the impacts of social media and seasons of ministry as well as how self-care and having grace for ourselves play into self-awareness.  You’ll hear us talk about how perceptions of social media posts can ignite unintentional fires and cause long-term harm to relationships. You’ll also hear how social media can be helpful.  Join Barry as he reflects on a time in ministry that 75 members of a congregation died over a two-year time span. He shares what he learned about himself, others, and the support he needed to make it through a time of compounding grief.  Barry shares wisdom about recognizing your blindspots and takes us on a journey into the importance of long-term relationships for deepening trust and transparency.  That conversation guides us toward exploring how self-awareness involves others and springboards us into naming our own needs.  Above all, this is a conversation filled with grace. Barry reminds us of the importance of growing in our understanding of who God invites us to be even while being aware of distractions. Continue Reading... https://transformingmission.org/170


23 Mar 2021

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Episode 2 - Barry Burns from Mogwai

House Lights Go!

Barry and I discuss the success of Mogwai's latest album, how they recorded it and how they plan to take it on tour when it's possible.  


12 Mar 2021

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Dr. Barry Burns Reveals his Futures Trading Strategy, Ep #11

How To Trade It: Talking to the worlds most successful traders.

In this episode of How To Trade It, Dr. Barry Burns joins me to share how he got into trading futures. He also opens up about his childhood and how he bonded with his dad over stock trading. An admitted scalper, he shares how he manages high-risk trading and how he balances his day trading with options trading. Dr. Barry Burns is a professional day trading & swing trading coach specializing in futures, e-minis and forex. He is the author of Trend Trading for Dummies and has been trading in the stock market since he was 8 years old. Listen to this episode for his unique story and soak in his 50+ years of experience. Subscribe to How To Trade ItYou’ll want to hear this episode if you are interested in...[0:25] Dr. Barry Burns from Top Dog Trading shares his story. [6:47] How Barry transitioned to full-time trading.[14:44] The technology that was available when Barry started trading.[19:48] Dr. Barry has TWO primary trading strategies that he sticks to. [27:37] What does scalping look like when he’s trading futures?[32:09] How Barry’s trading days have evolved throughout the years. [34:26] Barry shares the difference between tick charts and time-frame charts.[38:58] Learn how to get a FREE trading strategy from Top Dog Trading. Resources & People MentionedVideo: Teenager Trying to Use Rotary PhoneThinkorswim TD AmeritradeE-mini S&P 500Connect with Dr. Barry BurnsTop Dog TradingFollow on FacebookConnect on LinkedInFREE trading strategyTop Dog Trading on TwitterTop Dog Trading YouTubeConnect With Casey StubbsWebsite: https://caseystubbs.comSubscribe! https://www.youtube.com/caseystubbsTwitter: https://www.twitter.com/caseystubbsFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/caseystubbsLinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/caseystubbsNewsletter: https://financeandmarkets.com/Subscribe to How To Trade ItSupport the show


4 Jun 2020